Defeat For The Foxes On The Final Day | Leicester City 2 Tottenham Hotspur 4 | 2020/21

The key moments from the Foxes' 4-2 defeat by Spurs at King Power Stadium.

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Shafwan Alfadhly
Shafwan Alfadhly:
I remember, Chelsea help Leicester to winning premier league, Chelsea again, its repeat, spurs help chelsea to seal champion league table..
Sonic Juice
Sonic Juice:
Even if it's not the competition they wanted, They have to win it now, so that if they bottle champions league position again they'll qualify via winning a European trophy even if they failed to secure top 4 then 5 teams would have been in Europe
Goitsemodimo Seleke
Goitsemodimo Seleke:
Congratulations for everything you've achieved Leicester🏆I hoped to see you in the UCL, but you've done well all season - City Fan💙
Ethan Aviation
Ethan Aviation:
2nd good season, we should all be happy with EUROPEAN football, Cl in a few season time or even next season COYF 🦊❤️
Chester Lester
Chester Lester:
You can tell Vardy thrives on fans, they get him going. Despite it being two penalties, he looked up for the game today
Angga Hardy92
Angga Hardy92:
The Champions League is too tough,Let Liverpool and Chelsea go there.You try first in Europe level 2.
Emil FF TV
Emil FF TV:
Penalty : " Jamie Pardy "
Dario Colin
Dario Colin:
I hope you guys have a great season next Europe League I'll be watching you and cheering from Mexico
Go Foxes
Thanks to their goalkeeper for that stunning own goal, really great assist from sonny!
Nathan Ball
Nathan Ball:
Another amazing season 🦊❤️, in top 4 most of the season, FA cup championsss. Not much more we could wish for. Maybe this Europa league place is a blessing in disguise 😶
Chris Allen
Chris Allen:
Wasn't a second penalty, vardy pulled the player down, all players cheat and con
Miguel Triana
Miguel Triana:
Te seguire hasta la muerte mis zorros queridos, gracias por esta grandiosa temporada.
Tomas Cabrera
Tomas Cabrera:
Debemos hacernos más fuerte de local y no cometer más errores . Por siempre un zorro 🐺🐺
Juwon Saheed Odesola
Juwon Saheed Odesola:
Nice one, Harry.
Sidoarjo Milenial Society
Sidoarjo Milenial Society:
Leicester : Club of VAR and Referee 👍👍
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
2 defeats in a row for final stage is the most bitter things, 2 season in UCL spot and throw in the final season didn't seems normal, we could have more spirit to fight till end...
Akshat Mahajan
Akshat Mahajan:
My heart broke into pieces🥺🥺😭😭😭
Us Leicester and Napoli should be ashamed of ourselves (joke)
Naija Network
Naija Network:
Winning the Fa cup for the first time this season is much better than making it to the top 4, trust me you guys have done well this season, history made👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️.
Moha Moha
Moha Moha:
Leicester city really thought that low class player Amartey will play in the champions league 🤣
Luke Cherry
Luke Cherry:
So how come everyone was clapping tielemans after the game while he walking out high fiving everyone I'm confused hopefully it's just cause he's had a good season and nothing else
Swanand Soman
Swanand Soman:
BR is a bottler.. but happy for Leicester to get the FA cup
Honza Svoboda
Honza Svoboda:
This season was great! Thank you LCFC. 💙
࿐𒁃𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐ ꧄𒁃꧃𒈙𒄦𒀱𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒐫꧄𒁃꧃𒈙𒄦𒀱𒐫꧄𒁃꧃
࿐𒁃𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐ ꧄𒁃꧃𒈙𒄦𒀱𒁃𒀱𒄦𒈙𒐫࿐𒐫꧄𒁃꧃𒈙𒄦𒀱𒐫꧄𒁃꧃:
second one is absolutely a dive
Noodao _tt
Noodao _tt:
I will support you forever ❤️❤️ love this club, love you Leicester city.
Nik Sur
Nik Sur:
Well played Leicester 😂. From a Chelsea fan.
Rajballabh Baruah
Rajballabh Baruah:
Honestly speaking I would love Leicester to play in UCL but we need this win to finish above Arsenal otherwise I will be happy if we loose
the best of the best
the best of the best:
Good for you Leicester and congratulations bottling Top4 spot.
Sweet revenge😂😂😂😂😂
Marcelino Daniel Aguirre
Marcelino Daniel Aguirre:
Gran temporada de Foxes. A seguir creciendo
Linh Ộp Ộp
Linh Ộp Ộp:
So proud of you!!!!
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira:
We may have finished 5 more this year, it was amazing because we won the FA Cup and our female Premier League champion team it shows how strong we are each year good rest foxes and that the next season is great for us # Foxesneverquit💙💙💙💙🦊🦊🦊🦊🏆🏆🏆🏆⚽🇬🇧
Fea Kreuz
Fea Kreuz:
Good job Tottenham 😂
Anthony Cox
Anthony Cox:
50 conceded. Half that 💙💛💚
Welcome Europa League (Liga Maljum)
ahamad kriffi
ahamad kriffi:
What a comeback! #COYS
Steve Watson
Steve Watson:
Coach shouldn't have send Ndidi to Defense, Without him in the CDM Leicester is nothing , Mendy is crap
บงคํา เจ้าเอ๋ย
บงคํา เจ้าเอ๋ย:
HU8225 Channel
HU8225 Channel:
At least we get FA cup. Good luck for next season!
Krisna Setiawan
Krisna Setiawan:
Random Weirdo
Random Weirdo:
is vardy just diving or does everyone target him. like half the goals by vardy is penalties.
I love this club
Chetsada Rattanasin.
Chetsada Rattanasin.:
ฤดูกาลหน้าเอาใหม่คับ ✌️✌️💙💙🦊🦊🇹🇭
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah:
The bottlers 😂🤣
*Leicester and Napoli*
Positive fan base ! Big up to leicester
Thegoodman TOWN
Thegoodman TOWN:
Siba Prasad Padhy
Siba Prasad Padhy:
Leicester needed 3 more penalty .
373 Yuto
373 Yuto:
I will love this club forever
อาสา อินดี้
อาสา อินดี้:
2รอบล่ะ ดีต้นเสียปลาย ดีแล้วไม่ต้องไปหรอก ให้ทีมใหญ่ๆเขาไปกัน
I know it's been a good season but how do u mess up 2 leads on an important home match like this..
Khemjira Channel
Khemjira Channel:
Khai Hanafi
Khai Hanafi:
บงคํา เจ้าเอ๋ย
บงคํา เจ้าเอ๋ย:
Stefan2424 Xruso
Stefan2424 Xruso:
Highlights with music and editing is disturbing to watch. Please keep highlights simple
โพสต์อุบล มัลติมีเดีย
โพสต์อุบล มัลติมีเดีย:
Rodgers ทำแบบนี้หลายครั้งแล้ว นำอยู่แค่1ลูกแล้วเปลี่ยนมาเป็นเกมส์รับ ในขณะที่คู่ต่อสู้กำลังเพลี่ยงพล้ำ
ได้เปรียบทุกอย่างแต่เลสเตอร์แพ้ภัยตัวเองคุมอารมณ์ไม่อยู่ เสียดายๆ นำก่อนสองศูนย์ เขาเหลือ 10 คนอีก แต่สุดท้ายแพ้ 4-2
Nicolás Castillo
Nicolás Castillo:
Same history,no champions.😢
Dodi Ian Alm4r
Dodi Ian Alm4r:
yozz jarazniz
yozz jarazniz:
สู้ สู้ ครับ
alhani chelsea12
alhani chelsea12:
Kasihan banget leicester city.. Keliling lapangan bawa piala tapi wajah pemainnya campur sedih.. Sabar ya!!
By chelsea fans
pradeep G
pradeep G:
Aip Aip
Aip Aip:
Haddeuhh sayang banget Padahal kesempatan selangkah lagi ke ucl itu..
Victor P I
Victor P I:
"Bale with a tap in".... Wow that commentator was bitter 🤣 Hardly a tap in was it...
amir habibi
amir habibi:
Waqas Rahim
Waqas Rahim:
Next Season We will be Champions of England and Europa League 🦊❤️🦊 Foxes Never Quit Love Love Love 😘💞💞💞
Tim audit jalanan
Tim audit jalanan:
Club Kesayangan wasit ujung ny tumbang jg
Ulil Albab
Ulil Albab:
Terpeleset lagi
สรายุทธ เกตุกระโทก
สรายุทธ เกตุกระโทก:
Thank you Leicester for a magnificent season!
Dre :x
Dre :x:
Lmao... Brendan Rodgers with the cup reminding the owner not to sack him😂😂😂
daniel daniel
daniel daniel:
im so glad to see SPURS won!!
Next time don't pull that palestine flag....

you got beaten by Daniel Levy 's team :)
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
FBS: Folded By Spurs
Andre Uceda
Andre Uceda:
new challengue , win EUROPE LEAGUE next season
Luigi Nastro
Luigi Nastro:
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed:
Missed top four but foxes u showed the class.Barnes Maddy Vardy Ihenacho next season will be ours.antoher cup coming.
Audisakawp Yunuz
Audisakawp Yunuz:
At least you had YT ads
hassandn10 official
hassandn10 official:
Walcome liga Europa
สําคัญ ที่ใจ
สําคัญ ที่ใจ:
จะซื้อ เสื้อใหม่สัก 3 ตัว ไม่เอาแล้ว เสื้อสีขี้แพ้
Señor Hisoka
Señor Hisoka:
Little B
Little B:
Imagine if spurs lost
Leicester can play CL next season
Arsenal can go Europe next season
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
Orgulloso de mi equipo apesar de no entrar en champions fue una gran temporada con ustedes en las buenas y en las malas
Filmmaker IRAQ
Filmmaker IRAQ:
#Jamie_Vardy i was and still so sad because of this.
Too many transition. Pusing ngeliatnya
NBT 3:
Vardy left it all on the field. Proud to be a fan. We came up a little short but it was a great season anyway! FOX FOREVER!!!
Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett:
We look like Bloody Birmingham City now.
Leicester deserved that shit with Conman-Vardy diving around like that all game, stealing them 2 penalties!! Sorry but that was pathetic smh... hardly any honest football from Leicester in that game! You lot should be ashamed And that 2nd half demolition was KARMA 😍👏🙌
Sag Sadsad
Sag Sadsad:
근본없는 레스터 ㅉㅉ ㅋㅋ 어디서 챔스 갈라고 ㅋㅋ
Z Gaming
Z Gaming:
Masterful from Rodgers. Now that he's got a taste of silverware he's looking at the next cup up - Europa League - and ensured that we imploded when 2-1 and the threat of CL football loomed. Because would we rather have CL football next season and get shown up? OR would we rather take our time, win more silverware in the form of the EL, then play CL football after that once our team's gelled? Rodgers is a five-dimensional mastermind.
Haedar Amien Rais Seno
Haedar Amien Rais Seno:
penalty fc xixixi
asep toni
asep toni:
Feedback from Amartey to Chelsea FC.. Hakan.. Kalah 2 kali..
Enjoy ur UEL danamartey
Harry Wiliantara
Harry Wiliantara:
Wkwkwkwkwkwk I so happy.... We (Chelsea FC) love Bale ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Siahaan
Daniel Siahaan:
well its back to the europa league 😥
Aved Axel
Aved Axel:
Instan karma for diver
Amy Sinclair
Amy Sinclair:
The leicester bottle business is booming
Charles Rio
Charles Rio:
two dive and lost.justice restored
Fun With The Clicks
Fun With The Clicks:
As a spurs fan I would of loved you guys to be there instead of Chelsea but I badly wanted to finish above Arsenal. Good luck next season.
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
Dejavu lol