Does Donny van de Beek still have a future at Manchester United? | Good Morning Transfers

The Good Morning Transfers panel look at what players may leave & join Manchester United - and whether Donny van de Beek has a future at the club.

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J haych
J haych:
Everybody knows he will play more next year when pogba leaves, but he needs time to settle and is a great squad player for a great price.
If they don't talk about man utd everyday, these guys will be unemployed. Fact!!!
Dylan Gill
Dylan Gill:
Of course he does. Look at Fred. £50m and barely played under jose for the first period. Then he settled in, and now look at him. One of our most crucial players
James McGirr
James McGirr:
I believe he does, He’ll be the long term replacement for Paul Pogba
People saying martial after he won our players player of the season last season 🤣🤣
Mason Welsby
Mason Welsby:
Ofc he has a future , he’s not properly started yet
Ibrahim Mahmood
Ibrahim Mahmood:
Imagine asking if he has a future when you know he will take Pogbas place. What a bunch of clowns
Does Sky Sports still have a future without Manchester United?
isa 777
isa 777:
Shut up ofc he’s staying
Suyash Tyagi
Suyash Tyagi:
Even Fred struggled in his first year, but look at how he restarted his utd career last season , we need to patience with donny and I have no doing he'll be a great player for us in the future
K. Davis
K. Davis:
I don’t think people get squad depth
Hox1nator 123
Hox1nator 123:
Manchester United Clickbait once again👍
Adam Doležálek
Adam Doležálek:
Imagine thinking that he needs to leave when Pogba will be out of the club in 6 months and he will take his place in starting lineup.

Use your brain (if Sky's emloyees even have one that is...)
66 Smedrock
66 Smedrock:
I’d happily take him at villa and drop Barkley all day.
He's been at United since September. Last time I checked, you needed strength in depth to win a league. Why would they sell a player like him after a few months because he cant get in past Pogba, Matic or Fernandes? Bullshit media shite as per ...
Fan of one of United rivals so have no real horse in the race but this negativity around Van de Beek is madness, Sky Sports channelling it’s inner The Sun with this headline.
hurts me to watch this after getting so happy about him coming
My boy beek just joined and they're on about if he has a future.. wth
Zaid Awad
Zaid Awad:
Marlon Dalli
Marlon Dalli:
He needs to get more game time
The guy with the dreadlocks looks like sterling's older brother 😂😂😂

Tell me am wrong
Aaron YT
Aaron YT:
This season Ole or anyone didn’t expect United to do this well. They doing so well why change the team drastically to a new player. If we were where Chelsea and Arsenal is, VDB would’ve played a lot
a random guy
a random guy:
I reckon Ole knew Pogba was going at the start of the season and that's why Donny is happy because he knows he is there to replace him and once Pogba is gone he will get alot more game time
Looks like Jaydee has been picking up tips from Gary ‘at this moment in time’ Neville.
1341141 N4JI13
1341141 N4JI13:
He Had Enough Time Start Him More
Football Picks
Football Picks:
its such a simple solution, take Mctomminay out and put VDB in!
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic:
Uh Y.E
Uh Y.E:
When will the man united clickbait stop? 🥱
The Names Lav
The Names Lav:
It’s already been addressed by player, manager & even van der sar. Shut up man
Matt Quinn
Matt Quinn:
Oh my god shut up he’s been here six months
Football Universe
Football Universe:
Just to remind you, Manchester United is a brand.💯
lokesh kumar
lokesh kumar:
I just want Ole to retire at United like SAF. I am just happy with the energy be it we win or loose.
Mark looks like a character who should be on MovieStarPlanet
Thiha Aung
Thiha Aung:
Bro, he just moved. Give him some time. Fred took nearly 2 years to settle
mark taylor
mark taylor:
Are you serious?? He's been here half a season and there are still players like mata and lingard around. He's also been really average. He's going nowhere for now. I guarentee it.
His time will come next season
Hsiang Terk Lee
Hsiang Terk Lee:
Man United don't just invest 35 million on a player just to have him sat on a bench?
Donny van de Beek?
Tahj-Rae Gordon
Tahj-Rae Gordon:
As of a next few matches he will make manu in good contention for the title
Yes he does. Typical overreaction 🙄
Nate Pete
Nate Pete:
Lol he’s just been there for few months, he’s not a Saviour why everyone rushed on him so much ?
Oran Taggart
Oran Taggart:
I think he’ll be starting next season
Kane Cass
Kane Cass:
When we have to play Thursday and Sunday he will play more
fuck the cabal
fuck the cabal:
go buy de ligt from juve and trippier then we’ll be solid
Worth A Look
Worth A Look:
Playing for Ajax and United are two different things. He will be a great player but must hide his time which I’m sure he will do 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Preetam Bhowmick
Preetam Bhowmick:
Nice to see Raheem Sterling on the show
david Okk
david Okk:
Martial wow ok
Luke Ezzard
Luke Ezzard:
Guy on the left at the beginning looks like his mum just caught him knocking one out.
Of course he does. You can't just have 11 good players. I think martial could be moved on for a large fee and replaced with a better goalscorer.
Roger Roomes
Roger Roomes:
I would go after Ramos right away and give him a 2 year contract plus bonuses should we win
ro ry
ro ry:
He deserves game time hes a genius on the ball from his days at ajax
Oli Storrer
Oli Storrer:
I hope youre right, however look at what happened to Depay..
Nattyb Kifle
Nattyb Kifle:
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen:
Man Utd has done it again! dunno how they manage to turn class players into shite
Pogba and Bruno quiet vs thiago 😉
Chef Jeremia Mueze
Chef Jeremia Mueze:
We need to change a coach
Joga Bonito
Joga Bonito:
Hasn't been there a season and now you're talking about no future.
Daniel Munroe
Daniel Munroe:
Donny will play when pogba leaves imo. Hes a fantastic player and will rip it apart when he does finally get in the team.
Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum:
I have a future at Man United....
Yash Bhushan
Yash Bhushan:
If Pogba Leaves You’ll have your answer and trust me ole would know this too.
aaditya goyal
aaditya goyal:
Does Laporte bought for twice the money still have a future at City?
Thomas muller: at united they have donny van de bench, you know donny van de bench
Hrishikesh Bhaumik
Hrishikesh Bhaumik:
Jaydee picked up his shoes from the female section.
Marcus CHIN
Marcus CHIN:
Keep Donny and give him more time to show his skills and commitment.
Harry Parker
Harry Parker:
At least one of you four can say his name right
Fuego Lord
Fuego Lord:
He hasn’t even been here for a full season, what sort of question is that?
only been there 5 minutes and united want rid already
Timothy Rice
Timothy Rice:
I ain't really that keen on Anthony Marsial. He never looks happy, and he really ain't getting alot of goals this season. We need too score more goals, we can't keep winning by one goal.
No one
No one:
I think even if Pogba leaves, van de Beek will always have to fight for a place in the first 11 'cause we'll probably buy a new midfielder.
I want this job
Chef Jeremia Mueze
Chef Jeremia Mueze:
He plays him for 3 minutes
Jamielee Jones
Jamielee Jones:
Sell martial? Are you on crack?
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
Where would be Sky Sports without Manchester United?
Jake Fischer
Jake Fischer:
martial is way too inconsistent it pains me to watch him mope around the pitch
Naina Hussain
Naina Hussain:
Ole why won't you play this great player please Ole I have always want him to play and he has big potential.
Isaiah Gere
Isaiah Gere:
I laugh at these fools saying VDB should be playing week in, week out. Look at Fred, look at lindelof, look at greenwood. Ole knows how to manage players. let the coach ease him into the team. Trust the process, stop distracting the players
The moment one of our midfielders get injuried
He'll get his chance and nvr get out of the team
Maybe swap him with fred idk
Michael Chisholm
Michael Chisholm:
I think they bought him to replace Mata who's getting on a bit now.
Khalifa Ashiru Danliman
Khalifa Ashiru Danliman:
Well fred also didn't have a future last 2 seasons but he is a starter now.
Kawooya Alex
Kawooya Alex:
I dont think he will get s chance . This happened to morgan schneiderlin when he moved from southampton .
Adam Cox
Adam Cox:
Hated, adored, never ignored. Glazers out! Donny in!
The Doctor
The Doctor:
It’s been half a season, I believe donny will get some more game time and thinking that he should leave is a bit extreme because of the amount of time he has been at the club
Nik Boyle
Nik Boyle:
Nothing happening in the football world so just making up bollocks as per usual
Oneman Oneman
Oneman Oneman:
Just want Haaland sell who you want just get him.
Man like Potter
Man like Potter:
The simple answer is no
Aaron T
Aaron T:
What kind of nonsense is this question?
Shan Loveablegentleman
Shan Loveablegentleman:
why not sign another 34 players
phuntsok namgyal
phuntsok namgyal:
declan rice ,grealish in ..matic,lingard,jones,james,...if we can get a good right back then vander beek out
TZ Fun Channel
TZ Fun Channel:
Sky sports United Fc
Natural VybeZ
Natural VybeZ:
Lol calm down Sky
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom:
Yes it takes time to setteldown for some players look at nabi keita its his 3rd season with liverpool but still he has not nailed down his place in the starting 11
Donny is going to be an excellent player for United.
james hickey
james hickey:
No future for Donny van deek I reckon he will get back to Ajax
Janjua __
Janjua __:
Shocking if he hasn’t
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
Hopefully he starts the next 2 games.
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia:
Liverpool have keita, AOC on the bench never starting and they cost more than VDB, arsenal have people, man city had Bernardo Silva who cost 60m as a squad player. Chelsea new singing have been on the bench
Calm down, he will get playtime. Just need some time.
R R:
i would have spent a lot of money and sighn haaland and sancho.I would sell pogba