Del Potro's Final Match? Juan Martin Del Potro vs Federico Delbonis | Argentina Open 2022 Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

A A:
On his day he could beat anyone. Ferocious power combined with a gentle soul. We will always have the memories.
Gabriel Harton
Gabriel Harton:
I literally cried when he started crying. A so great guy I've enjoyed so much over the years. I can't imagine the tour without him and his eternal forehand 😭😭
It is too hard to say goodbye to a man like him.
Such a champion. We can just love him.
R C:
When the crowd started chanting I got goosebumps. I'll forever remember the 2009 vs. Federer match and 2017 vs. Thiem match in the US Open.

He had one of the best forehands in the sport, and was one of the nicest guys ever. He will be missed.
Been watching tennis for over 30 years, over 75% of my existence. Very rarely did I ever witness a non-top player (by that I mean, a number 1, multiple grand slams winner, etc. nothing to do with Delpo's exquisite game; he's definitely a top player in that regard) have so much popularity worldwide. Amazing personality. Unbelievable tennis player. Your name is safe in the tennis history book Delpo! (he also has an amazing record that's never been emulated...winning his first 5 tournaments in a row)
Shiva Suresh
Shiva Suresh:
A great champion as well as a great person. Congrats on your career "Gentle Giant". You will always be known as the 2009 U.S. Open Champion where you won even though Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic in the semifinals. You are the only player outside of the Big 3 to win a slam when Big 3 was also in the semifinals.
Gabriel Herculano
Gabriel Herculano:
🇧🇷 esse argentino vai fazer muita falta!! Não só um ótimo jogador, mas uma pessoa maravilhosa! Sucesso no que vier a frente!!
Those forehands! Boom! We have missed him too long.
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
A great loss for the world of tennis. Sad to see him go. Wish him the best.
Apoorv Joshi
Apoorv Joshi:
People favored Nadal, Federer, some of them Djokovic. But I always silently supported this guy whenever he was on court.
Unfortunate with injuries but still great achievements in a career cut short.
Con la cabeza bien alta Juan Martin - y esto aquí lo dice un español. Ayudaste a marcar época y gracias a ese derechazo brutal, el USO de 2009 y los partidos épicos contra Rafa, Roger y Novak... no nos olvidaremos de ti.

Todo un señor dentro y fuera de la pista. Ahora toca disfrutar de la vida un poco más con tu familia. Te lo mereces.

Mucha suerte y gracias por esos recuerdos campeón.
it broke my heart when he started crying and couldn't stop :( He gave it all out there and as he said, he's sad but relieved at the same time, because he could (potentially) end his career on a tennis court, and not during a press conference. He really was such a talent and in argentina we owe him a lot, because he always put his love for this country first and oh boy how many joys he gave us <3 olympic medals, davis cup, you name it!
Loved that he went for his shots when he could. Zerev could definitely learn from how Del Potro plays
Antonio Iturra
Antonio Iturra:
A lovely human being. A wonderful player. Delpo will be missed. He deserves all the love and accolades. Damn, how unfortunate all he had to endure with his injuries. Was this medical malpractice or plain bad luck?
te amamos delpo gracias por tantas alegrías que nos diste como argentinos! te vamos a extrañar mucho!
Manu J Barreneche
Manu J Barreneche:
I was in this match. Very emotional from beggining to end. But at the very end, Del Potro took off his bandana and place it at the net, just lying there. I'm still crying remembering
Cuando empezó a llorar mi corazón se quebró. Que mala suerte este tío tuvo en su carrera.
Jailson Jose
Jailson Jose:
Poxa não se vá esperamos muito seu retorno tanto as quadras quanto ao top 10
Kid gloves
Kid gloves:
I hope I never forget Delpo..great player, great competitor, extremely nice and likable person who loves the game.
Sad moment now, but I hope he finds happiness again in the near future.
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
I love him he’s deserves more such a gentle soul
WS low
WS low:
but he's still so good. his groundstrokes are actually more consistent than the other younger players lol
Legend of the sport and a great role model for upcoming tennis players
Benny da beast
Benny da beast:
When I think that might be the last time I get to see that forehand
fe marlom
fe marlom:
Buenas noches desde el Principado de Asturias, en el norte de España.

Ojalá Del Potro se tomará unos meses más, sin prisas, para ver si se sentía mejor y volver a jugar. Nadie apostaría a que Rafa Nadal pudiera hacer algo relevante en Australia después de tanto tiempo lesionado y sin competir, pero al final nos dejó a todos sin respiración. Me encantaría oír que alguien del entorno de Del Potro lo convenció para darse una oportunidad más. El tenis sin Juan Martín Del Potro no será lo mismo.

Desde España, este español admirador de Del Potro, le desea lo mejor y le envía LA MAYOR GRATITUD por tantos buenos momentos en las canchas de todo el mundo.

jay momo
jay momo:
A Giant man, big heart, and the love for the game in his tears! Thank you sir for all the memories'
A legend of the game that shall not be forgotten! 🥰
Bojan Kordic
Bojan Kordic:
He will always be one of my favorite players !!! Such an incredible player with awesome personality!
Imperial X
Imperial X:
Jugadores que han aprendido a jugar con dolor como Del Potro o Nadal tienen todo mi respeto,obviamente si fuesen jugado en total de sus facultades físicas fuese sido tan clave. Mis respetos a Del Potro,gran jugador.
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
One of the most talented players of his time! On a pain free day he could beat the hell out of the Top players. His tennis was just exceptional, especially his Thor-like forehand. On court he was such a pleasing personality, always a bit shy but humble and smiling. His entire career was prolonged by injury. Such a pity or he would have been making it where Fedalvich is today. Wishing this Hero nothing but the best.
Rosa Grosito
Rosa Grosito:
💪 Querido Delpo tu lucha no termina a seguir en esa linea un mega abrazo 💙😘
Anirudh Sasank
Anirudh Sasank:
What a champ!! The love he has for the sport is amazing
Michael Salinger
Michael Salinger:
He loves the game so deeply it tears him apart to say goodbye. Total class act from day one on the tour with a unique power game unlike anyone else---I am very sad I will never see him on the court again.
Great talent 👏
And a wonderful career 👍
Rocio Muñiz
Rocio Muñiz:
Me encanta verlo jugar. Te extrañamos mucho
Lautaro B
Lautaro B:
Que triste me pone esto, era fan de el cuando era chico, para mí fue el mejor, lo vivía como si fuera Boca. Hermosos tiempos cuando estaba a la par de Nadal y Federer y nos representaba
Antonis Cr7
Antonis Cr7:
Massive respect! We loved you through these years! Wish you all the best!
Such a heartbreaking scene 💔
I would cry every time I hit that forehand if I was Delpo and if I've already decided this was my last match. I cried a bit.
Such a gentle giant. I hope he has enough to retire on and didn't loose everything to his father's mismanagement...
Marcio Leão
Marcio Leão:
Monstro Sagrado !!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Oblivion CST
Oblivion CST:
Delpo is the person Berrettini wishes to be…
Thanks for the memories!
What a privelege to see Martin playing last match at home against the friend! Thank you and stay strong, be happy!
Silkie Shag
Silkie Shag:
Soy de Chile pero senti mucha pena por Del Potro, hace mas de 15 años que lo veo. Por lo menos se llevo un grand slam en tiempos del Big 3 y estuvo 3 del mundo cosa que muy pocos han hecho. No creo que haya llegado a su techo tenistico pero si estuvo a un inmenso nivel. Sus lesiones lo fastidiaron pero aun asi fue un grande.
even with his injuries, one of the greatest of his generation- it hurts to see him walk away like this, but i’m just happy he could come back to give it his all on a tennis court one last time before retiring.
kora korakot
kora korakot:
You will always be in my heart Del Porto. 🙏👍
Athos Than
Athos Than:
I enjoyed a lot seeing his matches and I appreciate his fairness and politness. The retirement was more or less in the air since a lot of time, but i cannot avoid to be sad :(
Del Potro...such a sad ending for one of the very best in the game. I feel as though my tennis world is falling only hope is that Federer can get back this year, even if it is to say his last farewell. Thanks for the many memories Del Potro...YOU WILL BE MISSED!
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
He will be missed more than most other champions. Gracias Senor DelPo.
urban structure
urban structure:
We all come to age and injury! Our minds want more but our bodies quit . Great player! Great Champion!
Thank you for everything Juan! ❤️
Anthony de Castro
Anthony de Castro:
he will be missed, absolutely...
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa:
Um dos tenistas mais talentosos que já vi jogar. Se não fossem as lesões, certamente estaria formando o Big Four e iria faturar vários Slams
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
When Del Potro was injury free, he had legendary battles with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.
Anjan Gogoi
Anjan Gogoi:
One of the few players who could always challenge the top 4 in all the surfaces... We will miss you DelPo
Divyanshu Dimri
Divyanshu Dimri:
Del Potro will always be one of my favorite
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
A great champion just hit his last competitive shot. Vamos Delpo!!
Pablo Poropat
Pablo Poropat:
Gracias Delpo .Te mereces todo lo mejor
Callum Heatherly
Callum Heatherly:
What a great player 4 our sport, I just love watching this guys career its a shame to c u go Juan, but will always have this feeling of comfort knowing how great u r. And will always be.
Muslim Young Adult
Muslim Young Adult:
It was a pleasure to see that forehand one more time
doppe coach
doppe coach:
Great Game!!! Vamos Delpo!!
nodari mamrashi
nodari mamrashi:
we will miss you delpo and thank you for all good games that you have done in your career. for me you are top 15 player in all time !!!
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
For sur Delpo we will all miss you!!! 🙏🏻🎾
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell:
What a player he was when he was fully fit, will miss that massive forehand. Good luck in your life Delpo.
Steven Finch
Steven Finch:
Its a big shame to see him go. Forever the fighter!
Carlos Mingéli
Carlos Mingéli:
I think he should do a final tour this year, of all his favorite tournaments. even if he loses in the first set of each tournament he enters. He’ll make some money. And after he retires he can spend about 2 years doing exhibition matches for some worthy cause
kim hyungju
kim hyungju:
Rare win by Delbonis these days but have to act like he lost the match, also a great player retires, too bad his career was decimated by all kind of injuries.
Benja Sports
Benja Sports:
Gracias Delpo, el Big 4 que necesitábamos.. el tenis te va a extrañar
Great champ. He will be missed..!
I've been watching Juan since 2007. I think since Australian Open. I was a fan of him immediately. Huge and clean strokes, offensive tennis, despite pressure smooth and calm player. Oh man...
I am Roger fan for life, born 1981, grewing up watching Becker, Sampras, Agassi, Edberg and all the great players entering the tour by that time. I watched AO 2009 vs. Roger, 2009 French Open vs. Roger, US Open 2009 vs. Roger. I 've been watching Juan vs. Nadal, Djokovic, all the great players, players that easily compete in any era of tennis, making their moves and have been able to play their game, despite of raquets, surfaces, etc. Watching Grand Slams, Masters Series, Olympics, no matter where tennis had been played... I watched you live in Stuttgart 2016, thanx man!
Juan, Delpo... Oh man...! Thanx for all the hours, the matches, the strokes, your style, your love for the game! I've been watching you and I was hoping tgat your body would be able to start another kickback...
Thanx for all Juan! You have been a hell of a tennis player! And for sure, you are a great human being! Te quiero mucho, torre de tandil!
Sangsang Limbu
Sangsang Limbu:
You will b missed Delpo! And all the best for your new chapter of life! Love ❤ from Nepal 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵!!
Azzy In the Brambles
Azzy In the Brambles:
Love Del Po so much such a great guy such a great player you had a great career Del Po congratulations
josé antonio nos
josé antonio nos:
Todos mis respetos a este gran tenista. Ha tenido muy mala suerte con las lesiones, de no haber sido así, seguiría en la cima. Saludos desde España
Fabio Ferrante
Fabio Ferrante:
It's a sad day for tennis.
When a great player and a splendid guy like Delpo retires, it's a sad day. Goodbye Juan Martin.
Well , that was anticlimactic. Thanks for the memories Delpo
A lovely human being. A wonderful player. Delpo will be missed. He deserves all the love and accolades. Damn, how unfortunate all he had to endure with his injuries. Was this medical malpractice or plain bad luck?
I need a Delpo vs Medvedev, Sinner, Alcaraz, Auger, Berrettini. Before his retirement as Murray is doing. But he barely can moves.
I wish all could have witnessed the atmosphere with the del potro match vs thiem at the us open 2017. He was loved by many 😪
B L:
Delpo! You r missed in the Tennis World!
Claudio Gennari
Claudio Gennari:
Sei una leggenda delpo ❤️
June Foote
June Foote:
It is a sad day dear Juan Martin. You will be sadly missed. I loved watching you playing. You area wonderful wonderful person and a true Gentleman on the court. Players and fans love you very much.xx
Grande uomo e grande giocatore💪💪💪👍
Frances Dorman
Frances Dorman:
The gentleman of the game, tremendous amount of talent, could beat anyone else on the day. Thank you 💕 an God bless to you an your family for the memories
091 David
091 David:
Last time I saw him play in person was ironically another clay match, the semi final of Roland Garros in 2009 just losing out to Roger in a 5 setter, that followed another 5 setter between Gonzalez (Chile) and Robin Soderling. Another top player whose body would not be kind to him.
Guido Biondo
Guido Biondo:
Ci mancherai Delpo.
Per un certo periodo della tua carriera sei stato al livello dei big four.
Ti auguro il meglio.
Fantástico jugador y muy buena persona dicen todos los que le conocen.
Cuidate DelPo. ¡Saludos desde España!
Salem Bahaa
Salem Bahaa:
great man and great player i will miss your game alot juan , thank you
santi moya
santi moya:
Gracias delpo ♥️ 🇦🇷
As an Argentine, no other athlete made me so happy as Del Potro did. Not even Messi, Ginobilli or Nalbandian. Thank you for everything, Delpo. Its time four you to enjoy what you have accomplished. I will always love you
Ali Salgado
Ali Salgado:
Que difícil decirte Adiós, prefiero un "Hasta Siempre"...porque quedarás para siempre en nuestras memorias.Gracias Mil...por tantas alegrías, te vas como Un Grande y como tal comenzarás otra etapa en tu vida, Se Feliz y que tengas Grandes Bendiciones!!!❤️🇦🇷❤️💪
Emil Valeriev
Emil Valeriev:
So injury prone from such an early stage of his career. So unfair! He had it all to be one of the best among the golden generation of tennis ( on book ). Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be like that. Anyway he won't be forgotten ever - specially because of his fighting spirit and lethal forehand.Hope he find peace with himself and find happiness in whatever he decides to do in future! The Tower of Tandil thanks for what you did for tennis:)))
Ralf Weber
Ralf Weber:
Gracias, Delpo!♥️
William Davies
William Davies:
I respect his decision to retire gracefully like a champ and not live on through wildcards!!!
Omega Mouse
Omega Mouse:
Somewhere, in the multiverse, Federer beat Del Potro one time in a Grand Slam final and Del Potro has 20 slams.
German Vielma
German Vielma:
Esto es pasión y amor por el tenis...
Mikoto 尊
Mikoto 尊:
Absolute legend
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall:
Will always love Delpo ❤️
Un gustazo haber podido disfrutar de tu tenis, Juan Martín. Suerte en lo que hagas a partir de ahora.
Gentle Giant. A legend.
Goodbye gentle giant.... we will all miss your rocket forehand :(