Djokovic vs Medvedev; Zverev vs Schwartzman | Nitto ATP Finals 2020 Highlights Day 4

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Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Who's impressed you most after four days?!
Moose and Spade
Moose and Spade:
Medvedev is a fantastic strategist, I think that's the key to his success. A really, really smart guy.
So in conclusion, Thiem won by outnadaling Nadal, and Medvedev won by out-djokovic'ing Djokovic. The kids are growing up.
Justice is an Illusion
Justice is an Illusion:
Medvedevs patience is insane. He can keep a rally going for how long it's going to take him to win it, that mixed with a very good serve, great tennis IQ and unlimited stamina. Huge contender for all slams next year except for French Open.
Jeremie T
Jeremie T:
The strength of Medvedev is that he has this ‘nothing to lose’ attitude on every single point and plays the ball that’s in front of him rather than being attached to the shoreline or outcome. This is why he doesn’t appear to get nervous on big points. I think both Nadal and Djokovic both have this quality which is why they have been so successful. He also is not afraid to mix it up and play unorthodox shots as long as the balls goes in, this is why he is very hard to breakdown. He also improves his weaknesses in every match and doesn’t get angry with himself after losing matches..
ron Watts
ron Watts:
I love the fact that Medvedev doesn't seemed too impressed with his win.......this guy is the real thing, and along with Thiem is getting ready to take over from the 3 amigos (save the French O.....Nadal will be winning it till he is 50!!!!!)
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a solid performance from Medvedev! Much improved compared to last year at the ATP Finals.
Bratin Basu
Bratin Basu:
Semi-Final :
1️⃣. Medvedev ✅
2️⃣. Thiem ✅
3️⃣. Nadal/Tsitsipas
4️⃣. Djokovic/Zverev
Medvedev has impressed me most.
Medvedev is a future multi-slam champ & dangerous match up for Djokovic.
Still, you hope for a little more fight from Novak. Great job by Daniil!!
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
I really liked how Medvedev was hitting the ball. Those open strokes are a beauty in itself.
Now want to see Thiem and Medvedev in the final as they have been the best players this week
Xiasu Yang
Xiasu Yang:
I’ve noticed the FO final this year took a mental toll on Novak, he now seems disinterested on court and ready to give up any point. At least since after the FO, he looks far more interested in his stats and legacy than actually playing good tennis.
nir S
nir S:
Very impressed with Medvedev today. He's back playing like he did in late 2019.
R C:
Insane performance from Med. When was the last time you saw Djokovic lose 7 games in a row??
The tour needs more players like Medvedev
jalheel jalhe
jalheel jalhe:
8:13 is the best moment of the match, what a difference between the two amazing!
silvester porcone
silvester porcone:
Medvedev's incredible performance, I took Djokovic's victory for granted, great game.
tomorrow vamos rafa against tsitsipas.🤩
Yonas Campbell
Yonas Campbell:
Watched the Med-Djok match and Medvedev just had more intensity, right from the start. He wanted it more.
Nicolas Whitehouse
Nicolas Whitehouse:
You will notice one of the biggest weakness djokovic have is to play against a defensive player such as PCB, RBA, Gilles Simon where he is forced to play offense. Medvedev’s low bouncing, off pace short disturbed djokovic. Novak doesn’t really have the firepower to blow Medvedev off the court. You will notice Novak miss a lot of dropshot or offensive shots due to fear of Medvedev’s defense. Clever tactics and a pretty easy win for Daniil
A Random Person
A Random Person:
Here is a crazy stat for you: The last six ATP Masters 1000 have either been won by Medvedev or Nole.
Cincinnati 2019: Medvedev;
Shanghai 2019: Medvedev;
Paris Masters 2019: Djokovic;
Cincinnati 2020: Djokovic;
Rome Masters 2020: Djokovic; and
Paris Masters 2020: Medvedev
Tom D
Tom D:
Shoutout to these two commentators on the single matches today, they are the best tennis tv has to offer in my opinion. Such soothing voices 🔥.
Chris Theprophet
Chris Theprophet:
From now on Djokovic will have very strong challenge on hard court from Medvedev and Thiem. He still have the advantage on grass. Nadal is still the king of clay . Next year will be very interesting.
J x Tennis Life TV - 테니스 라이프
J x Tennis Life TV - 테니스 라이프:
Medvedev playing like Djoko in his PRIME! Djokovic still played awesome this match but Medvedev is just on fire during this tournament. and that point at 3:00 !!
Rumen Krasimirov
Rumen Krasimirov:
Djokovic may not loose often this year but when he does he doesn’t win a set 😎
Said Miranda
Said Miranda:
Daniil has some clean, high level baseline game, but doesn't have a definitive shot. That is, he doesn't hit many winners. He doesn't have a killer forehand like Tsitsipas or a killer backhand like Thiem, but with his robot-like mindset, monster serve and ability to bring every ball back, he becomes a tough, tough opponent. When he's in the mood, like today, damn. Novak was badly outplayed and looked hopeless since he got his serve broken. Beware of the russian.
Hakeem Clutchett
Hakeem Clutchett:
Really high quality tennis in these matches, very entertaining and exciting stuff ✌🏽
Chris Bissett
Chris Bissett:
Hard to believe Djokovic hasn’t won this title since 2015 😯
If schwartzman can catch a lob you know it was a bad one 🤣 7:27
Irving Alfaro
Irving Alfaro:
I feel at this point Djokovic won’t fight back unless it’s a final or a grand slam match. He’s getting older and is changing his priorities. All credit to Medvedev tho he played amazing.
It's good to see that Schwartzman made the cut, but the ATP road block above him is very solid.
Double Djokovic's games! Well done Medvedev and good luck for the tournament 😜👌🏼
I am big fan of Novak, i watch almost every match in last decade.
I will just say Medvedev is a beast. All of their matches since 2019 and Medvedev great form were close.
Djokovic was saying that Medvedev is one of his toughest opponent. Tonight Medvedev was better player, forget about excuses but Novak was outplayed and thats all.
GL for Medvedev, if he keeps this level, i dont see anyone taking set from him in finals.
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Daniil did good. Djokovic rarely loses but when he does, he does it in style.
Purple Coffin Man
Purple Coffin Man:
this is an interesting ATP finals. Medvedev had a very mediocre season, yet he won in Paris and confirmed a semifinal spot here. Rublev, who had one of the best seasons out of anyone this year, lost both of his matches and is now out of the running for a semifinal.
Giacomo Cuspidi
Giacomo Cuspidi:
Love Zverev's improved net skills as well as his New will to come forward!
Medvedev the most determined and focused of the up and comers. I see multiple GS’s for him
That's just awesome stuff from Medvedev. He's a vastly different player than he was a month ago. What a turnaround in form.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Chokevak looked really weak 😂!!!! He choked the first set away with a double fault 😂. Instead of swinging returns he tapped them back 😂!!! He looked slow... he’s getting old real fast 😂
мя xxx
мя xxx:
Djokovic's performances have not been convincing in last months when it came to overcome the score, in fact every time he found himself in that situation, he simply looked like he didn't care to win the match or at least try to win it because I don't remember he had a break point. Medvedev only needed to be solid from the baseline to frustrate novak and win the 2 sets comfortably... that's not good enough for the number 1 especially when he just got beat in a bad way by an unknown player in vienna. djokovic only makes zverev believe in his chances against him by playing like this. the only way I see him winning is if zverev let himself dominate by djokovic otherwise the latter will be out by friday unless he changes his attitude.
Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth:
As a Novak fan, I don't know what to think about him right now. It was a great year for him yet he failed to win matches he should have won. Mixed feelings really.
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna:
I feel one of the best entertaining matches now are Thiem-Nadal and Medvedev-Djokovic...
Best Reaction from Medvedevs coach, looking around, beeing like "Phuu, pretty impressive i think" 😄
Kanny S
Kanny S:
Even though I am a Nadal fan, I would love to see Thiem vs Zverev and Medvedev vs Tsitsipas in the semis.
Joel Byrd
Joel Byrd:
The fact that Medvedev wasn’t outwardly very impressed with this win is one of the main reasons he’ll be at the top of the game for a long while.
Milan Suleic
Milan Suleic:
Thiem 2.0 version of Nadal and Medvedev 2.0 version of Novak, anyone else isn't even close to their best level.
Teresa Verdiao
Teresa Verdiao:
O Russo não mereceu essa vitória o Novak joga muito mais vamos para o proximo👌😍❤🙌🎾💪👑☝
Lifemond International
Lifemond International:
Medvedev has greatly improved his game in the last 18 months. The decisive factor here, was not technical, though; it was motivational. For Daniil, the ATP Finals title would be his greatest achievement so far. For Novak, it’s just another day at the office.
Djokovic has to win his last match against Zverev in order to qualify for semis, i think same goes for Sascha as well.
Even Nadal will face Tsitsipas in a do or die match. Coming 2 days are gonna be really exciting.
May the best wins :)
Damn Medvedev is good.
See Roger, that's how you convert a 40-15 match point.
Also Zverev 140mph out wide? Outrageous.
sava tsukanov
sava tsukanov:
Medvedev deserved to get that trophy.He played outstanding tennis defeating Djokovic in 2 sets and Rafa.When he defeated Thiem it was his best victory of his life.A really strong player
Padige Srinivas
Padige Srinivas:
Medvedev is the only player who can consistently defeat Djokovic on hard courts from Nadal fan.
All of Djokovic’s losses this year have been blowouts — strange considering he’s usually known as a fighter
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
Medvedev beat djokovic..and than no he beat Any other rank 20 or 30 player .... nothing to really special to beat djokovic..
Now days it's normal routine👍👍
Well played Medvedev..again you destroy djokovic..👍
A Random Person
A Random Person:
Nole: How many balls must you return?
Lordvedev: Yes
Space Shido
Space Shido:
Medvedev develop his serve a lot to be one of the scariest serves in the tour ...and that gives him the confidence in his hall game
Hari Govind
Hari Govind:
Pleasure to see Medvedev out-Djokovicing Djokovic.
Dominic Spiller
Dominic Spiller:
Djokovic didn't look that great against Schwartzman so not surprised he lost, just surprised at how easy he was beaten. Medvedev must be in top 2 to win the title. Zverev looks lost on court, yes he won but he's struggling right now
Stefan Mladenovic
Stefan Mladenovic:
It is funny how people judge players after a bad game. Djokovic doesnt look great but he, Nadal and Federer dont take this tournaments as serious as the grand slams. They all said that also because when you win a lot espially the slams so many times your mindset changes and with their age they calculate also. It might nog be a conscious thing but believe me uncounscisly they feel this way. Let them get beat at a grand slam like this. Wont happen against any other player except the big three.
Rob K
Rob K:
Everyone saying Djokovic gave up, no he got beat, Medvedev on is a scary thing.
0:33 Classic Medvedev walking back
0:48 Classic Djokovic facial
1:17 Insane forehand combination
2:01 When you know your life won't last long...
Djoko has not yet recovered mentally from the French open loss (which he prepared poorly from a mental standpoint). As soon as things do not go well he does not care as much. Needs to regain that fighter mentality
şeytanın avukatı
şeytanın avukatı:
Medvedev won 7 games in a row after being down 2-3 in the first set
Lex L
Lex L:
You just know that Medvedev will be the next king, when he is on he is unstoppable, he made Novak look really vulnerable. You can smell the changing of the guard in the air.
Plo Koon
Plo Koon:
I've git my hopes high for Medvedev
I would like Nadal to win this year , because of that French open win , because the condition didn't suit his game but he changed his game to the colder weather
Ahmad Arya
Ahmad Arya:
Maybe this was part of novak strategy, but medvedev playing really great too
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra:
As Nadal lost to thiem last night, the best way to avoid Nadal in semifinal is by being the runner up as well.
The recent work of Medvedev is noteworthy
I'm sure he will be the next generation champion
armendariz osvaldo
armendariz osvaldo:
Medvedev´s Level its incredible.
Bhuvanesh 01
Bhuvanesh 01:
Long time since I have seen Djokovic clueless against a counter punching baseliner(an exact replica of himself).Medvedev literally exhausted the strategy of Novak.
darshan l
darshan l:
Such a nice strategy by Novak to avoid Rafa in semis
Abhishek Sahoo
Abhishek Sahoo:
Well people saying Novak was average...imo he was very solid and could have defeated any other guy..Medvedev was running and striking the ball like his life depended on this game...
Jan Fleischmann
Jan Fleischmann:
Novak getting a taste of his own medicine. He was basically playing a mirror image of his own.
Saksham Bansal Class 9 C
Saksham Bansal Class 9 C:
Mark my words, Diego Schwartzman would win at least one grand slam. *Mark My Words*
Be Musical
Be Musical:
I feel bad for Diego. It is only his height that's pulling him back. Otherwise he would have been in the top 5 easily.
ace razak
ace razak:
Surprised Medvedev won without resistance from Djokovic..Hope to see Thiem vs Djokovic after this
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
Djokovic has stopped trying as hard as he used to when he was down, he usually fights till the last point now he just kind of gives up when it gets tough
Jeffrey Kaufmann
Jeffrey Kaufmann:
I missed the days when Players were hitting the ball flat and Hard like Del Potro and Prime Federer. Medvedev and Novak both play low risk tennis with a high net clearance
Medvedev's performance is super good. Even 2015' version of Djokovic could hardly beat him.
Hussein Nur
Hussein Nur:
What an amazing performance. Frustrating Djokovic with his own style of play. He likes to play defensively and wait for the errors, now Medvedev forced Djokovic to play more offensive. I dont know why but Djokovic seemed to be running out of breath today.
trung quang
trung quang:
the fact that when he know he are going to lose the match he will try to show us something wrong with him but not overpowerd by opponent ;-) its his signature tactics
I feel like Djokovic has lost the heat and passion after the French Open loss.
Krunker Boyzz
Krunker Boyzz:
i think this is a turning point- new generation finally achieving the level of big three who are in their decline
Luis Cosme
Luis Cosme:
Take nothing away Medvedev did a great game, although it seems strategy from Djokovic not to face Nadal in the semis, he was not playing red line at this time
Din Dinozavrovich
Din Dinozavrovich:
Даня трудяга! Его скромность покоряет! Браво!
I'm glad that thiem and Medvedev are stepping up and improving. Who knows thiem might be the heir to Nadal on clay and medvedevy for Novak on hard court cuz he's quite the player on hardcourt. 3 M1000 and that us open run last yr.
Giedrius K.
Giedrius K.:
Djokovic always have problems on hard courts against guys who are quicker and make less unforced errors than him (Bautista-Agut, Medvedev), especially in the best of 3 matches. nothing is working well in those matches for him. so, looks like it will be Medvedev vs Nadal and Thiem vs .... i believe Djokovic, bespite his not good performance tonight.
Stojan Kisić
Stojan Kisić:
Since us open fiasco Djoker had been trashed by any serious player like Nadal and Medvedev, even was close to choking against Tsitsipas and tanked vs Sonego. He must change something in his game and mind if he wants to win slams.
Eric Faulk
Eric Faulk:
Everyone seems to be complaining about Djokovic's attitude, but to me he just looks relaxed. Good for him.
Kenta Yagi
Kenta Yagi:
I like it how Djokovic is mixing his game up by going to the net and doing a drop shot (especially at French Open) often instead of just overpowering the opponent at the baseline.
David Baird
David Baird:
I cant help but root for Diego. For someone of his stature he is a phenomenal player. He would easy be top 5 is he was 6ft+
Medvedev made it look easy. I'm hoping he gets the title this year.
P. S
P. S:
Medvedev is extremely good. Real winning attitude too and extremely patient since he often waits very long in a duel before attempting to hit a winner. His technique and play style is similar to a small kids who plays with an oversized and heavy racket and who kind of throws the racket to make it swing.
His tactic is definitely to slow down the game, get opponents out of rythm and then shock them by changing up the tempo again from slow to high and adding an angle.
He is a pusher, with a very strong serv and net play whos main tactic is to make opponent inpatient and make a mistake.
To beat him you either have to play a lot with angels, probably add a lot of top spin, mix up you game with adding many drop shotshots and shorter balls with hard long ones and make him run up and down the court a lot or beat him at his own game by being a better pusher than him. The French player Simon does that very well and is as much pain in the ass and boredom for Medeved to play as Medvedev is for all other players to play.
Novak has not been himself of late.. blank face with no drive.
He needs to find his upside down frown.
Medvedev however played fantastic and a well deserved win.
Nitin Chouhan
Nitin Chouhan:
With Djokovic coming to net so often in this match..i wonder if he was in top physical condition or just wasn't interested in long rallies. He could've worn down danni from baseline.
natasa pappa
natasa pappa:
That drop shot on the first set when he was fighting for his serve, cost him the match..
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
to compare with the last year loose against thiem in london, the only good thing today is ,that the match was not over 3 hour like last year. Novak is fresh for friday
Spi dey
Spi dey:
These 2 days might be the worst in Ryo shushuke's life...Thiem, Tsitsipas, Zverev and Medvedev all won ! 🤣🤣
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Medvedev plays very strong in his defense ..... actually if you hit a groundstrokes rally, Djokovic could win over Medvedev

the problem is that now djokovic doesn't want to play a long rally, he can't stand suffering .... because in addition to being rich, he wants to play as short as possible as a result he is frustrated himself because Medvedev across there is as fresh as a rock ... As if you want to go to the end of the world, you will be served by Djokovic's game, besides that Medvedev excels on a more accurate and tougher serve ...

finally the big 3 era seems just a matter of time, Nadal has lost to Thiem, Djokovic is easily defeated by Medvedev
Eric Hetherington
Eric Hetherington:
C'mon Schwartzie! All of us under 6'0 are rooting for you! For any experts out there, It seems to me, just watching on the internet, that Schwartie's ground strokes don't have quite the bite or sting that some of the top-top players' shots have. Is that just an impression based on seeing on the screen, or are the in fact slightly more defensive than they might be... and therefore the cause of some of this losses? (tho he's having a heck of a run lately!)