Dominic Thiem vs Diego Schwartzman: Best-Ever Shots & Rallies

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66 comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
POV: you're here after watching their 5-set epic at Roland-Garros
They look kinda like lil bro and big bro
Schwartzman is one of my favourite players, always playing his heart out.
He´d be even better if he was a bit taller.
you could easily say this is a classic
i like them both so much, don't even know who i'm gonna root for!
Shoty loves Stanimal channel
Shoty loves Stanimal channel:
let's gooooooo diegoooooo!!!! 🇦🇷🔥
Dana white
Dana white:
Whoever make it to semi will be difficult match up for rafa (if it's theim i actually give him the edge). First Let's see how rafa plays against a first "good" player in sinner
Jiraiya Sama
Jiraiya Sama:
They could pass as brothers.
Anthony Hirsch
Anthony Hirsch:
Makes it better that they’re good friends.. looking forward to the match tomorrow!
Diego Schwartzman is a legend ❤️
sofia cisneros
sofia cisneros:
Let’s gooo pequeeee
ViZu Restart
ViZu Restart:
Watching this after Schwartzman finally became a top 10
Samuel Elich
Samuel Elich:
How many brutal bombs are you gonna play?
Thiem: Sure
Atlantic General Music
Atlantic General Music:
Thiem will win...✌✌✌✌
Chelsea Tennis
Chelsea Tennis:
Was lucky enough to watch and record some top quality training from these guys some few years ago. Nice to see them doing well these days! May the best man win
Lucas Conti
Lucas Conti:
Great match to both of them, Diego making history!!!
Hunter Cook
Hunter Cook:
Let's go thiem
Hopefully schwartzman can pull it off in the fifth set.
All people: What a Match!

Me: Me & mini-me!

Hahaha Saludos desde Argentina 💪😂
Pia Marie
Pia Marie:
i’m definitely rooting for thiem
Rhythmic Soul
Rhythmic Soul:
First I thought you put the best rally right at the beginning until I remembered that ridiculous tie break in Montreal...
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
These two guys always offer nothing but great tennis! Thank you guys!
srdan pantelic
srdan pantelic:
If Thiem beat Schwartzman,Nadal and Djokovic then he will become one of the best tennis player in the world.
I hope Schwartzman gives Thiem a run 🏃‍♂️ for his money 💰 💰
lou renevey
lou renevey:
team thiem👊
Franco Nicolas Boriosi
Franco Nicolas Boriosi:
Schwartzman va con mehores sensasiones en polvo y la cancha esta como le gusta
glenn curley
glenn curley:
I use to hate the serve and volley era!
So nice to see big rallies for the point!
Nhật Linh
Nhật Linh:
the fact is I have the same height with Diego hhhhhh
Shlok Kulkarni
Shlok Kulkarni:
The kick at 6:15 was crazy
John34 Baxter5555
John34 Baxter5555:
I'm only 5ft 8' but I'd still be towering over Diego 😁
Carmen Valverde
Carmen Valverde:
Partido espectacular
Michael Black
Michael Black:
I feel like some people miss the point with Diego when commenting on his height. His build makes him agile and enables him to be aggressive in his own way as well as really quick around the court. If he was taller he'd be different, not automatically better. No doubt height is a massive plus, but Diego has his own strengths. Probably not gonna crack top 5, but no denying he's a terrific player
Gabriel Estevam
Gabriel Estevam:
My boy did it!
Samuel Elich
Samuel Elich:
I expect a very tight battle on Tuesday. Both in form, great claycourters, played some very good matches against each other (so they know each other very well) and both have proved they can beat the King of Clay on a Masters 1000 stage. I think that who will win depends on who will change the rhythm better. If the match gets to five sets, I would slightly favour Thiem because he has a little bit more experience in these battles and also has the 6-2 H2H. However, Diego played more matches on clay and Domi has still the US Open in his legs. Anyway, Rafa will have a tough opponent in the semis and his performance against Sinner will give a good indication of what will happen in the SF... (not expecting Sinner to win obviously but maybe he can make it hot for Nadal? let's see)👍👍👍
Angel Matos
Angel Matos:
Diego ‘dog on a bone’ Schwartzman. The kid is a fighter.
Diego Maldonado
Diego Maldonado:
Ik imma end up like one of them
19 19
19 19:
Fan Club from Thai Land
Carlos Tiviroli
Carlos Tiviroli:
Sergio Gonzales
Sergio Gonzales:
Thiem is flat.He would have never played a tournament after the USO win within 2 weeks if it wasn't the FO,as he stated himself.
For me it would be a little miracle if he'd win against Schwartzmann.
Everyone who denies that physical condition will be an issue cuz it's the job of a tennisplayer being fit all the time no matter what and 48(in fact less) hours are enough to fill up the tank to a 100% is just ignoring the human biology and generally has no clue about anything!
I'd love to see Thiem win,but seeing him play yesterday and hearing all his interviews the last week don't make me confident.
He did so well the last couple of weeks but slowly runs out of steam which is absolutely comprehensible!
Andrei CIONCA:
ManatarSitohang SuccessKeys
ManatarSitohang SuccessKeys:
Can't wait....
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser:
Thiem will win in 5 tomorrow
Felicia Gunawan
Felicia Gunawan:
I really really want thiem to win tomorrow, but I don't know. Diego has been playing rlly well, and so does thiem. it will be a tight match. lets hope for the best!!
Thiem just got owned by a four foot player on his favorite surface. Thiem is a joke and his win at US Open will be the same thing that Cilic did
Grégoire lebatard
Grégoire lebatard:
Schwartzmann is not german???
Picchai S
Picchai S:
Really bad day for thiem... Nadal going to lift the trophy again this year too...🙁🙁🙁
What's their H2H?
Carol Morris
Carol Morris:
Anybody, except Djoko. I'm not into love /hate of any sportsman, including Djokovic, but I am actually tired of watching the predictability of him winning. Yes, he is number 1 and Rafa is the King of clay and if he wins it again, so be it but I would enjoy anybody from number 3 down, lifting the trophy.
Steve Michael
Steve Michael:
Should be a fantastic match. Very tough to call this one. If both are at their very best I would just have Thiem as very slight favourite.
nir S
nir S:
galactic levels ! 2:10
rubens tadeu corazza
rubens tadeu corazza:
in rolangarros2020 = batalha epica = pequeno notavel schuatz man =pequeno grande homen= feriado na argentina, luta insana na sauna de rolandgarros, valeu o esforço, venceu no 5ºset
Father vs son
John Steve
John Steve:
Captain Zuesss
Captain Zuesss:
"Best ever points"...? Who writes this crap?
shivapriya vivekanand
shivapriya vivekanand:
Semi finals
Thiem vs nadal
Tsitsipas vs djokovic
Simon Krabath
Simon Krabath:
i love both of them. such nice and humble players. and such good friends too :‘)
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
I think thiem will beat diego tomorrow ! Diego plays exactly the way thiem wants ! Long rallies and he can use his power !
I hope diego will wins 3-2 sets against Theim, then crashed out by Rafa in the semifinal.
SF Cateran
SF Cateran:
I seriously think that the iPhone camera is better than the cameras used for Buenos Aires
Exzite FF
Exzite FF:
"I am noob"
"I play well but no one support"
"Do you think i am worse then others😔"
"Support Mobile player"😭😔

6-2 6-2 6-2 to Rafa against Sinner
Thiem to beat Schwartzman in straight sets

Rafa to beat Theim in 5

Hope i am wrong.
Tomorrow's match will be ridiculous, Schwartzman has been so good, so i would predict 3-2 for Diego.
Yeşil Elma
Yeşil Elma:
Thiem is most likely candidate ti take tomorrow's match but he is supposed to be tired after 5 sets match against that tiny creature .. Schwartzman also can win it because he is so danger in Clay .. it gonna be great match .. hope the winner will beat Nadal in semis
Ali Shakenov
Ali Shakenov:
Schwartzman will win 🇦🇷
zoom ster
zoom ster:
Diego is probably fresher than Dominic. H2H is 6-1 I think Dominic. I hope they don’t beat each other up ( not likely) so who makes it out have something left in the tank against Nadal. It’s going to be a battle, I think Dominic takes it.
nfltrrr qwsa
nfltrrr qwsa:
Thiem, fantastico, ganador de grand slam. al otro no lo conozco