Doja Cat cancelled on Twitter! | Lana Del Rey calls out Beyonce, Nicki, Ariana, etc.

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Bryce Morton
Bryce Morton:
Mohammad Hussain
Mohammad Hussain:
It’s pronounced the same way that it’s spelled: LANA, not “Layna”!
Oh, it’s not me
Oh, it’s not me:
I’m sorry but LAINA DEL REY??? I can’t watch if ur gonna pronounce it like that 💀
Kiani Walker
Kiani Walker:
Imagine reporting something where you 1. Can’t even pronounce the persons name and 2. clearly didn’t research anything on the topic she was talking about properly. Honestly you just remind me of the days when I would use Wikipedia as a good source at age 14
Ntiriwa Asante
Ntiriwa Asante:
She's only black when she has to say the n word.
arioniah ꨄ
arioniah ꨄ:
by the time this quarantine ends we ain’t gonna have no artists to listen to since everyone is getting cancelled left right and center
Yes No
Yes No:
Lana didn't expose anyone, she was just naming examples. The names she listed were all big stars that she adores. You guys are really twisting the purpose of her message. Does it look like she's mad? She's literally just talking about a certain kind of femininity. The femininity she possess is different than what Beyonce and the other possesses. She's not trying to put anyone down, She was just trying support other females that doesn't have the same type of femininity they have and make them feel comfortable with themselves before only one type of femininity becomes the stereotype on how most girls should act. This had nothing to do with race.
Kalxxm Kalxxm
Kalxxm Kalxxm:
I’m still laughing how people said Ariana is a woman of colour like ma’am ??
Kirsten Marshall
Kirsten Marshall:
The fact that she doesn't know how to pronounce Lana, shows me everything she truly knows about Lana Del Rey.
천사 Angel
천사 Angel:
I’m sorry but that Raven Symone meme gets me all the time 😂😭
N P:
Calling her Laina instead of Lana is shady in itself lol
Keria Tatro
Keria Tatro:
couldn’t get past her saying “laina rey”
People are too sensitive nowadays and Lana is a big FAN of them all and shes very SUPPORTIVE of ALL the people she mentioned
It took doja three days to apologize she really doesnt care
icy lyn
icy lyn:
So all of a sudden everyone in the comments r doja’s mind readers and professional psychologists? I cant-☠️
lucia kandjibi
lucia kandjibi:
It hurts me when she says lana as "laina" 😩😩
Imani Parker
Imani Parker:
When Doja said “Gang dunk that dunker” it definitely wasn’t towards Lana it was under a comment some rude comment fan made. So please if you’re gonna speak on something at least know the facts. I literally have the screenshot so nobody can @ me.
lisbeth young
lisbeth young:
lana wasnt calling anyone out she was just asking if those artists are allowed to talk about the topics that they want, why cant she
Idalia Delgado
Idalia Delgado:
It was unnecessary for her to call them out to get a point across, but I don’t think she’s racist.
Doja cat has always rubbed me the wrong way... she been a bit disturbed
People only want to be black when it benefits them🙄
rosalind churchill
rosalind churchill:
this is so sad bc her music is so good but she’s really not doing well and i’m so disappointed in her
Lexie Smith
Lexie Smith:
“did not call out her white peers” ariana: *is literally white*
Žemyna Brazaitytė
Žemyna Brazaitytė:
It’s sad to see how low Doja’s self-esteem is :(
Jin Hun
Jin Hun:
oh god here we go again with cancel culture.
Tara Hyman
Tara Hyman:
This pandemic bringing out everyone true colors. Fix it jesus.
way better
way better:
I think Doja's putting out her aggression on how her Black side was never there for her the wrong way
Emo singer LMAO “Layna” is giving the gworls My Chemical Romance meets Paramore tease. I always thought of this channel as a respectable source to get some celeb T but now I’m not so sure.
I thought Selena Gomez was Hispanic
I understand what Lana was saying but went about it in the wrong way. Soft girls with sexual lyrics do not get the same hype as boss girls with sexual lyrics. She compared her struggles in music genres with WOC struggles in music...yikes.. also she admitted to not being a feminist... which is ironic because all Lana songs scream sexual feminity.. I was so sad to read her IG post and even worse the second post.. it was so toned deaf.. 💔
Christina Renee
Christina Renee:
“i know doja cat is weird but i didn’t know she was THAT weird” had me dead hahaha. bcuz same girl same!
Calliope Jackalope
Calliope Jackalope:
Did you just call Ariana a woman of color. Lol no, she's an Italian girl with a heavy fake tan.
Can we please cancel this “cancel culture” lol. It’s so annoying at this point .
Chrizjen J
Chrizjen J:
Doja cancelled , can’t rock with shorty even tho her music cool.
Michelle Castro
Michelle Castro:
Ariana is like another Taylor swift, talking bout they exes 😂
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
Quarantine really exposing these people.
Alchemist TV Power Planet
Alchemist TV Power Planet:
..."Layna del Rey is an emo-pop singer."
Stop cancel culture, they made mistakes but it shouldn’t erase their works
anais abeja
anais abeja:
Why didn't you mention Camila, Lana mentioned Camila too.
This account does not have all the facts and dont even know some of their "facts"
Shayla Barfield
Shayla Barfield:
Why is it that when one woman is called out she has to drag other women? Own your shit. The music world is competitive. It’s what you signed up for...
Lewis Royer
Lewis Royer:
Are we just gonna ignore the other people of color in that "alt right" chat room?
Karena Ramos
Karena Ramos:
Everyone needs to stop she ain't devil worshipping or giving up on God on a live video unlike other female artist keep the faith mind your wants,cause someone wants your mind.
Conner Sutton
Conner Sutton:
Clicked off as soon as I heard “laina del Rey”
Sir Willice Of Ranger
Sir Willice Of Ranger:
When you say for the culture.. you’re literally talking about black folks
Tyler B
Tyler B:
So no one was a little bothered she pronounces this poor girl “Lana Del Rays” name wrong lol
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee:
She's half Jewish and was raised in that environment...she clearly has daddy issues😏
Celeste Hale
Celeste Hale:
This sounds like a shallow analysis. If you listened to her music and read reviews for over the years, you would understand what she meant. She has been attacked for being a damsel in distress. Yes Beyonce and the others named are attacked for different reasons, but their music is edgy like hers. She is nothing like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. It had nothing to do with jealousy or race.
*Chile. Why is everyone so messy during this quarantine? It's like Covid-19 started and people stopped using common sense*
Lana Del Rey's point was that all those artists have multiple number ones, often times about the material she mentioned, but they rarely get shit for it. Meanwhile critics and non-critics alike have raked her over the coals for songs like Off to the Races and Video Games which are about abusive relationships. Lana wasn't shitting on them or their musical accomplishments, in no part of the tweet does she say that. She asked "is it okay if y'all stop shitting on me now?" because it's been deemed okay for those singers to talk about bad relationships. FFS people went bananas for Lemonade which is an entire album about Jay-Z being a cheating dog.
Also I legit lol'd at "emo pop" which isn't even a thing. It's baroque pop; her music takes heavy inspiration from baroque music and instruments mixed with '60s era Americana.
Trina Sherman
Trina Sherman:
People love to be BLACK when it benefits them !!
Sharstar G
Sharstar G:
That Raven Symone meme w/orchestra is literally the meme of 2020😭😭😭
Shenyae Turner
Shenyae Turner:
That’s what black men get for putting mixed women on a pedestal, instead of they’re own women. Now they’re mad that they’re not her preference.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande:
This is like the drama with james charles everyone will forget in a month lmao
2020 is weird, lately it seems each year gets even weirder. I am not sure I want to know what 2021 has in stock for us
fou ronaldo
fou ronaldo:
So this is what she meant by “getting freaky on camera” 💀
Brilliance Billups
Brilliance Billups:
the way she says “lana” 😅
The reason she mentioned them is because they're the top artists? Idm what color they are
L. Chill T.
L. Chill T.:
I think "some"artists do this to stay talked about. This look like she is teasing these men bored messing with there head. Like other artist who act up and say crap this will be old news soon. Just because they have money doesn't mean they are not human and do mess up crap.. oh well
Ana P.
Ana P.:
Ok this whole thing going on is overwhelming because it was unexpected from doja but... we can’t be biased. We are so Danm quick to believe everything on the internet to the point where one celeb makes a minor mistake and is suddenly dragged and “cancelled”. Let’s be real. Y’all are canceling her now and claiming that y’all won’t listen to her anymore, but in a couple weeks we all gonna go back to how everything was just like what happened to jeffree and James Charles.
Kalyrie Wells
Kalyrie Wells:
I'm tired of the pity mixed people get (tho I'm mixed myself) when they act a fool and be racist like this. Don't give the ones who act like this a pat on the back and a "you should love yourself". It's not self hate, it's that they think they're superior because they're light skined.
Adeena Alexander
Adeena Alexander:
No this was not Lana's point at all. She was talking about how there are no or little place left in society for women who are delicately feminine. Y'all people have missed the point.
Dee Dwayne
Dee Dwayne:
We black so we pronounce how our accent is "LANA" or "Layna" it is what it is 🤨PERIOD...!!!
Anamaria’s Safe space
Anamaria’s Safe space:
This is the most biased news reporting YouTube channel ever
You can’t put your opinion when reporting and learn Lana’s name before saying she’s “pressed” or “salty”
B Ruiz
B Ruiz:
ITS PRONOUNCED “LA-NUH” and she was not shading anyone she was actually stating facts y’all wanna turn everything race vs race sooo bad smfh
Tyra Ellen
Tyra Ellen:
We need more darkskin women in this industry
Alfred Freedom Jones
Alfred Freedom Jones:
Lupita Bello
Lupita Bello:
The disrespect!🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s pronounced“Lan-uh” not “lane a”
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez:
Gang sunk that dunker means “points were made”
North Pole82
North Pole82:
I think she’s an attention seeker. The fact that she was talking to those corny weirdos in chat rooms proved that. Is she sorry probably. There’s people dying out here. People’s focus should be on staying safe and getting through this.
Andrew Penn
Andrew Penn:
Lana could’ve easily gotten her point across without naming others. She used terrible examples too because Beyonce, Nicki and Ari have received way more criticism than Lana ever has. She just made herself look jealous and bitter.
Crystal Gibson
Crystal Gibson:
I feel like all this stems from daddy issues.
It's no excuse for her behaviour though.
She needs to chill
Scratcha Scratcha
Scratcha Scratcha:
10:19 that was literally me when i first heard say so
𝓣𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪 𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓾
𝓣𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪 𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓾:
Daddy issues jumped tf out
Ryan Lama’rr
Ryan Lama’rr:
Now you ain’t have to pick that picture of doja 😭😭
Deyonce Hill
Deyonce Hill:
Zendaya would never, that’s all ima say
D. B.
D. B.:
I didn't care when I saw that, she honestly acts like a gamer on a cod chat or r6 chat
I guess she doesn’t stay in her own lane-a... (pronounciation? Lol).
denise h.
denise h.:
Her instagram live: She's grasping for air with her excuses. Actions speak louder than words. And video is video. It's because of her actions that people questioned her character. And we know we are human and imperfect, but that's not the point. She was seen on Tiny Chat, a site that is known for allowing white supremacists, getting off in front of unattractive white men, while they made degrading comments. Pretty obvious.
Giancarlo Hernandez
Giancarlo Hernandez:
I love Lana but hearing her say “Layna Del Rey is an emo pop singer had me dying. 😂💀🖤
That's why Beyoncé minds her business 🐝
Cameron Pietschmann
Cameron Pietschmann:
she only mentioned there name so that she could get clout lmao imagin having to use some one elses name for could ahhhh as cardi said "use my name so sell a weave and a mix tape they do anything for clout" ahahahahah
Jevano Julies
Jevano Julies:
The fact that you're calling her "Layna" is sending me 😂😂😂 I'm kinda feeling it. She will be Layna from now on 😂😂😂😂😂
Ashley Berfield
Ashley Berfield:
The way she pronounced Lana was annoying
Yas Daiana
Yas Daiana:
“Gang sunk that dunker” means smth like “she dropped the truth bomb”, as in Lana spoke facts. Doja agreed with her.
Hm one
Hm one:
If anything or anyone needs to be canceled in 2020 is Covid-19
Evelyn Barron
Evelyn Barron:
This is sad! men ain’t shit would have been my top fav songs smh.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine:
Those tweets literally made me laugh out loud.
I’m so done with 2020 now
starrzee artzee
starrzee artzee:
Every old doja cat stan: Ew wtf
All tiktok dancers; 🤷🙅💁👊💃
tati f
tati f:
2020 is the year of exposing. Crazy times.
Arianna Rene
Arianna Rene:
(LAH-NAH) I’m sorry but that bugged me the whole time 😭
jayda lego pouductions
jayda lego pouductions:
I'd still bone!: who saw white chicks 😂
Danielle H
Danielle H:
The tweet with Raven laughing had me weak asf 😂
Seems it started more after her father "resurfaced".
Doja Cats songs were actually so catchy and good but this just puts me off
Mr Community
Mr Community:
Wow...what a damn mess....self hatred is something else...I tell ya!!!
ricochet san
ricochet san:
Doja just has daddy issues and there was no father figure that why she's seeking it from those guys
IVink .com
IVink .com:
The raven simone tweet was HILARIOUS!
Saturated peanut
Saturated peanut:
Doja cat was weird I’m kinda happy that she’s cancelled