De Bruyne and Sterling Both on Target | Newcastle 0-2 Manchester City | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

A Kevin De Bruyne penalty and a long range goal from Raheem Sterling helped propel them into the semi-finals of the Emirates FA Cup at the expense of Newcastle United.

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100+ comentarios:

Luca Mascolo
Luca Mascolo:
Saint needs to leave Newcastle he is too talented to be part of a strike force of jolenton Andy carrol and Dwight Gayle
Even my disabled grandma could have scored the chance dwight gale missed
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma:
6:02 That ball from Laporte 😍😍
Mark Stedman
Mark Stedman:
I feel no one is talking about the ongoing crime perpetrated by city. When was it decided that its alright to turn up to football match looking like a popsicle!
Sir Geofrey
Sir Geofrey:
Love how Otamendi gave the ball away, then also subsequently slipped defending what should've been an easy goal for Gayle
0:33 Gotta love the way that Benjamin Mandy undoes all that hard work within 1 second of receiving the ball
“De broona”
Top Things
Top Things:
I pray who ever is reading this to be successful in life 😍
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs:
Sell Otamendi. But that featherlike touch from Foden 😍
Rochak Adhikari
Rochak Adhikari:
Signing Koulibaly will make us totally complete team <3
And also a decent left-back
azmil pride
azmil pride:
Rohit Tummala
Rohit Tummala:
7:00 Linesman trying to get a glimpse of that great goal
Coolbros hd
Coolbros hd:
6:02,what a beautiful pass..... 😍😍😍
Ekwuemzy Martins
Ekwuemzy Martins:
Sterling is a beast ... Much love .....What a goal
MobyX The Clip Bot
MobyX The Clip Bot:
So mendy plays better as a RW?
I support Manchester City from Japan
Lorin Ramsey
Lorin Ramsey:

ප්‍රෙන්ටිස්ගේ පාද සහ කකුල තණකොළ මත පෙරළෙන විට වෙව්ලන්නට විය ඒක භයානක උගුරක්රොරි මාමාඔහු කීවේ හ වෙව්ලීමෙනි
Koushik Maji
Koushik Maji:
Man city need to get rid of Otamendi and Mendy!
Alex Scoff
Alex Scoff:
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
37' Kevin De Bruyne (Pen. 0-1); 68' Raheem Sterling (0-2)
Angus Hall
Angus Hall:
Bernardo foden
Blaize William
Blaize William:
Mendy is actually useless
Fresh playing, like their kit. Full of vit C
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin:
Respect !
Sterling 🔥🔥🔥
michael ndlovu
michael ndlovu:
I like Mendy he is so powerful at that left back we need 2 defenders to replace Otamendi and Stones asap.
kam Algeria
kam Algeria:
Manchester city they all powers but Riad Mahrez on fire 🔥🔥🔥🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Flacko Ferdinand
Flacko Ferdinand:
So no one’s gonna talk about Pep’s Richard millie 👀
Sandipan Nath
Sandipan Nath:
Mahrez is frustrating. Tries to shoot, no matter the position or the angle.
Itzz Ahmad
Itzz Ahmad:
De Bruyne🇧🇪❤
“Kevin De Broona”
Xavian Juni0r
Xavian Juni0r:
Amaan Kayani
Amaan Kayani:
The man city kit looks a bit like those cola bottles
Richard H
Richard H:
Another mistake from Otamendi🤦 this guy never learn
M Helal islam
M Helal islam:
Thanks Man City
Ferdinand Nj i Sabi
Ferdinand Nj i Sabi:
We the citizens fans love u pep for the work u have done to our club,
Bongile Kgwili
Bongile Kgwili:
So Pep have attitude towards Leroy just bcz he rejected contract extension 😠😠😠
Nasira Siicid
Nasira Siicid:
Bashkim Hoxha
Bashkim Hoxha:
City play amazing football to watch while other teams make me wanna smoke every 5 mins
Alfredo Frisner
Alfredo Frisner:
Edward Wang
Edward Wang:
kd awesome
Angus Hall
Angus Hall:
Mendy fernandinho Rodri
Eric Elbling
Eric Elbling:
Why does this guy sound like hes in a fifa game
Kevon Davis
Kevon Davis:
How Gayle miss that close up chance
Yusril Fiskal
Yusril Fiskal:
The SK
The SK:
Nice work kevin da brew na
Sam Davison
Sam Davison:
One of the most one sided games I’ve seen first half mainly
Newcastle 25% possesion and 1 shot on target, jeez...
today you can win newcastle , lets next season.
Kerry Quin
Kerry Quin:
big kev debroona
Mr. Ritesh
Mr. Ritesh:
So Debruyne gonna sign for NuFc😂
Roberto R.G.
Roberto R.G.:
St. James Park is so cavernous
honcenk kaunang
honcenk kaunang:
C'mon city, we still got a trophy
Oliver A
Oliver A:
mendy out
Soccer Keys
Soccer Keys:
nice sterling
Kofi A
Kofi A:
Otamendi what kind of pass is this?
nbofdds rtre
nbofdds rtre:
City should sell Otamendi
Danish Khan
Danish Khan:
Saint Maximin living up to his fut birthday card
Kevin de broona is my favourite player
Zohier Taibi
Zohier Taibi:
“Kevin De BrOoNe”
Major Brix
Major Brix:
Allan Saint-Maximin needs some help or needs to leave too much talent
Coby taylor stead
Coby taylor stead:
Kevin De Bruna??
Satyagajen Rajenthiran
Satyagajen Rajenthiran:
Like how nobody wants to talk about sterling.
Emelvis Domimguez
Emelvis Domimguez:
abd el ghani
abd el ghani:
Alistair Takudzwa Sunga
Alistair Takudzwa Sunga:
So no one is gonna talk about Carrol’s beard... no one... anyone... someone please.

Okay ...
_Sun Panda_
_Sun Panda_:
My Nana say to me
Angus Hall
Angus Hall:
Stones walker
Pep has drip una
Ollie Richings
Ollie Richings:
Why the frikk does he call him Kevin de broonerrrr
Baby Pluto
Baby Pluto:
SM needs to leave Newcastle unless they get better players. He is so underrated, world class dribbling and has great speed and athleticism.
Esau Manchester city
Esau Manchester city:
Nice game and nice scored
Thomas Grieve
Thomas Grieve:
Why did mandy shoot from there
JC Gaming
JC Gaming:
What with andy Carroll beard.
End •_• Games
End •_• Games:
United beat Chelsea, City beat Arsenal

United win the FA Cup
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia:
Otamendi is really prone of mistakes
De bruyne is ed sheeren's long lost better looking brother
Arsalan Ahmed
Arsalan Ahmed:
Without bruyne they are poor
LUCAS Barros
LUCAS Barros:
LUCAS Barros Oliveira
Angus Hall
Angus Hall:
Sterling laporte
Anonymous [0][0][0]
Anonymous [0][0][0]:
Looking forward to the guard of honour ha ha , Lfc the most successful team in English football history.
Adzz 25
Adzz 25:
Kevin de bruna
J G:
liverpools days are numbered
Paul Robson
Paul Robson:
Plandemic. No virus
Bad day at the office for the Magpies.
Luke Wiles
Luke Wiles:
Kevin de brewna
Daniel Lau
Daniel Lau:
Otamendi doesn't stand a chance against Benzema.
Brayden Hughes
Brayden Hughes:
Fender Tremolo
Fender Tremolo:
City will win the CL because of the "no fans" situation. Big teams with great supporters will be striped of that extra boost whilst City have lil European experience (fans and club) so can relax and play the game as normal
hafsa nawaz
hafsa nawaz:
whons the commentieter in this game
Newcastle no one atempty
jesus guaicara
jesus guaicara:
Con los 40 millones que gastaron en ese brasilero tendrían más opciones en sur América y por menos dinero
Zahra Jaffer
Zahra Jaffer:
is koulibaly confirmed yet
Jesús A. López
Jesús A. López:
Ese estilo de corrida que tiene Sterling jajaja
That’s the Chelsea TV commentator
Cody Ruddy
Cody Ruddy:
Liverpool champions of the world
A few more years of consistency that boy sterling will be a world class player 💯💯💯
Dan Wilkinson
Dan Wilkinson:
Newcastle just rolled over for city here and how did Gayle miss that? Ffs. Disgusting lazy display by Nufc.