Djokovic vs Medvedev; Zverev vs Schwartzman | Nitto ATP Finals 2020 Highlights Day 4

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Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Who's impressed you most after four days?!
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold !:
Still searching for a comment about the Zverev-Schwartzman match
Moose and Spade
Moose and Spade:
Medvedev is a fantastic strategist, I think that's the key to his success. A really, really smart guy.
Now want to see Thiem and Medvedev in the final as they have been the best players this week
A Random Person
A Random Person:
Nole: How many balls must you return?
Lordvedev: Yes
So in conclusion, Thiem won by outnadaling Nadal, and Medvedev won by out-djokovic'ing Djokovic. The kids are growing up.
Rumen Krasimirov
Rumen Krasimirov:
Djokovic may not loose often this year but when he does he doesn’t win a set 😎
Medvedev is a future multi-slam champ & dangerous match up for Djokovic.
Still, you hope for a little more fight from Novak. Great job by Daniil!!
Irving Alfaro
Irving Alfaro:
I feel at this point Djokovic won’t fight back unless it’s a final or a grand slam match. He’s getting older and is changing his priorities. All credit to Medvedev tho he played amazing.
A Random Person
A Random Person:
Here is a crazy stat for you: The last six ATP Masters 1000 have either been won by Medvedev or Nole.
Cincinnati 2019: Medvedev;
Shanghai 2019: Medvedev;
Paris Masters 2019: Djokovic;
Cincinnati 2020: Djokovic;
Rome Masters 2020: Djokovic; and
Paris Masters 2020: Medvedev
Deep State
Deep State:
Medvedev ist truly on fire
Hari Govind
Hari Govind:
Pleasure to see Medvedev out-Djokovicing Djokovic.
Arthur Brandsteidl
Arthur Brandsteidl:
Looks like Djokovic is playing against a younger version of himself. #lookalike
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Daniil did good. Djokovic rarely loses but when he does, he does it in style.
paul hillenmeyer
paul hillenmeyer:
If schwartzman can catch a lob you know it was a bad one 🤣 7:27
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
I really liked how Medvedev was hitting the ball. Those open strokes are a beauty in itself.
Adam Welsh
Adam Welsh:
Medvedev’s only weakness is his hair
Milan Suleic
Milan Suleic:
Thiem 2.0 version of Nadal and Medvedev 2.0 version of Novak, anyone else isn't even close to their best level.
Rob K
Rob K:
Everyone saying Djokovic gave up, no he got beat, Medvedev on is a scary thing.
Vasu Dev
Vasu Dev:
Medvedev is the only player who can consistently defeat Djokovic on hard courts from Nadal fan.
Jose Barreto.
Jose Barreto.:
hey, at least schwartzman won a set
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Djokovic is slipping away
I feel like Djokovic has lost the heat and passion after the French Open loss.
salvatore mannino
salvatore mannino:
The young guns are finally starting to take over. The generation change is happening right now. Kind of sad, kind of exciting...
Owen Kim
Owen Kim:
it looks like next-gen is finally making a move this year (besides Rolland Garros lol)
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna:
I feel one of the best entertaining matches now are Thiem-Nadal and Medvedev-Djokovic...
Djokovic near the final of a fantastic carrer.
This a good player,probably the next number 1 or 2
narcyz9494 narcyz
narcyz9494 narcyz:
Looks like Djokovic in his mind is somewhere else..
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
The Octopus beat the Machine? Very impressive.
ron macdonald
ron macdonald:
I love the fact that Medvedev doesn't seemed too impressed with his win.......this guy is the real thing, and along with Thiem is getting ready to take over from the 3 amigos (save the French O.....Nadal will be winning it till he is 50!!!!!)
Insane performance from Med. When was the last time you saw Djokovic lose 7 games in a row??
All of Djokovic’s losses this year have been blowouts — strange considering he’s usually known as a fighter
Revenge for 5-0 in football
Prady Kadapa
Prady Kadapa:
Ace machine + point accuracy, high consistency +negligible errors+ strong mental strength = Medvedev. who can raise the bar beyond this ??
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a solid performance from Medvedev! Much improved compared to last year at the ATP Finals.
Best Reaction from Medvedevs coach, looking around, beeing like "Phuu, pretty impressive i think" 😄
Yonas Campbell
Yonas Campbell:
Watched the Med-Djok match and Medvedev just had more intensity, right from the start. He wanted it more.
şeytanın avukatı
şeytanın avukatı:
Medvedev won 7 games in a row after being down 2-3 in the first set
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
Djokovic has stopped trying as hard as he used to when he was down, he usually fights till the last point now he just kind of gives up when it gets tough
Björn Opitz
Björn Opitz:
Zverev losing the first set on a double fault, what a pathetic loser... oh wait, that was Djokovic. 😂
Radu Goran
Radu Goran:
I guess that RG loss still hurts... 😑 #ups
Chris Theprophet
Chris Theprophet:
From now on Djokovic will have very strong challenge on hard court from Medvedev and Thiem. He still have the advantage on grass. Nadal is still the king of clay . Next year will be very interesting.
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
Medvedev beat djokovic..and than no he beat Any other rank 20 or 30 player .... nothing to really special to beat djokovic..
Now days it's normal routine👍👍
Well played Medvedev..again you destroy djokovic..👍
Ever since Novak was kicked out of the US Open, he's been losing left right and centre...
Xiasu Yang
Xiasu Yang:
I’ve noticed the FO final this year took a mental toll on Novak, he now seems disinterested on court and ready to give up any point. At least since after the FO, he looks far more interested in his stats and legacy than actually playing good tennis.
Nicolas Whitehouse
Nicolas Whitehouse:
You will notice one of the biggest weakness djokovic have is to play against a defensive player such as PCB, RBA, Gilles Simon where he is forced to play offense. Medvedev’s low bouncing, off pace short disturbed djokovic. Novak doesn’t really have the firepower to blow Medvedev off the court. You will notice Novak miss a lot of dropshot or offensive shots due to fear of Medvedev’s defense. Clever tactics and a pretty easy win for Daniil
Yash Bhargava
Yash Bhargava:
Tsitsipas - New gen Fed
Dominic - New gen Rafa
Medvedev - New gen Djoko (or maybe something og)
smo key
smo key:
These 2 days might be the worst in Ryo shushuke's life...Thiem, Tsitsipas, Zverev and Medvedev all won ! 🤣🤣
Felix Franco
Felix Franco:
I’m just here to read what the keyboard experts have to say 😎
Deepak Rajput
Deepak Rajput:
Nadal is most successful among Big 3 against younger gen players.
Tom D
Tom D:
Shoutout to these two commentators on the single matches today, they are the best tennis tv has to offer in my opinion. Such soothing voices 🔥.
Piscator 1910
Piscator 1910:
Respect Daniil💪
Puffs Media
Puffs Media:
The tour needs more players like Medvedev
eugene the bean
eugene the bean:
Medvedev is literally Djokovic's kryptonite
QincentRusca Jr
QincentRusca Jr:
Djokovic looks really slow. Doesnt look sharp at all. Hasnt done for a while
El B
El B:
Am I the only one who thought Novak was kind of giving up at some point during the match ?
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
Djokovic needs to ditch the drop shot or it will be the end of his career...
Даня красавчик. Россия гордится тобой! 👍
Justice is an Illusion
Justice is an Illusion:
Medvedevs patience is insane. He can keep a rally going for how long it's going to take him to win it, that mixed with a very good serve, great tennis IQ and unlimited stamina. Huge contender for all slams next year except for French Open.
The DownUnder Gamer
The DownUnder Gamer:
Something felt off about the way Djokovic was playing. Seemed off balance a lot and didn't seem to be hitting particularly well.
Alpar Veres
Alpar Veres:
Since when is David Guetta the coach of Medvedev? :D
Medvedev on 🔥
George L
George L:
Djokovic has flatlined over the last month or two. Something just seems off with the Serb😕
Tennis Rules
Tennis Rules:
Beat down pretty good
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Chokevak looked really weak 😂!!!! He choked the first set away with a double fault 😂. Instead of swinging returns he tapped them back 😂!!! He looked slow... he’s getting old real fast 😂
silvester porcone
silvester porcone:
Medvedev's incredible performance, I took Djokovic's victory for granted, great game.
tomorrow vamos rafa against tsitsipas.🤩
Novak has not been himself of late.. blank face with no drive.
He needs to find his upside down frown.
Medvedev however played fantastic and a well deserved win.
Djocovich didn't have the excitement today to out-defend Medvedev.
Azad Bajwa
Azad Bajwa:
Looks like we are seeing Thiem and medvedev in the semis!
nir S
nir S:
Very impressed with Medvedev today. He's back playing like he did in late 2019.
armendariz osvaldo
armendariz osvaldo:
Medvedev´s Level its incredible.
Hakeem Clutchett
Hakeem Clutchett:
Really high quality tennis in these matches, very entertaining and exciting stuff ✌🏽
Kanny S
Kanny S:
Even though I am a Nadal fan, I would love to see Thiem vs Zverev and Medvedev vs Tsitsipas in the semis.
Swagatam Ghosh
Swagatam Ghosh:
Not a fan of Novak's attitude in today's loss. Looked like he didn't care. Rafa and Roger may lose and get outplayed but they never look disinterested on a tennis court.
Bilal Attal
Bilal Attal:
Loved the song *Unstoppable - SIA* at the end of Medvedev match
then it was also on after Zvereve's win :\
Ahmad Arya
Ahmad Arya:
Maybe this was part of novak strategy, but medvedev playing really great too
Jan Fleischmann
Jan Fleischmann:
Novak getting a taste of his own medicine. He was basically playing a mirror image of his own.
Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth:
As a Novak fan, I don't know what to think about him right now. It was a great year for him yet he failed to win matches he should have won. Mixed feelings really.
Robert Star
Robert Star:
Djoko off his game.. Medvedev even said Djoko not a his best (too many faults).
Kian Shayegan
Kian Shayegan:
Well at least schwartzman can watch Mickey mouse clubhouse for free
Antoine D
Antoine D:
Daniil! 💪
Medvedev the most determined and focused of the up and comers. I see multiple GS’s for him
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV
테니스 라이프 - J's Tennis Life TV:
Medvedev playing like Djoko in his PRIME! Djokovic still played awesome this match but Medvedev is just on fire during this tournament. and that point at 3:00 !!
Jeremie T
Jeremie T:
The strength of Medvedev is that he has this ‘nothing to lose’ attitude on every single point and plays the ball that’s in front of him rather than being attached to the shoreline or outcome. This is why he doesn’t appear to get nervous on big points. I think both Nadal and Djokovic both have this quality which is why they have been so successful. He also is not afraid to mix it up and play unorthodox shots as long as the balls goes in, this is why he is very hard to breakdown. He also improves his weaknesses in every match and doesn’t get angry with himself after losing matches..
Hussain Sarraf
Hussain Sarraf:
Medvedev could be totally smashing his opponent but still have the facial expression like OH GOD! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!
Stefan Mladenovic
Stefan Mladenovic:
It is funny how people judge players after a bad game. Djokovic doesnt look great but he, Nadal and Federer dont take this tournaments as serious as the grand slams. They all said that also because when you win a lot espially the slams so many times your mindset changes and with their age they calculate also. It might nog be a conscious thing but believe me uncounscisly they feel this way. Let them get beat at a grand slam like this. Wont happen against any other player except the big three.
Jude Clarke
Jude Clarke:
Medvedev rlly stepped up for this tournament
It's good to see that Schwartzman made the cut, but the ATP road block above him is very solid.
Double Djokovic's games! Well done Medvedev and good luck for the tournament 😜👌🏼
Good thing chokovic lost!; Especially after he said his work was done when he secured year end number one rank.
Said Miranda
Said Miranda:
Daniil has some clean, high level baseline game, but doesn't have a definitive shot. That is, he doesn't hit many winners. He doesn't have a killer forehand like Tsitsipas or a killer backhand like Thiem, but with his robot-like mindset, monster serve and ability to bring every ball back, he becomes a tough, tough opponent. When he's in the mood, like today, damn. Novak was badly outplayed and looked hopeless since he got his serve broken. Beware of the russian.
Александр Гасымов
Александр Гасымов:
Даня молодец!👍
Adaobie Writes
Adaobie Writes:
Novak as a fan since 2014 i am disappointed. I am witnessing the decline of my favourite player ever 😔 I know him well and that smile at the end is like 2017 Novak
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra:
As Nadal lost to thiem last night, the best way to avoid Nadal in semifinal is by being the runner up as well.
Chris Bissett
Chris Bissett:
Hard to believe Djokovic hasn’t won this title since 2015 😯
Nadal broke Djokovic's spirit in the RG final ! now he is too ordinary !
tom sd
tom sd:
I love this. Mid twenties players should be beating up mid-thirty players in this fashion. When Federer, Nadal, Djokovic were 25, 26, what players in their 30's could touch them ?
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic:
Djokovic from US open playing like sheet. Something happens with him.
Simon R
Simon R:
Djokovic looking bored just like he was in the first round. I guess he needs crowd to boo him so he can find motivation.
I was hoping to see him and Nadal in the final but I doubt he will be even in semis with this attitude.