Deadly earthquake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island | DW News

An earthquake struck Indonesia's Sulawesi island early on Friday morning, leaving at least 34 people dead and injuring over 600 others. The head of the local disaster mitigation agency Ali Rahman told AFP that "the latest information we have is that 26 people are dead in Mamuju city." The national disaster agency said that a further eight people had died to the south of the city. Many buildings were damaged. Two hospitals and the building that houses the provincial government offices collapsed, said Muhammad Idris, secretary to the governor on national television. A large number of people are trapped under the rubble, officials said. The epicenter of the 6.2 magnitude quake was 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) northeast of Majene city and measured at a depth of 18 kilometers. Thousands of people left their homes when the quake hit. They were evacuated to temporary shelters.


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Oussama Rahhab
Oussama Rahhab:
Praying for Indonesia
Heavy rainfall
Plane crash
Soaring pandemic
Nelson Jeff Magpali Jr.
Nelson Jeff Magpali Jr.:
Stay Safe and Godbless Indonesia 🇮🇩 💙
This too shall pass 🙏
Love from Philippines 🇵🇭
Groundswell Multimedia
Groundswell Multimedia:
Hoping that those trapped beneath the debris are rescued soon. Prayers for the people of Indonesia.
Arlen Aranc
Arlen Aranc:
Aww this is heartbreaking. Stay strong Indonesia

Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Maikel Jordan
Maikel Jordan:
I hope Indonesia will quickly recover from the disaster. God loves Indonesia. and may the victims who are still alive or have died have their sins forgiven.
Curious World
Curious World:
I'm so sorry for these folks. God be with them.
shashi singh rajbhar
shashi singh rajbhar:
My heartily prayer for Indonesia...
My condolences to the victims friends and family😥
I'm sorry Indonesia. Stay strong! All prayers and love going out to you.
My condolences to the victims and their families.
Hopefully as many as possible can be rescued. So challenging also for the rescue workers.
Lot of love from a German in Malaysia ❤️
ZombieLaxitive Joe
ZombieLaxitive Joe:
I hate feeling so hopeless and not being able to help! My heart and my thoughts are with you all, I wish you all the best! Sending positive energy and I wish you a strong and speedy recovery. I hope we as a world wide people can help and support you all ❤️
Ahron Park
Ahron Park:
Prayers from your neighbor country Philippines, stay safe & vigilant!
Mye Vega
Mye Vega:
stay strong our Indonesian from the Philippines..
Thoughts and prayers for all the Indonesian people who have been so badly affected in so many ways. May God give you the strength and courage to get through this and know that people from all over the world are praying for you.
So Vain As Hell
So Vain As Hell:
I send all my love for the people of Indonesia in these times.♥️
samuel Torres
samuel Torres:
My sincere feelings of pain for what has happened to the people of this region of Indonesia.
WifiGranny L.
WifiGranny L.:
😢 Im praying for the people of Indonesia
Ella Aria Shanta
Ella Aria Shanta:
I'm sorry you had to experience such horrid event...I send you my prayer!
Kim J
Kim J:
An airplane crash happened a week ago and now this. Sending prayers to Indonesia.
Pray for Indonesia from Croatia, stray strong🙏. We had 6.4. Earthquake here on 29th december. It was catastrophic.
Stay vigilant and stay safe indonesia.. Keep praying God is with us! ❤
Hug from Philippines ❤
king queen
king queen:
My condolences Indonesia.🇲🇨 My prayers to u.🇲🇨 Hope everything and everyone is perfectly fine ❤❤
Frm 🇮🇳🇮🇳
I'm praying for Indonesian injured peoples God bless him . hopefully they will be in good condition very soon .. those people have lost their lives due to this terrible earthquake. May Allah grant them a high position in heaven.. I'm form Pakistan..
Robert Evans
Robert Evans:
😭💔🤦So sorry for your loss. Sincere condolences from USA 🇺🇲🕊️🙏💖💯 AKU CINTA KAMU INDONESIA ! 🇮🇩💪
Eva Janeković
Eva Janeković:
I'm so sorry.. Prayers from Croatia, stay strong
Carlos Sunga
Carlos Sunga:
Prayers for Indonesia ❤️❤️❤️
Subhashish Bagchi
Subhashish Bagchi:
My prayers are with Indonesian people
Original Sun
Original Sun:
Inalillah, stay strong my brethren. God bless those who lost their loved ones.
Moreno Franco
Moreno Franco:
My heart goes out to the Indonesian people. So Sad. Love From Cape Town.
Maria Ta
Maria Ta:
Prying for Indonesia and the whole world, God bless people and children Amen 🙏🏼
Damn man I love Indonesian people this is sad :/ may Allah be with you 🙏
gilang fajar
gilang fajar:
it's january and we got floods, land slide, and earth quake, also the pandemic didn't get any better, hope best for my country.
my prayers to Indonesia 🙏
Sadichhya Poudel
Sadichhya Poudel:
Praying for Indonesia
Deen Ace
Deen Ace:
God blessed Indonesia 🇮🇩🙏
İbrahim Alpay
İbrahim Alpay:
Stay strong brothers 💪 Pray from Turkey 🇹🇷🇮🇩
God's grace and mercy Catholic Faith
God's grace and mercy Catholic Faith:
Prayers for you our Brothers and Sisters in Indonesia.
You'll recover ,God's mercy and Grace.
God bless you all.

Love and prayers,
Filipina in Hk
David Clawson
David Clawson:
It would be interesting to set up some kind of engineering NGO to come up with ways to teach local people how to inspect buildings for earthquake risks and maybe even retrofit them to make them more stable. Maybe work with local construction methods to improve them in cost effective ways to improve their seismic resilience.
filger Vlogs
filger Vlogs:
stay strong indonesia, love and prayers from filger filpina in germany
hari agung gultom
hari agung gultom:
God bless and keep Indonesia❤️❤️❤️
plane crash and earthquake ಥ╭╮ಥ stay strong Indonesia 🇮🇩
Ising Azul
Ising Azul:
*_praying for your safety. keep safe every one!_* 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
*love from:*
💖 🇵🇭 💖
Sabir Mohamed
Sabir Mohamed:
Subxanallah I’m praying for my brothers and sisters in Indonesia 😔
Kelly MUA AllDolledUpEssex
Kelly MUA AllDolledUpEssex:
Prays for the people of Indonesia 🇮🇩🙏🏼
Lau Kok Hun
Lau Kok Hun:
From Malaysia, our deepest condolences, stay strong our government will do what we can.
Limuell Alforque
Limuell Alforque:
Prayers for Indonesia. 🙏
Maria Rose
Maria Rose:
Prayers for Indonesia!!!
Your Viewer
Your Viewer:
Pray for indonesia
DeanRobert Robert
DeanRobert Robert:
They are such lovely people... I hate this happening. I thinking of them all x
Yayie Ali
Yayie Ali:
Turut berduka cita dari Malaysia. 🇲🇾🇲🇨
Brynlee S ChubbyPancake
Brynlee S ChubbyPancake:
Prayers to those who lost their loved ones
Thelma Armstrong
Thelma Armstrong:
Praying for our friends from Indonesia, I hope that they find more survivors.
Doogie Chen
Doogie Chen:
Victor Cardenoza
Victor Cardenoza:
Prayers for our brothers and sisters in indonesia..🙏🙏🙏
New Star
New Star:
Plz God save Indonesia
my best prayers from Pakistan
Stay strong Indonesian friends
Attaullah brohi
Attaullah brohi:
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun Allah show Mercy on my Indonesian brothers and sisters ,,, stay strong Indonesia ,,, we will always be with you and pray for you ,,, amiin...
Pray for my country 🙏🏻
Bella Cucuna
Bella Cucuna:
Allah always be with us be strong Indonesian ❤️
Romualdo Joven
Romualdo Joven:
God bless Indonesia.
vjeran vlahovic
vjeran vlahovic:
Prayers for Indonesia from Croatia...😢
Simran Watson
Simran Watson:
Stay strong indonesia from Austria
Sending best wishes to Indonesia.. may god saves you all 🙏🙏🙏
Wu Tang
Wu Tang:
prayers and thoughts to the victims
Prayers from izmir Turkey 🇹🇷🇲🇨
Rosaline Georgine Agaatsz
Rosaline Georgine Agaatsz:
Sending prayers to All.😢🙏❤️
issai 0108
issai 0108:
Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Sulawesi 🇮🇩 Indonesia. God be with you !!!
My prayers to Indonesia.
Smith 22
Smith 22:
Be strong my ASEAN brothers and sisters "WE HEAL US ONE" From your neighbor PHILIPPINES 😢
G Snaar
G Snaar:
From the Netherlands my heartfelt condolences to the Indonesian population. Also on Java near Malang. I think of you. What a mess: Volcanoes- Plane disaster- Landslides- Corona still, and now the earthquake. It is right: From all calamities deliver us-- Lord. I hope He hears !! Maybe praying really helps !!
as indonesian let me tell u what happen here on early 2021:
1.plane crash
2.sinabung mount errupt
3.huge flood on kalimantan
4.earthquake on mamuju/sulawesi
5.merapi mount errupt

i hope you all people on this world on save situation and god bless
Honey Sue
Honey Sue:
Stay strong Indonesia. 😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ramesh Harkisoen
Ramesh Harkisoen:
God bless Indonesia
User Nepali123
User Nepali123:
Praying for Indonesia
Love from Nepal .
Nilda Valencia
Nilda Valencia:
I hope people are safe
zam harir
zam harir:
Praying for indonesia
Banonie Batute
Banonie Batute:
Stay strong Indo
Saad Abbas
Saad Abbas:
Condolences 💐
B N!ce
B N!ce:
Praying for Indonesia from South Africa 🇿🇦
Jehanne Smart
Jehanne Smart:
Oh Lord have mercy and help them 🙏🙏
Md Ayub
Md Ayub:
Oh Lord blessed peace on indonesian
BeInG PhysiotherapisT
BeInG PhysiotherapisT:
many duas for them . May Allah swt safegaurd them from aftershocks ameen
so much tragedy in indonesia, not a good start in 2021 😭
Noor sheikh
Noor sheikh:
Praying for indonesia
Ammar Farhan
Ammar Farhan:
Pray for all the victim from earthquake in Indonesia🇮🇩 from Malaysia 🇲🇾
LB *
LB *:
Erny R. Wijayanti
Erny R. Wijayanti:
Too much happened in the beginning of 2021 for Indonesia. It’s hard for us. Thank you very much for your support all
I can't speechless and I am crying about this news because so many innocent people's are died...
Kunzang Here!
Kunzang Here!:
Prayers for them 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Gob bless them ✨✨
JC Montemayor
JC Montemayor:
Prayers to Indonesia
I'm from the place where the southern philippines hit by earthquake swarm with not less than 5 magnitudes + 3 Major quakes with 6.4, 6.6, and damn 6.9 just in 2 months. Luckily for us, we only have few casualties some old buildings are destroyed though. Stay strong neighbor we feel your shaking.
Real But Nothing
Real But Nothing:
Indonesia experienced many disasters at the beginning of the year, such as:
Pllane crash
Earthquakes up to 6 times (if another aftershock causes a tsunami, info from BMKG)
And a pandemic that isn't over yet
Praying for Indonesia🤲🙏
Prayers for Indonesia.
God bless you all.
From Albania.
Yvonne Elijah Catz
Yvonne Elijah Catz:
Brakes my heart
Ridwan raka
Ridwan raka:
OMG 😢😢😢😢
My country stay strong
kiswanto prayitno
kiswanto prayitno:
we are strong!!! #IndonesiaBisa
Donna Wojdacz
Donna Wojdacz:
Prayers for you from USA
Your all in my prayers 🙏❤️
Inul Huda
Inul Huda:
This is second shocking and heart paining incident in Indonesia
My condolences from Malaysia

I pray that casualties were minimal