Djokovic Vs Nadal - Australian Open 2019 Final Highlights

Novak Djokovic (1) Vs Raphael Nadal (2)
Australian Open 2019  |  Final

Head to Head :
Djokovic - 27  |  Nadal - 25

Last Match :
Wimbledon 2018  |  Winner : Djokovic
Semi-Finals  |  6-4 3-6 7-6(9) 3-6 10-8

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Anyone here after Nadal destroyed Novak in RG 2020
Boy, Novak cooked Nadal alive in this match
Venkatesh Krishna
Venkatesh Krishna:
i can finally let this one go
Here after rolland garros 2020
Muhamad Abdul Rauuf
Muhamad Abdul Rauuf:
Who's here after watching nadal beats djoko in RG?
Rishad D'Souza
Rishad D'Souza:
18:16 Nadal doesn't even really look disappointed here. It's just an expression of 'there's no way I (or anyone) was winning against that anyway'.
At this point it's an unfair competition. Novak has Rafa figured out. He plays to Rafa's biggest weapon: his forehand. What is there for Rafa to do once his biggest weapon is nullified? Not much.
Wiger Toods
Wiger Toods:
Rafa took only ONE point on Nole’s serve in the first set 😳
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Djoker is an unstoppable machine. The least liked of the big 3, he feeds on the negative energy and reflects it back on the court with absolute power. Having been in the shadow of Fedal for so long, Djokovic has made it his goal to surpass them all through sheer will and perfection. What an honor to witness the pinnacle of tennis.
Jin's Epiphany
Jin's Epiphany:
A R:
Djokovic at Melbourne 2019 : I'll beat Nadal losing while just 8 games in the match.
Nadal at Paris 2020 : I'll not let you win even 8 games.
Damn! First time seeing Rafa looking hopeless in a slam final... Novak’s just feeding on Rafa’s heavy topspin.
Here after Nadal avenged this loss at French Open 2020 😌🐐
Ilan Zajtmann
Ilan Zajtmann:
Nadal took his revenge today at RG 2020
Greg Aurora
Greg Aurora:
Who is here after the ATP CUP Final? By the way, this match was a massacre hhahah.
Australian open 2012 revenge taken in 2013 French open, 2019 Australian open revenge taken in 2020 French open, now wait for 2018 Wimbledon revenge,......?
Vinay E.
Vinay E.:
Battle of Legends : Total Destruction edition.
The Paris bagel is more than the Melbourne massacre.
Justin Webster
Justin Webster:
Nadal had hardly ever went into a major final in better form or in more dominant fashion in the first 6 rounds than he did here. i did think djokovic would win, but i was expecting an epic battle and thought it was possible nadal beats him. i was wrong
KING NOVAK dropped only 1 pt on serve during the whole 1st set!
Hayes Dallas
Hayes Dallas:
As flawless as he's ever played.
Shivam Summiter
Shivam Summiter:
Novak knows how to neutralize
the hhhhaooow crowd.
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Scotty's ATP Analysis:
The opposite of today! That’s why I love this rivalry, they can get the best of their opponent and be respected
Enzo Marcelo Amelia
Enzo Marcelo Amelia:
13:57 a Human Wall.
Stefan Petrovic
Stefan Petrovic:
Simply the best! ;)
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco:
Nadal looked about 3 steps slower than usual this entire match. It was tough to watch. And djokovic of course showed no mercy
The best Novak performance... Hope he can perform in the very tough 2020 ahead...
Fabio Salazar
Fabio Salazar:
Djokovic's defence was unreal. His performance was so sublime it brought me an whole satisfaction.
Malou Marana
Malou Marana:
One of Novak's best performance. Looking forward for his 2020 games 😍😍😍
Tim Lin
Tim Lin:
This is much easier to swallow after RG 2020 XD
Novak in this tournament was an absolutely monster! Im sorry for Rafa
Tuhin Subhro Sarkhel
Tuhin Subhro Sarkhel:
Today nadal completely demolished djokovic...what a sweet revenge...vamos rafa❤️❤️
Rajarshi Ghosh
Rajarshi Ghosh:
Djokovic would make the perfect Joker.
Elbert Basa
Elbert Basa:
Nole must be watching Nadal Matches on a loop EVERY time he sits down to have a meal? WTH
arpi sakarya
arpi sakarya:
Game, set and NOVAK ❤️
Samuel Arthur
Samuel Arthur:
Djokovich seems to play with common sense; he puts the ball where the opponent isn't. Nadal seemed to play too predictably; Novak could read him, where he would go next.
Nidza BlejaCox
Nidza BlejaCox:
Djokovic at his best! :D
M ksiazeNYC
M ksiazeNYC:
There is definitely no love between these two guys...
1 1
1 1:
Ramp Ram
Ramp Ram:
The most shortest match btwn this pair in grand slam esp in Final..
Jorge Smith
Jorge Smith:
Im sure Nole is the BEST!!!!!!
Fransisco Scaramanga
Fransisco Scaramanga:
the way Novak played that day,,,,,,no one was gonna beat him. what a performance. the Djoker will go down as the best ever...
Mike Woel
Mike Woel:
Djoko so strong and solid !!
Munender Bhadoriya
Munender Bhadoriya:
2 greatest players of all time and one of them eventually gonna finish as GOAT ❤️
When playing fully fit and at their peaks, Djokovic is unmatched and unbeatable for anyone, on any surface except for peak Rafa at Roland Garros. Federer plays a more easy on the eye, elegant game and is the apple of the eyes of most fans, but Djokovic has already surpassed him and will break most of his records eventually. And yes, I am a Federer fan, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the unsurpassed greatness of Novak, or for that matter, of Rafa.
Jorge Stma
Jorge Stma:
13:57 best point match !
Andrea Wolek
Andrea Wolek:
Nole 💙simply The Best 👏👏👏👊
Nick Coller
Nick Coller:
Nole absolutely destroyed nadal, because he has the highest tennis IQ. Nadal can proved himself to be the best break points winner, but not against Nole. He can win all break points against player like Grigor Dimitrov....ha ha ha!
Rituraj Srivastava
Rituraj Srivastava:
The sweetest rivalry regardless of win. I have been watching it countless times.
Semadi Sait
Semadi Sait:
Wow !
Armando Navarro Torres
Armando Navarro Torres:
Djokovic destruyendo a Nadal
Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn
Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn:
Baseline rally king vs top spin king.
Matt Halpain
Matt Halpain:
thank you for this tennis feast in this time of COVID-19
paul muller
paul muller:
9:52 the fact that he's able to get to that ball with only TWO steps and hit it perfectly is scary… And I'm not even talking about how he then changes direction and hits the next shot at the opposite side 2 seconds later. Footwork on this point is a masterclass.
Rohit Kaushik
Rohit Kaushik:
Here after Nadal demolition of Novak in French open final..
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma:
Bunthy Kong
Bunthy Kong:
The greatest ever!
Those loopy, top spin, half-court forehands from Rafa served as picnic for the Djoker, who was easily able to take high balls with his doubled-handed BH and place them around perfectly.
Paddy Lewis
Paddy Lewis:
Djokovic Did to nadal what nadal does to everyone on clay here
Brand New
Brand New:
We have to remember Nadal missed the end of the previous year with injury and didn't really train for the Australian Open. He said he couldn't have played more than three sets in the Final anyway. Great match for Novak, but an anomaly.
DOMINATION of Novak Djokovic in this game/match/set ✔✔✔
Angela Augusto
Angela Augusto:
Nadal played nicely sometimes I dont
What about happened
Luis Schamache
Luis Schamache:
For me Djokovic is the thoughest oponnent in tennis history. But imo Nadal plays more defensive against him, not only because of the serbian’s weapons, but some fear in Nadal’s head. Might be almost unconscious, but he just lacks agressiveness.
Always been a tough matchup for Rafa - spends most of the match on defense
This looks pretty much like the French open final 2020 but the opposite way around.
A E:
In watching these highlights regardl9the score we can think that rafa won actually. I explain that with the fact that rafa played great 40% of the time and the 4est of the time he realized a lot of unforced errors, a lot, really. 1nd Djokovic played really well on each single point of the match.
Carlos Rodríguez Elliff
Carlos Rodríguez Elliff:
Nole, best hard court player ever.
14:12 Gerard James Butler?
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha:
The audio sounds like someone hitting a bucket
Ербол Жумаханов
Ербол Жумаханов:
Джокович ✊🔥
Au Batino
Au Batino:
Congratulations Yeah !!!!!! Great!!!! 😀😄👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍🤗
Jobayer Hossain
Jobayer Hossain:
Yeah Novak is the king of tennis ....
Nerves, Nerves,... undue caution... If only Nadal didn't drop the ball short so often, we have a better duel in these two. Given Djokovic has the upper hand on this surface, this was unacceptable from Rafa..
Outstanding hitting by Novak wow
Qua Duong
Qua Duong:
Bravo joco ..1 of the w ..u flatten up the buffalo complete [email protected]@
- worthwhile to watch this moment spactarcular !
byungwook ahn
byungwook ahn:
abc abf
abc abf:
Destruido quedo Nadal en esta fila nunca había perdido una final en 3 sets seguidos
sharique mallick
sharique mallick:
I remember Was totally pissed watching rafa getting thrashed but then french open 2020 happened
Quizlet Answers
Quizlet Answers:
Could you possibly upload Djokovic and Thiem's match from AO 2020 if you have it. Thanks!
incessant youtuber
incessant youtuber:
Revenge is complete
6:0, 6:2,7:5
marko mirkovic
marko mirkovic:
I dont know why people argue and insult each other here they are both great players and good friends djokovic was so dominant here but there were times at other tournament when nadal was dominant soo respect to both champions ... i really like them both i dont like federrer he is a very good player but he is so arrogant .. when he is winning he is nice and all is good but when he looses he is a piece of shit
Au Batino
Au Batino:
Abhi Dass
Abhi Dass:
That grunt at 14:12....
Tanmay Bhatt
Tanmay Bhatt:
@BMoto... Spell right next time.!!!!
mohammad jabbar
mohammad jabbar:
Rafa seemed overwhelmed and a bit slower than usual too
rio verde
rio verde:
Felt like a first round match. Lol.
Gopi Krishna
Gopi Krishna:
Novak is a great player
He defeted nadal, rojar and all players in last 2 years
He will became no player in grandslam list within few days
Amrik Wettimuny
Amrik Wettimuny:
Hen they had contact with the ball it was like a drum noise
Au Batino
Au Batino:
Yeah !!!!!! 🤗👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Huy Ta Quang
Huy Ta Quang:
Nadal wasnt in a good form in this tournament. He coundt do much in the fianl match
Sid Ahmed
Sid Ahmed:
Nadal took his revenge at RG 2020. And ones again bagels djokovic
sukhman singh
sukhman singh:
12:41 any one fan of cricket??
Who's here after Novak got a bagel 😄
The Joy
The Joy:
RAFA cooked NOVAK in french open 2020.
6-0,6-2,7-5 !

Any comments now??
These two will overtake Fedfraude, just a matter of time!
Lucius Sulla
Lucius Sulla:
Love Nadal, but he got a serious case of PDSD in this one. Post Djoktraumic Stress Disorder.
look at Nadal' shots, some of them land short in the servicebox.....
Rishbah Pandey
Rishbah Pandey:
Rafa smoked DJokovic in 2020 rg finals
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
Man i see the decline of Rafa's forehand. Most shots falling short