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Dmitry Bivol vs Canelo Alvarez

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Canelo vs tyson fury? Have people lost their mind, we have weight classes for a reason ffs
Sangani Darshan
Sangani Darshan:
Dmitri Bivol has done made my day brother.You are true legend.Winning almost every round but still Corrupt boxing judges gave only 115-113 in your favour.
marc mac
marc mac:
The blue print was drawn many years ago and finally someone followed it. Congrats to Bivol!
jarrod naidoo
jarrod naidoo:
Canelo was gracious in defeat. He understood how good bivol was. Congrats bivol, you proved yourself a proper champ.
Hugo McMagic
Hugo McMagic:
Canelo Alvarez loses to Dimitry Bivol UD Canelo Alvarez does not need to fight Heavyweights, this loss puts him in his rightful place
Oscar Silva
Oscar Silva:
Bivol was too much for Canelo, it was a great fight
Charles Elkofairi
Charles Elkofairi:
Worried about Alvares here Bivol is very talented Great Fight
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Holy sh*t that's the best line ever lol !!
Im not sure if I understand the word ”upset”, but Tyson Fury beating Dillian Whyte was not a upset in my book. Anything else than total domination would have upset me, but im not english speaking so maybe I missunderstod.
The Shrunken Head Lampshade Shoah
The Shrunken Head Lampshade Shoah:
😂Dude was Dropping Truth Bombs
Leonardo Ochoa
Leonardo Ochoa:
He is a good fighter cause in Mexico it’s the first thing you learn in toddler school
tako cat
tako cat:
05:45 omfg that was brilliant LMAO i love that quote :3
Gerardo Davila
Gerardo Davila:
i´m Mexican and i was rooting for boivol, i did saw him fight before and i knew canelo couldn't stop him, great fight tbh it was way much close than i though
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Holy sh*t that's the best line ever lol !!
2:43 just casually slapping
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval:
5:47 Fuck yeah fight watch , throwing powerful upper cuts to big pharma 🖕💉💪🦅🇺🇸👍👍👏👏
Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross:
I'm crying with this commentary 😭
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Holy sh*t that's the best line ever lol !!
Louie Luis
Louie Luis:
Bivol proved the better fighter between the two
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Spot on about the jabs 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏
Jimmy Rivera
Jimmy Rivera:
Those one-liners made me a fan lol
Amateur boxing Channel
Amateur boxing Channel:
The best trial for canelo career.
razoland roullo
razoland roullo:
surprised boxing could be applied to politics.. salute to this commentator hehe
Thorjack Angosto
Thorjack Angosto:
Dmitry Bivol has seen the blueprint of how GGG exposed canelo and will try to exploit that weakness of Canelo.
Many people under estimate Dmitry Bivol. He is an undefeated World Champion. He has fast footwork and combinations. It going to be a difficult fight for Canelo.
george abbott
george abbott:
Loved the boxing, but the “truth bombs” in the commentary. Excellent
Master of None
Master of None:
He got beat like a red headed step child!!😂😂😂😂😂
😂😂The commentary made me subscribe.
Uh, commentator. The overhand right you landed on the COVID jab was classic. ROTFLMAO. Nice one. So appreciated. 😁😂🤣😭😅
Arthur Lee Lewis
Arthur Lee Lewis:
Nobody considered Fury beating Whyte an upset mate
Neil Williams
Neil Williams:
You always make me smile!
Tartan Boxing Analysis
Tartan Boxing Analysis:
Canelo needs to go back down and wipe out the Charlo sisters then fight Benavidez
Juan pablo Ortega godoy
Juan pablo Ortega godoy:
Hoy esta de luto Mexico
Demosthenes Florival
Demosthenes Florival:
Now that the undefeated Mayweather retired from boxing you may proceed Mr. Alvarez. May the best champion win tonight.✊🏾
Norma73luck Cardenas
Norma73luck Cardenas:
Canelooo!! Caneloooo!!
Carlo Ramon
Carlo Ramon:
Canelo will be ther Winner.
Andrei Nastase
Andrei Nastase:
Shame to USA for refusing to sing Russia national anthem for Bivol
Nathan Pinch
Nathan Pinch:
the commentary alone deserved the like and subscribe
Julio Ibaniaz
Julio Ibaniaz:
Why people think that Alvarez is invincible, Mayweather beat down canelo Alvarez worse than Bivol a couple of years ago , canelo did not land a single punch on mayweather. It was a lopsided fight in favour of Mayweather. He send him to school.
Allen Lindsey
Allen Lindsey:
Bro...your detailing how many jabs was so painfully 😁

The vaccinated and the unvaccinated will always have 1 thing in common
Will.ever be FULLY vaccinated
Ian Bentley
Ian Bentley:
Fury would beat both of them at the same time
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez:
I’m with CANELO 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
All three judges had Canelo winning the first four rounds? What were they smoking? And how many boxers have you ever seen in your life that weren't knocked out admit that they were out boxed? None. Canelo is a great fighter but he lost this fight. This fight will curb any possible fantasies Canelo might have of continuing to climb up the weight classes and face off against Usyk who would absolutely destroy him at a catch weight in the 180s.
Noe Dela Fuente Jr.
Noe Dela Fuente Jr.:
Love the commentator hahahah
K-Pine440 🌲
K-Pine440 🌲:
I had this playing in the background, and had to stop and turn around at that corrupt pharmaceutical company analogy.

Not used to hearing that sort of thing ha ha.
If canelo pervales against bivol and usyk even the haters must confess he could possibly go down as the greatest boxers of are time
louis daniels
louis daniels:
That is going to be a sparring.
Theodore bundy
Theodore bundy:
The corrupt one liners got you another sub. Supurb 👍
Memer Dreamer
Memer Dreamer:
I love your JAB analogy! WELL DONE! Wake up the SHEEP!
Captain Alex
Captain Alex:
tyson defeating the bodysnatcher is an upset according to you? WOW, "Fight Watch" what a joke.
Klaus Bolvig
Klaus Bolvig:
Caleb plant lay on the canvas last i looked. It took a much better and discipline fighter. To beat one of the pound for pound King. Alvarez if he had won would have said,he was an easy opponent. But nothing could be further from the truth. Bivol is perhaps the best or beterbiev but Bivol has proven his skills. And as we know Bivol was the best that day. There seems to be rematch and this will either end his reign or a trilogy will determine how or who is the the best besides beterbiev
Dom Ktz
Dom Ktz:
I have the strength 🤣
Ricardo Lemos
Ricardo Lemos:
Lol @ 05.48 like 'pharmaseutical company valuing $$$ over human beings'!?! ....what a fricken understatement n a half!?! =]
Tomas Perez Jr.
Tomas Perez Jr.:
I love the government jokes
Beta Killer🫃🏻
Beta Killer🫃🏻:
Canelo💉Alvarez By ko 7 Rounds
Angela Rivera
Angela Rivera:
Desde Chile chico saludos
Eiren Quintero
Eiren Quintero:
Canelo got taken to school
Canelo beat the Gypsy king...Ahahahahahahaha.
Su Ck
Su Ck:
Gregorio Doncovic
Gregorio Doncovic:
Бивол победил
Le Pee
Le Pee:
Click bait bro. I was looking for highlights of the fight and I get some bs.
Danny Bartlett
Danny Bartlett:
I told ya!!!! Bivol is a machine easy money
canelo will ko bivol. canelo is a complete recipe fighter..
Giselo Morales
Giselo Morales:
Canelo en el 9no. Round.tiene que estar ganando pp
por ock kout.
Canelo and Bivol do not stand a chance against T.Fury. Anyone that takes out WIlder may have a slim hope in hell with Fury.
Zhang Lingfu
Zhang Lingfu:
Boxer Trenton Titsworth was deducted two points for kissing opponent boxer Jessie Vargas during the match
Tony Trump
Tony Trump:
Canelo 100% win!!
Can B-hole gonna beat A-hole?
ertaz karbaa
ertaz karbaa:
16:40 That outfit drives me Youngstars.Quest nuts on you and you have that curvy body. You did a good job modelingm it too. Also like the last outfit 20:11.. Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and sheer top
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert Garcia:
Canalo will win there is nobody that can beat him he is the best ever
Cashino Ndt
Cashino Ndt:
More jabs than a corruption pharmaceutical lol commentating lol
X X:
Where's this very best bs you talking about?🤔
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz:
Canelo is the best
Ernesto Salita
Ernesto Salita:
Canelo refuses to fight s worthy opponent....he prepares easy fight....
The One
The One:
whose bivol I've never heard his name. canelo fighting nobodys. he shud fight known fighters
Timmy Shore
Timmy Shore:
i don’t watch this stuff my grampa says it’s depressing and detrimental to my development. 👉🙈🙉 you can’t make me watch it either.
Phi Asko
Phi Asko:
Another spam account.. no fight highlights of course. Clickbait
Karim El Zein
Karim El Zein:
No more dislike bar to see that this is BS
Jose Villa
Jose Villa:
Benevidez vs csnelo is the fight... ecuador vs mexico... canelo doesnt want to get into the ring with that killer. Hes not benevidez dad is mexican game over for
Lee Robo
Lee Robo:
wers the highlights ya title said this video was crap so is ya channel
Nothing but hype....
Those calling that shots in boxing are NOT going to let anyone from Putin's country win against probably thee most coveted boxer/fighter, as lauded by the millions of fans related to those originating from south of the U.S. border.

It's all about profits, now and into the future and this fight is perfect for that. It will benefit the anti-Russia narratives and increase the Mexican fan base, all benefiting America.
cellar master23
cellar master23:
Sorry no tortilla blood in blood out
Aloha Bama
Aloha Bama:
2000 Mules
javier ramon
javier ramon:
Que mentira pones de vídeo no hay nada
Click bait jew
Phi Asko
Phi Asko:
Trash video. Spam. Subject has little to do w content
edu caspe
edu caspe:
John James
John James:
He can beat the Russian, but no way he can match fury, he's too short , it impossible