Diego Schwartzman: Best Shots & Rallies on the ATP Tour!

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57 comentarios:

Tennis fans: Amazing tenacity, stellar forehand, quick movement at the net and baseline...

Commentators: He's just so short for this sport it's crazy!
Keshav Ahuja
Keshav Ahuja:
Diego’s shot against Isner is just savage AF
Phillip Spiß
Phillip Spiß:
Happy Birthday, Diego! 🇦🇷

One of my favourite players, with Nadal, Thiem, Monfils and Federer
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima:
Best ending haha
srinadh b
srinadh b:
A WARRIOR and a FIGHTER with never give up attitude !
Heart bigger than height !
Wishing that he will win a big tournament in near future 👍
Andrew Hendy
Andrew Hendy:
been watching this guy for a few years and i was always impressed by his game and how hard he plays. got to see him play djokovic in roland garros a few years ago and damn believe me when i say the whole crowd was on his side, incredible performance
Seifer PewPew
Seifer PewPew:
Schwrzman like a rabid with energy Drink
he beated cilic in grass? amazing
Rastko Manasic
Rastko Manasic:
Happy 28th Birthday Diego Schwartzman
Fabricio Calderon
Fabricio Calderon:
Puntos increíbles a lo Nadal y a lo Federer
Nhat Linh Do
Nhat Linh Do:
Amazing player, great strokes and execptional touch, really reminds me of Coria. If only he was 10cm taller he could be a top 5 player
Alberto Puello
Alberto Puello:
Hbd Diego!!
Sam Milde
Sam Milde:
The point on 5:44 is absolutely unreal.
Fell in love with Diego ❣️
Love that Diego
0:30 Hmm, Good pun, I think^^
Great vid. I love Diego's reactions after the points.
Hyderabadildar Shiv
Hyderabadildar Shiv:
his dropshots😍
Table Tennis
Table Tennis:
That match vs Djokovic 🔥🔥
yt radish
yt radish:
Jesus espinoza
Jesus espinoza:
An amazing player despite of his height
wung-hong Huang
wung-hong Huang:
0:59 crowd
Some amazing shots. He's got pace on his side, which helps. Djokovic is very strategic with his ball placement.
Gordon Huang
Gordon Huang:
0:55 ridiculous!!!
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
Why would they even suggest 'Novak Djokovic Brilliance vs. Schwartzman' in the Rome 2019 play, when this entire video is all about SCHWARTZMAN's brilliance?!
Hernan Arroyo
Hernan Arroyo:
Que grande Schwartzman un animal🙌
Vishvam Bhagat
Vishvam Bhagat:
Greatest video tennis tv has came out with
Erik Drescher
Erik Drescher:
My favourite player. So variable. Always great shots. One of the best.
Jorge Lopez Luna
Jorge Lopez Luna:
Grande peque!
He IS a Warrior.
Elijah S.
Elijah S.:
Schwartzman’s backhand should have been on the most underrated tennis shots list.

By the way, did he play Djokovic in Rome?
Himmat Chahal
Himmat Chahal:
Nice beard on the thumail tho
Seven Positivity
Seven Positivity:
What is also amazing is his midcourt touch and net game.
Rayaz Khan
Rayaz Khan:
His lob-game is outrageous (for obvious reasons) and he reacts SO quickly against approaches/passes
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
acrobatic & magic touch from diego like it
atp has humor in 2020?? wehehe
Diego Shortman
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant:
Isner schwartzman tennis version of david and goliath
Milan Dzunda
Milan Dzunda:
Very good playing little fella.similar performance to Wawrinka.good play but never winning anything important.
Melek Battikh
Melek Battikh:
carol chen
carol chen:
I love Diego’s tennis but love who is even more! He is just one of the nicest, most humble players out there
samuel warbah
samuel warbah:
He has a great career ahead of him.
Ting Yen Ahkee
Ting Yen Ahkee:
Is this series about current players still playing? I thought only 2000s players were the focus
Camilo Gabriel
Camilo Gabriel:
Mide lo mismo que yo 1,70 pero en en tenis en video parece como si fuera un enano porque pasara eso en el tenis son casi todos 1,80 para arriba
Legit Power
Legit Power:
If this is a gaming video

Within 3 minutes there will be minimum 12k views
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat:
Im simple, i see kevin anderson, i click. Oh wait...
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper:
ATP : how many points with Djokovic you want
Diego : yes🤣🤣
Mgo Umk
Mgo Umk:
I wonder why ATP cant make a deal to have the Grand Slam videos right to use here too, as Grand Slam have the ATP ranking and wont do that job anyways. There were a fabolous point of Schartzman against Nadal at the last US Open!
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold !:
Following this pattern we should be seeing cameron norrie's highlight reel in about a week
Hey Guys, Don't forget to show support from the tennis community towards the BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 campaign this November. Cheers y'all.
You guys act like he is a midget.
He is 170cm, Avg mens height worldwide is 171...
David D'Ambrosio
David D'Ambrosio:
El gran problema del peque es su altura. En su mejor momento tiene buena lectura de pelotas, pero no es un jugador que sepa mantener bien su game porque saca lento. Tenés que ser Nadal literal para sacar despacio y quedar bien posicionado.
Nicolas tg
Nicolas tg:
Crazy stuff for a drawf !
Gordon Huang
Gordon Huang:
1:06 that white t-shirt woman: ? so what?
Mocha Mochi Guy
Mocha Mochi Guy:
rene oaa
rene oaa:
Y de que le sirvió, si perdió todos esos partidos. Jajajajajaja.