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100+ comentarios:

I'm really liking how different The Batman is, I think it's something we really need. I felt like I was watching the trailer for an Anime to be honest, it's got that eastern vibe to it. And dark, with some edge. I'm hoping Pattinson can pull it off, his acting is good from what I've seen, so I think he can really do the detective side justice. The fact that Matt Reeves chose Nirvana for the trailer score is really awesome, that kinda sold me as soon as I heard it.
j.k. 123
j.k. 123:
Both The Batman and The Suicide Squad looks sick.It's time for DC to rise.
Dylan Morris
Dylan Morris:
Love this stream Jody. You guys made this DC Fandome experience even better with your reactions and the discussions and I hope that they are able to do this again next year.
Man that Batman teaser trailer was awesome. Him being Batman and whooping ass I loved it. That’s what w wanted to see. I truly feel he can be Bruce Wayne. Robert is a good actor just watch the light house. He will be both. Batman is the real person and Bruce Wayne is the costume.
Coolbreeze 93
Coolbreeze 93:
Lit stream watching this all yesterday hats off to you guys for streaming this whole thing and providing a service to the fans. Y'all look crazy tired at the end if you took a break the following day nobody would blame you. Following all yesterday day this stream was fire.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thanks for streaming fandome Jody ,y’all made the experience entertaining asf , and kept it 💯per usual ,overall it was dope I’m disappointed no supes film with Henry was announced considering all the teasing but the black Adam panel was 🔥and WW and Batman gave us some really good trailers and even the Snyder cut trailer got me intrigued , that darkseid tho👁
I been waiting for a real gritty version of Batman. Im feeling the same vibe for this like I did watching the trailer for "The Joker" (Joaquin Phoenix). This feels special, & I trust Pattinson's acting. Anyways you guys are great, I always enjoy your honesty.
Appreciate You, E and Marquise for sharing this long epic experience with us. This was a big Win for DC overall in my opinion and hope they do this every year and if they do I see them improving on things but overall it was a great experience with a lot of epic moments. Wonder Woman, Black Adam and The Batman were my main 3 of the night but I enjoyed all of it tbh. Looking forward for that static shock film they teased and can’t wait to see Flashpoint footage. Only thing I didn’t see what I was hoping to see was a Superman movie announcement and a Green Lantern movie announcement but still I feel DC will eventually give us the news soon and i feel they moving in the right direction
I think he’s referring to Batman being a myth to the people of Gotham not directly the PD. He’s prob helping them with these cases but being on the low. Letting civilians know you’re working with a masked vigilante doesn’t really gain the most trust from them.
Fire stream thanks for putting your time watching and dissecting the trailer and the event.
Kevin Estell
Kevin Estell:
This is a detective Batman which is why you feel like it's more of a crime thriller. And he is tall and muscular he's not a stick no one complains about Michael Keaton not being buff he doesn't have the Batman body nor did Adam West. The suit looks cool af btw. And I think he's still mastering the whole Bruce Wayne Playboy billionaire facade because it's year two he's a depressed loner with anger issues, Batman is his real identity 24/7 so he's still working on Bruce being the mask. That's what it seems like. Btw Robert is 6'1, Ben is 6'4 and Christian is 6'0. If you seen recent paparazzi pics you'd see Rob has muscle and is ready for filming again.
Why are you guys so mad at Matt Reeves talking and letting his passion out about filming and all that stuff. You get to know him a little a more aswell.
Cmon man.
And now starts my long journey in watching the parts I've missed...
An epic stream Jody.
100K plus views... Hell yeah man. Definitely one of the biggest videos on the channel.
I watched the entire live stream from beginning to end. Wasn't able to donate this time but soon as I can i got you Jody. It was a frustating day for me personally but you guys brought a lot of light. Hope to catch you tomorrow.
yennefer targaryen
yennefer targaryen:
The wonder woman reaction was literally me. The cheetah reveal was so good.
Ambitious Films
Ambitious Films:
That was actually Darkseid when he was younger. That’s a flashback scene
I see this Batman came close to Nolan's batman..not surpassing it but come close to it..I'm so hyped for this.👍
Rose Jacqueline
Rose Jacqueline:
I appreciate everything Marquis brings to the table 👍 He stated a lot of my thoughts while watching.

You got to think this is the pandemic...not every actor constantly body builds when they’re not filming. It’s not everyone ‘s lifestyle (Levi) 😂

And have you not seen Rob’s beach workouts when filming first started? He’s 6’1” and in that suit? Taller 😂

Dark eyes are synonymous with all Batman cowls. Watch any Batman. In movies...cosplay. Do you see their white skin around their eyes? Naaaaaahhhhhhhh.

And isn’t this movie before Selina is Catwoman? Isn’t that what Reeves said? It’s the beginning of THIS dark world.
Not trying to change your mind Jody,just letting you know.. This look of a young Darkseid(Uxas) is him thousands of years ago.Its a flashback where he comes to earth & fights Ares and zeus & loses.Fully formed Omega powered Darkseid will appear at the end of the film with a different look.There wont be any fight with the Justice league,just the league seeing him through the closing boom tube.I'm just talking about his design & not CGI texture.CGI could have been better with a bigger budget or maybe they will polish it before release hopefully
Justin Striplin
Justin Striplin:
I think it’ll surprise y’all once the movie is fully finished. The final product will definitely surprise y’all. Justice League is still in post production right now. The Darkseid character is still a work in progress right now. I don’t think that’s the final look of Darkseid, I think we’re gonna get a better final look of Darkseid when the film is finished and released next year.
Elaine Byrne
Elaine Byrne:
The reason flash runs like that as zack snyder himself said in a interview the reason flash runs like that is because if a person was going that incredibly fast your arms would not be moving normally so it's to gain momentum and the reason darkside looks like that is because snyder is going to show darksides origin so in than shot in the trailer he is very young there many that might clear things up
Justin Striplin
Justin Striplin:
I think Matt Reeves said that his Batman movie is in a different universe. He also said this takes place in the Year 2 universe, the show that’s gonna be on HBOMax will take place in the Year 1 universe. Matt Reeves also said he’s going for a film noir type in this Batman movie.
Wow over 100k Views so far. But it was a nice stream and a nice DC FANDOME. Keep up the good work! 🖖🏿
Gesú Brown
Gesú Brown:
the whole wonder woman thing was epic, and cheetah looks amazing. this movie will certainly be epic
The Green Lantern
The Green Lantern:
Dc fandome reminded me how much it sucks to be a green lantern fan.
But great stream you lot made it entertaining
Claudia Horton
Claudia Horton:
Love that we're finally getting a mentally disturbed and hell bent Bruce Wayne at a young age and the black eye make up makes common sense after he literally took off the mask..way better than that Wonder Woman 84 trailer imo
Manoj Varughese
Manoj Varughese:
SC trailer was awesome, including Batman and WW84. Jody please upload the trailer reactions....
Eric Wilhelm
Eric Wilhelm:
all though I doubt it, I’m hoping that scene where Batman walks in with all the police is just shot for the trailer. Maybe the parts we see Batman happens BEFORE the GCPD gets there. And they just edited in some cops. Idk lol Although they also show the scene of him fighting in the crowd of GCPD in that room so idk
Wow great coverage of the event. Real honest opinions.
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez:
Detective movies should be dark, angry, and emotionally painful. This TRailer looks great.
8:43:20 Batman meets Gordon in the actual year one comic, not sure about Reeves Universe but in the comic yes hes already made contact with the GCPD.
Tyler Kordalis
Tyler Kordalis:
Just re watched most of this stream at work this stream was epic bruh !
Thanos was not bad, his cgi was completely exceptional. caught that @5:35:18
Will 97
Will 97:
Idk, Robert Pattinson not being "big" or "cut" enough isn't that much of an issue to me so long as he's in good shape, especially seeing how Gal is in that same position and is perfectly fine.
AlexanderThe Great
AlexanderThe Great:
These "Batman needs to be huge" thoughts are weird. 1st he doesn't HAVE to be big to be a badass hell all the Robin's still are badass, and Keaton, Clooney, Kilmer? LOL none of them were big. Literally only 2 Bale, Affleck were big out of 7 live action Batmans.
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell:
So the Batman trailer ends-I believe jody actually applauded. Then You were going to take into account only 30% of the movie has been filmed. And then NOT one positive thing was mentioned. Seems odd.
What I've been getting from a few reactors criticisms; This doesn't feel like my Batman, it's too different. From this reaction; This is just the same stuff we've seen before. So, basically, Matt Reeves can't win.
Ronnie Dodge
Ronnie Dodge:
The fact that gal and kristens fight as Diana and Barbara and there grabbing hair it's gonna be brutal and fierce
Jody...Michael Keaton wasn't 'big/cut' either but he was great as Batman.
Gerard W
Gerard W:
You know that in Batman Begins Christian Bale didn't exactly reek Bruce Wayne in the first part of that movie
Gotham Knights looks fire, gonna be my avengers game. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gave me very mixed feelings, but it was just a cgi trailer, so we’ll see🤷🏿
Caleb Clay
Caleb Clay:
The one in the hood is Desaad not Steppenwolf....
@Jody's corner That wasn't Darkseid in the trailer it was uxas. (Which is a younger version before he became Darkseid)
Nicholas Rustali
Nicholas Rustali:
Cmon dude, i never like robert pattinson but this looks fuckin dope
That guy D.R.E
That guy D.R.E:
He a young batman bros his 2nd year as the vigilante think about it over the years that's when he stats to work out and get smarter and stronger
I was there for the entire stream and it was 🔥 like always. I'm still disappointed in the fact that the only Superman news we got was the fact he was in a Suicide Squad video that NOBODY asked for. Huge L for DC for that trash. WW84, Black Adam and The Batman (Trailer Only) were good. Darkseid looked liked Kratos and the Synder Cult needs to accept it. Thanks for giving us that long stream and also FREAK DOORDASH!!!! #YeFisher!!!!!
Cole Turner
Cole Turner:
Most of the live chat and the hosts during the entire The Batman panel was pure ADHD.
Luis Jauregui
Luis Jauregui:
Viendo a estos tres pareciera que a la hora de terminar de ver el tráiler de the Batman no pudieron decir nada malo y se quedaron calladitos jjj tuvieron que verlo por segunda vez para después tratar de demeritar el tráiler jjja pobres
Colin Ferrell is in the movie. He's the fat guy in the rain and later he's the guy that says "this guys crazy!"
Iam _ad
Iam _ad:
Nolan didn’t have the comic book stufff and it still work
It’s DC’s time , they better not fold
Looks like they put "Homelander" in the Suicide Squad game...🤦‍♂️
BootyGoon Gaming
BootyGoon Gaming:
I swear everyone in this chat was stupid asf this day😭😭they really said “since Superman evil we out or they hate Superman” just because HES BEING MIND CONTROL BY BRAINIAC ITS BAD??
Q Seaton
Q Seaton:
What batman outside of Affleck was a big imposing character. Michael Keaton come on man.
Cursed Solo
Cursed Solo:
Bale told the same thing to Ben affleck about the pee thing
Coolbreeze 93
Coolbreeze 93:
By the way to let you guys know the batman Arkham knights game have solo and co op. In case if anyone was curious.
Kyle Bramschreiber
Kyle Bramschreiber:
I'm not sure many of you guys know about this. But Rocksteady was actually working on a superman game, but that got canceled. WB games Montreal was working on a suicide squad game (Not Kill the Justice League) and an arkham knight sequel with Damian Wayne as batman. Jody, WB is the one who doesnt want a superman game.
Iam _ad
Iam _ad:
Dc FanDome was a B + marvel should do this 💯💯💯
Kobe Wan Kenobi
Kobe Wan Kenobi:
*I feel like it was more show and tell rather than a real discussion with a panel, only to shut doubters up* 🤷🏽‍♂️
Cammankingdom 23
Cammankingdom 23:
If he looks big its the stunt double robert is lazy w9nt do his own scenes just the talking and walking part
RSS x Natas
RSS x Natas:
Fuhh 100k that’s tight you guys deserve it
ITS DC’s TIME, They better not fold
OMG 110k views, dayum, I see it's still processing, hopefully the whole thing gets posted, have to wait. I wanna see the couple hours I missed in the middle
Edit: The whole thing is posted now, awesomesauce
Ahmed Balto
Ahmed Balto:
Gotham knights is confirmed to be coop
A. Murry
A. Murry:
It pissed me off when I saw Superman killed a person because he's not about that life. Superman stands for truth justice and American way. But it broke my heart when I saw Jody walked out after he saw his favorite superhero killed someone. DC you petty for that and I getting tired of you destroying these characters legacy.
I feel like the hair is a bit too long on Pattinson.. Shorter look would have been better. But its still fine
I ❤️ jody
It’s based on year 1 Batman who did have that face paint
Teddy Duck
Teddy Duck:
SyderCut is real
just because the police know him, doesn't mean the whole public does lol
Tj toonz
Tj toonz:
matt reeves lowkey reminds me of micael cera im sorry...
Looks like Batman Hush
David Riley NYC
David Riley NYC:
11:22 ooooohhhh, I wouldn't say that. SDCC had my little pony friendship is magic panels
Black Adam > WW84 > SnyderCut > Batman >> Suicide Squad >> Shazam IMO
Transformers and dc fan 5678
Transformers and dc fan 5678:
The darkseid is sopposed to be Uxas before he becomes darkseid
1:38:30 JODYDAMUS!
rayvon velez
rayvon velez:
Snyder did darkseid dirty he looks like fodder. Darkseid should never look like a weakling.
The guy in the hood is Desaad if I'm not mistaken.
Giannis MPO
Giannis MPO:
It didn’t match Batman? This? 😂

You don’t sound like Batman fans to me.
Hosea XCI
Hosea XCI:
Those thugs had a iPhone recording but that wasn’t invented in the 90s lmao
Fabrice Elome
Fabrice Elome:
Why is this vid only 20 minutes, where's the full coverage
Why is Superman brought back in a game just to be evil again...
Rafael Ramirez
Rafael Ramirez:
Is that dark seid during the war or dark seid when he meets the justice league
J B:
DMV - District of Columbia, Northern VA and Southern MD area.
Nitin Bhattacharyya
Nitin Bhattacharyya:
Where is the full stream?I only see 23mins, probably the last 23mins
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez:
Christopher Porter
Christopher Porter:
I love that Jody can't be bought
Classic overthinking!
markelis johnson
markelis johnson:
Im sorry but if there's a game that I could possibly kill superman im down lol 🤷🏾‍♂️
Natan Novaes
Natan Novaes:
TMT Molokwane
TMT Molokwane:
Yooo Jody.....wait am I seeing this right....123k views.....what happened....streams are usually 3-6k views... hopefully YouTube is recommending your videos now....
Darkseid abs, biceps, traps and shoulders look better than Joss Stepphanwolfs lls
Nik Posada
Nik Posada:
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell:
Justice League shouldn't have had an invasion from Steppenwolf x Darkseid. It should've been Lex Luthor gathering the Legion of Doom and we need Green Lantern!
Mega 3000
Mega 3000:
whers the whole livestream?
Dra'vis A. Card
Dra'vis A. Card:
I don't know about you guys but this batman looks and feels better than Nolan's Batman. Batman is supposed to be dark and gritty. His movies are supposed to feel like a horror/crime movie. He's called the dark Knight and world's greatest detective! You guys are complaining about his weight yet Christian Bale's Batman in the Dark Knight was small as heck. Smh. This Batman will be awesome!
Nick Trolian
Nick Trolian:
Pattinson look like hed be a better night wing than batman
Sean Wade
Sean Wade:
Robert what?
Edgardo Chicas
Edgardo Chicas:
it's uxas and you should know that jody