Diego Schwartzman "I can play against Djokovic next time, but not Nadal" - RG 2021 (HD)

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Diego Schwartzman Press Conference After Match vs Rafael Nadal - Roland Garros 2021 (HD)

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Carol Morris
Carol Morris:
It is impossible to dislike Diego.
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz:
Schwartzman should be proud of himself, dude has won two sets against him at the French AND beaten him on clay.
Paul Nowicki
Paul Nowicki:
"at the end, he's Rafa" that says it all
RaYoN DaBrE:
Such a humble guy!
shikha b
shikha b:
Taking a set from in form nadal shows how good he is and he will become better in future 🙂
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
So tough for Diego every time he goes deep in a slam he meets Rafa 😂😂😂 Imagine he had the easy draws that Zverev always gets he’d probably be a slam finalist
Yussepi G
Yussepi G:
If not Rafa I would support Diego to win the FO. Lovely guy with a great tennis spirit.
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Fret not Diego. We all know Rafa is a beast on clay. You gave him whatever you had. Ain't no shame in bowing out. Better luck next time.
Agvitarina Lubis
Agvitarina Lubis:
Amazing performance by Diego. Took a set from the Clay God, so gutsy :) All the best to you, Diego.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Every year I lose to Rafa... give me nole! 😂
Aleph Null
Aleph Null:
To be fair, in some sense he did manage to end Rafa's reign of terror at RG by breaking his 36-set winning streak. That's basically the most that anyone can do.
yatin johri
yatin johri:
Are you sure Diego. Novak just defeated nadal. You have no chance against him
Rajeev Shrivastava
Rajeev Shrivastava:
A man with a good heart!
Big Dog
Big Dog:
He rather play Nadal now after watching the semis
Michael Pacini
Michael Pacini:
Diego is inspiration to those that were told " you're too short to play tennis ". He gets so much out of his game . His story is one of perseverance and overcoming obstacles . Love Diego
Nino Gupta
Nino Gupta:
I wonder what he thinks about it after this outstanding semifinal. Does he still want to play Djokovic? :D
TerryE VP
TerryE VP:
Diego is a cool guy. That guy with the British accent cracks me up. ..!!! LOL
Bolot Asanaliev
Bolot Asanaliev:
I died laughing from the guy who said "When Rafa retires, is it gonna be a sad day or will it make you a little bit ha-a-ppier?". He said it in such a funny way and also repeated it exactly the same as the first time 😂 What an amazing person.
mikhail gorbachev
mikhail gorbachev:
Diego is a nice guy and a great player. Always a pleasure to see him play. Keep going Diego..
avril Thomson- De meuter
avril Thomson- De meuter:
Like Diego such a good guy n grt tennis player
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Diego is a silent beast ! He plays very well , a sure fan of his ! Love his game !
Paul Liebhart
Paul Liebhart:
Diego's a good dude.
Ishani Singh
Ishani Singh:
The most humble in defeat as he is in victory. You go out as the champ because u fell a lil short to the king.❤️
Hail the king.🙆
Nadal is the title favourite as always.
But kudos Diego.
Brandon James
Brandon James:
Total class act. This guy knows Rafa's game very well too. I believe he spends a lot of time at RN's academy.
fred wanxu
fred wanxu:
Great example for kids of how to handle a defeat. Congrats Diego. Keep up the good work. Nadal considers you a threat on clay. Not that bad an achievement.
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob:
If I wasn’t a Rafa fan, prolly the next person you’ll love will be Diego.
I am very happy that unstoppable Djokovic win FO. He is very best.
Roger Reverence
Roger Reverence:
It is possible for 2 nice guys competing like beasts (although the giant won) and at the same time respecting each other - this is what sport needs. None of that trash talk most sportsman in different sports are so accustomed to do - if only they were better human beings so they too could be excellent sport ambassadors for us all. In other words a few have great VALUES and the majority do not.
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob:
Diego is one of the most likeable tennis player in the world. Absolutely love him ❤️❤️
Eva Archer
Eva Archer:
You are funny Diego when you say Nole next time no Rafa - that’s a very honest one good on you ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂
You were amazing today! One of the best matchs!
Yoshi K
Yoshi K:
can't believe myself didn't know him two years ago..
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje:
Nothing wrong with how you played DS. Class act always.
¡LOVE you from Spain Diego! ¡Nice player and better man!
Next time I hope you'll have the honor to be the last player loosing a RG Final agaisnt Rafa for his 15 and last RG. And then, all spaniard we are going to support you xD
Nathan Graham
Nathan Graham:
He is the cutest thing 😍😆lol so humble! So sweet!
Rudresh Kalgutkar
Rudresh Kalgutkar:
Misleading title as usual and that second reporter should be banned for life, what was that question in context to the match but cheers to Diego he handled it like champ. Any other played would have got irked by that question.
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
Best performance, Diego! Best player! ✌️🎾💪
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Such a humble guy_ really nice player !!!
As a Rafa fan I'm glad he is through. But gotta admit I felt bad for Diego too. He's a nice guy. I couldn't look at his expression when he knew he was going to lose. I hope He will do well next matches. For what's worth he broke the straight consecutive set of Nadal. That's great.
Saketh Maddipati
Saketh Maddipati:
Love this guy!! What a straightforward guy
Samuel RCD
Samuel RCD:
With his serve i dont think it would be easily vs djoko
He may not have defended his semifinal showing last year, but this is a great result considering in the 5 clay court tournaments after the miami open he only went 2-5.
ALDET Aquiles
ALDET Aquiles:
"No entendí nada dieguin" JAAJAJJAJAJA
ashley guriah
ashley guriah:
amazing tennis player....go Diego !
Irene Gygax
Irene Gygax:
I love Diego !!! He is a great player.
Twit Singh
Twit Singh:
He is resilient guy❤️❤️❤️
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson:
You played a great match Diego, I'm honored to just watch you play.
Nita Lopes
Nita Lopes:
Great game Nadal needed this game well played Diego 👏
Muy buen partido diego. De parte de fede, no te olvides!
Sonu Kk
Sonu Kk:
Diego , sinner, mussetti also deserve in semifinals but due to they have all faced veterans like novak and nadal they won't be able to do this....now zverev and tsitsipas happy for bottom half... otherwise they also have to chance to out from RG
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna:
If he is 6 feet he wud have won atleast 5 grandslams.... He is one heck of a fighter... I mean how many 5'7 guys opt tennis and how many 5'7 guys were in top 10....huge respect
amazing tennis from Diego in 2nd & early in the 3rd set
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta:
Great Games, I wait for Diego, You will be a No. 1 in short time
Dzej Dzej Okoca
Dzej Dzej Okoca:
Diego is a short guy....his serve is very weak because of that. He simply does not have a body to beat Rafa
Latino Americano
Latino Americano:
Great Rafa!! 👏👏
Weng Rosagaron
Weng Rosagaron:
good play by diego! it was a great match! it's so difficult to beat rafa 3/5 sets in RG. rafa may lose a set but his mental perseverance and strength will eventually wear you out if the plays are extended. rafa is a beast in RG!
Ego sum yo mismo
Ego sum yo mismo:
Diego is a great tennis player and best person. Thank you very much .
Marlon Carbonel
Marlon Carbonel:
Love Diego's humility...such a nice guy🤗
Damo Hanson
Damo Hanson:
Classy young guy. Yet again they all sing Nadal’s praises after they are defeated. It will be a sad day when Rafa retires.
Carol Cole
Carol Cole:
Diego I love your game. Classy gentleman.
JyS Uk
JyS Uk:
Es el puto amo del tenis. Viva España
Tihomir Genev
Tihomir Genev:
Next time Diego & all players!
Stephan Hersh
Stephan Hersh:
Those Cliché questions that have been asked a hundreds times must be tiring at this point.
Nikola Nikovski
Nikola Nikovski:
Yes, he can play against Djokovic but will lose. :)
Paulo Bastos
Paulo Bastos:
Super Diego:)
Jaleo deHortaleza
Jaleo deHortaleza:
Diego, enhorabuena, jugaste a ganar, ése es el Camino , No fear
Cindy Wijaya
Cindy Wijaya:
You are a great guy Diego...❤
classy. great player.
Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez:
Felicitaciones vos ya ganastes sos un pequeño gigante abrazon grande
Santosa Widjaja
Santosa Widjaja:
Sounds like a nice guy
Jim Churchill
Jim Churchill:
The semi will be the final in excitement.
Claudia Palacio
Claudia Palacio:
I love You Diego 😍
useful idiot
useful idiot:
This interview hasn't aged well even after three days.
Tianli Yu
Tianli Yu:
Hands up if you love Diego! :)
danh dao
danh dao:
You are the best schwartzman...
DoK - tOr
DoK - tOr:
You wouldn't last more longer playing against Novak, either.
Jigmet Dorje
Jigmet Dorje:
Yes exactly ,what he said ,he is really good at clay ,and some of the points he won against rafa was so well constructed ,some of the shots are so deep and angle was just perfect
Virginia knighten
Virginia knighten:
A lot of awesomeness packed in his stout frame!
Joe V
Joe V:
I like Diego but that was extremely disrespectful to Novak. Diego has NEVER won Novak. He has beaten Rafa and on CLAY! So that was just a bone headed statement from him.
N S:
Ha ha very sincere! You have the gust to speak what u feel! U r Great in both off n on!
shrikanth s.y
shrikanth s.y:
Such a sweet guy. I hope he wins something big.
Gaurav Agrawal
Gaurav Agrawal:
Great guy!
George Sunaryo
George Sunaryo:
Diego is one of the players who has ever beaten Rafa on clay.
Ralff Vios
Ralff Vios:
That.was a great match....good players!
Lucas Meneses
Lucas Meneses:
grande peque!
The Banana Shot
The Banana Shot:
Great match Diego, well played! I missed a question regarding what happened in the last set. Rafa just overplayed him or his level dropped because of that hard defeat in the third set? At least what were his impressions about that set, cause it was 6-0.
THINESH nagaraja cholan
THINESH nagaraja cholan:
Really very good DGO common boy super man awsome 👊
I never like this player!!!no shame to Djoko..He will never ever win a GS - he's just one of those fillers in tenis!!!
Mia and Reggie
Mia and Reggie:
Thanks Diego for not giving up and speaking to media!!! Even though it's painful!
Diego did extremely well to take a set off Nadal! Well done.
Linda Sun
Linda Sun:
If I broke Nadal’s serve one time on clay, I would consider it a life time achievement. 😂You won a set again him at Roland Garros! How many players can say that in the tournament?
Bobby Paris
Bobby Paris:
He’s a good player DIEGO and always NADAL had difficulties with him….well done anyway
TJ Sam
TJ Sam:
You played well
Lee Long
Lee Long:
Next time, you don’t want to play against Nole if you watch how he destroyed Nadal in the semi-final
Barbara Pietrzak
Barbara Pietrzak:
Diego 💙You are a very nice person🙂
Louise Smit
Louise Smit:
So impressed by Diego,the way he started ,the speed was amazing. But why did he just stop running ,nearly not chasing the ball anymore?
nice player and really nice guy
Lesley Gallagher
Lesley Gallagher:
Diego you played amazing I'm a Rafa fan but you're 100% effort 👏👏
kik locus
kik locus:
what makes Nadal so deadly on clay is it the spin and left hand combination?
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido:
No one can beat Rafa on clay in RG
He's king of clay in RG