Dominic Thiem beats Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to advance to final | 2020 US Open Highlights

Dominic Thiem battles to a 6-2, 7-6, 7-6 straight-sets victory over Daniil Medvedev to advance to the 2020 US Open final and face off against Alexander Zverev.
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41 comentarios:

Darius Malone
Darius Malone:
Thiem is one baddd man, 2nd straight grand slam final
Fuad Yaqubian
Fuad Yaqubian:
Most incompetent chair umpire and linesmen! That point should have gone to Medvedev!
This is the lousiest US Open ever! The Chair Umpire needs to be sacked! That serve was obviously out!
Alex Lee
Alex Lee:
2:54 “i think i killed someone” LOL
Steve Becker, LCSW
Steve Becker, LCSW:
Thiem is just sensational. Been amazing to watch his development. What an awesome talent. I’m ready to say his one-handed backhand is the GOAT. Wishing him a bunch of major championships in next few years.
Nathaniel Kang
Nathaniel Kang:
I feel like thiem would have probably won no matter what but it sucks that a potential classic match got thrown off by the weirdness in the first set with the chair umpire
I love Dom, he's the next best player after the Top 3, but just needs a break to gain confidence over them..Good luck to him! <3
Medvedev should have been able to challenge that serve. That was messed up.
Ina Fab
Ina Fab:
What happened to Medvedev's powershots??? He's usually blasting all the returns. I feel he played it really safe in this one. Still love him though good luck to Thiem, I still think he's super hawt! 😜
Adrian’s ASMR
Adrian’s ASMR:
What’s popping party people
Peter Kelleher
Peter Kelleher:
thiem in beast mode, final will be tough tho
Felipe Guajardo
Felipe Guajardo:
What a backhand! A thing of beauty!
Medvedev lost in straight set.
Kenny Sikes
Kenny Sikes:
Dominic played like he's taking the trophy.... he's playing like he's on fire🔥🎾🔥
Not hard on the eyes to watch either.👀...🔥🎾🔥🎾🔥
Awesome seeing 2nd rate players .....
B T:
US OPEN should send all the players home and give a shared trophy to the OSCAR winning referees and the McEnroe brothers
Buen triunfo parece que los entrenamientos extremos de nico massu estan dando resultado tiene mayor aguante de cardio y esta llegando a todos los tiros buena desmostracion de buen tenis
Finny R
Finny R:
Is Thiem wearing a zip tie for a head band???
So the line judges forgot to bring their eyes to work and the tournament supervisor and umpire forgot to bring their brain to work
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
Love how these guys have added to their games, as well as modified them. Especially Thiem adding in more slice. Not sure when, but it looks like he's developed a bit more of a defensive, on the run, topspin or bunt backhand at certain points which is great for a one hander. Would like to see its capabilities expand.
rio verde
rio verde:
Thiem is looking like prime fed (with less power)
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen:
the rule so stupid player are so tired after the match and have to wear mask for interview event they're stay far apart, law makers do you have brain or just another zombie
Weirdly enough, same as with the Medvedev vs. Rublev match: a much closer encounter than a straight sets win might reveal. This time, it was Thiem who played better in the clutch moments and got some luck and exploited when the situation called for it. Also, Medvedev could have played a little better in those moments and easily have won at least one set.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha:
What did Medvedev say at 2:55???
Ranga Bernanduge
Ranga Bernanduge:
Thiem will start trashing Fedals from the bigger stage soon !
massu massu massu
I find Thiem sooooo sexy
Norman Carmona
Norman Carmona:
Dominate Thiem
Alexis Ugas
Alexis Ugas:
Thiem is a giant. beating Medvedev 3-0 only makes him a giant
Banmbang wahyudi
Banmbang wahyudi:
Boy ...well-done Thiem ,Roger and Nadal will be happy to see both of you in the final ,and you bthwill be the next Roger and Nadal .Get it done right ...right ....!!!!.
Yue Li
Yue Li:
Thiem has a great chance to make into every single grand slam final in 2020. Go Thiem
Adrian’s ASMR
Adrian’s ASMR:
Sewuyew X
Sewuyew X:
I wonder if Thiems BH is more powerful than Wawrinkas
Ranga Bernanduge
Ranga Bernanduge:
Technically it should’ve been Djokovic vs Thiem again.
It’s safe to say Djokovic and Thiem will compete for bigger titles in the future
Desroy White
Desroy White:
Medvedev's sarcasm is hilarious 😂😂😂
congrats to thiem but shame on chair umpire for not letting him challenge the call. I think that frustrated Medvedev and couldn't focus. Its time to move to Hawkeye live and be done with line judges. No reason for them to exist anymore.
Caron Update Channel Abuya
Caron Update Channel Abuya:
Because Novic was disqualified
Nino Bravo
Nino Bravo:
Thiem keeps climbing and cleaning floor with opponents. Good luck
David Hernández Moreno
David Hernández Moreno:
Really? 30% of the video is the interview. It is what we care less about. Awful "highlights".
Caron Update Channel Abuya
Caron Update Channel Abuya:
This is a joke after Novic got disqualified
Wally Friend
Wally Friend:
Weird 1st set. The ref really is calling it by the letter. I would have granted him the challenge because his opponent allowed it. But this ref doesn't understand that Medvedev was simply brushing aside the ball that Thiem returned instead of actually hitting it. Any real tennis player knows that. Unfortunate for Med, this ref may not play tennis. To all of Meds fans who think Med is now one of the "Big 4", get a good look at your boy. He has a weak serve for someone so tall, has problems at net and doesn't have that big of a forehand. All of these elements are required for someone to dominate the hard surface. He's been a disappointment in the US open for the 2nd straight year. He got beaten by a real contender for the big 4. A man that can blast ground strokes with great ease.