Devin Booker Has Ugly Collision With Patrick Beverley In Game 2

Devin Booker was looking like Steve Nash from the 2007 NBA Playoffs after colliding with Patrick Beverley.

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report:
Like this if you would buy a side-by-side shirt of Devin Booker and Steve Nash
What are the odds that there was someone wearing that Steve Nash shirt in that game???
Glorified Rhymes
Glorified Rhymes:
Pat Beverly the type a dude to headbutt you and act like it’s your fault. Then 10 minutes later flop and act like he got caught with an elbow just as badly. 🤦🏽
If CP3 gets a ring, I’m gonna have to go back to church
Hope booker gets stronger from that hit mentally and his mind prayers for him for a quick recovery
Nothing involving Beverly is incidental…. He plays inside of everyone’s personal space.
IcyFlip Flop8
IcyFlip Flop8:
"History repeats itself"
Jhosen Rendon
Jhosen Rendon:
Bev hella dirty. Clipps are desperate because if they lose this year, Board Man going to leave their Trash Team
The suns began its 11 year cycle this year, it’s been 11 years since the suns made the playoffs
Tristan Campbell
Tristan Campbell:
"Gucci sneaks, Prada bag, Number nine, red rag."
-2021 LA Clippers
facey Kad
facey Kad:
Pat tried to flop this way to a win but still lost 🤣🤣
Davut Zaimoğlu
Davut Zaimoğlu:
That beverly guy needs to be suspended and fined for this.
Steve Nash cracked his back in place on the spot.
Double Wide Suprise
Double Wide Suprise:
When coach said to use your head to defend
Carlos Malagon
Carlos Malagon:
They compare Steve Nash’s nose with Booker like they’re both equally bloody 😂
davester grey
davester grey:
Booker needs to wear mask on game 3
James Taylor
James Taylor:
He went beyond reaching 💀
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo:
When you can’t defend you Ottta be a clown 🤷🏻‍♂️
Coincidentally both Suns key players got nose injuries.
Copyright Free Music On Youtube
Copyright Free Music On Youtube:
This, the quick lob to end the game. Surely a coincidence
Ike Williams
Ike Williams:
Skip gone somehow blame this on D book tomorrow lmao
Nash Porter
Nash Porter:
Book took it like a champ
Kiiyahno Edgewater
Kiiyahno Edgewater:
That hard foul and yet they couldn't secure the win 😂
Anthonyy Moore
Anthonyy Moore:
Patrick always tryna injure star players the clippers really paying him 40 million to just run around and do cardio and injure people smh
Lord 2wice
Lord 2wice:
My dawg Devin Booker built different he good 💪🏾💯
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh:
Omg Beverley’s head is rock 😮
Look how they massacred my boy
Yabang mo kz booker. 😂
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson:
It’s crazy how she wears that shirt and Booker have a nose injury at the same time. 😳
Eric Grimes
Eric Grimes:
I’m a big Nuggets fan. I watched the whole series last year where the Clippers were down 3-1. They are a sneaky dirty team.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson:
Pat Bev is a disgusting sportsman. He actually tried to hold his shirt to his face and pretend he was the one who got bloodied. Pathetic.
blues watchin
blues watchin:
Booker became a superstar this year
Any collision with Patrick Beverley is an UGLY collision😂😂😂
heyitsme cool
heyitsme cool:
Go Beverley, use headbutt! Super effective and Booker is flinched.
Kleber Baptista
Kleber Baptista:
Booker’s nose made the other player’s forehead bleed ? lol
So booker become the 2nd sun to have a 40 point triple double Barkley being the first and sir Charles said the score was the exact same as game 1 now booker has a broken bloody nose like Steve nash crazy lol he's a true sun
you ever notice that when there is a bad injury Patrick Beverley is usually near by.
Shield Liger
Shield Liger:
And theyr'e both playing for the SUNS when that kind of Nose injury happened
Pierre Castrence Montes
Pierre Castrence Montes:
The lady with the nash tshirt predicted it
M ‘Jay
M ‘Jay:
Masked booker bout to sweep tf out clippers
Nicolette Voss
Nicolette Voss:
Yeah, they go be coming for Booker. Chris Paul to the rescue.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin:
Steve Nash looked like he was in a car crash
Jelly Tugs
Jelly Tugs:
Booker looking like the dude that the Suns in 4 guy beat up.
Nuke Nubz
Nuke Nubz:
I feel like bleacher report is always reaching.
Pat Bev trick ya’ll man… doing nothing but running around head butting people
Ramon Garcia
Ramon Garcia:
Patrick Beverly probaly got a crack on his head poor guy go suns baby let’s get this .
Raymond Boswell
Raymond Boswell:
P.B wild as hell. Too over aggressive.
Ghost Diaz
Ghost Diaz:
Bev is the kinda guy on the court that is so wild that he can injure you doing anything lol
This is a bad sign booker will be steve nash with kobe in game 3
Samarjeet Bhonsle
Samarjeet Bhonsle:
Welp, Jenner can take care of that for Book😏
Generic James
Generic James:
History repeats itself
mark price
mark price:
You people new to the game? Beverley been doing this since he got in the league. He's the hired goon who's job is to take out some hot player they can't stop with honest play. Just a trashy player
Luc Zeng
Luc Zeng:
Scott Foster is on to something. This is a Zidane style headbutt. Should've ejected Patrick Beverly from the game.
Vondu1ch Falcon
Vondu1ch Falcon:
Is that coincidence that girl wearing Steve nash broken 👃 shirt
Mat Cole
Mat Cole:
Book like Terminator.
I'll be back.
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq:
Nobody reaches like that.
Angad Somal
Angad Somal:
At 0:39 dudes like damn I got blood on my jersey
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Dbook: Collides
Kendall: No, Daddy!
Bubbs pelch
Bubbs pelch:
It's a script. All theater. That lady I'm the crowd.
Neumann Collins
Neumann Collins:
Pat really don't play defense
Kastro Haig
Kastro Haig:
I🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨.don't understand why pat still in the NBA.. commissioner is blind or forgotten pat is an NBA player 😂😂😂😂😂🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
awwwwwwwwww they were gonna kiss xD
Pat bev plays the single most annoying game in the league by far. He just be throwin his body around not giving a shit and ppl act like hes a defensive god. If he was Draymond size hed tech out of every game and have like 3 bodies by now.
Myles Henderson
Myles Henderson:
the clippers are just a dirty team in general. Pat Bev was dirty and petty tonight, Morris is a dirty player, PG13 drawing some of stupidest fouls i every seen and yet they still couldn't get the job done
Del Nacs
Del Nacs:
first thing i thought...but not quite. first thing nash did was check if tony parker was okay, considering they both hit each other on accident - then everyone only saw how much he was bleeding when he stood up straght after checking in on parker, first. then after getting taken off the court, he refused to leave the courtside and outright checked himself back into the game while the bleeding refused to stop - or tried to, anyway,
Jude Tracy
Jude Tracy:
Dat boy bad news he a Menace to Society‼️
Pat Bev is very dirty
That’s kinda sus 😳
Christian Lanach
Christian Lanach:
cinematic playoffs
bev needs to be banned
vintage cap
vintage cap:
Edward Taylor
Edward Taylor:
Pat did that shit on purpose
Nathan McMullen
Nathan McMullen:
Masked booker otw
how did she get that shirt that fast
Steve Nash is FAR AND AWAY the winner in this category. His nose was pretty much gushing.
Suns in 6.
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez:
That nose is broken. Damn...
Mabrouk kelementwara
Mabrouk kelementwara:
Beverly is dirty
no offense but lebron would have retired
3:21 did she predicted it???? O.o
junny duguiawe
junny duguiawe:
really intended it
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo:
You kidding me ?????? May be that’s why you never won a championship …. To say this was not done on purpose is wrong maybe that’s why your not a coach …your wrong way wrong he did it on purpose..
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo:
He hits him and acts as if he got hit… and bra bra you need to me quit Jackson.. maybe that’s why you’re not even a coach
bro you see how pat took dat like a real one, booker being a lil girl
Nash Porter
Nash Porter:
Pat bev dirty
Patrick the beast!
Luis Velis
Luis Velis:
What the heck
I want the Clippers to win but man, I hate Beverly.
Milepost 12z
Milepost 12z:
If that happened to LeBron he would be out for the series.
Birat .g
Birat .g:
yall hating a man for playing defence smfh
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo:
Come on man .. stop playing if you don’t know the tricks in basketball… maybe that’s why you never won a championship… you kidding me ?????? You didn’t see this clipper clown leaning to hit him in the head ????? You Otta be kidding me to say nothing happen.. maybe that’s why your not even a coach.. if you can defend you gotta be a clown …
Omowàle Zaquir
Omowàle Zaquir:
Patrick Beverly with that Evander Holyfield defense. He’s lucky Book didn’t bite his ear off…
Neumann Collins
Neumann Collins:
Only a bandwagon fan would wear that Nash shirt
Andrew A
Andrew A: