Dr James Naismith - Creator Of Basketball In Rare Interview 1939 WOR Radio

Canadian-born Presbyterian minister James Naismith wrote the rules for basketball as physical education instructor at a Springfield Mass YMCA in 1891. Here he is interviewed shortly before his death by radio personality Gabriel Heatter for the program "We the People," in New York, on Jan. 31, 1939 for station WOR.

Naismith reveals the game was created to keep youths occupied indoors during cold winter days. He augmented the rules to prevent carrying the ball which had led to brutal rugby like on the court violence from 9 member teams. Originally he hung actual spare peach baskets, hence the name "basket ball".

Naismith was eventually hired as a chaplain at The University of Kansas soon after creating the game, and part of his duties included teaching phys ed which eventually evolved into being the obvious choice as the Jayhawk's basketball coach. Despite supposedly "inventing" the game in 1898, he somehow became the only basketball coach with an overall losing team record in the entire history of the Kansas Jayhawks.

This audio was found in the collection of The Library Of Congress by a Kansas University researcher and historian associate professor Michael Zogry and more info on the Naismith legacy can be found here: http://exhibits.lib.ku.edu/exhibits/show/naismith150/collections/radio-interview

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1891 Hoops
1891 Hoops:
This is unbelievable. How had we not heard of this before?
Jim Retzer
Jim Retzer:
This is believed to be the only known audio recording of Naismith.
Ricky D
Ricky D:
Finally Canada 🇨🇦 has a NBA finals Championship.Thanks for creating this lovely game.
This is incredible. I live in kansas, it's an unbelievable feeling to have a famous nventor in kansas.
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit:
This is a different story than the story I always heard.
I love Bill Cosby's version of the invention of Basketball 🏀😂
Hailey Naismith
Hailey Naismith:
Great great great great great great grandpa ❤️❤️
What kind of children were they. Talking about how they had black eyes, dislocated shoulders, wrestle matches. It’s PE. Bro kids back in the day were out to kill 😭👀
I can't believe I am hearing the voice of the inventor of basketball
Callum Brown
Callum Brown:
lilmkesf this is great content I never used to like the game of basketball when i was younger now older i can appreciate the game more thank you Naismith!
Ismu haryanto Basri
Ismu haryanto Basri:
Ghe god of the basketball (Dr james jaismith) without the creator, there is no such thing as nba all star.
Esperanza Animikeeg Odayin Rolon
Esperanza Animikeeg Odayin Rolon:
i love basket ball it is so cool that one tiny person created something that everyone can play no madder what
rooster Cook
rooster Cook:

Wow beyond words thats unbelievably outspoken
David Sizemore
David Sizemore:
Only KU coach with a career losing record
amosa mwig
amosa mwig:


You wanna know the father of nba?
Mason Moore
Mason Moore:
Anyone here from School ?
Jaden Tonsager
Jaden Tonsager:
Makes me think this is fake, that it was not james naismith who really spoke. The voice was like that of a man in mid 20s.
Carlo Montana
Carlo Montana:
Who help him invent it
Lance Makenzie Warren
Lance Makenzie Warren: