Disney+ App Preview App Walkthrough - Disney Plus Review - Disney+ Application Preview Fire TV

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Disney+ website: https://disneyplus.com/

Disney+ App Preview Initial App Walkthrough - Disney Plus Review - Disney+ Application Preview Fire TV, Roku - Disney+ What is it? What is Disney+ and How Does it Work? - Review Disney+ Explained

In this video I go over exactly what the Disney+ in-app experience looks like. What content can be accessed through the home page, watchlist, movies, originials, and series.

100+ comentarios:

Jungkook lover
Jungkook lover:
Y’all ever notice there’s a plus in the d of Disney
Logan. Mess
Logan. Mess:
Well. Goodbye Netflix it was a good couple years

Edit: holy crap it’s only been a day and I have 100 likes
Violet Rasmussen
Violet Rasmussen:
The only two things I need on there make me sold are “ boy meets world” and “the suite life of zack and Cody” ok nvm I’m sold I just don’t got any money
Chase Brown
Chase Brown:
The picture quality is amazing!!
A Guy Stuck In The US
A Guy Stuck In The US:
Ok, but are the animations in 4k hdr?
Call Of Duty Zombie Boi
Call Of Duty Zombie Boi:
I despise disney in most cases but they own my childhood star wars clone wars on there so they can have my money
Gareth Hutchinson
Gareth Hutchinson:
It has everything that I dont watch on other platforms, what a load of dung
Javaughn Wright
Javaughn Wright:
"Wow" , "Better"!
Michael Streich
Michael Streich:
The simpsons have sold out!
Lemme get yo password cuh
I still Love Netflix ❤️
Dumped Netflix for this. Plus being a Verizon customer I get a year freeeeee :))))
Hercules tv series. Well that's me on board.
daniel k. noguera
daniel k. noguera:
just hit play for the mandalorian dammit!
Any good. Tempted to buy it but it's too dear 60 quid till 55 minutes. How can you get it for 6.99 a month.
Andre Faria
Andre Faria:
RIP Netflix
Samuel Justo
Samuel Justo:
Is there a way to full screen on fire tv?
Mark Holdy
Mark Holdy:
How do you get to Hulu/ESPN+
Carlene Charles
Carlene Charles:
I wish I can get it
I can’t wait for it to be released!!!

Ps: where I live it coming out in a couple of days
XxAlindasavagexX The fortnite god
XxAlindasavagexX The fortnite god:
My parents are making me choose between Netflix and Disney+
jabari Arneaud
jabari Arneaud:
Hi can u send me the download link for firestick please cant get the app but it works perfect on my phone
Malcolm Frometa
Malcolm Frometa:
Can anyone help, when I try to download the Disney+ app on my firestick I get "Purchase Failure: An error occured while purchasing Disney+ -please try again." any help is greatly appreciated!
Vikter Putnam
Vikter Putnam:
Upcoming Disney Plus: Toy Story 4 On Disney Plus
Vaishnavi Vatsavai
Vaishnavi Vatsavai:
we have to wait so long in europe
not fair
I can’t find it on the iOS app
S. S
S. S:
Just bought the bundle hehe
Glenn Fry
Glenn Fry:
Does this streaming service Stream there movies in full screen or letterbox?

Spider Man
Spider Man:
think more
think more:
looks legit
Dr J Hale
Dr J Hale:
Don’t waste your time these wannabe Disney info baiters anymore just go to the real source all the answers to questions are laid out at Disney + 🇬🇧🎸🔥
How can connet the app to the tv?
Alex Love
Alex Love:
Does anyone when the Oswald sho is going to come out
Would this pop up as an app on your smart TVs ?
Luis Pomares
Luis Pomares:
Yo i cannot find the app No Where! I was able to download it in my TV but not on my phone I can’t find it.
Alonso Gonzalez
Alonso Gonzalez:
Hello, do you know how many users can watch at the same time under the same account?
Probably the cleanest interface total opposite of FXNOW
Alan lee
Alan lee:
Oh come on... it haven’t released in my country(Singapore) yet.. argh.. can’t wait for it.
What about Disney + app on the phone?
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy:
the simpsons?
heh. i still have the 3rd season on dvd.
with the removed episode :D
Marcus Young
Marcus Young:
Can u sign up for the bundle today as well?
Foxkids Jesus
Foxkids Jesus:
You got Netflix working with Nickelodeon
Timothy Woods
Timothy Woods:
I was hoping they would come up with a UI that was different than netflix. Well at least they don't have it so that the item blows up the screen when hovering over it like netflix.
Sarisa SP
Sarisa SP:
Netflix has left the chat*
Can I get it in my Amazon Firestick?
My Firestick 4K doesnt play Atmos though. My receiver is Atmos and is plugged right into it and TV Samsung QLED.
Cameron McBride
Cameron McBride:
Can you download load shows like on Netflix?
Dr. Banter
Dr. Banter:
But does it have Gravity Falls?
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed:
Netflix has left the chat
josh sobel
josh sobel:
Am I the only one for when I watch Phineas and Ferb it says season 1 episode 1 but it seems like it isn’t
How do you get Hulu/ESPN + any idea?
I wanna watch lady and the tramp
Placido Godinez
Placido Godinez:
I love Disney plus
Mozart Pierre
Mozart Pierre:
Did you get the Dolby Atmos to work?
Todd Barber
Todd Barber:
I think I'll wait til its possible to log in on multiple devices
ThePoopGalaxy Cool
ThePoopGalaxy Cool:
I got Disney plus now
Graham Blundell
Graham Blundell:
Will this work in the UK with a vpn
Sigedno Kastaneer
Sigedno Kastaneer:
Please Disney open the doors for international subscriptions!!
Is Alien vs Predator on the service?
DC Big Oso YAH
DC Big Oso YAH:
It hasn't come on my fire tv stick yet! WTF!?
How do I get this on Apple TV?
Thor's Twisted Beard
Thor's Twisted Beard:
Ya, this would all be great if there was a PLAY BUTTON!!! Man, they really weren't ready to handle the day one traffic. This sucks. Can't watch anything.
Where do we download it? I have an Amazon firestick 4K and the app is not on it? PLEASE HELP ME! lol
Just got it
Meli C
Meli C:
I signed up for the subscription using my laptop and when I tried logging in using my FireStick it asked me to signup again for the 7-day trial. Am I wrong, but I thought one subscription allowed us to view on different devices because it’s not letting me do so? Help!!
Brando mont.
Brando mont.:
If I have hulu bundle will it be in hulu app or is it separate app?
Fredi Sandoval
Fredi Sandoval:
Are the movies English and able to switch to other languages? For example if I was to to watch the Simpson, are they available in Spanish?
Shakeeta Nicholson
Shakeeta Nicholson:
I signed up and every thing. But then I realized I'm on an og kindle and I don't have a phone so I can't get the app
Randomness 2018
Randomness 2018:
I want to see Pixar IRL so bad but i dont have money :(
puffy 4life
puffy 4life:
i got it for phineas and ferb
Aracely Ramírez
Aracely Ramírez:
Like si amas las películas de Disney Uwu
King Kawst
King Kawst:
Not really a credible review when you completely ignore the several issues with the app
Netflix is still best! (i think)
How many seasons of Simpson’s are there?
matty kitkat
matty kitkat:
Not working
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo:
Very good
Darrin Williams
Darrin Williams:
Somebody got a Disney plus account I can use
NO Avengers animated shows on Disney Plus! Whats up with that?
WackyDude 21
WackyDude 21:
Will Disney + have anime
my Disney plus isn't working :( nothing will play, im guessing its because of to many people on the site?
Deema Altheebah
Deema Altheebah:
Is there Harry Potter?
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ:
Ponchoman48 Boom
Ponchoman48 Boom:
I'm a truck driver & have to download anything I will want to watch. Is download under plus sign where watch it later choice is?
Pete Peters
Pete Peters:
I thought it was not available on fire TV or fire stick?
Griffin Harrington
Griffin Harrington:
Why cannot I not download the app in South Florida
Dragon Ball Z maybe ? It’s also from 20th Fox
Philippe Larouche
Philippe Larouche:
No 5.1 sound on Fire tv!!! This is bad...
Deep Asteroid
Deep Asteroid:
Why can’t I download it in the Apple appstore
R N:
Its really cool. Just not adult enough for me. I can tell HBO Max will be more my speed. But I'll definitely keep Disney + ..because there are things I love still.
cool zebra
cool zebra:
The app isn’t showing up in my phone :/
Wen Chieh Teh
Wen Chieh Teh:
Its Not In My Region 😭😭
The 20th Century-Fox logo and fanfare was restored in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) on Disney+ in 4K Ultra HD. With two exceptions, the 1994 20th Century-Fox logo has no News Corporation byline and the 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd. logo.
Can anyone ask me if Amphibia is on Disney +?

Edited:well nevermind,it's on there...
MJ Truth
MJ Truth:
Yesterday I was going onto Disney+ and accidentally selected my dad’s profile. His was the layout you see in the video here.

I decide to go to “edit profiles” and clicked mine. It was changed to kids profile. Why is that a feature?
The Budder Apple
The Budder Apple:
Is the Disney plus coming to ps4 and ps5 when that arrives also can you have two accounts on one subscription and watch it at the same time like Netflix because that's a deal breaker
High Ground
High Ground:
If I have a Disney + account, can I watch every single Movie from Disney (Every Star Wars Movie) for free or do I have to pay even more for certain Movies like at Amazon Prime?