Derek Chauvin found guilty of all charges in George Floyd murder trial | DW News

A Minneapolis jury has reached a verdict, convicting former police officer Derek Chauvin of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Chauvin was found guilty on all counts. He killed Floyd - a Black man - when was he filmed with his knee pressing down on Floyd's neck in May last year. The murder sparked fury and global protests against racism and police brutality. Chauvin could be sent to prison for decades. DW's Stefan Simons was on the scene in Minneapolis when the verdict was announced.


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He had 18 excessive force complaints against him on his record, and he still was working as a Police officer. He had been doing this for years with NO REAL CONSEQUENCE.
Robin Li
Robin Li:
You know the sad thing about this is that it took a lot of media attention for this case to be actually resolved in a sense of justice. Just imagine all the other police brutality cases that killed more people that never got as much media attention out there.
Goated At NFS
Goated At NFS:
it’s blatantly sad people are still defending the cop saying he did nothing wrong

hopefully the inmates know who he is
This dude was a ticking time bomb, he had 18 excessive force complaints against him. He deserves jail
Trage Sjonny uit de kerkstraat
Trage Sjonny uit de kerkstraat:
Cops worst fear: Jail.
Inmates will be rubbin they hands like Birdman today
Dude got cuffed. Oh how the tables have turned
Savinggrace111 Savinggrace111
Savinggrace111 Savinggrace111:
About time someone is held accountable for thier actions if they did it this to him on his first offense things may have been different that Day.
Chgo 1221
Chgo 1221:
If he's used to using excessive force his day was coming anyway, but I'm saddened by this there's two families forever affected by all that has transpired George lost his life and this man will just lose sleep.
Dayna Taylor
Dayna Taylor:
What he did has no justification at all, that son, that brother that father he took from this earth made mistakes in his life but nothing that justifies his life being taken!! I don’t think he’s going to be alive for long but thats the price he set on him self when he took Georges life!! I also think the law-enforcement he worked under really needs to take some Accountability as well for allowing offices like this to get away with so much to the point they become a danger to Society, they played a huge roll when they let this man keep working after so many complaints against him that in the end lead to this!!! I don’t see his fellow offices standing by him now, The irony!!!
Judge: talks
Dereks eyes: ⬆️⬇️↗️↖️⤴️⤵️↪️↩️↙️⬅️➡️
paulette smikle
paulette smikle:
Justice is served. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
Bless the jurors.
Lola Falana
Lola Falana:
Times are changing but still lots of work to be done
Deandra Walker
Deandra Walker:
Shout out to this reporter for speaking real & freely 💪🏾
King In Black
King In Black:
That man is a low life he was never anything more than a criminal hiding behind a badge
No one cares
No one cares:
Good he should be charged I once had a different view but I have since found out just how corrupt and unlawful SOME officers truly are
Lieutenant Pepper
Lieutenant Pepper:
The lawyer was like « My job is done. Next client!»
Element Gaming
Element Gaming:
I love how he gets to experience all of the people on the jury say out loud they were the reason he is now in prison for the rest of his life
links felix
links felix:
This should send shock waves through police departments your not above the law you will be prosecuted for any criminal act’s. We the people have to continue policing the police until we feel safe .
finally a cop is held accountable.
frank doster
frank doster:
He will appeal and when no one is paying attention will get a much reduced or no sentence.
Shaun Auns
Shaun Auns:
I think it’s just for the media , he’s way too calm for this huge situation
The Video alone was enough to find him Guilty on all Counts. The look in his eyes was no remorse and cockiness as if what he was doing wouldn’t have Consequences. Now George Floyd is dead and Derek’s life is Ruined and he will spend at least the next 15 to 20 years in Jail for his Actions. Justice is Served.
bagel thug
bagel thug:
Prayers for chauvin and Floyd’s family
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez:
This Man is emotionless with disregard for other people life , no shame ,no remorse a total stone cold killer
Teon Green
Teon Green:
What about the other cops who were with him and didn't do anything?
Paul Mata
Paul Mata:
Tyrants and bullying is not admissible nor tolerated. Why do we allow them to happen????
Marisa Ballestracci
Marisa Ballestracci:
Justice has been served
H Wright
H Wright:
Now hold those who continued to put him back on the streets accountable.
West 501🎨
West 501🎨:
I wanted Chauvin to take notes of the verdict . Guess he knew it was all over with .
Deondre Polk
Deondre Polk:
All he had to do was get off the man's neck. Its a shame, I feel sad for him
Kyzer Zone
Kyzer Zone:
Justice served ✊
Cassandra York
Cassandra York:
0:48 did the judge really do that in this time of COVID! But I’m here for the verdict; guilty, guilty, guilty!
Chris Miner
Chris Miner:
Stefan Simons he couldn't be more 💯
Dion Haun
Dion Haun:
Congratulations to everyone and joy to the world for this day long coming. Shedding tears of happiness to all the people who never gave up. Feels so good to see smiles on all races. This day the whole world sees what we have overcome. Let the happiness and the light stay lit ! :)
Manuel Carrasco
Manuel Carrasco:
George, I did not know you but sadly I saw your last minutes of life and I was not the only one, also millions around the world saw your suffering and you cannot imagine how many people marched and protested demanding justice. Thank you for waking up to justice that was asleep and rest in peace brother.
Jilani Abdi
Jilani Abdi:
So happy that he was found guilty on all three charges.
Dorinda Pasi
Dorinda Pasi:
my deepest condolences to Floyd’s family. 💐💐💐💐 May he R.I.P. 😇🙏🏽❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊😪😪
No emotional sympathy or remorse, WHATS SO EVER!!

Indisputable proof that; That Soulless Murderer/Ex-Police Officer has no solace or commiseration for his actions.

His mannerism is a tall tale
Sign of a TRUE KILLER.
Look at him, I could already recognize him by a killer already 1:36
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales:
"... Bad boy bad boy what you're gonna do what you're gonna do when they come for you..." Let him get what he deserves...
Yolandi Cook
Yolandi Cook:
Watching that moment when the cuffs are slapped on him and he is led out. Beautiful.
Denise Diver
Denise Diver:
Guilty justice thank you God
I'm glad he is going to jail and rot in there✊🏾
the sentencing period is most important...if he can get out with a bail or within a few years then it's in no usr
Mbali Shange
Mbali Shange:
I love the reporter with the community!!
Sara Davis
Sara Davis:
I hope he found it difficult to breath hearing that !
Glad to see that the US starts developing a halfway decent justice system.
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza:
At this point I was like, ohh u messed up boy, shouldn't have killed someone.
Kaung Kyi Lin
Kaung Kyi Lin:
That's good finally the justice system put in prison for those type of people.
Mohamed A.
Mohamed A.:
Finally! What he deserves!!! I will never forget that act captured on video, will never forget that horrible moment!!! Good luck Chauvin in prison, he will be on everyone's radar there, wondering how long he will actually survive in prison?!
cynthia binder
cynthia binder:
No need of destruction. A death occurred by the action of "one". Derek. Justice ⚖ is a courtroom ; days have passed recounting ever moment. Witness esss and video 📹
M. Al Omari
M. Al Omari:
The jury decision was heavily pressured by what would of happened if they found him not guilty. The protests alone would of been 100X more last year. Even Biden, Vp and Obama all took an interest in the case. I’m not saying he should of been acquitted, it’s just obvious that there was only one option for the jurors
Thomas Honeycutt
Thomas Honeycutt:
I'm so glad Justice was served! If he didn't get a guilty verdict then there would have been so many riots so much damage to the city
I think this will hopefully be the first step in correcting this awful awful mess. It won’t be overnight. But this was the first step that we needed.
Marie Anne
Marie Anne:
This is very sad, this could have been avoided and George Floyd could have been still alive, it’s heartbreaking however I hope this gave closure to the family, if the system of excessive force used by the police is not corrected there will be many other GF 💔
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny:
Love seeing this monster in handcuffs give him the max at sentencing
Brandon M.
Brandon M.:
"ladys and gentlemen" we got em
Michael leslie Tunnicliff
Michael leslie Tunnicliff:
God bless you George your murderer got sent down.
Xavier Jahmm
Xavier Jahmm:

D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper:
Justice !
Man the court proceedings are metal af - you get found guilty, and then all the jury members repeat that they found YOU guilty
Why I’m I watching this again smh. He’s done !! Amen
Brother Jackson
Brother Jackson:
Forgiveness is a must. Sad for both sides of the families. God is the true judge I pray the Ex cop find Jesus Christ each and every day.
Taebony Gipson
Taebony Gipson:
God give the Floyd justice and please and please don't let him out of prison
Shaira Khan
Shaira Khan:
He was an cop for the god sake and he should of known better.
Sandy Eggo Stitcher
Sandy Eggo Stitcher:
Truer words were never spoken: GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY
Aqua Fin
Aqua Fin:
Imagine he lives in same cell with some he arrested before
Johannes Wu
Johannes Wu:
The witness present was too overwhelming. This guy is really inhumane.
Am in tears
Justin 311
Justin 311:
Next up will be the story of Donovan Lynch...curious to see if his case unfolds the same.
Mjos Wong
Mjos Wong:
Quelque fois il faut cherche la raison dénier une acte violent ....le pourquoi des choses .... j’en suis sure personne est violence sans raison .....ce temps dans le prison peut servir comme un temp se réflection pour lui . Les victimes ont different visage dans le monde cassé faut une cœur pour les écoutent tu cherche tu trouveras. .....
꧁Sღbrina ꧂
꧁Sღbrina ꧂:
He looks like he’s proud of what he did to George Floyd
Baron von Limbourgh
Baron von Limbourgh:
Unexpected. But a step in the right direction if he doesn't walk in appeal later.
Arslan Baig
Arslan Baig:
Its not abt the color. Its about humanity
D Marion
D Marion:
Sad example of preventing justice.
Rest in Paradise GF!! God makes no mistakes 🙏🏽🙌🏽. Despite the people who will still make excuses under these comments. You deserved more 👏🏽
Tamika Harris
Tamika Harris:
I'm so glad justice was serviced!!!!!!!!
Ellie Willow
Ellie Willow:
Rest In Peace Gorge ,
I never had the pleasure to know you but I did see the video that shook me to my core. I grew up in privilege with a nice home and didn’t struggle. White and blonde. It’s sad that it had to come to this to wake up most of society. Rest In Peace sir. As his daughter said “my daddy changed the world”
linda lounirou
linda lounirou:
Well, there was a picture of him so arrogantly kneeing on the victim's neck as he lay dying as if he had gone for a safari and had just begged a trophy and posing for posterity. Now he looks scared, frightened and dejected. Serves him right.
Not only knowing he'll be going behind bars is an amazing feeling. Seeing the celebrations and joy in people is just beautiful. Justice has not been served, but a good step in the progress of healing and progressing has been made.
The Eye
The Eye:
Your sin will one day find you.may the day of all murders in police uniform come too.
The Eye
The Eye:
Your sin will one day find you.may the day of all murders in police uniform come too.
Commander Kami
Commander Kami:
And it took the law system a year to finally arrest this guy? If the roles were swapped then then they would of arrested him right on the spot no joke
Peter Lund
Peter Lund:
I had not expect the US to fall that far towards a "managed democracy" so fast :(
Jose Gonzalez🇲🇽
Jose Gonzalez🇲🇽:
This is the first step in the right direction. Hoping that female cop who shot Duante Wright gets her guilty verdict too.
Misty Hi
Misty Hi:
Thank God for the video footage. Just think if it wasn't taken, he would have gotten off scot free. Good Job!
Telat Artuk
Telat Artuk:
I love george floyd
What make me sick is he went about his life like noting happend
search yo
search yo:
Pobre vato. But cops and the judicial system do this exact thing to thousands every year without out remorse
to cruel , such a dark soul!!!
Damion June
Damion June:
Good for him
Dianna Cotwright
Dianna Cotwright:
Is this real or staged? Chauvin looks like a different person.
Mike B
Mike B:
Eight weeks 😱 ! I want to know now!
Rest in Peace George Floyd. Lord protect the Jurors from harm.

Lord have mercy on this man and may he repent.
It’s Ya Boy Steve
It’s Ya Boy Steve:
In jail for life!
Water Boy
Water Boy:
Damm 8 weeks man I swear no court last that long if it were me they would sentence me in a week
Sbhwbw Dobrev
Sbhwbw Dobrev:
GREAT Reporter on the spot
Great! Baby steps in the right direction, to be who we say we are.
Let's pray we don't back slide. 🇺🇸👶