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00:00 Wonder Woman 1984
02:24 Zack Snyder's Justice League

04:55 The Suicide Squad
06:54 The Batman
09:17 The Suicide Squad 2
11:09 Black Adam
13:32 The Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

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2018: Year of Marvel
2021: Year of DC
Amauri Abreu
Amauri Abreu:
So glad DC looks like they're getting their shit together.
Kam Majid
Kam Majid:
Seems like 2021 is the year of DC
Donna Troy
Donna Troy:
DC has the most expensive trial and error system I’ve ever seen
Peter Scott
Peter Scott:
The Snyder cut looks vastly superior
Mervyn Kok
Mervyn Kok:
showing DC's true colours, dark and gritty in real life, please, Warner bros, continue making the right decisions. so hyped for all these movies!
Nicolas Zak
Nicolas Zak:
Damn DC is really making me question my loyalty to Marvel
Expert Advise Review
Expert Advise Review:
Batfleck: I'm Rich.

Battinson: I'm Vengeance.
Liam Macdowall
Liam Macdowall:
Omfg The Batman looks so good. Can't wait so hyped
MCU: We rule the cinema!
DC: Wait for it
Garrett Keane
Garrett Keane:
How many superheroes do you want in Suicide Squad 2?
James Gunn: Yes
David Näslund
David Näslund:
I've never imagined sinister Dwayne Johnson before, but wow sign me up for this Black Adam movie!
Demarco Williams
Demarco Williams:
Boomerang: Figure out who we killing yet?
Everyone: *points*
Boomerang: Oh ****
Elhaje Asco
Elhaje Asco:
DC, if you're reading this: KEEP YOUR MOVIES DARK AND GRITTY.
Abbas Sakina
Abbas Sakina:
Say whatever you want nothing beats polka dot man
Robert Pattinson may not have wanted to bulk up but he sure looks like a good Batman
Tarun Purswani
Tarun Purswani:
0:00 Wonder Woman 1984
2:24 ZS's Justice League
4:57 The Suicide Squad James Gunn intro
6:55 The Batman
9:18 The Suicide Squad 2
11:10 Black Adam
13:33 The Suicide Squad : Kill the Justice League

Let me know if something's not right I'll edit this
DC: *makes comedy DC movies*
Audience: BOOOOO
DC: *makes movies that are actually accurate to the comics*
Audience: YES
DC: Hm, this is too dark...
Audience: Aw shit, here we go again.
Isaiah Cooper
Isaiah Cooper:
Whos playing peacemaker? I just see an empty mask and floating gun
audie bridge
audie bridge:
At this point there are probably more evil supermen in the multiverse than there are good ones.
The Skyrim Inquisitor
The Skyrim Inquisitor:
Netflix: Cuties!
HBO: DC flex
Clayton McFarlane
Clayton McFarlane:
I guess im getting HBOMAX
Sarah Dakar
Sarah Dakar:
Marvel: You stand no chance!
Dc: Wait for The Batman to come out
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen:
The Batman best down is pretty badass
I'm glad they're secure enough to admit that Suicide Squad was a clusterfuck. Do-over is a fun idea
Spooky Scary Skeleton Presents
Spooky Scary Skeleton Presents:
I feel like Robert Pattinson would like a Nightwing but who cares Batman looks great.
Marlon Pineda
Marlon Pineda:
Someone up top must be listening to the audience. they really seem to be getting the formula right! Cant wait to watch/play these!
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson:
Holy Shit man. They set up the Justice Society of America? Oh, man. They are doing the Shazam and Black Adam thing right. I am on board with that project.
banana prince
banana prince:
All the events trailers
Wonder Woman 1984 trailer 2
Snider cut teaser trailer
The suicide squad sneak peek
The Batman teaser trailer
Black Adam teaser trailer
The suicide squad kill the justice league trailer
Gotham nights trailer and gameplay review
QCSaints Productions
QCSaints Productions:
Douchey Captain America? Perfect casting for John Cena. He doesn't even need to act!
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia:
7:38 - looks like the card says "what does a liar do when he's dead?"... is the answer "lie" (like he lies down)???

That'll be awesome if I got it already
"A douchy Captain America" - well ....
Looney Kid
Looney Kid:
Wonder Woman looks great all I can say. Other than when they gonna let her fly on her own? Justice league just can’t wait. I know it’ll be better than that first one. Whose on the new suicide squad? I don’t recognize some of the characters. But I do love they picked characters not everyone knows. Is The Batman’s new villain the riddler? If so I can’t wait to see how they make him a darker character to fit the movie. Black Adam looks tuff. Wish we would’ve gotten actual footage though. Suicide squad game? So intriguing I love it.
i'm pretty sure next decade will be DC's
deadshot should have been made after the arkham series or after Michael Rowe
Plutot Crever
Plutot Crever:
*Captain Marvel left the chat*
Now that Marvel is „over“ it looks like it’s Dcs turn to and it looks like they are gonna smash it.
The clown guy looks like the clown guy from the Batman forever movie
M4E !!
M4E !!:
Are they just restarting the Suicide Squad movies? 😂 I can’t wait
Muhamed Arbaz
Muhamed Arbaz:
But this thing is sure...
Joseph Arinaitwe
Joseph Arinaitwe:
The Gotham knights trailer??
Keeran Lachmansingh
Keeran Lachmansingh:
Never thought I would say this but I honestly can't wait for suicide squad
Ben Cosgrave
Ben Cosgrave:
They ain’t just turned Peter Capaldi into Davros for Suicide Squad 2....
Marvelous Fifty
Marvelous Fifty:
Marvel about to get absolutely destroyed lmao
Marvel is done, DC is now the top dog.
5:18 i can't see anybody in the screen
Culann Gilmartin
Culann Gilmartin:
Batman looks so much better than anything else
Soda Lo
Soda Lo:
*sighs* registers for hbomax
Joel Philip
Joel Philip:
Luke Hobbs + Roadblock + Mr Beck + Asher 'Sarge' Mahonin + Mathayus + The Rock + Shazam = Black Adam
Johnny Fountains
Johnny Fountains:
I wish for a Zatanna live action movie.
I N C E P T I O N:
Converting from hardcore marvel fan to hardcore DC fan
Commendable Imposter
Commendable Imposter:
James Gunn: *Directing The Suicide Squad*
Marvel Fans: "I do not see any GOTG"
chris chulo
chris chulo:
The Rock is such an icon that the villain took main stage in the trailer. Justice Society can hold his tea. lol
Dark Angel 666
Dark Angel 666:
2021 is the year I turn 18. And it also looks like it’ll be the year for DC.
Mike Capalungan
Mike Capalungan:
This new batman movies looks pretty good. First time I’ve been excited about a batman movie since the Dark Knight trilogy. I’m most excited about Wonder Woman though since the first one (IMO) really amped up DC for me. Batman v Superman was decent at best. Suicide Squad I liked, but it didn’t blow me away like the Marvel movies do. Justice League was okay for me.
Riley Amethyst Stark
Riley Amethyst Stark:
What a time to be a fan of both Marvel and DC! I'm loving everything.
Okay DC ur getting my attention!
Thoughts of a Tween
Thoughts of a Tween:
I'm sorry I can't take any thing Pete Davison does seriously anymore
The Nerdin' Rage
The Nerdin' Rage:
I mean, I love that they put love to the unknown villains with the Suicide Squad, but they should've kept more than Harley and Captain Boomerang. I liked Will Smith as Deadshot, he was good in it.

In total I can say That I'm excited. I just hope tthat HBOMAX will be available in Europe. Next year with the release of the Snydercut.
This is sanjay
This is sanjay:
what's with the aspect ratio for JL trailer.
anime knight
anime knight:
the production team *how many explotionsdo you want in suicide squad?*
games gunn *yes*
Detective HoodBruh
Detective HoodBruh:
Swinging on Lighting bolts....Diana is just Astounding...”
Johnny Fountains
Johnny Fountains:
I'm here for the Harley Quinn.
SB 555
SB 555:
I like MCU. But sure DC is my chilhood too. So, this is what I want after MCU "vacum".
Jessy Bam
Jessy Bam:
The Batman will be the greatest and best movie ever for me, im sure now <3
THIS is Dc
The rock is ginna be a wack black adam, all he has for the role is the body
Anton Issa
Anton Issa:
h fjddjdi
h fjddjdi:
“best trailers” = “all trailers”
Goosebumps Overloaded!!!.
Gabriel Shtey101
Gabriel Shtey101:
Honestly: The Weasel does not look good
Root Beer
Root Beer:
someone said dousy captain america,but no one's there, something wrong with that part..
Poonam's all in one vlogs
Poonam's all in one vlogs:
Darkseid looked like a GTA character
Brocolled Boicoli
Brocolled Boicoli:
Peter Capaldi as Thinker is like his taking his Doctor Who role back xD
Ian Herring
Ian Herring:
the fact that they’re remaking JL and suicide squad really shows how much they care about the audience and want to do right by us
Maxwell lord is the reason Steve Trevor is back. Listen to what he says in the beginning. He’s what ww wants more than anything.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood:
I’m so excited for all of these movies like DC you finally got your shit together completely and I can forgive you for everything else because yessssss!
I literally smiled when I found out peter capaldi was the thinker
Rope Neck
Rope Neck:
Dc over marvel any day
Michael Mark
Michael Mark:
James Gunn: This is by far the biggest movie I’ve ever made

Marvel/Guardians of The Galaxy:👁👄👁
timothy Opiyo
timothy Opiyo:
Finally Dc we got this DARK and GRITTY
FreshPrince of Welfare
FreshPrince of Welfare:
Thanks dc I need to get new trousers cause of all the nut.
Jack O
Jack O:
Man..those JL Snyder Trailer, making my butt muscle tight for 2 and a half minutes.
JDF Alles ist möglich
JDF Alles ist möglich:
Me when I'm killed by an stormtrooper in Battelfront 2
Giga Atom
Giga Atom:
Honestly the first time I’ve ever felt like I’m watching a trailer in a cinema. They’re all so fucking intense and I love it. 2021 is gonna be a hell of a year if we live to see it
Dark Player
Dark Player:
Kevin W
Kevin W:
Keen to see DC finally do something with there enormous amounts of source material. Cause they've been 100 steps behind marvel for the past 12 years
Brandon Jose
Brandon Jose:

Lmao this trailer is badass!🔥🔥🔥
shashanka n
shashanka n:
5:17 Did I see John Cena O_O
Cube Brick
Cube Brick:
What a great event it was. I'm so hyped for all of the new content.
Crystal Methyd lover
Crystal Methyd lover:
This is gonna the greatest Company boot in history
Sadness. Green
Sadness. Green:
4:26 i want to see the boys
" Its an idea... anyone can be batman "
nawari nidunima
nawari nidunima:
17:18 when your lvl 1 character meet boss
Valentina Simmons
Valentina Simmons:
How come you didn't include the Gotham Knights trailer.
That was AWESOME too!
Danielle Herrera
Danielle Herrera:
The second trailer justice league some of the clips are from the 1st justice league
Mick Brentar
Mick Brentar:
This all looks great. Provided theaters will be open at capacity in 2021. I can't wait to get back to normal, but I have my reservations at this point.
Raiden Bickerstaffe
Raiden Bickerstaffe:
IM SO PUMPED FOR ALL OF THESE MOVIES. I love DC. Plus, ngl kinda liking ti more than MARVEL rn. Because they are making movies :)
Chris Beck
Chris Beck:
All these movies look really good. Can't wait to see them.
So who are the members of the Suicide Squad in the game?


Oh fu-