Disney Plus- First Look and Walk Through

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In this video, we give you a first look at the Disney + Plus platform to show you what is available. This is a great way to get an overview of the app and see if it might be a good subscription choice for you.

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100+ comentarios:

Egg Nebulous
Egg Nebulous:
Why can’t anyone do this with Cartoon Network shows.. they literally have dozens of gems
Mr. Lawyer
Mr. Lawyer:
I didn’t know Disney owned Home Alone
Ricardo Price
Ricardo Price:
Netflix- We have a infinity war
Disney Plus- We have a endgame
The slowly releasing content turned me away lol I’ll wait til it’s all released
Yeaaa imma need a Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon plus 😂🙏🏽
Reagan Ingram
Reagan Ingram:
2019:Netflix and chill
2020:Disney plus and thrust
Not bad. But I'll wait for more content first before subscribing.
BuffaloHD Gaming
BuffaloHD Gaming:
I thought it was pretty cool but slowly releasing content it's a no go for me
o chi
o chi:
I'll wait a year once they have the Marvel tv shows available.
beyond triggered
beyond triggered:
I subscribed to get the Hulu with it. I already had Hulu so I'm getting the subscription with a $6.99 credit each month which is awesome.
Queen of Camp
Queen of Camp:
Can't wait to be able to have this in the UK!
Kaedi Khama
Kaedi Khama:
Disney sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and you can’t always rely on nostalgia not sure I’ll rush for this.
ky zman
ky zman:
Disney has a lot cleaning to do I still believe Netflix set up still better hopefully the will fixed it
Navnit Singh
Navnit Singh:
that’s it i’m gonna live in my room watching everything disney now good bye world
Michael Penrose
Michael Penrose:
I cant wait until it comes out in the UK

Many hours of my life will be spent on it
Austin Maynard
Austin Maynard:
Thanks, I rarely like videos but I heard about this and had to check it out to show to my neice and nephew what I watched when I was growing up, I already love it, better than Netflix.
pablo sandoval
pablo sandoval:
Disney turn into a media conglomerate pimp.
I just paid 6.99 to see capt marvel, end game and the mandalorian for the first time and my kids have endless shows to watch.... I love it and such a good price!
Another nail in the coffin for DVDs awww ☹
Abolish Property Taxes
Abolish Property Taxes:
4:40 How the heck are you able to scroll down? I tried on two different browsers, scrolling with the mousewheel does nothing.
Edit found how to fix it from reddit: If you do run into this, you can just resize your browser until you get a scrollbar, then scroll down to load more items.
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts:
Could you have tutorials on account sharing of Disney+?
Zachary Azzazi
Zachary Azzazi:
Does anyone know how I can access this in japan? Or when it will be available in japan?
mrjjthor Thor
mrjjthor Thor:
That's a great amount of content. Looks like I'll be subscribing to Disney plus.
They don’t own anime I will never betray Crunchyroll.
Jeremy Posner
Jeremy Posner:
I just got the subscription on Roku and nothing is playing . It says "Protected content license error " on everything when I try to play it. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue ?
Naudia Santiago
Naudia Santiago:
Will the live actions be on Disney plus
Need more marvel and star wars
Is there a section where I can see what I was previously watching, like a continue watching are?
Madra Akatsuki
Madra Akatsuki:
We’ll see how long this 6 and some change will last
Sami Leach
Sami Leach:
They have Kim possible guess I’m signing up
Liam Trump
Liam Trump:
i'll just stay with Netflix
Aurun 50
Aurun 50:
Rip all Disney’s titles on other platform
Samol Duong
Samol Duong:
I'm loving it right now. As someone who grew up watching Disney channel shows and original movies, I'm having a great time walking through memory lane. Back in the days, I looked forward to Disney original movies because they were always fun to watch. Haven't seen many of them for years, and guess what? They held up nicely. It's not just nostalgia, they were great movies.
James M. Leggat, Jr.
James M. Leggat, Jr.:
Curious a scene after Tony dies in Endgame is cut plus a few others. Key is the one where all of the characters take a knee in tribute (save Gamora, who exits) of the fallen warrior.
LeBron James
LeBron James:
I just saw like 20 movies and like 10 shows that I want to watch so bad but it’s not on Netflix
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall:
What are the different payment methods?

Netflix has something like iTunes cards, that you can use to add more credit to your account. Does Disney+ have one?
Nordic Volkan
Nordic Volkan:
Thanks for the tour. Later one you should make Disney VS Netflix video.
I think I'm going to sub to it later (in the UK) £60 for the year or £5.99 a month here. Need to see more of the mandalorian than just YouTube clips, couple of questions, am I right thinking you can also view extras like you would on a dvd/blu ray? And does it only need one sign up? Like if two people want to watch different things at the same time do we need two accounts?
80's? Apple dumpling gang is definitely from the 70's bro. Disney's been around for a long time......
anthony reynoza
anthony reynoza:
Does this work with hdr 10 tvs I dont have Dolby vision and hdr isnt working threw my ps4 so I'm wondering if its ps4 issue or if it doesn't support hdr10
Vincent Ruterman
Vincent Ruterman:
All Disney has to do is buy the rights to The Office and I’m in
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist:
Just subscribed. It’s really cool..
Dylan Dykes
Dylan Dykes:
How do you add Dusney+ on your Samsung smart TV?!?
the tech probs were 100% predictable
Corbin177 Rt
Corbin177 Rt:
Suite lif of Zack and Cody? I'm In.
Jack Robins
Jack Robins:
I have pre ordered this because I love Disney and its products. It can't come soon enough! I am so excited!
Thats funny they licensed infinity war to netflix, as soon as that agreements over its gonna be off netflix and on disney+
Thank you sir. Do they have Die Hard?
Can you watch disney plus on any of the gaming plat forms ? Like x box and play station ? and if so then when.
Who needs this when you have a Android app that give me every single movie, shows, documentary, YouTube movies and shows for free😂. I feel bad tho
V N R:
Eddies Million Dollar cookoff Cuh
Jimmy Dang
Jimmy Dang:
Hi I'm from Australia and we dont have Disney+ as of now. I was wondering how many episodes has Disney uploaded for The Simpsons 🤔😂😊 TIA
CGI Future
CGI Future:
Netflix to hulu: you can't defeat me

Hulu: no.. But he can

Honestly I got Disney plus *JUST* for the *UPCOMING MCU PHASE 4 MOVIES* I care less about star-wars(in my opinion it’s just shit)
George Azzopardi
George Azzopardi:
Just subscribed here man, how can it's not in my country, im using Netflix pretty easy here so i live in malta EU
Maurice Robinson
Maurice Robinson:
Not many people will like that you can’t binge watch and there set up is the same as Netflix it looks like. I’ll stay with Netflix
Zeeshan B
Zeeshan B:
Do they allow multi-user under one account watching simultaneously under one account like Netflix?
funny thing, I'm getting Disney + in 4 hours!! yep yep
Justin de la Garza
Justin de la Garza:
Is there a way to mark tv episodes you have already watched? It’s kinda annoying it doesn’t show which tv episodes you have watched in your favorites 🙄
Colin Smith
Colin Smith:
Can you download for off-line viewing??
I have Netflix and Hulu but I don’t really use Hulu that much so should I cancel it and get this?
i Exist
i Exist:
They have every fucking old school marvel show that has ever existed. It’s insane!! I’m going to binge watch the whole spider verse category
Nickelodeon plus is coming next!
SevenFoot Pelican
SevenFoot Pelican:
Do you have access to old Disney Channel tv shows and Original Disney Channel movies? Like The Jersey and Zenon?
Learning Thru The Insanity
Learning Thru The Insanity:
Dude totally is a shill. First off there really isn't any content on it that isn't old. They want you to pay for old content and slowly feed you new. Pass it's a scam
Do you have to pay for this because in Australia it’s not out yet
Cartoon Network should do this have all Cartoon Network old shows and have all adult swim show 🤷🏽‍♂️ cause they missing my anime 😂
Great video!
Big Dog
Big Dog:
I feel like there’s not enough in there
tricky_97 _
tricky_97 _:
So its basically useless at least until next summer
Mr. Wingo
Mr. Wingo:
Spiderman: Homecoming needs to be added. I purchased this shit to watch the MCU from Captain America to End Game
I’m not able to save my spot on a movie or show - if the tv turns off or I return to main menu - onther thing I don’t like if I start a series it doesn’t tell you what episodes you watched . I’m using Samsung smart tv 2018
Anyone else having this issue
Omar Lozada
Omar Lozada:
Tons of content, great content, but 90% of it I have already seen it during my 42 years of life, the Mandalorian and another new serie from Nat Geo are good but one new episode by week?
I will cancel my subscription and wait a few months or years before I consider it again, for new content Netflix is king.
Just my opinion here.
I had very poor service all day. Couldn't even watch The Mandalorian till late night. Well worth the wait. Almost thinking about dropping Netflix and getting Hulu with the D+ instead.
this is kinda lit
J P:
Disney plus terms and conditions are ridiculous! The terms can survive a cancellation, its ridiculous how much power they make you give them. Pure evil, go ahead and read them. They are about as long as novel. Do people even read the terms? Of course not, all they care about is the monthly cost and content. Dont do it.
Gt ZR:
Question .. can you switch languages on the movies?
Edit life
Edit life:
Don't Disany own Fox movies and tv shows? Where is it on Disney+
Not impressed tbh, yeah i want to watch the mandalorion but that’s it 🤷‍♂️ maybe ill subscribe in a year or two.
Lil Red & mommy
Lil Red & mommy:
U can’t get it with a gift card either 😩
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall:
How many profiles can you have on Disney+?
Captain Vaughn
Captain Vaughn:
PLEASE someone help me!! I bought Disney plus before they released the app. But when I'm trying to log in first put my email in okay that works fine but then it says put your password in so I do that it says that it's the wrong password. Idk what's going on please someone help
Clip Universe
Clip Universe:
Infinity war is on Netflix that’s why you can’t watch it
firestick for the win 🤣 and its free🤷🏻‍♂️
Not enough grown up content.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz:
May be for my 12year old son.
ok disney did make a netflix clone
Aeterna Victrix
Aeterna Victrix:
I watched those shows for free y’all got scammed LMAO
Mr. Wingo
Mr. Wingo:
U kno what's funny....they are selling us shit we've already purchased whether thru disc or cable/satellite....recycling. Shit reminding me of Call Of Duty series
Patsfan 4life
Patsfan 4life:
I hope Disney brings back Marvel THE DEFENDERS 😔😭
RichOffPlays S.O.G
RichOffPlays S.O.G:
I Just Cancelled Netflix For Boy Meets World ✌🏾
PQA Multimedia
PQA Multimedia:
Please fix audio in future videos.. Don't let it clip in the red!!
Heather GnD
Heather GnD:
I tried to get to the sign up page... But it didn't let me get through...idk the reason
This is soooo much better than Netflix (Britain)
Lau's Bites
Lau's Bites:
I accidentally bought disney plus thinking it was Hulu with additional add ons - I can't find anything Hulu on here- so annoyed - so dumb
Shouldn’t Disney have Deadpool since fox owns Deadpool and Disney owns fox ?
Joseph Rosas
Joseph Rosas:
Do they have the movies in Spanish too like netflix?
Calvin C
Calvin C:
What they are offering for content is terrible out of the gate. The originals will get people in but not to stick around... just like CBS with Star Trek...Pirating will be on the rise again tho with the streaming wars... Raise the black flag and plunder the open seas.
How many profiles can you have on one account?