Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers | September 22, 2020

Led by Jamal Murray’s 28 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists, the Nuggets defeated the Lakers, 114-106, in Game 3. Additionally for the Nuggets, Nikola Jokic added 22 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the victory, while LeBron James tallied 30 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists for the Lakers in the losing effort, his 26th career playoff triple-double. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 2-1.

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Lakers gotta let it be a 2-2 to avoid nuggets in 7 lol
respect to the nuggets
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
Media still don't give the Nuggets the respect
Edo Caldara
Edo Caldara:
Denver play very WELL!!!
Victor Ojeda
Victor Ojeda:
Lakers will get up 3-1 and then Nuggets will comeback for third series in a row
khama wesonga
khama wesonga:
The Nuggets were more aggressive and the pick and role was working for them. Lakers had too many turnovers, even the late comeback couldn't deny a nuggets win.... This is the NBA conference finals, no team is an underdog
Joe Sugden
Joe Sugden:
Lakers didn't hit anywhere near enough 3's in this game. They also didn't get away with the high turnovers this time (got lucky in game 2). Series open again!
Stephen Beale
Stephen Beale:
Jokic got that Larry Bird "leap" and the smooth stroke to match, with a touch of Shaq thrown in when needed for good measure
Spanish with Lex
Spanish with Lex:
I believe in you! GO NUGGETS!!!
Brenda Liliana Jerez
Brenda Liliana Jerez:
desa maniel
desa maniel:
This team is giving me 2011 Dallas(but way younger) memories
Congratulations Denver!!!
Finally someone voicing who can make the words and pictures match
Denver ain't going nowhere. Murray will be a all star, season after season for remainder of his career after this season is over. He should be 1 already.
T M:
lawish writer
lawish writer:
Lakers just have to win one more then it’s nuggets in 7
Mauricio Olivetti
Mauricio Olivetti:
01:00 that is the best traveling definition, moved the pivot foot! Poor referees!
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande:
Nuggets should forget AD's game two winner. Based on how they have played in these last two games, they can easily push this series to six games at least.
Mr. O
Mr. O:

Nuggets: We figure out the difference. 🕵🏼‍♂️
Mr. 007
Mr. 007:
Skip Bayless goes "Woooo!"
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm:
I like agressive Jokic
Parker's NBA History
Parker's NBA History:
Why does this feel like deja vu? Lol
The dream shake, is back. 00:22 . Put some super slow mo into that.
3-1 incoming😆
Dragan Kitanovic
Dragan Kitanovic:
J can look this game over and over !!! The one of classics !!! Hi from Serbia !!!!
Denver comeback please...
I am supporting the nuggets in these finals!
Geum Ji-min
Geum Ji-min:
Make it not 3-1, just in case this nuggets come back from the grave. 😂
Fadhli Berohan
Fadhli Berohan:
Murray play his role very well... Know when to assist and when to score...
Dr Youtube
Dr Youtube:
I love the match up!
Eyal abramovitz
Eyal abramovitz:
respect to the nuggets💪
Jelle VDK
Jelle VDK:
Jamal Murray 🔥
Sam Martin - Peak Performance
Sam Martin - Peak Performance:
Anyone else think nuggets could go all the way?
Soner Oren
Soner Oren:
New comeback LOADİNG.............
tommy dika
tommy dika:
Harper hempel charged jamal murray oh shit 🏀👋🔥
Ritvik yadav
Ritvik yadav:
Great defence win championships. 💜💛
Wow Lebron! Triple doble partidazo! pero fué el único que estuvo bien no fué suficiente. Gran partido Denver
This game encapsulates my fears for this Lakers team. If they go cold from three, and teams feel they can foul because their free throws aren't sticking, could be a problem...
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi:
Im happy that denver won the game 3 but that was the last time lbj and ad will comeback as god next game🙏
bayu adrian
bayu adrian:
Jamal Murray 💪💪
Amazing basketball.
Tole Knez
Tole Knez:
I don't know how teams often break Denver's great lead??
Liran M
Liran M:
Respect to the nuggets .looks like the future nba champ.
Cza Consolacion
Cza Consolacion:
mamba jersey for game 5 :D lakers wins 4-1
Shiggy Yamaha
Shiggy Yamaha:
The value of the BIG MAN was slowly decreasing, losing out to power forwards like AD and Giannis, but maybe Jokic will create a resurgence of the dominant center position.
Dee TK
Dee TK:
Lebron is def a better actor than Jordan. 😁

Lebron has that over Jordan 💯👍
honest Q - isnt that turn around jumper at 0:55 a travel?
Nuggets just wanted it more on the night. We’ll be better next time
NUGGETS 🤣 in 7
Paokara Exw trela
Paokara Exw trela:
I think that nuggets will qualify
Oblivion 13
Oblivion 13:
i hope they can utilize horton tucker in the next season, kid looks good, played little but productive minutes in the rockets series
Gabriel Edward
Gabriel Edward:
Jamal Murray girl back in the bubble ?
Robson S Nascimento
Robson S Nascimento:
Go Denver!
Eyal abramovitz
Eyal abramovitz:
Eyal abramovitz
Eyal abramovitz:
Jasper J
Jasper J:
Still crazy to think 2016 NBA Draft Brandon Ingram and Sabonis got an allstar selection while Jamal Murray did not 🤔
Roberto NuncaJamás
Roberto NuncaJamás:
Nuggets throwing punches all way long. Each player play hard and with lot off energy. Well deserve. The game 2 can cost they the series but ... good Conference Finals
El Peluca
El Peluca:
Denver should be up 2-1
Jakub Sgt
Jakub Sgt:
No lakers😭
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic:
Andrej Visnyovszki
Andrej Visnyovszki:
What did AD yell this time ?
André Reichenbach
André Reichenbach:
Nuggets were Shooting the Lights Out. Lakers were cold from Downtown. Then they had way less Rebounds. AD got the First 3 quarters not one single rebound. Should Not Happen again. Vogel Made a mistake letting Howard on the Bench. Hopefully He learned His lesson.
Oscar XD
Oscar XD:
Denver in 7
I'm excited for Jamal Murray for the next season. He could be MIP candidate if he continuing to play at this level
Lennon McIntyre
Lennon McIntyre:
Let’s gooo
Go nuggets go.
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa:
The clippers had 3-1 lead... It’s happening again
And so it beings
truth truth
truth truth:
Dwight howard,AD,McGee no match for JOKER #WhySoSerius
Erdoğan Köprülü
Erdoğan Köprülü:
This channel has the worst commentating
Kelvin Rucks
Kelvin Rucks:
This could have easily been 2-1 with denver being up, had AD not save lebron in game 2.
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith:
Nassau bahamas 242 los Angeles lakers win in game 5 rip this for Kobe
D Morang
D Morang:
Jokic jumper over AD where he changed his pivot is a travel. They played good enough to deserve the win though
Gabriel Pita
Gabriel Pita:
Her voice beats the shouting guy every day of the week
hamid onestla
hamid onestla:
jamal murray !!!!!
Ka igan Jopags
Ka igan Jopags:
Yan ang score nila noong last game binawi lang nila..
Denver needs to lose one more game and after 3-1 they will unleash their true power.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar:
Laker in awkward situation, they need a win further the gap but 3-1 Nugget are scary af.
Vidisha Weerakoon
Vidisha Weerakoon:
Last 2 games they were brushing out fatigue after pushing two series to game 7, while studying the lakers offense and defense. Almost came back and won game 2. This game they came out like they figured everything out. Nuggets be going for Gold
Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train
Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train:
Crazy Nuggets would have been up 2-1 if it weren’t for AD’s heroics in game 2
Baekhyun Baekhyun
Baekhyun Baekhyun:
Nicely played
LeBron James
LeBron James:
Lebron gets a triple double with 30 points, he goin crazy for kobe
Jacklin Pierre Philippe
Jacklin Pierre Philippe:
Jamal Murray respect
Bruh, Nuggets didn't come to play AT ALL!
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Lebron James

26TH Career Playoff Triple Double

30 Pts
10 Rebs
11 Asts

In A Losing Effort
Mélanie Chehbi-Imart
Mélanie Chehbi-Imart:
omg murray is in fire
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Wow great job nuggets! Should have been 2-1 Denver.
Lazy Club
Lazy Club:
Denver in 6
Official Chinz
Official Chinz:
Great game. Nuggets putting pressure on Lakers, no stress..

Lakers will win the series
Noli Ty
Noli Ty:
Business as usual. More games more money!! Hahaha
Ace Buriel
Ace Buriel:
Murrey looks like the actor of usher in spartacus
Alvin UK
Alvin UK:
go Denver
Nobody is talking about that tripledouble from LBJ?
Rayco Prieto
Rayco Prieto:
Triple doble del "rey" pa nada.
ido machlev
ido machlev:
Did she just said AD and the lakers?
Just Fair
Just Fair:
Denver Nuggets

Led by 20 Pts In The 4Th Quarter 97 - 77
But LA Lakers Comeback With 19 - 2 run 96 - 99
Turning to Zone Defense and Lots of Turnovers
Nuggets won by 8.

La Lakers Still Lead Series 2 - 1
John Roman Orticio
John Roman Orticio:
joker said that lebron and ad is the best duo in the leauge..but the joker step up tonight to beat the beat duo in the finals...
Swag Swamped
Swag Swamped:
KUZ fkd it up