Did Luis Suárez Deserve Ballon d'Or 2014?

The best skills, passes & goals of Luis Suarez during the 2013-2014 season at Liverpool.

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100+ comentarios:

Score 90
Score 90:
He was literally unstoppable that year! 🔥
Chief keef Jr
Chief keef Jr:
Imagine having an 11 match ban and still being premier league top scorer
This Suarez alone could match Mane, Firmino and Salah.
Teck Magic
Teck Magic:
If Luka can win then definitely Suarez deserved it that year.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah:
13/14 Suarez was the greatest player I’ve ever seen in the premier league ⚽️❤️
Moe's Top List
Moe's Top List:
Either messy or Suarez messy made it to final world cup Suarez was with a bad Liverpool and was a monster !
Hamza Orakzai
Hamza Orakzai:
Suarez was on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo for 13/14,14/15 and 15/16 seasons. He was by far the best striker in the world and had a phenomenal sense of creativity.
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez:
He surely won the Golden tooth
Imagine how many goals Suarez would have scored if he played with robbo and Trent
Muhammad Alaa
Muhammad Alaa:
Always said it, Suarez 2014 was the best version for a position 9 striker u could ever see, at least within this generation
Alex G
Alex G:
When suarez was able to run...good old days
Moe's Top List
Moe's Top List:
100 %
information halt
information halt:
This Suarez was easily top 10 player in the history of the football
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller:
He was unstoppable. He literally couldn't play a bad match. He always delivers. And always did crazy shit and mega goals. I think he could've perfectly won it yes.

59 Goals in 53 appearances overall... staggering!!

40 goals in la liga in 35 appearances.

8 goals in 9 champions league appearances. Barca only got to the quarters. Imagine if he had 3 more games (2 semi final legs and a final!), would surely have hit double figures there too.
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly:
Recently found out he has the second most assists for any player in football history. So underrated.
Ralte V
Ralte V:
2013- Ribery deserved it

2014- Suarez deserved it

2015- Messi deserved it
efredix 6.0
efredix 6.0:
The luis suarez that could do anything
El Gato Con Botas
El Gato Con Botas:
Suarez 0 penaltys in this season,in this season Suárez was better, Cristiano and Messi scored more goals but also scored penalty goals ... Suárez deserved the Golden Ball, undervalued

Swaleh Suheil
Swaleh Suheil:
At times it felt like he was a one man demolition crew
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi:
I don't know why people ignore his passing.....
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed:
Suarez most underrated season
Sandy Sherpa
Sandy Sherpa:
This was the time when liverpool and Uruguay were feared because of suarez.
No pun intended but during these times he really played with hunger, he didn’t stop running.
Miles Chan
Miles Chan:
It’s crazy how good Messi must really be when he makes a great player like Suarez look ordinary..
Yes he did. There was nobody better than him that year.
Save 15% or more on car insurance
Save 15% or more on car insurance:
he literally carried liverpool that year
Dan Tangager
Dan Tangager:
I try not to sound too excited, but he was the best player we ever had, even better than mane, sorry , I said It
Eddy Michael
Eddy Michael:
He was a beast back then🤯⚽💪🏻🔥😍
Joey Little
Joey Little:
I'm an Everton fan and he is the best foreign player I've seen in the premier league
Louie Richards
Louie Richards:
Seen him get a bit of stick on twitter by Barca ‘fans’? He’s still their second best player and has been unreal for them. I wonder if the fans in the ground feel the same
Alex Harriott
Alex Harriott:
I'd love to get suarez coutinho sterling sturridge and gerrard to reunite for an interview just to talk about how well they played that season 7 years down the line.
john apostolakis
john apostolakis:
The best number 9 in fc bacelona history
Junior Pereira
Junior Pereira:
In my opinion, if a player is so good that he can make you laugh, he’s one of the best. Suarez was just that, in 2014
Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
And they compare Lewandowski to him 😂😂😂
tejas singh
tejas singh:
6:45 that save by de gea 🔥🔥
Nahuek Gianktti
Nahuek Gianktti:
The best 9 de la decade
erik puka
erik puka:
He turned settings into Beginner mode when against Norwich
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar:
He was so good.😍
The best player I’ve ever seen. I literally adored him at Liverpool
I think he should have won it
Atleast he did not bite anyone
FaizHa Aziz
FaizHa Aziz:
Adidas adizero f50 effect 🔥
Kevin Park
Kevin Park:
He was a freaking beast!!! I had no idea!
3Viveking ##
3Viveking ##:
Johnpaul King
Johnpaul King:
One of the best striker legend💥😍
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano:
Prime Suarez in this 2019-20 Liverpool team.He would probably would score 70 goalsin prem
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
Luis Suarez was the best striker in the world for 5 years "minimum" simply because he was the most complete there's no doubt about that, only Messi and Ronaldo were better than him during his best years🤫
Zoom -
Zoom -:
First Luis Suarez and now Van Dijk..
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yeeeeeessssssss.
Maurice Dobson
Maurice Dobson:
suarez was a beast back then💥💥👏👏
Jordan Cockerall
Jordan Cockerall:
Yes , one of the best individual seasons I have ever seen.
Martin Midia
Martin Midia:
of course, he was the best in that year.
Stephen Parkinson
Stephen Parkinson:
This squad is a testament to how good Man City was that year.
John Senn
John Senn:
Guys 2014 world cup hello? But besides that he deserves it
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
Coutinho, sterling, Suarez...
Ant Trader
Ant Trader:
I miss that season ❤️
Markovalnto bresci
Markovalnto bresci:
That year was one of the best on the history of football. It seemed like his every attempt would go in(shot for the centre, check, header outside the box, check). He should never have gotten to messi shadow by transferring to Barcelona.
K for Kronic
K for Kronic:
I fell in love with Liverpool around the Suarez era . ... SSS
3Viveking ##
3Viveking ##:
Always miss this Suarez😥😥
K K:
If you can‘t beat them
eat them
One of the best Liverpool striker ever
Junior Pereira
Junior Pereira:
Creative, fast, strong, very skillfull, amazing eye for goal, and goalgetter. What a perfect striker
Magnificent! 🔥
Johnny K
Johnny K:
He was definitely on Messi's level during 2013-2014 season. Passing, Scoring, Playmaking, Freekicks all phenomenal
Rahul barca
Rahul barca:
One of the greatest premier league have ever witnessed.
We are lucky to have him on our side.
To me Luis Suarez is the best example of you don't have to be perfect, just tenacious
The best suarez version of all time
He was ban for 11 or 12 games
Still topped the list of top goalscorer
Vania Toldo
Vania Toldo:
Maravilhoso SUAREZ !!! Pelo menos sua atração por mordidas foi "curada" . 🤔 ✊
leoo olong
leoo olong:
He was simply mesmerizing and immense that season. He always score beautiful goals.
FUNIMALS - funny animals
FUNIMALS - funny animals:

Nice video!
Sonic Cruz
Sonic Cruz:
Maybe if you didn’t bite anyone 🤦🏻‍♂️
Love Suarez thou YNWA 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Abusalihu Alfar
Abusalihu Alfar:
As a barca fan would love to see him in premier League for 1 more season under klopp
You can't say he is declined he would still bang some goals
Ahmad Maarouf
Ahmad Maarouf:
It’s because he was band cos of his bite at the World Cup. He would definitely deserved to be at least top 3
Yayan Ardiansyah
Yayan Ardiansyah:
This Suarez has powerfull shoot , speed , Dribbling , Skill and Much Agility 🔥
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan:
magnificent ball control.
erik puka
erik puka:
Imagine if they actually had a defense
Beast version 🔥
Aayushh Shrestha
Aayushh Shrestha:
Both of their stats at 2013/14..
App - 37
Goal - 31
Assist -12
Ps. One Copa America with Uruguay 2011
Robert Lewandowski 🔥
Apps- 48
Goals- 28
0 zero international trophy.. That season were the last season of both player at their former clubs.. Suarez is aging now so he is not at his best everytime but at 2014 he was unstoppable as well as single capable of what those three Salah firmino and mane are now.. ✅❤
roque asuncion
roque asuncion:
Awesome Suarez.... you'll never walk alone ♥️♥️
David Varey
David Varey:
Best Liverpool player ever and many the best to play in England
LG K580Z
LG K580Z:
YEEEEESSSS!!! He deserved
Mace AlphaGod
Mace AlphaGod:
He got premier league player of the year that was good enough. All these highlights are from him playing in the prem.
Jimit Shah
Jimit Shah:
Sign him back, let's win one epl with him!!!
Bezin Krancini
Bezin Krancini:
Like ribery ((2013))and mané in 2019 i am waiting your vid for these year ... what you think " 90 " ?
Tá De Olho?!
Tá De Olho?!:
Se ele voltasse hj pro liverpool, ele seria melhor q Firmino?
AHMED Dacad:
Yeah he was unfair 🔥💪
Carlos VG
Carlos VG:
Ballon d'or?? Really?? There is a small player who led his team on winning the champions league 2014 with 17 goals. I don't know if you know him. They call him cr7
Emil Mazlami
Emil Mazlami:
I started loving football again after watching suarez that year playing, i swear. Never ever did i see someone playing football like like he did. That season was monster, and he had 11 matches ban, stil managed to score 31 goal in Premier League, none of em from penalties. To me, the best players season ever in a Premier League, he was a monster. If Liverpool had one decent GK or CB, they would easily won PL that season.

Why he didnt won Baloon? Probably cuz liverpool didnt play in Europe that year.
Sefa Yılmaz
Sefa Yılmaz:
mane salah firmino getir götürünü yapar.
He has that bite to him 😂
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
Short answer yes, long also yes
تيك برو Tech Pro
تيك برو Tech Pro:
I am designer😉😈
Mami pachuau
Mami pachuau:
Imagine having suarez and klopp together..
Martin Bassi
Martin Bassi:
..And you know it!
liverpool Edits
liverpool Edits:
Ys 100%
If he didn't have the biting hobby,he would have been the most loved player in the history of football
Vito Teofilo
Vito Teofilo:
Welcome to Juventus ⚪ ⚫ 💪 🇮🇹
11 game ban. A 5 game drought and still the top scorer that season🤧
Unjoy Football
Unjoy Football:
Kayoo Vee
Kayoo Vee:
mbappe is a poorman surarez compared to 2014 surarez