Do Bayern Munich ALREADY regret selling Thiago Alcantara to Liverpool? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab and Juls are joined by Jan Aage Fjortoft to discuss Bayern Munich's first Bundesliga loss of the season. Bayern Munich were beaten 4-1 away to Hoffenheim with only Joshua Kimmich able to score for the Bundesliga champions. Julien Laurens and Gab Marcotti question what positions need to be addressed in the summer transfer window by Bayern manager Hansi Flick, whilst Fjortoft also addresses the fact that the player they needed off the bench against Hoffenheim was Thiago Alcantara who they recently sold to Premier League champions Liverpool.

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J Simm
J Simm:
Bayern lose one game..
ESPN: its the end .. Bayern are about to get relegated
Olu Ade
Olu Ade:
Lool, he missed up to 50% of their games last year. Besides his replacement is Kimmich
Stronger Civilian
Stronger Civilian:
Bayern will do just fine. This is an overreaction.
Last week y'all was talking about how they are flying and won't miss him 😂😂
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311:
Are they stupid or what. Bayern repeatedly offered new contract to Thiago and he said he wanted a new challenge after winning everything with Bayern.
vipin.v Pwr
vipin.v Pwr:
They just lost one game after a fantastic long winning run all of sudden this pundit started to blame dem. So funny. Bayern obviously will bounce back very next game
Akshad Chavan
Akshad Chavan:
FFS it's just one game, why is everyone so much panicking? Even Bayern Munich fans are relaxed! It happens to every single champion. The quality in that Bayern squad is immense.
Bayern win 8-0: "The Bavarians don't need Thiago"
Bayern lose 1-4: "Bayern regret selling Thiago"
ben gotti
ben gotti:
Wow, was he even a starter last year? This is a bit of an overreaction
Y’all overreact so much
It’s one game ffs, Kimmich is gonna do great in dm with goretzka
And besides if you think Thiago was the main reason they won the ucl then stop watching football
Yes he was important but in the psg game he was nonexistent
Kimmich, neuer and are the reasons Bayern won the ucl
Imaad Solomon
Imaad Solomon:
As if we wanted to sell him, he wanted to leave. Both parties amicably agreed to part ways after a 7 year relationship
Nouman Asghar
Nouman Asghar:
Bro how do they regret? He wanted to leave so they let him leave.
Edwin Felix
Edwin Felix:
Has Fjortoft's wife thrown him out of the house? He's always in his car in the driveway.
Love Forever
Love Forever:
you can tell Juls is happy after Bayern lost to Hoffenheim considering he is Psg fan
Ram Restauro
Ram Restauro:
Thiago is a gem at bayern he was there since pep was the coach of bayern, if you have players that stayed for a long time and helped the team win tons of trophies, there will be a time that, that player is willing to leave and you cant say NO to that its like putting your players under hostage like what barca did to messi
Gab fishing so hard for breaking news
mighty reds
mighty reds:
Lamptey from Brighton for RB. Wanted lpool to buy him personally as TAA will end up in midfield anyway
Shafiz Rahman
Shafiz Rahman:
dest is going to barca. They need to look for alternatives, they have great scouts sure they'll find one !
Atif Saeed
Atif Saeed:
It's a bad day at the office, doesn't mean the end of the world. You're talking about the Champions league winner's. Next target must be Club World cup
Chaoxia Xing
Chaoxia Xing:
Coman to center forward?Gab you must be drunk...🤣
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
Let see when they against each other in the quarter final ucl
Tom MM
Tom MM:
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker:
They lost one game in how many? They were tired...Bayern should get a player on loan like coutinho and perisic, it helped the starters last season...I Wana see cavani on the bench
Mustafa Cabdule
Mustafa Cabdule:
These guys acting like thiago was bayern ronaldo+messi
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.:
They won super cup without Thiago its jst fatigue wait and see them recover...most of this pundits are sick.
jason withrow
jason withrow:
no one said this when they beat shalke 8-0
Hoss Cartwright
Hoss Cartwright:
After getting Thiago for wooden nickels, Klopp has been heard singing in the shower "Santa lives!"
clo Se
clo Se:
We should try puig? Or loan jovic? May be he can help in the forward position
Yu-hi- oh
Yu-hi- oh:
This is beginning under hansi project. That's bayern they still hungry. 😂
Dauro Dauro
Dauro Dauro:
I love when Jules says clöb
Rahul Bramhankar
Rahul Bramhankar:
This season CPL final gonna be Liverpool against Bayery
Denim Kh
Denim Kh:
Aour, caminviga and thauvin would be good.
Fajrul Azali
Fajrul Azali:
but you still have his brother 🤭🤭
Mista Frankie
Mista Frankie:
They got spanked off Hoffenheim 😂
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke:
prime espn content from a car
Matheus Cerqueira
Matheus Cerqueira:
How if Thiago is already injured? The one to regret is Liverpool
Ashwarya Ashiya
Ashwarya Ashiya:
Where can I watch the full episode ? I like these discussion topics .

Thanks in advance !
Praveen VM
Praveen VM:
Nah, they're just doing great business, which barcelona failed to do with rakitic, Suarez and many more!!
E D:
When are the other Bundesliga clubs going to adopt a salary cap cuz having One club win everything is Not working in my opinion
Young Raikage
Young Raikage:
how would they regret it they had to ? he wanted out
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
Bayern has been having bad start since last season but at the end of the season they are at top
Haran Grossmann
Haran Grossmann:
What about a left back?
Then there's Phonzie Davies available at the attack, and oh boy...imagine a spear head including Gnabry, Phonzie and Sane
Where can I find the full gab & juls podcast?
not sure why people are jumping into conclusions already based from ONE bad game.

have people forgotten that Bayern smashed Schalke 8-0?

the quality in their squad is immense and can still retain their Bundesliga supremacy because Dortmund are inconsistent and Leipzig are gonna fall short due to the departure of Timo Werner.
Wictim of your own success lol love this guy
Darien Naidoo
Darien Naidoo:
Julien looks like the coach at PSG
space munky
space munky:
Bayern need to get sam alladyce in now!!!
Xxayvier The Third
Xxayvier The Third:
This is only the beginning for Bayern
They will still win the league by 10 points minimum 😅
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
4-1s Bayern lost
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
Nahh. It was time to lose after the 4 throphies in different countries last over 120min one runs on low energy. Better now than when its important
Harsh Mehta
Harsh Mehta:
I feel like Gab has some kind of an agenda against Barcelona
Kyle W
Kyle W:
Bayern have plenty of good players one player wont hurt
D.Z. B1âçk
D.Z. B1âçk:
They should have at least replaced him, you can't just sell a starter without having a back up and not replace him
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
They just played a game on Thursday and then had a game yesterday and have another game on Wednesday these guys are humans and not robots
wdym already regret just cuz they lose one game
Rene Avalos
Rene Avalos:
Hit the gym doughnut gab
Reynaldo Moreno
Reynaldo Moreno:
These Espn titles r so dramatic comen on man stop watching telenovelas
kiwi britt
kiwi britt:
1080p !!!!!
also last year bayern started like this and look what happend
Sven Rythian
Sven Rythian:
Quick answer: No
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Wy would u regret it Father Time is catching up with Thiago he’s damm near 30 Bayern got the best out of him for me it was smart to let him go
Bayern Fan
Bayern Fan:
_Thiago's_ exit would weaken every club on the planet, but _Bayern_ are still formidable.
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
Of. course!!but did they have any choice??
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
Bayern very professional club they offered thiago new contract he wanted new challenge bayern never forced player without his will to stay like barca did with Messi.
Bayern lack another quick CB.
That high line gives me anxiety.
X ray clan
X ray clan:
I mean last season the kost 5-0 to a German team but look at them now.
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
It won't be fun for the next opponent
No matter what you think about anything else, JAN ARGE FJORTOFT'S EYEBROW GAME IS UNMATCHED.
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
Chill it’s just a first match.
joy balonda
joy balonda:
😕😕, Bayern will need a strong midfielder though
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.:
Clickbait kmt; Y.N.W.A.
sujan thapa
sujan thapa:
I don't owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Guru P
Guru P:
They need some players from the bench to step up so that the main players get some rest and since they don't have a strong bench they need to sign new players asap
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
290th comment
Live Red Die Red
Live Red Die Red:
Probably win the league but they might struggle to retain the Champions League...
blur van
blur van:
there is one thing that have to know.. bayern munich let thiago go, because he said that he wants a new challenge..
also munich didn t make problems for the transfer-fee..
in this key, munich have my respect, because they showed and said how thankful they are for thiago. of course they regret loosing such a player like thiago. but they respected his wish...
well, i wished many big clubs would act like bayern munich...
RB - Robert Gumny
CM - Carlos Alena
WF - Jeremie Boga
Grandpa Vince
Grandpa Vince:
Does my grandma regret selling her favourite grandson name of grandson little billy to those slave traders?
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov:
Yeah because Tolisso clearly isn’t up to the level so if Goretzka or Kimmich gets injured there on thin ice!

Edit:With Martinez as well looking likely to Join Athletic Bilbao
Stephen Yates
Stephen Yates:
looks like the mcdonalds logo
I’m a Chelsea fan but they should buy Kova could really grow in that role
Don Quixote Jr.
Don Quixote Jr.:
Jan, Craig and Steve should get their own show moderated by Dan

Throw the others out

I don’t want punditry

I want a good laugh while people dither about football
T K:
Considering Thiago is injured for god knows how long, it doesnt seem to be anything to regret right now
Jewls with the Moncler. Jheeeze
J Simm
J Simm:
I agree it was a bad performance but taking alot of things into consideration.. there is no need for panic.. its better to lose on match day two than match day 32
Richie Rich VLOGS
Richie Rich VLOGS:
Wow one loss and all these reporters in an uproar but when they were whipping other teams to threads no one said anything jokers
Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly:
It’s one game don’t blow it over portion if they don’t finish where they want then you can question
Sandesh Chainani
Sandesh Chainani:
Thiago made his mind up a long long time ago🤦‍♂️ nothing Bayern could do🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
subtropical ken
subtropical ken:
About a year ago I seem to remember Stevie saying Thiago didn’t impress him when asked about who BM might sell. The last two games BM passing has been inaccurate. Plus I am sure flick is juggling the lineup given the hectic schedule. Can’t win them all. Besides everyone has been wanted a competitive league. Well?
It's a one team league. Bayern aren't worried. Behave yourself
Simon A
Simon A:
He's played 45 minutes and is already injured so probably not.
Don Juan
Don Juan:
Kimmich/Goretzka = Balance, focus Attacking

Thaigo/Goretzka = Balanace, focus defence

Thiago / Kimmich = Best douple pivot in the worl.
Scott Gainey
Scott Gainey:
Why is he in his car?
Nikola Jevtic
Nikola Jevtic:
What would they do with the money that they have? Did it ever occur to you guys that they have no money? That there is a global pandemic and people are not buying tickets any more?
One game and the are after them.....cmon guys
Magsen Bush
Magsen Bush:
Why regret it , it was his will to leave they tried to convince him to stay , but he wanted new challenge so it’s not their fault to regret it
Mark Law
Mark Law:
No one is talking about how Klopp's training injures players.

They both impressed in their first couple of appearances until their first core training. Klopp even said it himself.
Curtis Legall
Curtis Legall:
Hope Bayern buy Suat Serdar.