DeLuca Tells Meredith to Get Some Rest - Grey's Anatomy

Catherine (Debbie Allen) fires Tom (Greg Germann) as Chief of Chiefs and gives the job to Richard (James Pickens Jr.) instead, leading them toward reconciling. Meanwhile, DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) gives Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) some good advice about taking care of herself. Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' THURSDAY 9|8c on ABC.

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Vari Sol
Vari Sol:
Its good seeing Deluca back to some normalacy and getting treatment, and getting to be surgeon too, and he has got the spark back in his eyes, the way he use to see and look at Meredith, and she has missed that Andrew. Oh and its so good seeing Deluca in navy scrubs
Andy 1611
Andy 1611:
Jesus! I hate Catherine and Webber's relationship, Catherine is an interesting character being alone, but as Webber's partner... She's just toxic, abusive and sees him as inferior, Webber deserves better.
I hope I don't see him as a puppy behind Catherine anymore
Alexandria Clarett
Alexandria Clarett:
I love the way DeLuca looks at Meredith.
They have so much chemistry! Love their interactions and how they take care of each other. ♥️
Monica Panican
Monica Panican:
This TV show has better equipment than my country hospitals...
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler:
i really respect krista and ellen challenging the fandom by putting her with someone younger because clearly seeing an older woman with a younger man is something ppl need to see more of. the double standards are REAL
I hope they get back together. I really like them. It’s typical to see older men with younger women, but i t’s nice to see them switching that up for a change since the audience isn’t used to it. Let’s move past the double standards. They are a good pairing 😊
Alexandria Clarett
Alexandria Clarett:
I love the way DeLuca watches Meredith walk out.
janie jakmides
janie jakmides:
I hope Meredith and deluca gets back together
angelo karl canaleta
angelo karl canaleta:
I actually like Tom Koracick he is the right blend of Cristina and Alex
I'm not giving up on my MerLuca this scene give me hope
Grace Bernstein
Grace Bernstein:
am i the only one who thinks that deluca looks so much better in dark blue scrubs
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
I don’t think I cried so much..... Seeing Derek made me burst into tears...... Made my heart happy❤️
Am I the only one who is kinda sad that covid also excist in greys I mean not seeing their cute faces😭
The way he looks at Mer’s back when she is about to leave 😍
I think they are still in love
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz:
Seeing the Docs wearing masks out of OR and talking about Covid tests,indeed unprecedented times we are in.So glad my show is back.
I hope they end up together they are so cute. She hasn’t fallen in love since Derek and Andrew was really the one after. I can’t understand how people don’t like Deluca. I love Derek (more than Deluca) and even he wasn’t perfect.
Ryan Gonzaga
Ryan Gonzaga:
Dear writers, please have Richard and Catherine STAY happy for once. The real world is scary and depressing enough.
Please and thank you
Seriously Richard is giving Catherine another Chance. Seriously!!!!
Ashley Redondo
Ashley Redondo:
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Catherine isn’t wearing a mask while everyone else is
Karamel fan
Karamel fan:
I screamed y'all at the end I was not expecting to see Derek so I love Mer's and Andrew's relationship
Good to see DeLuca back to himself.
Most people hate Catherin and Richard together due to how their relationship has been played out the past couple of season, but this is actually a chance for them to move toward a reconciliation after she had been so stubborn in the past

Never once has Catherine ever apologized or been regretful of things she's done to Richard in the past till now. She never apologized for into Jacksons and April baby situation, something Richard strongly opposed. She brought on Eliza Minnick because she though the program was failing. Bought the hospital Richard was turning around out of spite just to get back at him.

Now when Richard was sick she realized just how intollerable she was being and wanted to do everything she can to fix it. Her firing Tom and making Richard the Chief of Chief was one hell of a move on her part. That plus an apology from her for everything she caused was a step in the right direction for them to make amends.

So I'm interested to see where this leads them in the long run
Lauren Mackenzie Grace
Lauren Mackenzie Grace:
Love this show! It’s so great!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
I actually like Tom Koracick he is the right blend of Cristina and Alex
the fact that right before this he walked in on her crying in a closet.
Kadri Keris
Kadri Keris:
The relationship between Meredith and Andrew ends up in a hold way. But I think this couple is the cutest over the series. Thanks MerLuca for your supporting in this best medical drama.
Alexandria Clarett
Alexandria Clarett:
I so hope Meredith and Deluca get back together.
Noor Arjmand
Noor Arjmand:
I’m really glad they incorporated covid into the show honestly. I was really hoping they would
Can we appreciate that this was one of the last times DeLuca spoke to Meredith? She woke briefly, and of course they spoke before he crossed over, but this was the last time he spoke to her before she fell ill. He deserved better. Grey's deserved better than to give what could've been their last season in existence to this virus. We've all given up enough. It didn't need a whole season.
Does this woman not have any other career opportunities? She’s been on this show since the beginning of time.
taliyah jenise
taliyah jenise:
when catherine said richard is going to be chief again i cried🥺.
Queen B
Queen B:
I’m convinced Andrew Deluca is the child of Mark and Derek and he is looking a little too fine af in those navy scrubs
Rebecca Shuman
Rebecca Shuman:
I think the way Deluca looks at Meredith is super funny
More Tiera
More Tiera:
She gave her men the main job I love that 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Linc Impi
Linc Impi:
Gosh darn enough with Catherine and webber; I mean how many times can a ship sink!!!!!
Lizzi Santos Tabora
Lizzi Santos Tabora:
Andrew best current man in grey's anatomy
Alex Dance
Alex Dance:
She did get some rest, on the pavement...
Gayathri G
Gayathri G:
Common I really want to binge watch this
“She saved my life” 😭😭😭
Riley Marie
Riley Marie:
i love merluca so, so much
Alexandria Clarett
Alexandria Clarett:
I only watch this clip for Meredith and DeLuca’ part at the end. They should have had the chance to have there forever ending.
Nancy Davou
Nancy Davou:
Deluca is now an attending. Yay!
Stephanie Leigh
Stephanie Leigh:
My heart stopped for a second when I seen Derek someone page cardio
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
used to it. Let’s move past the double standards. They are a good pairing 😊
sofia torres
sofia torres:
She took rest too literal!!
Imene Yahiaoui
Imene Yahiaoui:
he has dark blue scrubs now!
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams:
It’s sad that this is the reality now even in tv it’s so different to watch shows tackle the real life situation we’re all facing.
Yi Yu ._.
Yi Yu ._.:
More Tiera
More Tiera:
I loved this part
V P:
“I just wana make sure it’s safe to do all the things I wana do with you.” I’m dead lmaooo 😂
grace Conklin
grace Conklin:
If Derek was alive he would try to be husband, doctor,and dad at the same time. But his first job would be helping mer get better as the role as husband and as her friend, also her doctor.that is why I will always love merder because what was going on he would always come through for his family and friends if he was not to mad but even then he would want everyone to be ok. When Derek died her world fell apart one of the only things keeping her going is there kids. But when she saw Derek again after 5 years in episode 3 you could tell the she still only truly love and respects Derek because of him being the love of her life and the father of her kids. In that episode the old mer we all love came back the truly happy mer the mer we seen for the better part of 11 years that is because she saw him and got to hear him say I love you again. I think that is just what she need to know that he still loved her no matter we’re there at together or not.
Are they wearing these mics in real hospitals, too or was this a compromise, to preserve sound quality while filming? (I honestly always thought they added the sound in post production)
Evejai Jarabe
Evejai Jarabe:
Glad they embrace the current situation. Their PPE is way better than the hospital I work in
Akankshita Das AGS
Akankshita Das AGS:
Merluca gives me life🤧♥️
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin:
I like Catherine's and I like her character actually. I think Richard sometime act like a big baby who always wants his way and I also think him sleeping with her when his wife was all but gone 2 seconds shows his lack of character as a man. Once is a mistake but twice is a habit for me. Adele had no respect from that man alive and dead that why I hate him as a lover, but he is a fine teacher. I never want to see Catherine lose her strength, integrity for everything she built and has become on her own for that weak man. So despite popular opinion, I like her
Billy Good Life
Billy Good Life:
When Maggie and Catherine are in the same room. 2 of the most annoying characters doing the most annoying thing, you could have cut it out.
Welcome back, Grey's Anatomy!
Hate what they've done to Tom's character
???: Merideth!
Merideth: OH MY GOD!
Also Merideth: Derek :')
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan:
I love Andrew's dark blue scrubs
jose giron
jose giron:
Jeez man is this show ever gonna end, I get it's an institution now but come on now
kookie suga
kookie suga:
What is this “friend” bs they pulling now? So are Meredith and Andrew over? I swear no relationship lasts in Grey’s 💀
I miss Christiana Yang 😭😭😭
He’s a attending now yassss👏🏽👏🏽💕
M Pip
M Pip:
I'm so happy she made Richard Cheif of Cheif
Catherine and Webber better be together in season 17
Del Picsla
Del Picsla:
Damn Meredith going cray-cray!
this is such a mess
this is such a mess:
I wonder if this could possibly be a real situation in America now, that a high class surgeon wouldn't be able to find a job because of some sort of absolutely consensual fling with his colleague.
Maria Clara Trajano
Maria Clara Trajano:
coloca legenda para portuguêsssssssssssssssssssss
Kathy Lewis
Kathy Lewis:
I can't believe I missed this after waiting all summer.
Gloria Loftin
Gloria Loftin:
WELCOME BACK GUYS! Missed you all. The season premiere ✨ last night was great 👍.
Daira Perez
Daira Perez:
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia:
All the boy need is a goodnight sleep
shadow love
shadow love:
I don't fully agree with Webster blaming Catherine for not showing him nepotism so I hated this ultimatum that she HAD to be sorry. But i guess that's life. Even when you aren't exactly wrong sometimes you gotta sacrifice being right for love.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
He’s a attending now yassss👏🏽👏🏽💕
I’m annoyed that their relationship hasn’t been resolved - I don’t think a break up screamed during a manic episode is a decent handling by the show. There should’ve been a conversation shown afterward, not that their relationship ended because he has Bipolar Disorder.
Vlad Torcatoriu
Vlad Torcatoriu:
I miss Deluca
I didnt even think about it but yeah a medical show would be the ones that could still film lol
Dale Phillips
Dale Phillips:
She gets it in her office lol
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
i don’t care what anyone thinks, they have a lot more chemistry than mer with hayes and i want them together again
stephanie .massoth
stephanie .massoth:
I wish our hospital looked like this during a pandemic. You should see what I wear in covid rooms not to mention each of those head pieces that they are wearing cost $1300
Sofia Soto
Sofia Soto:
I want them back together please 🥺💕
Jannelle J
Jannelle J:
They still make the show? Finally some use from the trending page.
not me spoiling the episode for me 40 minuets before it airs on hulu :D
Okay I have totally forgotten what happened with Tom Koracik in last season!
Somebody please remind 😂😂😂
Latest Leaks
Latest Leaks:
Awesome show
Mechita Barzallo
Mechita Barzallo:
En español!!!!!! Porfa 🙏🏻
Sibulele Bambiso
Sibulele Bambiso:
Catherine apologizing? 😱Shocked for days
Madison Lindsey
Madison Lindsey:
Katherine buys hospitals, board positions, gives away jobs and etc instead of just apologizing
amanda leo
amanda leo:
Lord why is there so many people bashing about Meredith and Deluca being a thing, I think Deluca is perfect for her in my opinion he’s like a mini Derek and kinda acts like derek. Season 16 she look very happy with Deluca just the way they looked at each other it was like picture perfect and her first time saying I love you since Derek died. I hope they get back together but for now I’m enjoying the Derek scene
Mr. Drobot
Mr. Drobot:
1. Thought Grey’s Anatomy was cancelled years ago.
2. After watching that it would’ve been better off spending those production funds on something else.✅
Times New Roman
Times New Roman:
Here they are taking this covid shit to the next level in fictional tv shows smh
Sergeline Belizaire
Sergeline Belizaire:
The song that is playing in the background is called Mercy by Joy Oladokun.
I wonder what political party Meredith would be
I’m shipping Mcwidow and Meredith I’m over this relationship... it got old real fast 🙄 (unless Derek is here to stay 😩)
Roseli Michalik
Roseli Michalik:
Meredith e Derek em fim
Meriah Finnigan
Meriah Finnigan:
catherine does things so weird
Where can I watch this for free??