Doja Cat cancelled on Twitter! | Lana Del Rey calls out Beyonce, Nicki, Ariana, etc.

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100+ comentarios:

streety ꨄ
streety ꨄ:
by the time this quarantine ends we ain’t gonna have no artists to listen to since everyone is getting cancelled left right and center
Enfamayshun Planet
Enfamayshun Planet:
..."Layna del Rey is an emo-pop singer."
Kalxxm Kalxxm
Kalxxm Kalxxm:
I’m still laughing how people said Ariana is a woman of colour like ma’am ??
Can we please cancel this “cancel culture” lol. It’s so annoying at this point .
Calliope Jackalope
Calliope Jackalope:
Did you just call Ariana a woman of color. Lol no, she's an Italian girl with a heavy fake tan.
N P:
Calling her Laina instead of Lana is shady in itself lol
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams:
How about we cancel every celebrity on the planet including the Kardashians.
Idalia Delgado
Idalia Delgado:
It was unnecessary for her to call them out to get a point across, but I don’t think she’s racist.
Matty Queen Bee
Matty Queen Bee:
who is layna del rey? GIRL ITS LANA omg
I thought Selena Gomez was Hispanic
People only want to be black when it benefits them🙄
lisbeth young
lisbeth young:
lana wasnt calling anyone out she was just asking if those artists are allowed to talk about the topics that they want, why cant she
Just Kate
Just Kate:
I didn't know I was listening to Layna Del Rey, an emo pop singer all these years. Damn
Elite Trucker's
Elite Trucker's:
She's right, I agree with her, today's culture music is more entertainment than it is music of artistry
Keria Tatro
Keria Tatro:
couldn’t get past her saying “laina rey”
Lexie Smith
Lexie Smith:
“did not call out her white peers” ariana: *is literally white*
North Pole82
North Pole82:
I think she’s an attention seeker. The fact that she was talking to those corny weirdos in chat rooms proved that. Is she sorry probably. There’s people dying out here. People’s focus should be on staying safe and getting through this.
way better
way better:
I think Doja's putting out her aggression on how her Black side was never there for her the wrong way
Yes No
Yes No:
Lana didn't expose anyone, she was just naming examples. The names she listed were all big stars that she adores. You guys are really twisting the purpose of her message. Does it look like she's mad? She's literally just talking about a certain kind of femininity. The femininity she possess is different than what Beyonce and the other possesses. She's not trying to put anyone down, She was just trying support other females that doesn't have the same type of femininity they have and make them feel comfortable with themselves before only one type of femininity becomes the stereotype on how most girls should act. This had nothing to do with race.
Bryce Morton
Bryce Morton:
starrzee artzee
starrzee artzee:
Every old doja cat stan: Ew wtf
All tiktok dancers; 🤷🙅💁👊💃
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez:
“ sHe dIdnT CaLl oUt TAyLor sWFit, SeLenA GoMEz, oR lADy gGAGa” yea bc those artist never talk about it sing about being sexy. However these artist have been in #1 spots for explicit lyrics. Let’s be honest.
Honestly I don’t think Lana called them out because of skin colour. When you look and dig for racism, you’ll find it.

And I wish this cancel culture would be cancelled😭 it’s just annoying🤦🏼‍♀️
Polina Snegir
Polina Snegir:
I don't care about that drama, I can and will listen to Lana AND Doja Cat/Ariana etc
Brianna C
Brianna C:
This pandemic bringing out everyone true colors. Fix it jesus.
Mariem 74912
Mariem 74912:
Beyoncé has been making art all this years she's a real feminist who talks about people of colour .. women and how they should be strong and fearless .. family .. feeling herself ..and so many hot topics soo i think it's rude of her to talk about her like that when she doesn't know shit
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande:
This is like the drama with james charles everyone will forget in a month lmao
Eduarda Monteiro
Eduarda Monteiro:
Lol doja's always been like this, i say that because ive been listening to her songs for about 3-4 years now
I remember by the time she released the second version of candy she was in some drama
But yea of course with all the fame new drama would come out lol
Emo singer LMAO “Layna” is giving the gworls My Chemical Romance meets Paramore tease. I always thought of this channel as a respectable source to get some celeb T but now I’m not so sure.
lucia kandjibi
lucia kandjibi:
It hurts me when she says lana as "laina" 😩😩
Lyla B. Cancino
Lyla B. Cancino:
I DO NOT MEAN TO HATE BUT....ariana IS italian, and its LANA NOT LAYNA. .but i like the effort you put in this video 😗✌🏽
Kristen Alexia
Kristen Alexia:
The tweets took me out 😂
D. B.
D. B.:
I didn't care when I saw that, she honestly acts like a gamer on a cod chat or r6 chat
Mathilde Knudsen
Mathilde Knudsen:
I think it's stupid that people be raging on dojacat, saying the N word, what about Cardi B no one ever lashes out on her for it. And shes not even black?
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
Quarantine really exposing these people.
Marcia Diffley
Marcia Diffley:
If yall are gonna cancel every music artist then don't go crying to me when you have no music to listen to at the end of quarantine
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez:
Lana Del Ray only called out women of color. That says it all right there for me
Brandy Pompeo
Brandy Pompeo:
Well it is true... If someone has true singing Talent why do they have to be half naked??!?!?
Rykiel Smyke
Rykiel Smyke:
Doja didn’t sing that song because she was referring to those ppl that died. Please fact check
Doja Cats songs were actually so catchy and good but this just puts me off
“Lay-na del Rey” 😭
You know these type of Chanels aren't supposed to be byass
Bree Ajes
Bree Ajes:
“Lay nah del Ray” 💀 lnao
Ms. Joan
Ms. Joan:
I don't understand how EVERYONE keeps getting surprised by these man made IDOLS ACTIONS?! I'm just no longer surprised... 🤷🏾‍♀️ This is what culture vultures do....
Tyler B
Tyler B:
So no one was a little bothered she pronounces this poor girl “Lana Del Rays” name wrong lol
Rosslyn Kargbo
Rosslyn Kargbo:
Black women, these aren't our fight.
Isabelle Swanson
Isabelle Swanson:
Cant even watch this bc the way she keeps saying "Lay-na" 😂
Ricardo Calles
Ricardo Calles:
Wow, Lana unloaded both barrels at the cybersluts...more power to you Lana and you just gained a fan
Jay Rios
Jay Rios:
Lana del rey is not an "emo" pop singer lol... like at all
Christina Renee
Christina Renee:
“i know doja cat is weird but i didn’t know she was THAT weird” had me dead hahaha. bcuz same girl same!
Jade Aliyah
Jade Aliyah:
I know this is off topic but where Ariana got those lips?? 🤣😂
Strawberry Artist
Strawberry Artist:
Sunk = sink
Dunker = hater

Gang sink that hater.
Lana was just trying to say that why can't she sing about these topics!And I don't think she was aiming towards color women!
Lexa Yardeena
Lexa Yardeena:
Something is seriously wrong with Azalea and instead of laughing, pray for this girl. She really needs help.
A GIRL like her calls out the queen's
Rude Sword
Rude Sword:
Ugh I couldn't stay with this. This voice. How did this get in my recommendations and why did I watch for 2 minutes...
JR Salinas
JR Salinas:
this whole video is a phat L, from “Laina” “emo pOp” and “calling artists out” 💀💀😭🤣
Ferris Archangel
Ferris Archangel:
If you're gonna do "Hottakes" you should try being more non-bias.
Jakhaari Kiaana
Jakhaari Kiaana:
Doja won’t lose her most of her white fans cuz of this
amber clemins
amber clemins:
She’s done, she trolled them simps and they got there blood
Evelyn Barron
Evelyn Barron:
This is sad! men ain’t shit would have been my top fav songs smh.
she’s not a frickin chip bag 🤣
Izza Potatoe!
Izza Potatoe!:
When Doja said, “Gang sunk that dunker.” she was saying that her fans took Lana down I think.
Oh, it’s not me
Oh, it’s not me:
I’m sorry but LAINA DEL REY??? I can’t watch if ur gonna pronounce it like that 💀
Most of the comments are white people coming to claim Ariana And Selena Gomez🤣
Yusuf Jaftha
Yusuf Jaftha:
why does everything come down to race..we need to stop
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee:
She's half Jewish and was raised in that environment...she clearly has daddy issues😏
Brilliance Billups
Brilliance Billups:
the way she says “lana” 😅
gappy's smile
gappy's smile:
10:20 MEEEE ONG!!! I swear there was some songs that I genuinely liked from her even a song from 2014 (so high? I think was the title) but even then I just felt it in my soul that something wasn't right
Jevano Julies
Jevano Julies:
The fact that you're calling her "Layna" is sending me 😂😂😂 I'm kinda feeling it. She will be Layna from now on 😂😂😂😂😂
Just please say Lana Del Rey it’s not that hard 😭
Kianna Luna
Kianna Luna:
This really wasn't well informed, but thanks for the video anyways! Congrats also on being #1 when you type in "Doja Cat cancelled"
Julia Rizzo
Julia Rizzo:
omg how she said " LaYnA"


Fenty Mix
Fenty Mix:
She really thought she would chart higher than Beyonce, Ariana, Nicki and Meg Thee Stallion LOOOOOOOOOL
Torii'ii Pëtty Lifé
Torii'ii Pëtty Lifé:
I still love DOJA CAT She's weird like me I need a. Artist like that ♥️♥️♥️
Yes I edited it because I missed spelled ARTIST
Dolisha Ferrel
Dolisha Ferrel:
There's lots of biracial people who don't like being half black.
Antonio Petracca
Antonio Petracca:
I’m an old dude. Most of the women mentioned in this post are pop singers or rappers who perform not very original stuff in my humble opinion, except Beyoncé and Lana. Both of them have gotten shade for fairly trivial reasons. Lana made a comment on the industry that mentioned several women who have hit the top of the pop charts while she hasn’t in a long time. She’s probably frustrated and jealous and was inarticulate in voicing her frustration. She appeared to single out women of color but this is not accurate . Some sod these women relate to their blackness while others don’t or are actually considered people of color by others. She was plain old ranting and should have known better. Because her music and lyrics rise way above the mediocre and contain many layers of meaning which makes her music hard to categorize and critic. That’s why I like her and Beyoncés music they both rise above the mediocre. Lana hasn’t had a super hit in a while because she is too good and is not a pop artist. She should accept this and move on and continue to move forward out of this mess. Anyone who labels her as racist based on this one tweet is overreaching by far. I think this corona virus combined with the despicable murder of Mr. Floyd by a deranged racist cop is driving most people batty including these celebrated women.
Alex Xolo
Alex Xolo:
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones:
Tbh doja cat has always been like this I’ve been a fan since before she got famous to the world... she has always been the weird girl and only weird and different ppl will only get her
Crystal Gibson
Crystal Gibson:
I feel like all this stems from daddy issues.
It's no excuse for her behaviour though.
She needs to chill
That's Eunice
That's Eunice:
She was not canceled for “weird behavior “. She was canceled for being racist. Let’s get that straight.
Jazz Hale
Jazz Hale:
“LAYNA DEL REY” I’m dying
Sumi Mathew
Sumi Mathew:
Tbh I listen to music not cuz of the lyrics and half the time idek what they're saying lol. I just listen cuz it sounds good and tiktok kinda does do a good job by making "underrated" songs noticed.
Mr. Jack M
Mr. Jack M:
The funny thing is Lana del Rey piped her way to the top!
Destini Pearce
Destini Pearce:
dang i’m mixed and grew up around with my white mom when my dad dad abounded me before i was born, so we have very similar stories. and dang i’d never act like that i also hate the n word i feel like no matter what race we all need to stop saying it
baby girl.
baby girl.:
2020 is the year of exposing. Crazy times.
Mohammed Abu Sufiyan
Mohammed Abu Sufiyan:
My first language isn't English and I'm not even from the west and I was cringing everytime she said laina tf? It's LANA. Also, you really be twisting her words.
Vlad Igor
Vlad Igor:
By the way the only person who gets the most hate from singing is Britney Spears look at her now, before she was hospitalized (and going to mental ward) etc. Media hate most people for no reason.
rhian dupree
rhian dupree:
When I hear about the situation with Lana. The first thing I think of is jealousy. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life and, I’m pretty sure this is what it is and, tbh I’ve never heard of the girl nor listened to her music ever in my life.
Ecaterina Maris
Ecaterina Maris:
Lol the way you’re saying Leennnaa has me dead 😂
butter scotch
butter scotch:
There's nothing Doja can say to make this better.
"Layna is bitter..." I'm sorry, I couln't take a single word seriously after that.
Matthew Darnell
Matthew Darnell:
Oooo girl the way you pronounce Lana! No ma’am! Lmao
Michelle Castro
Michelle Castro:
Ariana is like another Taylor swift, talking bout they exes 😂
Ashleigh Curtis
Ashleigh Curtis:
“Lmaooooo at the Twitter posts
Alysia Tillman
Alysia Tillman:
Am I the only one who notices a difference between biracial people with white mothers vs the ones with black mothers 🤔
Idk why I keep laughing at the way she pronounces Lana. "Laynuh"
Greg Auanm
Greg Auanm:
Imagine calling Camilla Cabello white. Ooft.
Rykiel Smyke
Rykiel Smyke:
I really hope u have ur life in an order if u have any intention of being famous. Apparently all teenagers have their lives in order and know they gonna be famous when they do dumb stuff.