DIY Reversible Octopus Plush


I just drew a sketch on normal A4 paper, in the proportions that I think looks nice.
I use 1cm seam allowance for all the pieces.
The glue I use for the eyes is just regular school glue.
It dries very hard, but it works surprisingly well.

Hope you find this helpful and fun. If you have any questions, comment down below.

Music by: Itro & Kontinuum – Alive [NCS Release]

Thanks for watching^^

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Maya Hernandez
Maya Hernandez:
I was watching this video and I was like “she probably has a ton of subscribers. She is really crafty.” Then I looked at the subscriptions and I was like dang! She only has 31 subscribers! She deserves so many more than that. So then I subscribed.
Tavros Nitram
Tavros Nitram:
Yay, I've been looking for a vid like this foreverI'm glad someone finally made it X3
Sampani, Duvan M.
Sampani, Duvan M.:
I'm new in sewing. I want to gift it to my girlfriend. Can the head be done without sewing machine? Also what is the fabric cloth used?
Cat S
Cat S:
I made this as a quarantine project! Absolutely adorable and super easy to follow! Thank you for making it!!
another swan
another swan:
that was very cute. don't stop there. let people see more of your creativity. go for it. 👍
UmiiChii Studios
UmiiChii Studios:
My friend said she wanted one of these so I just had to make one for her birthday thank you so much for this it was really easy to follow and the finished octopus was so cute!
do you have printable patterns? that would be very helpful
Vale Tomaselli
Vale Tomaselli:
Omg thanks. You deserve a million followers.

Muchas gracias❤
Floofie Bunnie
Floofie Bunnie:
Ok that’s straight up adorable and amazing 😋😋😋
pierożek _
pierożek _:
This is amazing girl tysm for this video make more videos wow
Violeta Amanecer
Violeta Amanecer:
Motimon (」゚ロ゚)」, es decir que lindo pulpito ❤ (^v^)
Ikhlasse halimi
Ikhlasse halimi:
Is this ur original idea cuz I've seen these around a lot lately anyway that was so cool imma subscribe 😁
Francine H
Francine H:
Absolutely love this tutorial! Just went to the store and bought some fleece to try myself!! You’re videos are so creative and have gotten me in such a crafty mood ♡
katie M
katie M:
your so talented
They are so talented! And also underrated 😲
Juliene Sicat
Juliene Sicat:
this will be my next project during ECQ!! may i know what type of cloth you used?? Thanks hehe
Gaia Colombo
Gaia Colombo:
Can you PLEASE send me the pattern for this?! I just subscribed your channel because i love this video!! It would be great!! Thank you so much
m0useware Christa Stempelmaus
m0useware Christa Stempelmaus:
I would really love to have your pattern
Natalie Chua
Natalie Chua:


Definitely trying this 👍
Yuji The Alien
Yuji The Alien:
help me know how to make my Reverseble dinosaur Plush :D
(edit) helpd
Leah Cook
Leah Cook:
Can anyone think of a way to make a turtle like this?
I am working this by hand, because I don't have a sewing machine. I have some questions, is there a group that I can join and send pictures to? I need some advice.
Drogon_ Gamingz
Drogon_ Gamingz:
Ariana Palma Velarde
Ariana Palma Velarde:
sorry, can someone tell me wich fabrics she was using? it was pretty amazing
Lily Lou
Lily Lou:
This is really awesome! Can you make a printable pattern?
I kinda want the legs to be a bit chubbier, if I change the design will that effect my plushie?
Eren Stark
Eren Stark:
Sewing goals
Jhoana G.
Jhoana G.:
Excuse me, what fabric did you use?
xXBasic Than BleachXx
xXBasic Than BleachXx:
100th like 😀
ScizzorCut Animations
ScizzorCut Animations:
I always see these things online
Osvita Vaz
Osvita Vaz:
Can you please help me with the fabric that you've used?
Marianne Leigh
Marianne Leigh:
Thank you so much! So helpful!
Thank you!!!
Cooper Balcombe
Cooper Balcombe:
charm uwu
charm uwu:
Subscribed 4 de creativity 💖!!!
Wow why arent you popular?
Martin Mandolesi
Martin Mandolesi:
Quién pensaría que recién hoy se está haciendo conocer este pulpito😆
it's so good but whats that soft cloth? what is the name of it?
Jáni Karolina
Jáni Karolina:
Hi! I really need your advice..😅 How many fabric did you use?
Hey yo so does anyone know where the REAL plushes are sold? I only find trash websites with fake deals
swarleen ghai
swarleen ghai:
Hello..What fabric did you use?
Diana Castillo
Diana Castillo:
Can I use a T shirt for this or no pls respond
Simmi Gupta
Simmi Gupta:
looks great, but why does it have 10 legs?
Gregorio Andrade
Gregorio Andrade:
what are the measures?
Miri Campos
Miri Campos:
What are the measurements of the fabric?
La Poeta Caprichosa
La Poeta Caprichosa:
Podria ser hablado el video con explicación y subtitulos en español? Gracias
Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh:
Wow 🔥🔥🔥 but it's been three years but only 415 subs 🥺 I subscribed ❤️
Pikachu 2010
Pikachu 2010:
Darlene Daneri
Darlene Daneri:
thx so much for the video
Para los que no puedan comprar el pulpo XD
Kylee Tenny
Kylee Tenny:
Does the pattern in the link habe more tentacles than the one in the video? Which amount is better
Lizeth Aguirre
Lizeth Aguirre:
Mucas grasias lo voy aser ya q me gusta mucho coser mucahas grasias voy a traer materiales para eso adios😚😚
Ana Espinoza
Ana Espinoza:
Cómo se q se utiliza alguien sabe?
Bianca Soplo
Bianca Soplo:
Love 🐙👄🐙
krisko px
krisko px:
sprout s
sprout s:
You put the face at the wrong side but this was great!
Mary Araque
Mary Araque:
No se ve nada de lo que dibuja gracias