DEADLY WOMEN | Fatal Obsession | Lisa M. Montgomery | S3E8

Compulsive liar Lisa M. Montgomery's supposed pregnancy was a fraud, and to avoid being exposed, she murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood so she could steal her unborn baby.

Best friends Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme were so obsessed with each other and their fantasy world, they killed a loving mother to protect their friendship.

Catherine Birnie was hopelessly in love with a sexually sadistic serial killer and became one herself.


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A Docu-series all about how women become murderers. Enthralling and enticing to all interested in crime, murder and mysteries. This series has all the facts, all the point of views dire to each episode and it's story.

Each episode has a unifying theme such as jealousy, financial gain, mental illness, or crimes committed by teenagers or the elderly. The titles of the episodes reflect the theme. The stories are told through re-enactments and interviews.

Episodes also feature contributors in relevant fields (e.g. law enforcement, the law, the media, forensic medicine and medicine). Diane Fanning, M. William Phelps, Gregg Olsen, Wensley Clarkson, and Dr. Janis Amatuzio have made multiple appearances. Occasionally, family or friends of the subject or their victims appear to add context and or perspective.

At the end of each segment, the actress playing the subject (and her male and female conspirators, if any) break the fourth wall and look directly at the camera as their fates are revealed. In later seasons, photos of the actual subject are shown.

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100+ comentarios:

Thomas Steven
Thomas Steven:
I Wonder If Lisa Has Heard Of Something Called Adoption
While I am horrified and disgusted by what the first woman done. I am also perplexed about her husband. Was he so remotely distant about the welfare of his child that he never insisted on going to even one doctors appointment? Was he blind?
J Sun
J Sun:
Wow just when you think it can't get any worse, an episode like this comes out that reassures us that the evil part of humans can reach even lower. This whole thing made me sick to my stomach.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
Ok So Lisa Montgomery's husband never went to a doctor's appointment, never felt the baby move etch. But how on earth did she pull off a fake labor?????? Wouldn't he at least visit her at the hospital? It just doesn't add up.
mk toohtwo
mk toohtwo:
Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme:  The girls were too young for the death penalty, so they each got FIVE YEARS...? For a premeditated, first degree murder...? I don't get it.
Cody Woodman
Cody Woodman:
I don't mean to make light of a terrible situation, but the first thing I thought about the Lisa Montgomery story is that it would be awkward if the baby was black.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
After watching all these Deadly Women episodes, I now view women, particularly American ones, in a whole new light.
"She is now a successful author of murder mysteries."
Sandra D
Sandra D:
That last moment when you realise you going to die and the perpetrator is your own child.DAMN
Dread Baron
Dread Baron:
Is Juliet Hulme an inspiration for the Juliet in the Simpsons? They both enjoy art and literature and created a fantasy world.
"Teenage friendship"

Right, just a couple gals being pals.
I must say the performance in the first video was nothing short of spectacular. The actors captured the raw emotion in a way rarely seen. Credit where credit is due so Whomever played the part of the puppies Bravo.! 👏... That crying scenes..
Erik Weseman
Erik Weseman:
When the puppies start yelping as soon Lisa starts choking Bobbi Jo, you know the dogs know something is very wrong.
The actress portraying Lisa Montgomery looks a bit like Mayim Balik.
Somebody once Told me the world is gonna Rollin
Somebody once Told me the world is gonna Rollin:
2020 update Lisa is on deathrow and is set to die in december 8 with lethal injection. Justice is finally Served!! Rest in peace bobbi
Alissa Schnoll
Alissa Schnoll:
5 years? excuse me? successful author? whaaat?! I just do not understand this.....i guess you dont know who might be living next to you....
Francisco Montero
Francisco Montero:
This episode trully shocked me i thougt i have seen it all untill i saw this episode this is totally crazy
I'm really pissed off that they did it with the puppies in the room you can hear them scared outta their minds poor things!
lucas doge
lucas doge:
umm I'm really pissed at how terrified those puppies were ! didn't look like different scenes to me ):
otaku ninja13
otaku ninja13:
that puppys crys are heart wrenching
S K:
Lisa was executed today, 13th of January 2021.
It's disgusting how Juliet is now a famous author ...
awwww. poor puppies are terrified.
OK. a pregnant woman is being strangled to death. and I'm thinking of the puppies. is that bad?
the pregnant actresses stomach was too lumpy... it seems like the producers didnt even bother to make it look convincing enough.. its like she has eggs in there instead of a baby
Diana P.
Diana P.:
That lumpy fake belly @ 8:55 lmao
AJ Muzik
AJ Muzik:
This should've been nicknamed the Halloween episode.
Anyone read books by M.William Phelps? If not I recommend him. He is an awesome writer with great compassion (his own sister in law was killed by a serial killer which gives him great insight into what the victims families endure - unlike other true crime authors) He also has/had an interesting series on the Crime Channel called Dark Minds ...
Queennubian 25
Queennubian 25:
No sah!!!! This must b a joke. How can one woman b so damn wicked??? Death penalty is not enough for Lisa. She waan bun out! Full stop!
Nokubonga Veto
Nokubonga Veto:
The level of evil that’s inside Lisa is just incomprehensible😰
János Kőhalmi
János Kőhalmi:
I can't believe that this happened in this way. Even if the husband and the whole family believed her wife pregnant, indeed, did they really believe that the woman had just arrived from the hospital? Without going there? Did nobody asked her how it happened? Did they just put the baby in her arms, saying 'go home'? As if it was a bag?
Angel Simone
Angel Simone:
I remember the Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme case and they were both living in a fanasty world and it was a movie called Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet**** GOOD Movie!
I wish I knew her name.  I'd hate to think I may have purchased her books in the past.
Anne Perry is the author new name..they probably were lovers or experiments lol I doubt they didnt talk after they got out
Deyna's VidGaming
Deyna's VidGaming:
I couldn't finish the last story. Made me very ashamed to be part of the human race. The terror those girls went through.
Hellbound Iscariot
Hellbound Iscariot:
So, Lisa M. Montgomery didn't have pseudo-pregnancy, the process where somebody's body thinks it's pregnant and shows signs of pregnancy.
Hannah Chase
Hannah Chase:
How did Lisa Montgomery think she could get away with it? I mean, to do something like that, she would have to really believe she would get away with it as her plan was to raise the child. Did she really think she could outsmart investigators and forensic evidence.
Brett Presneill
Brett Presneill:
Cant come to work Boss, I'm sick.
How sick? he says
I'm having someone else's baby........
Heather Mayhew
Heather Mayhew:
To think the murderess Juliet would become the author Anne Perry is insane. (Almost as insane as she is) that's one set of books I won't be reading.
Pat Smith
Pat Smith:
I cannot understand how Lisa Montgomery is still alive. If there was one person who deserves it, it would be her. What a barbarous act.
Omg finally! I've been waiting for someone to upload this episode for months!
Anna Schmidt
Anna Schmidt:
Just saw an article about Lisa saying she has been executed, i hope that the family of Bobbi -jo can find some peace and comfort that Lisa is no longer alive
Aderinsola Adetola
Aderinsola Adetola:
I couldn't agree more on the sentence Lisa got I don't think any pregnant woman would be safe
Dark Angel Holz
Dark Angel Holz:
Lisa Montgomery is a sick sick individual. There is one thing that confuses me about this story though, her husband. How did she explain disappearing off and suddenly returning with a baby? No hospital, no him being there at the birth? How did he fall for that? Surely if she had gone in to labour on his mind then she would have called from the hospital so he could get there for the birth or he would have gone to visit her after the birth if it happened quickly?
Lucy Herrick
Lucy Herrick:
I wonder if Bobby Jo's daughter knows of what happened to her mommy? Since this happened in 2004, she should be about ten years old today.
They should do a feature on Karla Homolka.
mk toohtwo
mk toohtwo:
ROFL!!! 1:45 ..
Kevin Montgomery: 'She has Lisa's nose...Don't you think so Nancy...?'
Nancy: (trying not to stare at Lisa's wide, unattractive, hooknose)  'Uhh...Yeahh...!'
why the hell didn't Lisa Montgomery just adopt?
caleb lintern
caleb lintern:
The second story is based on "Heavenly Creatures" a movie by director peter jackson. The murder happened exactly 62 years ago a few days ago. Disgusting and sad! RIP Honora Parker.
MarieAmélie Heinzl
MarieAmélie Heinzl:
I just don't get how Lisa came home with the baby, and her husband (and kids) didn't found it strange that they weren't informed of her giving birth. If she really was pregnant she would have called her husband, and they would have gone to the hospital, been there, seen the baby in the hospital nursery etc. And since the hospital keeps you and the baby under observation for a few days she couldn't have given birth and left the hospital that quicly, but hey since it clearly didn't happen I just wonder how she explained her sudden motherhood to rest of the family without them raising questions. AND AGAIN, how did the husband not notice something wrong ? Did he have a slow IQ or something ?! Cause that is pretty big for someone not to notice.

Or maybe the husband was involved in some way. Maybe not in the killing, but maybe he knew the baby wasn't really theirs and Lisa had stolen him or bought him somehow, that would explain a lot. I have so many questions and doubts with that case, and I hate the fact that they didn't explain how Lisa "introduced" the new child without drawing suspicion on her birth... Strangely they knew every other details, but on that part they didn't say anything, and for me it was an important part but OK...

Honestly, her background didn't really melted with the "baby" story, it just explained that she was a good liar but not why she would lie about a pregnancy. She didn't seem to have problems with her husband, and had already four children, so ... I don't get it. And clearly it was more an act of desire than rationality.. How did she think she would be able to register the child without a legit birth record, and again without bringing suspision on her. The story has a lot of holes from my perspective... BUT I don't deny the fact the she killed that poor woman and left a child motherless just because she couldn't face telling the fucking truth for once in her life. I wonder what else she has lied about ...
Nancy's Hollywood smile will haunt me in my dreams 😬👻💀🦷
Baby obsessed / baby Crazy / baby madness... Lisa o Lisa.
Maria Villanueva
Maria Villanueva:
It is very cruel the lisa Montgomery case. Very sad.
Does someone know the background song when they mention her sentence?
Estella Arroyo
Estella Arroyo:
Lord have mercy!
Now I know where I’ve heard that music from (3:30) ! It’s from Buzzfeed Unsolved Ryan & Shane. It kept bugging me this past few days where I’ve heard it before.
Amy Jane
Amy Jane:
My aunt was in the same high school class as Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, have always been fascinated by their crime. Sadly my aunt refuses to discuss anything 'unpleasant' so won't talk about them at all!
Maria Dolores Power
Maria Dolores Power:
that did happen in our town, where a pregnant woman was bludgeoned and the baby cut from her (3 blocks from our house) - miraculously the woman survived but the baby did not
Dominique Cossu
Dominique Cossu:
I am very curious about her explaning the birth of her child? did nobody asked where/when/how this baby arrived? did Lisa gave birth (supposedly) on a parking lot? on a hospital? was nobody surprised about her arriving with the born baby?
MsRainbow Brite
MsRainbow Brite:
Juliet Hulme had a diary and the mother burnt it before the police arrived
Lana May
Lana May:
isnt the hulme-parker case the basis of 'lisa the drama queen'?
Diddle Dumpling
Diddle Dumpling:
The third one was hard for me to watch
not saying its right, but if you wanna pretend to have a baby, why not just wait for her to give birth, then steal the baby?  no need for this evil act
Castiel Winchester
Castiel Winchester:
The Lisa Montgomery one was featured in an episode of Forensic Files. I don't remember which one though, I'd have to go back and look it up
aizanheihako mheleyha
aizanheihako mheleyha:
I just feel sorry for those dogs at the start
Collibri Lovex
Collibri Lovex:
Imagine being the baby who was ripped out of her mothers womb D: Talk about trauma, or even the children of Lisa, knowing you mother did that, I can't even imagine.
Fitz Yehboah
Fitz Yehboah:
You never know.. Be careful out there folks..
Collibri Lovex
Collibri Lovex:
That is SICK that they're allowed out at 20 years of age with their whole lives ahead of them, even becoming a famous author, after battering an innocent woman to death. Yet drug dealers get 20 plus years. Disgusting world we live in.
the first case is disturbing, how could she do that ? poor woman
why is Juliette moving to Africa with a relative bc her parents are getting a divorce? makes no sense. why not stay with one of the parents.
angelica looney
angelica looney:
The 2nd story on here ....there was a movie made about this crime called " HEAVENLY CREATEURS"  sorry I am a bad speller
Elias De Leone
Elias De Leone:
there is nothing wrong with carrying a knife, rope and home birthing kit.
Disturbing stuff,indeed.On a lighter note,did anyone notice the corpse blink on the last case?
The story about those two kiwi brats, there's a film on that with Kate Winslet innit
There's now way Pauline and Juliet were "just friends" they were obviously in love!
Judith Akoth
Judith Akoth:
Why wasn’t Catherine and the lover given a death penalty? Am so annoyed!
Kai Jenks
Kai Jenks:
@Sadie Stevenson  @Starham2000 @Valentine Sanford
Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme remind you of anyone particular?
Adriana Bonita Aziz
Adriana Bonita Aziz:
Rest in hell Lisa . Let your case be an example .
Sinead Mcpherson
Sinead Mcpherson:
Be Careful out there folks.. All da Best..
Sick monsters
Jacobien Bil
Jacobien Bil:
Inform her bio.
There is nothing mentioned.
She did a terrible act but read more than that there is told here.
Bosa Gontse
Bosa Gontse:
So you just show up with the baby like you been shopping or something? Come on!
I wholeheartedly believe in the death penalty when the case is crystal clear and in this case was caught red handed with the child. good riddance to bad rubbish! R.I.H (Rot in hell) lisa.
I don't care what Lisa went through in her childhood ... doesn't excuse her disgusting action.
Mary Camp
Mary Camp:
Kathrine and Lisa are disgusting!! How can a woman do that to other women? They both deserved the death penalty in my opinion.
how ironic.
they say write about what you know.
david walker
david walker:
they commit these unthinkable , despicable , cold hearted murders , only to be fed by taxpayers for the rest of their lives ? [ reffering to the last vid ] , hook up the electric chair .
Margie Lazou
Margie Lazou:
these intros are the absolute spoilers........
peris wagathiki
peris wagathiki:
Incredible five years for having killed a person🙄
Lee Gen
Lee Gen:
Searched this after her execution.
Rachel Ochs
Rachel Ochs:
wouldnt an ultrasound have a date on it
Jessica Borg
Jessica Borg:
One thing I don't understand about Lisa Montgomery's case is, how the hell did her husband accept that baby? She had absolutely NO pregnant belly and obviously since she wasn't pregnant she couldn't have given birth. So how can it be possible that this didn't raise any red flags? According to the documentary they were one big happy family with the arrival of that baby
Son-ok Maki
Son-ok Maki:
Oh my God! She should be on death penalty asap.
came back to this video now it happened. worst crime ive ever seen
Claudia Patricia Martínez Hernández
Claudia Patricia Martínez Hernández:
This is horrible, terrible and terrorific, the fetal abduction is an evil crime, nobody has to die and cut a baby from the pregnant woman, this is not crazy people, is evil people, this evil people can not be free, they are very dangerous and
they must have very strong punishments, systems should be created to protect pregnant women so that a case like this never happens again
Sukanya Bhattacharya
Sukanya Bhattacharya:
What about at the time of labour? Did her husband not go there too? Like wth. How can one be so naive. Not even naive, he's dumb.
Phelps is die hard, Bruce Willis style.
Antoinette Deveaux
Antoinette Deveaux:
People really do this in real life . ..
Evil knows no limits
Isn't there an Simpsons episode based off of the girls? Lisa the drama queen?