De Gea wins dramatic match for Reds after Ronaldo goal & Lingard stunner | West Ham 1-2 Man Utd

Watch the best of the action from a thrilling match at the London Stadium as a dramatic last-gasp penalty save from David De Gea gave the Reds all three points following Cristiano Ronaldo's fourth goal in three matches and a stunning match winner from Jesse Lingard!

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100+ comentarios:

Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming:
David De Gea! Our Hero that we deserved!!!! Well Done United! A comeback and 3 points deserved
Stacey Ellis
Stacey Ellis:
De Gea needed this... From all the hate he's been getting over the past few seasons, it's a great sight to see him saving us the game and boosting his confidence. DAVID!!!
Mr Biz
Mr Biz:
Ronaldo dodging the bubbles is absolutely legendary. That is all.
Yesterday was a crazy match
A goal from my legend Ronaldo
A goal from Lingard
And a great save from De Gea
George .A
George .A:
Great performance from David d Gea, a stunner from Lingard and the inspiration from Ronaldo. Unless he broke a leg, no penalty is given!
Cascade L
Cascade L:
This man has saved us 8 points this season easily already. First his save against Southampton, and then his double save against wolves and now the penalty save😍
hamrah aval user
hamrah aval user:
Can we appreciate how much better lingard got at his journey in west ham
Mirna Rabah
Mirna Rabah:
I was watching the match on the T.V. When the penalty was decided on, I was shaking with fear. But everything turns out to be all right, thanks to the hero De Gea. ❤️
What a performance from Lingard and de Gea !!!!!!!
Felicia Zalianti
Felicia Zalianti:
What a team work,keep it well guys... ,Salute
GB 192
GB 192:
This highlight video so doesn't capture that roller coaster of emotions we all went through in the final 10 minutes of the game 😅
Jonathan Maher
Jonathan Maher:
Davide De Gea has been outstanding so far this season, saved our bacon at Southampton, Wolves & secured all 3 points for us yesterday.
I am sorry I ever doubted him or his abilities.
Marva Brown
Marva Brown:
Love the atmosphere! Thanks to the UK based Manchester United Fans who represent the rest of us around the world. So proud of this ManU Team, feel like my joy returned thanks to Tonaldo, Viva Ronaldo
Yasheen Mahabeer
Yasheen Mahabeer:
After getting absolutely slaughtered in and after the Europa Leage Final, all the critics saying David De Gea is past his best - he absolutely deserves that moment and the penalty save winning us the game in the last moments

Ever since the Europa League Final he has come back stronger - his distribution, his shot stopping, him coming off his line has been a joy to watch his mini revival coming into this new season

My Keeper Dave Saves ❤🤘
Abil Fatan Key
Abil Fatan Key:
De Gea Hero....Ronaldo man of the match...
SummonerBraddy SG
SummonerBraddy SG:
Lingard redemption from his mistake against Young Boys, and then David De Gea saving us once again. I won't lie, I got frustrated with him in the UEL Final, but he's improving and slowly returning to his best
Marc Davis official
Marc Davis official:
Since Ronaldo came back MCT is on fire 🔥
David Ifeionel
David Ifeionel:
Still can't believe we're unbeaten since last season. Nobody talks about that but if its city or Liverpool we won't rest. GGMU
Ronaldo scores
Lingard stunners

This is my team 🔥🔥
2:56 "Justice is done!"
Ajibola Daniel
Ajibola Daniel:
David De Gea is the real hero of this match. He saved the day.
moncho gaming
moncho gaming:
Best goal keeper ever ❤️
niddg viiut
niddg viiut:
What a team work,keep it well guys... ,Salute
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu:
Fantastic save From degea🔥,lingard on form
Constantinos Stylianou
Constantinos Stylianou:
He is 36 years old ....37 in a couple of months, and scores 4 goals in 9 days. And at the 87th minute passes Zouma with ease . What to say more....
Rabbits Media
Rabbits Media:
Very fast comeback from Lingard ❤️
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis:
Ronaldo could've had a hatrick excluding the PK claims.
In this match CR 7 and DAVID DE GEA played very well.. standing ovation
How is this not a penalty '2:25'
Jane Walker
Jane Walker:
What a win from the Red Devils:
- Ronaldo scores
- Lingard stunners
- De Gea saves
Jared Smith
Jared Smith:
It's like life is movie with Ronaldo back at Man U🔥
Lingard the pure class.. he hating and he smashing 🔥
Degea nailed it since 2016 without saving a penalty 👏 😀. Lingard also had his redemption 😏
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
1:35 4 goles en 3 partidos con el Manchester United, 789 en total 🔥⚽️👑
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen:
Sensational match! One goal by CR7 to reclaim the stage. One goal by Lingard to recover his mistake. One brilliant save by De Gea to safeguard our win!!! 💪💪💪
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria:
de gea saved us in the dying moments
crucial save to keep our title hopes alive..
Faisal sohidul
Faisal sohidul:
What a great save!
Bayu Firdaus
Bayu Firdaus:
Paul Pogba ❤
Raji Micheal
Raji Micheal:
Our hero de gea
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος:
De Gea , Lingard and CR7 gave us a huge win against whu and referees. Also solid performance by Varane, he is really great .Fred and McTominay must step up and help the team. We have a problem with the position of defensive midfielder
Gofal aza
Gofal aza:
Best save de gea 😍
Artem Kagetov
Artem Kagetov:
De Gea - Brilliant Save! Lingard - excellent shot! Ronaldo - GOAT! Atkinson - fan of Leeds!
Javier Mellado
Javier Mellado:
I’m happy for De Egea.
Venkata Nagendra Babu D
Venkata Nagendra Babu D:
May be some people have short term memory, last season literally almost every away game we came back from 1 or 2 goals down and won.
Oscar 7
Oscar 7:
This game was like a movie with all the components of drama: frustration, fear, happiness, doubts, heroic actions and a happy ending.
Let’s go Manchester United!! 😎👍🏽
Muito bom!
Nanang Sukaryono
Nanang Sukaryono:
De Gea Savior and Lingard Heroes Of Victory. 👏
habib mohammed
habib mohammed:
I cant figure out the secret behind hiding the match timer! the penalty was very dramatic because it was last min but you hide that! Why?
Boer Boer
Boer Boer:
adam yemin etmiş her maçta gol atmaya .delirmiş bu adam :) yaşıda gitti ama acımıyor
Chidi Abaneke
Chidi Abaneke:
David De Gea the GOAT🐐🐐🐐
Baaba Baadu
Baaba Baadu:
What a game inever doubted De Gea
Mute Son
Mute Son:
Ronaldo’s goal gave the team some hope
L P:
Cr7 GOAT. We miss him in Madrid still
Mijee Michi
Mijee Michi:
the fact that even the commentator saying 'justice is done' he knew whats going on,i feel the same way too,sweet victory for Man United!
Manuel José Flores Cuellar
Manuel José Flores Cuellar:
me encanto la celebración de Araujo
Cẩn Trần
Cẩn Trần:
David De Gea! HERO!!!!!!
Easternhome Vlog
Easternhome Vlog:
I'm counting ronaldo's goal after his returned 😂
the fact that we still need some luck to win games with so many beasts in the squad really tells you something !
Another game, another goal for CR7. So many heroes and great spirit. Bodes well for the season.
When De Gea saves that PK, you can hear the announcer beating the table with excitement! 😂🤣
Without exaggeration, David De Gea saved the referee. If he didn't save that one, the referee and his penalties would be the central topic of United fans for ages.
Bon Made 92
Bon Made 92:
What a Amazing United Teams...! De Gea on focus today....👍👍👍
Fandi Aji Agus Aminullah
Fandi Aji Agus Aminullah:
De Gea 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele:
David De Gea! Our Hero that we deserved!!!! Well Done United! A comeback and 3 points deserved
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
David De Gea is the real hero of this match. He saved the day.
nima sherpa
nima sherpa:
After ronaldo came to united , every match united play feel like final. Welcome Back home Legend 🙏
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
Moyes' decision to sub in a player in the last minute just to take the pen, makes me keep wondering, how was he the "CHOSEN ONE" again?
Eric Killmonger
Eric Killmonger:
Great game 👌👏
Bruhzinho 578
Bruhzinho 578:
Incredibly happy to see de gea regaining his confidence, deserves to stay united’s no.1, as for ronaldo, an absolute machine, hope he keeps going
Kolayemi Oladepo
Kolayemi Oladepo:
No one talking about how Shaw will have cost us that mess, if they actually convert that chance
not even a man u fan and i felt so happy seeing de gea save
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti:
David de gea 🔥🔥🔝
Murali Krishnan
Murali Krishnan:
CR7 - the best ever is , the best ever was !!
Tanmoy Singha Chowdhury
Tanmoy Singha Chowdhury:
It's crazy how Ronaldo is influencing everyone in the team to play better.
Glenn Simatupang
Glenn Simatupang:
Wonderful,wonderful Jesse Lingardinho
Elly Mtz
Elly Mtz:
De Gea 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Siem Antonis
Siem Antonis:
Let’s go, Devils! 💪🏽🙏🏽
El Rayhan 2.0
El Rayhan 2.0:
This dramatic win really made my day. My grandad passed yesterday and this game cheered my up but i wish i could of watched that game with him😪😔

Edit: Wow didn't expect soo many likes and replies!! Thanks for the support!!
Kayisinga j. Damascene
Kayisinga j. Damascene:
It was my dreams to see CR7 in my team again.
Rovo Sunny
Rovo Sunny:
De gea is just incredible
Pramit Basu
Pramit Basu:
The way Ole ran to De Gea and congratulated him says a lot about the relationship of the manager with his player...
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
A breathtaking match for MU, still not surely under Ole, this is just old MU performance, but once again still not prove that they will win the championship
MA Gamerz
MA Gamerz:
Man of the match : referee
Theredevils 302
Theredevils 302:
2 matches 2goals ronaldo 2 assists Bruno ❤️
Lingardo and Ronaldo - GOAT
Mudassir Kazmi
Mudassir Kazmi:
Ronaldo effect 😍 lovin it
Wizard 7
Wizard 7:
Commentator: "Ronaldo is a machine"
Pranav Narayan
Pranav Narayan:
This is the Team Spirit we wants, Ronaldo Equalize, Lingard Leads and Finally Degea Saved. This is a piece of Excellent Team work and Determination. ❤️
5 Matches 4 won 1 draw 🔥
Cristiano 4 goals from 3 Matches (including UCL)💥

*2:59**-And justice is done...well said fam*
Dee David
Dee David:
Ronaldo scores a tap in again
The commentator : he is a machine😂😂😂
Arpit Gupta
Arpit Gupta:
Its all about david de gea ❤
KGB of the USSR
KGB of the USSR:
The mentality of the players after we went a goal down was something to behold
Nice goal in Fergie time Jessie
Awesome save David
revika varialo
revika varialo:
So amazing match
Andi Firdaus
Andi Firdaus:
Bravo Ronaldo, beautiful gol, .........glory mu
Levan Darakhvelidze
Levan Darakhvelidze:
Did you notice how Ronaldo picked the ball up immediately after scoring the equalizer? That's what MU lacked in past years. GGMU
Great game, 3 important points
*1:35** 4 goles en 3 partidos con el Manchester United, 789 en total 🔥⚽️👑*
Temisan Elvis
Temisan Elvis:
Feel sorry for greenwood