Dominic Calvert-Lewin is a Player Who Deserves Your Attention


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12 comentarios:

his athletic ability is crazy, someone that big that can jump and move like he does is insane. Dude jumps like a basketball player.
คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律
คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律:
I've been sticking with this guy in my fpl team since week 1 too reliable
Morocan Magician
Morocan Magician:
He jump like a basket ball player
felype daniel
felype daniel:
Fox in the box. Video muito bom
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Proper athlete!!!
duncho huncho
duncho huncho:
He does it again
Charlie May
Charlie May:
Crazy how he's just been called up for the England seniors
Alex Justask
Alex Justask:
If ever there was a next Harry Kane, Calvert is the closest thing to Kane and very underrated.
Ochiroo Oogii
Ochiroo Oogii:
Dominic calvert lewindovski
Calvert Lewin & Abraham now their time to shine both 23 years old now or never. Kane still #1 choice for England of course. Greenwood will be a CF in future as well. England doesnt have to worry about their attack. Hope Ancelotti does well with Everton gets them to Europe and wins a throphy like League Cup which they can this season. Don Carlo turning Lewin into prime Shevencko xD ;)
Isaiah Samuel
Isaiah Samuel:
British haaland
He will be bought by United or Tottenham sooner or later. If Kane leaves duhhh perfect replacement same size/height and type of player. Selling Kane for 100 million buying Lewin for 50 - 60 million max.