Details Emerge on Officer Who Pinned Knee on George Floyd

We're learning more about Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who pinned his knee against George Floyd's neck.



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100+ comentarios:

El-Elion N
El-Elion N:
They’re using my tax money to fund the protection of a racist killer?
It’s time that we stop putting police officers above the law✊🤙
All these cops protecting him are most probably murderers as well.
Paul Rothwell
Paul Rothwell:
Broke my heart when I heard him say , “I can’t breath officer” poor guy 😢 I would personally give that “cop” the electric chair 🤷‍♂️👍
Robert Knox
Robert Knox:
All I can think is this cop knows dirty secrets on higher officials.
Cilla Seriah
Cilla Seriah:
I hate how police are protecting his house. He’s a killer!! Anyone else would be in prison straight away
Trend Setter
Trend Setter:
We see there are 1,000's more like Murderer Chauvin👮👮👮👮👮👮👮
Wow, tax payers' money protects a murder, what kind system we are in.
Serqet Atun
Serqet Atun:
If he is no longer a police officer, why are they protecting him????!~!!!!
Racists has infiltrated our law enforcement agencies through out every state. The FBI warned of white supremacist infiltrating law enforcement agencies 10 years ago.
Bambam Bullies1
Bambam Bullies1:
im glad their department got burned down in trade for saving his house - lol
None of those officers should be at home only in prison being tortured like they tortured george
Suman LTD
Suman LTD:
Eye for an eye ☠
Leave him to angry mobs
Dan Shigemoto
Dan Shigemoto:
Chauvin and those other 3 thugs are not police officers, they are criminals and belong in prison.
Hippie Inasuit
Hippie Inasuit:
"To protect and serve", themselves
Let’s protect the killer’s house. Yes, good call!
Let’s protect a man’s life. Why? What for?
🗣 Priorities at best! 🤮
They're faithfully to murderers property..everyone who's in that picture is a BAD COP
Lam Par
Lam Par:
That whole MPD is dirty. Even refused to carry out mayor order after their murder caught on tape.
Wayne Burrows
Wayne Burrows:
"You're talking about protecting this man's home when the man shouldn't even be at home" If THAT doesn't say it plain and clear....
Business lady
Business lady:
If I was a cop I would have quit my job before I protect this man's home.
Nura Caicedo
Nura Caicedo:
he ain't no officer..he's pure evil.. this was racially motivated this man he does not like black people..
mxg x
mxg x:
Can someone tell me why people are burning down everything and this man house is still standing
Cecil Melvin
Cecil Melvin:
What did his house and wife have to do with it wow
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins:
Strange how they protected his house but not their own headquarters which are now being burnt down
Taurus Tong
Taurus Tong:
They need to quarter him on national television and force his friends and family to watch.
Dee Bro
Dee Bro:
Burn his house, leave businesses alone
Blue Sky
Blue Sky:
I see...The police is just protecting one of it's GANG members😣
Wesley Keefover
Wesley Keefover:
Seems like a lot of missoppropriation of the city's money to keep someone alive, whom should be dead by now
elena bodna
elena bodna:
All this tax money to protect a murderer ? Is this a joke ?
AirBorN Gaming
AirBorN Gaming:
"Shawn King friend of the show" *huuuaghgg* sorry I threw up.
Never clicking this channel again lol
Two beautiful fine black ladies 😍.
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin:
George Floyd put a gun To a pregnant woman for drug money the same drugs he was on when he got killed. Think about it. Get real people.
St. George. A hero. A great man.
If you ignore EVERYTHING he's been up to the past decade. Karma. It was murder though.
Glenis Archer
Glenis Archer:
the fact that they stand strong in arms protecting his HOME, speaks louder than any press conference or indictment.
Cynthia Smith-Heiden
Cynthia Smith-Heiden:
So if this man had been disciplined when he behaved poorly before Mr. Floyd might be alive today. All those cops there for him is ridiculous. That says we are like him
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed:
It starts from the top down. An investigation should be started to find out which of Chauvins superior officers allowed his abusive actions to go unpunished. They should be held accountable. Their lack of leadership and failure to discipline led to Chauvin thinking he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it.
Liz Jay
Liz Jay:
I like that part they “ONLY here to serve us”.
George Shallcross
George Shallcross:
I pray and wish the Floyd family comfort peace and justice God Bless the protesters and this country needs to try to heal
caroline Harty
caroline Harty:
Not surprised that he has problems I’m wondering now how many people he has murdered
lamart hart
lamart hart:
THIS A JOKE!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
David Kane
David Kane:
Disgusting waste of money. Defund police, as officers seem to be above the law. Not working for the community.
R Cunningham
R Cunningham:
I will cry for you until my eyes get puffy! You need prayer!
Will Winn
Will Winn:
The hand in the pocket was to put extra weight on his leg .
ALL on scene ARE GUILTY and accessories to murder..
The police need to be held accountable not protected from justice by THEIR brother in blue..
Auntie BB
Auntie BB:
The guilty officer's superiors should be investigated as well.
Joedog21 Jack
Joedog21 Jack:
Did they go to black person who shot retired police officer?
Benjamin Mercado
Benjamin Mercado:
Why did nobody try CPR on Floyd
michael bradford
michael bradford:
When law enforcement’s break the law they are sworn to uphold they should be at least held accountable like the average citizen
To Kyo
To Kyo:
If I was a cop and they send me to protect that mf house, I would quit on the spot.
Emo Emo
Emo Emo:
There must be a family with power behind this police killer. They never discipline him because he must be somebody's son or relative
M J:
Well now we know why such looting and arson happened. All of the cops were at his house instead of patrolling the city streets.
Ľubor Fabian
Ľubor Fabian:
Okay so cops saves killer hause,hmmmmmmmm is this USA !? Or Irac ?
Natasha T
Natasha T:
OH THIS WOMAN IS GOOD !!! ❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Sakin N
Sakin N:
put the killer in jail
Thanks for shining the light on this racism and injustice, but we also need your actions too
Brian McNellis
Brian McNellis:
I am prejudiced against my own when it comes to cops.
Norcanex S.G. LLC.
Norcanex S.G. LLC.:
In the land of freedom that has turned to complete freedumb!
brian young.
brian young.:
I want someone who can speak without getting emotional so a plan can be formed to fix the problem and move forward . Cant do that emotionally blabbering out circular comments.
Where was George’s protection?
Chevante Bruce
Chevante Bruce:
Well.. when he gets jail me..everyone will want his final breath..and with a smile on their faces.. enjoy ....
Rick salerno
Rick salerno:
Chauvin is going to love jail. Hopefully black power will make him feel at home.
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin:
Of all the places they could’ve burned. They didn’t burn his house? Unreal..
Manolo Records
Manolo Records:
Use caution 🚧 my people there are agendas in place be carful...🗜
Roy Rice
Roy Rice:
Now they need to get his accomplices for murder!! Don’t let them off the hook!!
Jacob god is The only one
Jacob god is The only one:
This cop looks and act like the SS
They need to restrain their ss squad
Mario Mallobox
Mario Mallobox:
They’re going to take care of him in prison oh yes they are
Amy G Townsend
Amy G Townsend:
Erica ! Well said ! Powerful 💪
Beverly Vinson
Beverly Vinson:
Yeah more police for the murderer to protect him then a king!! . We know exactly how they feel about the citizens NOW!! .
Can someone tell me the last names of Erica and Lindsay please...thx!!!
Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack:
Why burn the town
Should have just burn his house
Kevin Sitek
Kevin Sitek:
He has finally been taken into custody!!
Z Brylski
Z Brylski:
I hope they’re protecting the young lady who filmed the murder like that!
Natasha T
Natasha T:
✨❤️I LIKE YOUR CHANNEL ❤️ from Minnesota!
angie nichols
angie nichols:
The Ahmad Aubrey case needs a huge protest too!!! This situation needs to be addressed just as hard.!
Curtis Trent
Curtis Trent:
Let's talk about qualified immunity this is what police use to try to get away with crimes. Qualified immunity needs to go......
B&B Ltd.
B&B Ltd.:
Where were all these cops when Derek Chauvin was killing that innocent citizen? Do they only protect murderers now? No wonder people were able to riot with the entire police force in that losers yard playing dressup.
Angus young
Angus young:
When goverment becomes tyranny....resistance becomes DUTY
He's been arrested. Good.
Carl G. Ferrel
Carl G. Ferrel:
He may be guilty of a crime.
What crime has his family committed?
Σεϊμουλίνα Μπαρ.
Σεϊμουλίνα Μπαρ.:
he's gonna die anyway or in the streets or in jail lol
I wish one of them were there to protect Mr. Floyd on Monday.😡
blanca velasquez
blanca velasquez:
Wow I loved this conversation very educational and direct ✊
Jessica Giraldo
Jessica Giraldo:
I cried when George called for his Mama. He didn't deserve to die in that horrific Matter. Painful to hear him plead for his Life.
Derek Chauvin should serve 10 years in a low-security prison. The other cops should serve 1 to 5 years in a low-security prison (depending on their involvement). This murderous crime should be permanently placed on their records. The closest relatives of George Floyd should share $20 million in compensation. The entire police system must be retrained to only use dangerous force to defend against dangerous force, but minimal force must be used for non-dangerous lawbreakers.
Patricia Robinson
Patricia Robinson:
Where we're all these when George Floyd was being killed by this x cop ?!!!!!????
0p6ysyxkqvtv18knam self
0p6ysyxkqvtv18knam self:
This is worse than death. He'll live in fear, constantly looking over his shoulder. His place is in jail this murderer
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever:
If they use to work together? I’m guessing this was personal and they ought to look into whether Floyd fooled around with Chauvin’s wife?
Robert Villa
Robert Villa:
Mob informants never had this level of protection
Ah por eso es que esta pasando todo eso en las calles. Negocios vandalizados etc.
Por culpa de esos puercos corruptos que se protegen entre ellos.
Ok, me parece bien!
Curtistine Miller
Curtistine Miller:
In other words Chauvin was a ticking time Bomb!...
Ang loving life
Ang loving life:
They are protecting him because they have somethingSSS to hide TOO.
Daniel Sipes
Daniel Sipes:
Give him a medal he did us all a favor
Ivica Jaranovic
Ivica Jaranovic:
🔥 clean everything
Dorothy McDaniel
Dorothy McDaniel:
Danielle Underhill
Danielle Underhill:
So who's paying for all this to protect his house oh that's right of the taxpayer I refuse to pay for that and so should the citizens
They need to be behind bars
This isn’t fair
Doris Earl [Tobler ES]
Doris Earl [Tobler ES]:
They should have burned. The "B" down the nite he killed George!
Dr.R.L. Ellis
Dr.R.L. Ellis:
If you think you're upset now, wait until they plea bargain or get aquitted... get ready...