Doctor Fact-Checks PLANDEMIC Conspiracy

Hundreds of you have requested that I watch and respond to the Plandemic movie ft. Dr. Judy Mikovits, recently published on social media. I decided to check it out and respond point by point to the biggest claims the conspiracy theory movie makes. Please be respectful in the comments as the goal is to have a fruitful discussion.

Natural Evolution:

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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski

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xXDark_Elf Xx
xXDark_Elf Xx:
Poor Dr. Mike looks so stressed out and pissed off.
Video Game Drummer Productions
Video Game Drummer Productions:
2-5 years from now, when this crisis is over, I'm coming back to screw with all of the horrible people in this comments section.
BR Manning
BR Manning:
The state/devolution of the American health makes much more sense after listening to Doctor Mike
Reese Puncher
Reese Puncher:
I’m a doctor and I can tell you I have no clue what is going on
"I am not a detective"

10 seconds later

"Fauci did not pay off anybody."
peter nelson
peter nelson:
I’m more interested in the videos that have been censored.
My first thought was “and he was wearing glasses. To show that time had passes.”
I just wait to see where the profits will go after the creation of a coronavirus vaccine... but I'm pretty sure that some people will become richer than ever
Stacy Family
Stacy Family:
Doctor Mike can you do a video on WHO and CDC and are they corrupted?
9:48 I want to see all the grants given to other labs besides Wuhan, and for how long has Wuhan been receiving grants from the US.
Just saying we give grants doesn't prove your rebuttal.
You said you are going by facts, then you need to show some.
Doctor Fashion
Doctor Fashion:
deng ! Doctor Mike is at 5.6 million subs! wow ! last time I looked at his sub count it was at almost 3 million .... His channel grew so quick ! I know for sure his student loans are paid off at this point lol...
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh:
You did not address the part where she mentions she was arrested without cause. I was curious about that part
Tyranno Strike
Tyranno Strike:
dr Mike, ur def wrong, the virus is just from the area 51 computer playing plague inc 🙄🙄
Front Row Seat
Front Row Seat:
It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled .
- Mark Twain
hoppy hopster
hoppy hopster:
This is a good no-nonsense and fair evaluation of some conspiratorial rant, and Doctor Mike deserves credit for the work put in to this. The conspiracy theorists and publicity seekers do great damage with their moral panics and hateful rhetoric. A sober and reasonable critique such as this exposes them for the fraud they are.
Mr. Cash
Mr. Cash:
People when criticising China on the coronavirus: it’s a genetically engineered bio weapon

People when being asked to put on a mask: it’s just the flu bro
Carlos Rojas
Carlos Rojas:
I'm here to count how many people are going to quote mark twain 😒
Pete Laric
Pete Laric:
An interesting and informative analysis. I am dubious, however, of the claim that "nobody is being pressured" to add COVID to diagnoses or death certificates. That is a rather sweeping statement. There is a hospital in a small town where I used to live... The administration is corrupt as hell. There is one doctor who diagnoses every patient with sepsis, regardless of symptoms, because it somehow makes more $ for the hospital. This hospital doesn't have a cardiac ICU, and can't really do anything for heart attack patients, who must be transported to another city an hour's drive away. But this little hospital insists that all myocardial infarctions get transported to them FIRST (so they can bill for receiving the patients), even though they can't do anything, and the patient inevitably gets shipped off to the city anyway. This costs precious time during which blood flow is cut off from the heart muscle, and undoubtedly has worsened outcomes and probably caused numerous deaths. While the intentions of health care professionals may be noble, administrative policy cares nothing for the individual and may in fact be designed to prioritize the institution over the individual in many cases.
Philip Gouldman
Philip Gouldman:
Brilliant. So detailed, Well articulate, you approach things rationally, scientifically and logically. Your summary at the end was perfect. Bravo.
11:14 explain the recent news about the cdc coronavirus numbers?
The adventures of Rylie and Ariella
The adventures of Rylie and Ariella:
It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled .
- Mark Twain
Chrissie Small
Chrissie Small:
Immune markers: there are no sign of the usual immune markers for covid 19 after 3 months in a recovered patient.
Milan Filipovic
Milan Filipovic:
"Wearing a mask activates your own virus"
I actually laughed
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin:
Well. One thing is certain. That shirt went in the bin shortly after this was recorded. Fact or opinion? 🤔😉
She advocates her opinion because it happened to her
Ms. Ming lifestyle
Ms. Ming lifestyle:
Real scientists will never say anything is sure. We talk probabilities. That’s why we study type I and type II error...
A B:
Bill Gates tried to patent a lemon!
David Montroy
David Montroy:
I live within 3 miles of Fort Detrick, in Frederick, MD. They have had numerous complaints against them over lax security issues, despite being a literal US Army base.
"Im not anti vax" yet 31:36 is in the video. I wonder why they cant get their story straight.
I think the working title for "Plandemic" was "The Appeal to Authority Fallacy." Cuz literally that is what it is. They got people with expert titles and have them say things with no evidence because all the evidence they need is the person's title.
I can tell how angry he is because of how much sweat he’s producing lol
Chris Hart
Chris Hart:
If someone is injured or worse from a vaccine, why can't the victim sue?
Having watched the video before it was taken down and watching this reaction, I can understand the difficulty of being factual. No matter what proof you have, if at least a decent sized group disagrees, you will be wrong. This isn’t a bad thing normally! What makes this bad is people are not willing to learn and update their understanding on a subject they are unfamiliar with.
@4:20 if 95% was sitting and collecting dust, why was that happening? Why the Govmnt didnt make sure it is used . Instead they make a bill so that private companies benifit from this.
So essentially Govmnt and opposition party unanimously let the tax payers patents sat and collected dust - which they are supposed to make use of in benefits of people .
And then told everyone ohhh its sitting and collecting dust. why no one questions ? because its a unanimous decision and it favor who ?
This is a joke. People are so stupid they deserve what they getting.
Its like saying, kids dont eat homemade food so we are going to make the home a restaurant ?
Dude, you are dumb beyond belief.
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ:
Lol, at around 23:00 "We have hundreds and thousands of pages of data showing this.." I was just thinking like the lady copy pastes one study a bunch of times, dusts off her hands, and clocks out. Then, like The Simpsons intro, a vial of super sick blood flies off her table and into the hood on her jacket.
Chiropractor: “I don’t understand why doctors like me aren’t banding together”
Dr. Mike: “This *chiropractor* needs to look inside a hospital”
Figures released today Sept 17 by Public Health England reveal the number of people without underlying health conditions who have died in England from Covid between February and mid Sept is 307. What the hell? That’s all? What the hell are we doing wrecking the economy for this small number? You might as well stop all the traffic in the country because there have been people killed in road accidents.
Trying to convince everybody that evil toad Bill Gates is a really a good guy has to be the toughest sell there is. I’d be sweating too.
Naren Renju
Naren Renju:
Who else laughed their head off at 32:30 but felt weird because of how serious Dr. Mike was.
Bluetonium Mike Gambo
Bluetonium Mike Gambo:
The barrier to the truth is the belief that you already have it.
Stel Toronto
Stel Toronto:
It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled . - Mark Twain
Guy Dunning Jr.
Guy Dunning Jr.:
So this so-called meds supply can't be ramped up
I think I found Wally.
James Maybury
James Maybury:
Fascinating to watch his emotions,
“I’m being pressured to write Covid”. He replies “no one is being pressured”. !!!
If you were addicted to a happy imagined view of life, this is called the ‘denial’ stage
Pillowww_ -
Pillowww_ -:
Every time an extreme claim is made with little evidence drink
John Wick
John Wick:
I'd love to see you interview Dr. Mikovits. That would be the litmus test.
G Myers Gilmer
G Myers Gilmer:
If staying at home and flattening the curve worked then Finland and Sweden would not be vastly beating our numbers in their very minimal cases.
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez:
Facts=sweaty pits!!!
Michelle Green
Michelle Green:
Shes dead right and she speaks the truth the masons know this
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez:
I feel like we are all questioning things in our world rn for a reason. They did say 2020 was the year of truth 🤷🏽‍♂️
ILikePickles 18473203
ILikePickles 18473203:
Mike, remember

*Alert not anxious*
Creates statistics
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry:
In about 25 years I won't be here but I would love to hear your views on this very subject on reflection.
I feel bad for doctors they go to school get a medical degree than people who use Facebook tell them they are wrong and evil when they aren’t the ones being tricked by a Facebook post
loydianne torres-berrios
loydianne torres-berrios:
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"...
Then you are swimming in the same fog we all are...
Aishwarya Raghuvanshi
Aishwarya Raghuvanshi:
Since she started providing "facts", I kept repeating: Correlation does not equal to Causation!
Anna Paperscribble
Anna Paperscribble:
Great video as always dr. Mike! ver sorry for all of those people who seem to first form an opinion and then look for facts to back that up rather than the other way around
Kathlean Keesler
Kathlean Keesler:
After listening to you twice, I've only this to contribute Operation Underground Railroad wth Tim Ballard Sent from Santa Cruz Calif
Tim Leindecker
Tim Leindecker:
I would like to form my own opinion, I'm 62 years old I've grown to trust my own judgment. I would like to watch this documentary, why is it censored? What happened to the First Amendment? I see right through what you are trying to do. Follow the money
Christian CdeB
Christian CdeB:
Italy also had a lot of Chinese workers working in the fashion industry sweat shops who were traveling back & forth to China.
Morgan Musick
Morgan Musick:
I watched another reaction video to this by another dr, and he was basically like “y’all are all a bunch of effing idiots for watching this or believing any of it.” So, Dr. Mike, I appreciate you actually going thru it & not calling anyone an effing idiot for wanting to hear your take. Because a lot of us don’t wear a tin foil hat on the reg & also don’t have a medical background. So, it was nice for someone who does have a medical background to walk thru it while also not calling you an effing idiot for simply being curious if any of it was true.
ke ke
ke ke:
Why did they try to ban hydroxychoroquin? Are they manufacturing more of it? Things to think about.
You are gorgeous.
James Dicus
James Dicus:
There is a principal which is a bar against all knowledge, which is proof in all arguments, and which will never fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance and that principle is contempt prior to investigation
Dude how can you say Gates doesn't make money on the crisis? You really think he gives out Billions from the goodness of his heart?
Irad Flores
Irad Flores:
Dr. Mike's serious voice gives off that Dad type, "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" vibe.
Jennifer Brenner
Jennifer Brenner:
Wow, I anticipated saying it was leaked from a lab and Wuhan period not originating in the United States. That's absolutely absurd
Deborah Casey
Deborah Casey:
I'm waiting for the Dr, who's fact checking, to provide evidence refuting the pandemic Dr's claims!
Slav V.
Slav V.:
You're not exactly doing a great job disproving her claims. You're defining certain terms and sharing your opinions.
The Perfect Bidoof
The Perfect Bidoof:
33k dislikes... WTF ARE PEOPLE DISLIKiNG?!?
Bring Judy on for a one on one, head to head. That would be spectacular! She has stated many times she would like to sit down and talk science. Do it Doc!
15:55 Dr. Cameron Kyle-Slidell worked as a first line ICU doctor in the early stages and tried to help with his video.
He was taken out of context by Plandemic. It’s disgusting how they used his message for their paranoid agenda.
Also, I think Dr. Mike is a bit off in his assessment of this clip. Maybe Kyle-Slidell was/is into something. There are plenty of covid patients who report symptoms similar to hyperventilating (suffocating while breathing) without having more severe effects like glass lung or pneumonia. In any case, Kyle-Slidell is one of the heroes who had to watch multiple of his patients die under his care and did his absolute best to help. It would be hard to imagine he doesn’t know how to use a ventilator.
Conor Ellis
Conor Ellis:
Interesting video! Its good to see multiple perspectives discussed.
Anthony W
Anthony W:
Why is this so edited? You can't even get out two straight sentences without reading a script?
Charlie Ferry
Charlie Ferry:
The Defense Department subsection of our CDC identified the SARS-CoD-1 in late August, then it mutated to the airborne variety, known as SARS-CoV-2 around mid-October. Trump and his cabinet were briefed on the threat of a novel global pandemic, which might be worse than that which was put in place during the two terms of Obama to handle outbreaks like ebola. Trump turned a deaf ear. Most of his cabinet at the time is no longer his unpaid interns. Trump demonized Obama and shut down the funding for those US government agencies and staff. Many thought Obama was the antichrist because of his skin tone. Many demonized him for having about one quarter to one-third of the cabinet of former President Obama for being Republican hardliners. The question is, why? Many thought Obama had no legitimate or lawful right to run for the Oval Office. Trump had to fill out a job application, filed before the end date with our US Office of PERSONNEL & Management in order to submit to a background check by the FBI IRS DOJ NSA, etc that Trump cries out about being an ongoing 'witch hunt' conducted by this 'deep state' known as non-partisan (under the Hatch Act) United States governing bodies under US government authority and occupying US government posts. At least all those Trump has not yet fired to cover up his wanton acts of high treason since the 70s in money laundering for the Kremlin, and collusion with the Kremlin in election 2016.
Radhika Goday
Radhika Goday:
Roses are red
Let me tell you the scoop
You know it is serious
When he doesnt say Pee woop
Liv Bøgh
Liv Bøgh:
Could you please do a part 2?? They recently made a plandemic 2. :) warning, it's even more crazy.
This Old Boat
This Old Boat:
And when government incentives go into a hand that hand turns crooked real fast!
Lyndon Davis
Lyndon Davis:
Where is MY money from my taxes that makes this innovation thrive?????
Just Sami
Just Sami:
Thanks for the sheds light in a lot of false info.

However, according to some doctors in France & Belgium, in your answer about hydroxychloroquine (20'20") you purposely mention only when it does not work and not when it works. The treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycine works but you have to respect certain elements (respect a certain dosage, state of advancement of the infection,...) and has been tested in Marseille on over 3700 patients (at IHU). Thanks to that, they have one of the lowest mortality rate in the world.

How come you do not have access to those info in the USA or do you turn a blind eye on it?

In addition, I came across a disturbing video :

I verified the facts but I could use your view on it. Especially, if you can manage to share an approximation of the Infection Fatality Rate (real simulation) of Covid19 and not the Case Fatality Rate shared by the media.

Indeed, the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is the total number of death divided by the total confirmed cases (which we do not know because the everyone has not been tested). As opposed to the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) which is the total number of death divided by the total number of diagnosed or tested positive.

The total confirmed cases is always higher to the total number of case tested. Higher because there will always be the asymptomatic who will not get tested because they don't feel/see the or realize the need to get tested. Therefore the IFR will always be lower than the CFR.

As you can guess, all media share the CFR which varies (place & time). In march it was 0.2% in Germany and 7.2% in Italy. In August it was 14% in Italy, 1,8% in New Zealand and 4% in Germany. But in reality if we have an estimate of the number of case worldwide and not taking into consideration only the tested, we could have an estimate of the IFR and which would probably be more realistic. We could be closer to the 1% or less.

Do you have any date on the IFR estimate?

In my opinion, this should make taking decisions relative to forced vaccine, shutting down the economy, etc. more easy.

Moe Money
Moe Money:
People believe what they want. There's this thing called Cognitive Dissonance which no matter how much evidence you present will not allow you to sway them. I will say this however, profiteering aside, it is fact that governments have purposely mislead the population for reasons that fulfilled whatever objective they have or had planned. That being said we have no idea if any of the evidence we are given or have access to is accurate. Please people stop being sheep. If it doesn't make sense or add up odds are you're being mislead. Don't be afraid to question the establishment.
Michelle Green
Michelle Green:
why should we beleave you
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze:
When winter arrives and everyone has the common cold. Wouldn’t it be funny if all those with colds have coronavirus
Mr. T
Mr. T:
Trust no one
Anna Roma
Anna Roma:
I want to see more vlog about bear or roxy😊😊
You know Dr. Mike is serious when his armpits start bleeding.
Estefanía Boninni
Estefanía Boninni:
Alguien español?
Jimmy Beam
Jimmy Beam:
Ok once you spoil your immune system thenn get dependant on outside assistance it is like grabing an axe for the first time'''you WILL get blisters and pain, i am abiochemist yet i know the human organism better than thesez?¿?¿
Laura Gafer
Laura Gafer:
Are we going to be forced to be vaccinated? Is that idea part of the Conspiracy Theory?
If someone has a HEART ATTACK they did NOT die from COVID.
Having COVID or the FLU does not mean you automatically have severe symptoms and/or will die from it.
A Heart attack is pretty obvious unlike just testing Positive for COVID.
Counting it to the COVID death toll is a FARCE. The fact you support that is sick.
America is suffering from a Pandumbic, Just saying.
This comments section do be full of conspiracy Karen's though
Erik Gut
Erik Gut:
The only real fact I know pertaining to all this is that I watched the video on bitchute a totally different platform, didn't use Google search engine or chrome to get there, at any time.. yet somehow since that viewing things regarding that video keep being suggested on YouTube.. the analytics are so extensively monitoring phones these days it doesn't matter which search engine or browser..maybe it's the keyboard they monitor aswell.. it's just creepy tonne that since that viewing all the suggestions are those in an effort to debunk the interview.. Seems alot of effort being out into singling out so-called quackery conspiracy.. there are so many conspiracy theories about this,yet this gets special attention over many of them..I'm not judging either way just commenting on what is see aside from the actual content.. sometimes when wading thru BS and conjecture it's ezr to look at simple facts..How.mamy rural cases were there before an urban case? Any? This type Animals(zoonautical spillover yes??) don't live in the city.. so why are there no rural cases been recorded before the outbreak in the city? As this is how SARs was spread, from a farmer to rural clinic staff then to hospital staff in a larger town.. that was also zoonautical and there were traceable pathways. Yet here it goes back to a mkt..then stops?? Were these animals born there? I'm just asking the simple questions..🤔 these are never delved into. I have few theories like many others and this incident will.most likely stay just that theories..a vaccine released,everyone will take it and it will be forgotten about because of people want to get back to being able to forget it ever happened. It's only a subject now mostly cause it's part of necessity, once there a vaccine it will become irrelevant hence the origin irrelevant with it..
Not theories, they are hypothesises.

Nitpicking a little bit
Diane G
Diane G:
Does the RAT gene sequence occur naturally??
Dina Zwitscher
Dina Zwitscher:
7:13 QUOTE OF THE DAY "Unless you show me evidence [...], everything you're saying is just... It's just your thoughts. And while your thoughts are great, they mean nothing without facts". 😱 That was an amazing way to call something bullshit. You could be an excellent politician.
jillian douglas
jillian douglas:
This documentary made me so angry. I can’t even rn
Marquice Moore
Marquice Moore:
He’s sharing “INdoctorNation” 👀
DLB Dirty Little Bastard
DLB Dirty Little Bastard:
@DoctorMike Why do you think the USA has had more cases of COVID-19; (as of September 7 2020), than the entire Continent Of Asia?
Go to newest first to see some clowns.