Domenicali to replace Carey! | Drivers & Sky pundits react to new F1 President announcement

Stefano Domenicali has been confirmed as Formula 1's new president and CEO as the successor to Chase Carey from January. We get the reaction of the drivers and our Sky pundits to the news.

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88 comentarios:

Frankly, I find his lack of moustache disturbing.
Dennis Hermogenes Ferreira
Dennis Hermogenes Ferreira:
It's a huge loss to the sport, no facial hair can match Chase's
Adriano M
Adriano M:
So many people thinking that he will help Ferrari but forgetting that Ross Brawn and Jean Todt also used to work for Ferrari and have done no favours for them 😂
tmb the 1
tmb the 1:
we all thought Sebastian will be without a seat in 2021
but it was the CEO of formula 1
Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis:
I wonder what Enzo would have said when he realised someone like Domenicali went to Lamborghini 😂
Charles Lepeely
Charles Lepeely:
Notice how they didn’t ask toto questions about stefano 👀
I wonder if it was offered to to Toto first?
He’s been a bit vague on his future the last couple of months
Fu Alexander
Fu Alexander:
Damn, Lamborghini has lost a good man.😭
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming:
We'll see how he does, but that aside congrats to him
Steinstra 1961
Steinstra 1961:
A man knowing to be connected to Ferrari...corruption waiting to happen.
Cricket England
Cricket England:
Oh come on we all know the FIA really runs F1 and all other motor sport
This was news two days ago, bit slow on the uptake sky.
we 3
we 3:
Karun is an absolute asset to Sky F1, always brings top insight and information to the broadcast. 👏🏻
Dat Dieter
Dat Dieter:
guess ferrari will solve their engine problems with this :)

*this is a joke, if you cant take it ok
David Price
David Price:
We'll miss that glorious mustache
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid:
We can't lose him... That mustache is too epic!!! 😂
But he had a cool moustache D:
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin:
The fox applied for a job to run the henhouse. Said the farmer: I see on your cv that you also worked at a cattle ranch. How did you manage that? Fox: I'm vegan now.
Shane Molloy
Shane Molloy:
I've always liked Stefano. Good he's coming back in a powerful position. Top bloke.
Andrea Grossi
Andrea Grossi:
2022 - 2025 : The Era of Ferrari
Cristian Rosario
Cristian Rosario:
The Dream Team!!!!
shahin Abdulla
shahin Abdulla:
Hope he has the same glasses!!!
Welcome To The Gulag
Welcome To The Gulag:
Super stoked Michael sheen playing Tony Blair is now running f1
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo:
Why the sudden change in CEO though? Chase Carey looked more like a cool laid back F1 Boss.

Are there more than meets the eye we’re yet to see her revealed?
Qiaoyu Zhang
Qiaoyu Zhang:
Bring Audi and Lambo to F1 paddock?
Bryan James Nicky Tan
Bryan James Nicky Tan:
more fighting bull power from a CEO of Lamborghini, huge fit to be the boss of F1. Welcome onboard Stefano 👊🏻 #FightingBullRulesF1
Cyril is the only one with mask problems😷
Peter King
Peter King:
Hamilton looks more white than black - that'll get some reaction !!
Jon Cornbill
Jon Cornbill:
My guts says Hamilton will be at Ferrari, maybe with Toto, in 22-25 era. He'll clock his 10th title, too.
What does it mean to Alonso ? 🤔
Will Domenicelli be a Buddy-Buddy or have his Revenge for his prams at Ferrari times ?
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov:
Ecclestone’s ears are seen behind )))
Here comes the questions will he secretly be bias and help Ferrari will F1 be corrupt will he be better than chase Carey?
Cricket England
Cricket England:
And how much of a payout/pension did he get.... several million I bet....
Chris Wyett
Chris Wyett:
I'm disappointed. Chase has done an amazing job to help make F1 fair and exciting.
paul mckinder
paul mckinder:
He is a great choice and a great guy but you will always going to get some raise an eyebrow but nothing worse than todt
Emmanuel Goussot
Emmanuel Goussot:
Why replace a Ferrari with a bumper sticker?
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle:
Damn rly happy to see Dominicali ,brings me back when he was with ferrari,however i dont want him to help ferrari as a ferrari fan ,i want him just to bring his kindness and creativity in the sport
And i think this is the best move f1 has made this period,just wait and see
chris hounslow
chris hounslow:
f1 bosses all ex f1 team members strange
Mountain Man
Mountain Man:
I hope he is not as irritating and agitating as the Ferrari engineer team radio. Insufferable AF
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse:
For myself I am in no position to comment about Chase Carey, other than we will all miss your moustache. But I am very pleased to see the return of Stefano Domenicali.
The cynic in me wonders if the piranha club are pleased to see this appointment because they think he will be easy to chew up. For myself Stefano reminds me of a university lecturer I had who was nicknamed "the smiling death". A thoroughly nice and pleasant chap, but the merest dressing-down by him was far worse than all the angry bluster others might inflict.
To continue the fish-shaped metaphor. In business there are "sharks" and "killer whales". The former are always unpleasant to work with and they lack any real "bite" while the latter are excellent colleagues capable of extreme destruction with only a swish of their tail.
Such a shame that after nearly 40 years I am finally done with F1. It's the inappropriate use of F1 as platform for a warped and poisonous ideology (Lewis) that has finally turned me off. But I'll wait to fully vent my spleen on that subject for when Sky puts up another propaganda piece.
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane:
F1 is already massively biased towards Ferrari so to have the top 3 positions being held by former Ferrari employees will only lead to more biased behaviour
Holly Fleming
Holly Fleming:
Chase was ready for his next challenge.
Franklin Cover
Franklin Cover:
Thank god we dont have to look at his really bad mustache anymore.
Patrick Doan
Patrick Doan:
I mean who wasn't going to bad mouth the new chief of F1...... let's be honest lol
JJ Soko
JJ Soko:
Another poor appointment.
Anthony Stafford
Anthony Stafford:
New f1 rules next year..
Only red cars can win
Only italian teams can win
Teams with f in their name get 300 point start
Teams using their own engine get 300 points.
Nothing to worry about
FIA = Ferrari International Assistance
GooglR Ratings
GooglR Ratings:
Chase didn't do much for the sport.
lies and deception
lies and deception:
Who decides who gets this job?
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
Good guy
Cricket England
Cricket England:
Bring back Bernie I miss him...
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
Chase Carey brought to F1 A Dumb Model Waving Chequered Flag 4 laps before end of Canadian GP then we had Chase Careys Genius idea to make every GP into the Super Bowl and have a Crazy pre Race event at US GP in which all Drivers ran onto grid infront of Cheerleaders and a meet and Greet Drivers getting of a Boat at Australian GP weekend in which all drivers hated doing

Sell F1 to Americans and what do you expect , Americans Can't even save Nascar so why let them loose on a European Sport like F1

Then like Meghan before him he figured out his way wasn't working and as with Meghan he Quits
This is the best new that's happened to F1 in a long time!
Marnix Siekmans
Marnix Siekmans:
Liberty made a very good decision in my opinion. Stefano knows a whole lot about the sporting side and retaining chase as non executive is good for the entertainment side of the sport.
Occasional Enthusiast Rob Jones
Occasional Enthusiast Rob Jones:
Good European enthusiast, however will he be bias to ferrari? Now who will replace Jon tod in the fia which is going down the pan due to devicive corrosive politics. Is he strong enough to pull f1 out of the mier? Popular is not a qualification
Great appointment. Always hated Ferrari but Stefano was always very approachable and he seemed a genuine guy. I wish him the best of luck in his new role.
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
So basically F1 is now ran totally by ex Ferrari Top Men we have Jean Todt FIA who's Ex Ferrari, Ross Brawn Ex Ferrari and now Stefano .

So Jean Todt Head of FIA
Ross Brawn main F1 Adviser
Stefano Running F1

So thats a Ex Ferrari Box Set then Jean Todt running governing body FIA, Stefano running F1 Entire Show , And Ross Brawn go to adviser

And we still don't know what exactly happened with Ferrari Power Unit and FIA investigation from last season

Guess we'll never ever know now
Brian Low
Brian Low:
Ferrari Masterplan!
Ok Go
Ok Go:
This is outrageous, who chose yet another Ferrari lover to head F1 to help them cheat and make secret agreements about it? Nice guy but bad choice.
they bitched because Toto may do the job but it's OK for Ferrari ?, are you kidding me talk about bias, Ferrari are not the B all and End all of motorsport put Martin Brundle in charge.
MetalHead Reacts
MetalHead Reacts:
Just what we need... ANOTHER former Ferrari FIA boss of formula 1...
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox:
I wonder why
Sam Bricks
Sam Bricks:
Can’t wait to see how he helps Ferrari win over everyone from the top job
S S:
The camera work sucks! The cars sound terrible and now you are ramming Marxisim down our throats. I'm watching MotoGP more and more and less F1
Personally, this Ferrari takeover of F1 and its governance is a concern. I have nothing against previous Ferrari staff but how are we ever going to get rig off the $100m itch/hand out to Ferrari when all we have are ex-Ferrari personnel running the sport?!
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith:
Great choice ....
Bring back the grid models
RIGGED for ferrari
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram:
This looks like Ferrari Entrenchment of it's control over Formula 1..
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft:
It was better with Bernie.
Ferrari International Assistance is back!
Lets hope he can help Ferrari 😬👊🏻
Anything Goes
Anything Goes:
I fear Ferrari will get away with cheating once again as they did before
My prince B
My prince B:
Anything to get FIA-rrari back to the top !
Nishanth Kasi
Nishanth Kasi:
I would like to see Christian Horner leading F1
Hoping Stefano gets F1 back to a European flavour instead of the Americanized version it has become.
Second thought maybe with an Iti running it perhaps he will bring back Pit Babes which the Americans are to anal to allow.
Yes. F1 belongs in European hands!
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan:
At least tell dominicalli or whatever his name is to get a moustache
Allen John
Allen John:
I just hope it doesn't go back to the old ways of elitist mindset
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith:
F1 is a European sport, through-and-through.
It must not be "Americanized" and an American is simply not suitable to run it.
Excellent choice to bring in an Italian.
Alfonso Bessand
Alfonso Bessand:
Unfortunately Stefano's link with Ferrari does not help to think he will be impartial, to be nice, good or any other personal quality, really is not a guarantee what will be his behavior in this new roll. Remember Drivers Championship stolen from HILL, and the last one is the agreement with Ferrari not to publish what was wrong with their engine, hope I am mistaken but past history teaches that FERRARI can't be trust, don't think Stefano will fight them, seems we will have to wait....and hope for the best for the sport
Jean Arenas
Jean Arenas:
Hopefully, the new President will distance and keep F1 from the Marxist shenanigans of Black Lives Matter.
k A
k A:
Domenicali is not even able to speak proper English. the decision of taking him back is another sign of the not meritocracy of F1 sport environment but instead
The 101 Guy
The 101 Guy:
I didn't really like Carey so much. Worried that he will Americanise f1. Finally another European to do things right
Dave Morrell
Dave Morrell:
Hopefully he has the guts to kick out the farcical Lewis Hamilton BLM Show.