Don't Believe Everything You Think | Lauren Weinstein | TEDxPaloAlto

Lauren Weinstein delivers an inspiring TEDxPaloAlto talk on how to break free from limiting beliefs.

Lauren Weinstein is a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaching one of the most popular classes there—The Essentials of Strategic Communication. In addition to her work at the Business School, she has served as a guest lecturer and skills coach for Stanford Law School, the Stanford undergraduate program and the Stanford

In addition to her work at Stanford, Lauren is the founder of Resonate Coaching. As the principal at Resonate, Lauren works with clients ranging from TED speakers to start-up founders to high-level executives, helping them achieve more powerful public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.

Prior to her current work, Lauren served as a communication strategist for high level teams at Fortune 500 companies and worked with Santa Clara County in their mediation and communication skills training program.

Lauren received her J.D. from Stanford Law School and her B.A. in psychology from Stanford University. She’s also a certified leadership development coach through the Coaches Training Institute.

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Satish Torani
Satish Torani:
Powerful ideas, Simple Words
Refiloe Ndlovu
Refiloe Ndlovu:
She had me at the elephant story 🍫🌸
Dalton Alfortish
Dalton Alfortish:
I have this title tattooed on my body; "Don't Believe Everything You Think." It was the catalyst for a shift in my thinking and therefore my direction in life. Understanding this simple phrase pushed me to fight those nagging negative thoughts that crowded my mind to the point that all other thoughts were fleeting and fragile. This moment can be good, this day can be good, you can make progress, you can find the answers, you can take that trip, you can move, you can change. Good luck, you got this!
by the seaside
by the seaside:
Man, that was powerful! We all have two lifes. The second one starts when you realize you only have one. I’m also struggling with a wrong believe system.
Lorena Pimenta
Lorena Pimenta:
DUDE.......... DUDE!!!!!!!! I needed so much to hear this. I felt like she was talking to me directly into my eyes. DAMN!!! Thank you so much for this, I feel I can make myself stronger and free from these imaginary ropes.
Isha Tanwar
Isha Tanwar:
Usually i listen ted talks when i want to sleep but this one woke me up!
Bruce Moon
Bruce Moon:
The best motivated TED talk ever. And she is so beautiful.
Megha Khosla
Megha Khosla:
So much trueness in her voice and expression. I can literally see in her eyes that she is sharing her real-life experience not a made-up story for the sake of TALK. Thank you for sharing!
Nesma ibrahim
Nesma ibrahim:
You give me hope that one day I can overcome all my negative thoughts
Thank you
Timothy Ramsey
Timothy Ramsey:
Sometimes making the decision to watch something this long delivers dividends, this delivered way more than I expected.. Thank you..
As she said... don't believe everything... you're being told. Check various different sources, even the ones that you don't like, and develop critical thinking. Your thinking.
Robert Gainz
Robert Gainz:
She was describing me. Jesus help me to break off the ropes, the headsets, and false reality. I am liberated!
This is the most powerful TED talk I’ve listened to. And I’ve listened to a lot. Her message....absolutely amazing. Thank you Lauren for sharing this message with the world
Fell in love with this woman! Such a powerful female role model, essential to our world.
Daniel Durham
Daniel Durham:
To those interested in going deeper, Id highly recommend the book "The Magic of Believing" by Claude Bristol
sil athru
sil athru:
One of the best TEDx talks i've ever watched. This should be required viewing by every self-help/motivational group out there.
Knowledge Lover
Knowledge Lover:
😳 she has just opened my eyes 😢
Elizabeth Lasseigne
Elizabeth Lasseigne:
This is one of the most inspiring talks out there!
Nisha Sihag
Nisha Sihag:
The best Ted talk I've listened until now. I can relate to almost everything she spoke about.
Sebastian Martin
Sebastian Martin:
"If you tell your self something long enough, you tend to believe it."- idk where but somewhere
Mubarak rezaie
Mubarak rezaie:
I croed so bad cause i can relate to everything she said. I literally stoped living at age 6. I held back my self in everything i did.
Thank you for sharing this. You saved my life ❤️
Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley:
This is powerfully true, our childhood remains within us, and we are told to stop being that fearless person and do as society tells you is 'right', and lose who you are...this is great! I am an undergraduate in Psychology, and I am slowly becoming the fearless, fun, and the daring girl I once was--trying to remove all the trauma and bad thoughts that follow me daily throughout my life.
Amol Shende
Amol Shende:
"What you are is the result of what you have thought" - Buddha
Love this! Amazing message, very meaningful and well-expressed 🙏
علي المنصوري
علي المنصوري:
Listening to this, it feels like I have been living in a net for years.🙁
This is pretty much the TED talk that resonates with me the most. The elephant analogy is very effective. Thanks!
3:44 is one of the worst ways you can unknowingly hurt your loved ones' confidence. They will simply stop trying to do things because they'll think they're not good enough and won't be able to do well.
Beerad Hockey
Beerad Hockey:
Omg this is the best Ted Talk ever! I was actually crying because your story really hit home for me. Thank you so much for this I needed it more than you know!
Jaymes elliot
Jaymes elliot:
very powerful, and relevant talk.
Officially The Most Identifiable TED talk I've heard all least for me😏
Fantastic talk, especially the last 30 seconds.👊
Cansu Arslan
Cansu Arslan:
Almost started crying by the end. I really needed to hear these words. I've been dealing with a low self-esteem and sabotaging myself throughout my entire life which didn't allow me to become the person i want to be. I thought it was impossible. Her words give me hope, especially hope in myself. Thank you so much.
Prophets Of Rock TV
Prophets Of Rock TV:
This video helped me realise how much I’ve held myself back based on false beliefs and assumptions of myself and others
mohit 1234
mohit 1234:
It's feel like I have superpower inside me that has to be awakened .
Steph Brown
Steph Brown:
Absolutely LOVED this!! She had me at the elephant story too :) I got sooo much perspective from listening to this talk, wow, I can't wait to share it with my network, amazing, gosh they should play it to all people thinking about having kids!! Mine is ten already, but hopefully I am not too late! Thank you so much Lauren!!
diva zerlinda
diva zerlinda:
You explained perfectly what I've been through for years 😭
Некто Лохматый
Некто Лохматый:
Yeah, thinking we're just not able for what we want often pulls us back. However, it's not enough to just believe to get it. I think, the most important is to believe in your ability to change the situation: learn, develop - and struggle to head for your aim.
Joan Wang
Joan Wang:
When I was young my mom used to lock me up at home, I so much wanted to go out to play with my friends, but now that i am free in the world, I still have the tendency to lock myself up. I need to make big efforts to break this invisible rope.
I was so bold when I was young, but then I became so timid because on the tv it shows a girl is more lovely when she is shy. I miss my bold self. This tomboy me.
I was once a mentor of somebody, until she totally stole my whole business. Now I have chance to start a similar relationship with another person. I tell myself it will work well, we can find a way to do only good for each other.
Akshita Pratap Nathani
Akshita Pratap Nathani:
Thank you for this! Every single word of yours resonated so much with some of my beliefs that the world gives me strange looks for. Thank you for reinforcing these important ideas. 10x super like :)
toma adela
toma adela:
After watching the video i feel like this is me talking after 3-4 years now. The most inspiring video i have ever watched
Ngọc Phượng
Ngọc Phượng:
Your story touches my heart, I am also in this condition. Becoming invisible in any conversation or any event, do not dare to speak out cuz scaring to be broken hearted.
Stephanie Romer
Stephanie Romer:
This is perhaps my favorite TED TALK EVER!! ❤️🌊❤️🧘‍♀️❤️
*CRITICAL TIP* Also, keep in mind. Along with beliefs, are feelings. Our actions will drag our feelings along 'kicking and screaming if need be'. As you work to change your self beliefs, interact with the world as if your beliefs, feelings and actions are in harmony. Actions are all we 100% control right now. You will succeed!
Natasha Abaeva
Natasha Abaeva:
The story of my life! I feel exactly what she did and I'm currently trying to "cut those ropes". Thanks a lot for the talk!!!
Re: ReRe
Re: ReRe:
simply amazing and basic . "to get off your headset you need to realize first you wear one".
Maran Lou
Maran Lou:
Excellent way to explain this topic. Thank you, Lauren
ahmed saed
ahmed saed:
Break the ropes. Such impressive and motivative
Ngân Nguyễn Thị Thanh
Ngân Nguyễn Thị Thanh:
I thinked about all the things that i confused that i could not even decide for myself during her presentation.. I've just seen lots of rope of my mind 😂
Thank you!
crystal stanley
crystal stanley:
This teb talk is the one! I just started to listen to teb talks about a week and a half ago. Caught on to some good ones but this one really knew me. I was able to place myself into the talk on ever point. This one took me over. It was planted!
Nonspecific Nonsense
Nonspecific Nonsense:
the emotion in her voice is what really makes the message speak volumes and stick
G T:
Thank you so much. I love this so much. I appreciate this because I have felt so many negative thoughts come to me and I truly believe they were circumstantial. I don’t do anything wrong and I still get discriminated against, beat up, scarred, etc. I’m a good person. I prove it time and time again but yet I feel I am treated horribly. But I believe in good. I’m a good person and I will spend the rest of my life proving it.
Shreya Maria
Shreya Maria:
Thank you so much.❤️ such an awesome and relatable talk. We are what we think.. so it all comes down to what we feed our minds.
Burt Zheng
Burt Zheng:
Her talk brought me to tears. I felt like she was talking to me.
Rocket Rush the Rescue Dog
Rocket Rush the Rescue Dog:
I was a heartworm positive shelter dog with a behavioral disorder. Now, I'm a celebrity spokes-dog with 13,000 Facebook followers. Believe in yourself. Rocket yourself to the Rescue!
Annie Tran
Annie Tran:
I listen to her everday to make myself much much much stronger! Hopefully, I will be able to find myself in a completely new reality one day!
Moyra Francis
Moyra Francis:
You reminded me of what I used to know a long, long time ago. Thanks so much.
Leyla Adıgozalova
Leyla Adıgozalova:
Just keep your mind and thoughts as a white paper you possesed in your childhood that is up to all the new experiences all the time without any questioning or restrictions by the ropes around.The more(bad or good) experiences you have and more extroverted you are to all possible opportunities around you,the more successful you become at evoking your self-awareness and find the best and rightest way to cope with your own problems in life💫💫💫
Jose Jomon
Jose Jomon:
I listen to tedtalks and it helps me a lot. I'm speaking English like anything now
Saka Ma
Saka Ma:
Love this speech, really need to hear these (she somehow look like Jeff Cavaliere to me
Stevenson Tavares
Stevenson Tavares:
One of the best i heard from tedx...
One of the most powerful TED talks I've heard recently. Amazing talk. Will use the advice here
I cannot stop crying. Thank you so much for your powerful and fearless messages that reached to us strongly.
Trà Nguyễn Thị Thu
Trà Nguyễn Thị Thu:
I find myself in this :))) my mom and dad always decide my life and force me to do everything they like and think it’s good for my future. Because of that, i lose my control. I am dependent on someone and afraid of unperfect - apperance. I wanna get rid of imaginary ropes but i don’t know how
dedy chandra Hariyono
dedy chandra Hariyono:
How she acts, reacts, and gets into emphasizing some sentences that we must know saving to our brains is enchanted. Honestly, this skills should have to be implemented to all of motivational speakers round the world.
gembira kawan
gembira kawan:
Cheers up! Lauren. :-)
Remember you are that same (happy) girl you once were many years ago -just a bit older. :-)
Phil Hall
Phil Hall:
Needed to hear this ... this is so powerful
Kim Hjalmarsson
Kim Hjalmarsson:
Stumbled upon this talk and it lifted my spirits. :)
Hiam Al-Atnah
Hiam Al-Atnah:
This goes down as one of the BEST TEDx talks out there!
Eva Cantrell
Eva Cantrell:
It's like we are the same person! I want to be just like you when I "grow up" although we are the same age! LOL. SO GOOD!! It's been my exact struggle my whole life and has held me back and caused so many problems in my life. BUT I am finally in a place where I'm seriously working through some of these issues. THANK you, Lauren for the work that you do. It's so inspiring!!
Camille Arratia
Camille Arratia:
Thank you Lauren! your talk was like breathing fresh air, really inspirational, you are amazing!
Wendi Watson
Wendi Watson:
this way freakishly, sadly too relateable.. good for you for coming out of your shell and was able to stand out! my progress was joining a group of 7-10 people that i meet with and without knowing a single person . : ) l love the better version of me.
Cass Chris
Cass Chris:
I croed so bad cause i can relate to everything she said. I literally stoped living at age 6. I held back my self in everything i did.
Thank you for sharing this. You saved my life ❤️
yarob shakir
yarob shakir:
Complex topic,beautifully simplified, I hope it reaches millions ,we all needed.
jaffer mohamed
jaffer mohamed:
The best designs came only after multiple failed attempts

You must notice that when you are about to do or try something new your mind tell you don't do that and you will feel uncomfortable doing it not because it is not comfortable, but just your brain does not like changing and like stability.
Sk- 7
Sk- 7:
one of the best ted-talk speeches I've ever heard. In the beginning, when she was talking about her life, I felt like she was talking about MY life! I really hope I'll be able to free myself!😥
J F:
This ted talk has been popping up in my recommendations and only today had I the courage to click on it.

It was very eye opening. A lot of things I can relate to.
I hope I can be more confident to speak with a louder voice and cut all the ropes that ties me down. And I hope you do too.

Thank you for this ted talk!
Josipa Tokić
Josipa Tokić:
My initial thought was that Ben was very busy lmao, true. I'm personally a busy person who forgets about close people when I have a lot of work...
Jen Jeffries
Jen Jeffries:
I really like this. It was so clear and well spoken and i think can help people who are depressed.
What if I'm the opposite?
I trust myself too much, and I always end messing up my relationships because I never listen to advice and just act on what I think is true...
Which oftentimes isn't
Manjiri Bangali
Manjiri Bangali:
One of the best Ted talks I've ever heard. Very inspiring
I love this! This just blessed my life....
Rachael Case
Rachael Case:
Thank you ! I loved every minute of your speech thank you for being vulnerable
Thank you, I love you for this talk ❤️
Mikey Thomas
Mikey Thomas:
Extremely powerful speech, using your voice gives you courage to develop and gain confidence so that you can be that game changer in the world? "let your beliefs become your reality"...brilliant!!..
I really can relate to this behavior with my my love one. This will help me to assist, help others and my own.
Raz Snr
Raz Snr:
We have to believe in our insight not the negative thoughts of others who do not want you to change. This video is a well speech, thanks 🙏
Sher Singh
Sher Singh:
What a powerful lecture! Hit me right between the eyes. Thank you.
Nikita Sethna
Nikita Sethna:
Absolutely Amazing! Relate so much ❤🦋🌈
Willy Thee
Willy Thee:
I’ve watched manyTed talks.
This is one I will now listen to multiple times.
There isn’t a rope strong enough to hold this elephant back.

Thank you for sharing Lauren!
Sebastian Luparu
Sebastian Luparu:
She transmits such a powerful message!
Ellie Mitchell
Ellie Mitchell:
A powerful, much needed message in today's modern world. x
This is also my almost story.....I needed all this..
Jeanine Petro
Jeanine Petro:
I thought I could think from a Counselor Education perspective when I first started watching you, and then I realized that you would 'sober' my thinking...So helpful, thank you.
Gigi M
Gigi M:
Wow! This was beautiful to watch..filled with courage an drive. Absolutely amazing.
Kerry Pink
Kerry Pink:
Mind blowing talk. Love the research behind it. She’s amazing
💜💜 My story
I can't proceed further
Jorge Zavala
Jorge Zavala:
amazing talk! thank you
Jaz Choreo
Jaz Choreo:
I got the same challenge at my University - I fooled everyone to search for Da Vinci's structures and I built a 2 meter tower ( up to the ceiling), haha.
Candice Macdougall
Candice Macdougall:
Where I am in my life at the moment, is a crossroads, I felt like Lauren was talking directly to me from the start, no TED Talk has ever resonated or hit home as hard at this one. We are all searching for our passion and purpose, but we can't hold the ropes from the past any longer, they have been a noose for too long! Be strong everyone, take one day at a time, be kind to yourself and others and believe in YOURself always
Maran Lou
Maran Lou:
I’d love to meet you in person someday.