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Two years after his wife’s unexpected death, Yusuke Kafuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima), a renowned stage actor and director, receives an offer to direct a production of Uncle Vanya at a theater festival in Hiroshima. There, he meets Misaki Watari (Toko Miura), a taciturn young woman assigned by the festival to chauffeur him in his beloved red Saab 900. As the production’s premiere approaches, tensions mount amongst the cast and crew, not least between Yusuke and Koji Takatsuki, a handsome TV star who shares an unwelcome connection to Yusuke’s late wife. Forced to confront painful truths raised from his past, Yusuke begins - with the help of his driver – to face the haunting mysteries his wife left behind. Adapted from Haruki Murakami’s short story, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car is a haunting road movie traveling a path of love, loss, acceptance, and peace. Winner of three prizes at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, including Best Screenplay.

Opens November 24 at Film Forum and Film at Lincoln Center in New York and December 3 at Landmark's Nuart Theater in Los Angeles.
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This is truly a lovely film. Everything is pitch-perfect: writing, directing, acting, cinematography, music. I hope people won't skip it because of its length--nearly three hours. Every minute of this film is worth your time. It so deserves all the kudos it has received.
lil soy sauce
lil soy sauce:
So excited to see how they made a full length film out of one of Murakami’s best short stories
Feel Flows
Feel Flows:
This film brought me to tears. The actors were so moving and natural. I loved the cinematography.
paul rai
paul rai:
Just saw this at the Denver Film Festival. While I will say I felt the 3 hour run time, this is one of those films where I didn’t feel it had to be shortened or if the pacing was off; the pacing and momentum was deliberate and intentional, and ultimately the film was just a small beautiful drama of people trying the connect with not just themselves but the world they’re surrounded in. No contrived conflict or forced plot narrative—just people bouncing off each other trying to make sense at the abstract nature at which our world operates in.

I hope in the end this film cracks the final top 5 oscars for International Feature. It’s an amazing year for international films.
This is not a movie
It’s a cinematic experience.Very deep and atmospheric
Patricia Zimbres
Patricia Zimbres:
One of the best films I've ever watched. Gentle and beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. It did full justice to Murakami's story.
Finally a trailer that's not just a summary of the entire plot, and that actually makes me want to watch the film.
djagt kmapgm
djagt kmapgm:
The original author, Murakami, said on his radio show, "I didn't feel like I had three hours. I'm very good at it. What impressed me most was the stage training, where they hit the desk every time they finished saying the lines." It was a squeaky sound. It's great that this work is appreciated. He praises it.
Dustin Travis
Dustin Travis:
Such a great film! After I rented it I saw that it was three hours long and wonder what I got myself into (I had Amazon "No Rush Rewards" that were expiring within hours and wanted to buy something with them), but at the end of those three hours I was honestly sad it was over! Please watch it, I think you'll truly enjoy it!

And if you end up liking it and want to watch another amazing Japanese movie I suggest watching Okuribito ("Departures") from 2008.
Emily Kim
Emily Kim:
I recently read the Murakami short that this is based on in his collection "Men Without Women" (2014) at my local library. I recognized elements of the story right away in this trailer which is a promising sign. Very much excited to see how the rest of it plays out on-screen!
Loved this movie! Not sure I'd have looked forward to 3 hours had I known in advance, but for both my husband and me, there was no point at which we wanted it to end. It was beautiful. I hadn't read this particular story, but I've read several of Murakami's novels and it felt very much like him. So happy it received a much-deserved nomination.
Rahul Ghosh
Rahul Ghosh:
The best part of the movie is the conversation between Kafuku and Takatsuki which takes place inside the car. Kafuku sees the reflection of her own daughter in Watari. The play rehearsal part was also too good. The movie explores the meaning of love from various angles.
Minhaj Alam
Minhaj Alam:
Congratulations! For being the only second Japanese Film in History to Win International Feature Oscar. You have made it :)
borussin Dm
borussin Dm:
Everything about this movie is brilliant. Writing, directing, music, cinematography,
Every sense of this mov is worth to watch. Especially the last sense of the film stuck with me for days after watching, it hits me on so many levels, I think it's one of ones that I will remember for a long time and perhaps will remain in my mind for a while!
Jason Heist
Jason Heist:
The fact that this movie was immediately distributed by Janus & Criterion during the film festival circuit shows how cinematically emotional and well-done it is.
mas 767
mas 767:
This is probably the most successful movie based on Haruki Murakami's novel. Even if this work makes many changes to the original. I watched this movie without reading the original. But when I finished watching the movie, I certainly felt that I had touched Haruki Murakami's work. The story moves deeper into the body and mind, not from the surface of a person or event. They travel to pick up a hope from the dark abyss that is out of reach. For what? To stay alive. If you are a fan of Haruki Murakami, I recommend you to watch it without reading the original.
I felt so empty after watching this film. Beautiful
Kevin Carlson
Kevin Carlson:
I'm so glad a Japanese was finally nominated for an Oscar.They've made so many great movies for so long.As someone who grew up driving handed down(and new-Saabs)I wonder how rare they are in Japan.
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan:
So I finally watched it. It's one of those rare 3-hour movies that don't feel like 3 hours at all, passes along like a breeze. Incredibly profound and moving. There's literally nothing remotely bad to say about this movie, a masterful work of art.
Ken Wong
Ken Wong:
Beautiful story - Well-deserved an award!!
Holly Flores
Holly Flores:
Eres un ídolo Xxlovezzz.Uno siempre en mi corazón, hermosa, amor, elecciones, culturales.❤

-Son unos de los mejores conciertos JDTx-
Cinema Lights
Cinema Lights:
Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Hirokazu Koreeda are two of Japan’s best directors working today and the Criterion Collection is recognizing both of them. This makes me incredibly happy.
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins:
One of the highlights of this year's London Film Festival for me. Utterly transfixed throughout. Hoping this gets a physical release with extras soon.
J S:
I have to admit, being a c900 owner myself, that’s first why I searched for this trailer. Watching and reading the description that the Saab is a character in the film only guarantees that I’ll watch what looks to be a good movie.
Brandon Tilghman
Brandon Tilghman:
One of the most poetically realized movies I've ever seen. Simply beautiful
Hands down the best movie of the year, lucky enough to see it at a festival.
It might place very high in the upcoming Sight&Sound poll, a top 250 will be quite something.
I've seen about 10 to 15 new movies in the past month or two and this was by far the best. I'd liked Hamaguchi before but he takes a huge step artistically with Drive My Car. Fantastic film!
Now an Academy Award winning film. Congratulations to Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Japan
I just finished watching this, my favorite part is the long conversation between Kafuku and Takatsuki while Watari was driving. I rarely see that kind of mental gymnastics in a movie... and they were talking about a girl who was a lamprey.

And as a bonus, Hidetoshi Nishijima is very pleasing to watch.
Tomo Maric
Tomo Maric:
I was absolutely mindblown by the short story. It hit me very hard. Glad to see this is getting good reviews, very eager to watch it.
Anish Majumdar
Anish Majumdar:
I recently read the short story, completely unaware they made a film on it. Now the trailer brings back so many emotions. I need to watch this film.
Ismail L-08
Ismail L-08:
With all those awards and nominations, i still feel this movie is kinda underrated. Not many people talk about this amazing movie. People should watch this masterpiece not just Dune. I'm not saying Dune was bad in fact it's also masterpiece but man this movie should get more recognition.
I loved the story and I'm so glad that is is ecranised. I cannot wait to watch it!! If it were as half as good as Murakami's story, then it is worth the wait!
Wisadha Adhitya
Wisadha Adhitya:
delivering the story by stories.... what an amazing movie! I just watched it and I fell such instant despair and loneliness. They also intentionally left the natural sound which filled the emptiness even more deeply, it works very well.
Marc Martineau
Marc Martineau:
Compelling! I just had to go back for a second time. Please watch in a cinema for a totally immersive experience with many delicate payoffs.
I cried several times during movie n right now. The struggle of our life could make us pale or rugged but the message was till the end we have to live on caring about each others heart shared with honesty.
I play go board game at the korean park n i miss my days with my gone father in 2016. R i p
Movie is truly a work of art :)
Syed Mohammad Aanas Farukh
Syed Mohammad Aanas Farukh:
Murakami knows how to weave a touching story. Great man, great works. Was so ecstatic when found out this was japan's submission for the oscars.
Not a cliche in sight. A tremendous, touching, and wonderful film. See it!
Asa P.
Asa P.:
I love Murakami’s work and this looks gorgeous.
Samuel Anugrah Andre
Samuel Anugrah Andre:
really looking forward to watch this one! been a fan of Hamaguchi-san since his Asako I & II and seeing him casting one of my fav actress Toko Miura is hyping me up.

Hamaguchi's films are fantastic
I consider myself a bit of a "film buff" and this is one of the very best films I have ever seen ! It earns a Rotten Tomatoe score of 98 for a reason. In fact, several reasons ! !
Nenad Djuricic
Nenad Djuricic:
Saab just won an Oscar 😆 well deserved based on the quality of the cars.. and the movie, of course, wow! 🚗
this film is absolutely phenomenal, all the details, the acting, storytelling, the plots experimentation with linear time/expectation.... im still reeling far after watching it.

i especially loved the sound design. so happy i got to catch it in the cinema. truly a masterpiece.
Irene Young
Irene Young:
10:32 Son unos de los Xxlike.UnO

51:41 Sun: ''Hotter''
32:40 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
13:22 Joonie: ''Cooler''
47:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''

35:40 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
11:24 Belleza doops

, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...''
hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy...aDTs 🖤
Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ⬇
Very good movie, the ending was beautiful
Daniel Nikrasov
Daniel Nikrasov:
One of the pieces to cherish for the entire existence.
Instantly became one of favorite films of all time. Thank you criterion for recognizing a living legends work. All I need is a criterion release of this one right here.
Drive my Car is stunning. I'm in awe of its artistry and perfection.
proud of my theater. everyone was quiet for the quiet parts
Mitchell Haigh
Mitchell Haigh:
I saw this at the Brisbane International Film Festival and can confirm this is one of the most beautiful films of the year
Quantum Alex
Quantum Alex:
The plot was lost for me after the moment Kôji asked Yûsuke to look into his own heart. That felt like the cue for Misaki's close up and her story to stir up the truth - but that never happen, and instead we went on into an interminable car journey..Up to that moment it was astonishing. Also, did not understand the lamprey metaphor really, it feels like the key to what was the hidden depth of Oto's heart - can anyone give me a hint?
Rebecca Dsouza
Rebecca Dsouza:
haruki murakami - this man's writing is like reading a lucid dream when awake
I really loved it. Murakami's' books i never really enjoyed really through and through. But respected them.
But this film is amazing. It's all about the bumps on the road that wake us up, when the driver wants us awake.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
A special film for Saab owners everywhere. Enjoy the ride.
Gunjan Biswas
Gunjan Biswas:
Nominated for 4 categories in Oscars 2022!!! Congratulations 'Drive my car' ❤️
Totally Deserved!!🙏
Paul Shi
Paul Shi:
Just watched this movie, absolutely loved it
Hope this film will get more attention after academy awards 👍
Ayoub Trabelsi
Ayoub Trabelsi:
Such a masterpiece that was born out of tragedy
I saw this trailer at the theater tonight and now I want to see it. I like how they end the trailer with them raising their cigarettes thru the sunroof at 1:46 and even the title font is nice. I always wanted to see Japan, so I think I can sit thru 3 hours of this at the cinema.
I've been wanting to see this film since I heard about it at Cannes. Looks amazingly beautiful
I was impressed by the performance of Masaki Okada as Takatsuki.
He said in an interview he was finally able to become an actor by appearing in this movie despite his more than 15 years of experience.
I think he known for "I give my first love to you" in asia. I hope he will be recognized worldwide.
John Sailors
John Sailors:
I wouldn't change a single thing. Beyond incredible!
I cannot wait to look at this! This looks really excellent!
Doris Jay
Doris Jay:
Son unos Likeex.Uno de los mejores ❤️
Mañas no se la..
Great film. tears flowed at the end. I like the un-stated potential felicitous future joining Yusuke and Misaki at the end. Only gripe - continuity. As far as I know they drive on the left in Japan. The Saab however was a left hand drive as it might well have been if imported. from Sweden. But Misaki is seen driving on the left throughout most of the film but in the scamdemic shot, she drives on the right!
The Saab alone has me sold
Rigo Correa
Rigo Correa:
Anyone here after finding out that this film got nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars?
Jheniffer Duarte
Jheniffer Duarte:
Tristeza eu não saber inglês 💔.
Gente como eu queria ver esse filme..
Alguém legenda esse filme em português pelo amor
Tristan French
Tristan French:
This looks like a masterpiece wow. Cannot wait to see it!
Saw this movie (on Mubi LatAm) expecting it to be boring and it was AMAZING. I haven't been entranced by dialogues this much since... the last time I saw a Tarantino or Hong Sang-Soo film. Now diving into more of Hamaguchi's movies (loved Asako for now) and looking forward to the Criterion blu ray of this.
Abhradeep Goswami
Abhradeep Goswami:
The most unexpectedly discovered favorite film of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(had the vibe of Burning by Lee Chang Dong, immersive, expressive, heartfelt!)
Acting, writing, cinematography, screenplay....this film is packed with everything.
But not for fast paced movie lovers....
Shintaro Yano
Shintaro Yano:
I watched it on the first day of release in Japan and this is the best movie in a while for me.
Nairobi Deserves better
Nairobi Deserves better:
This has been on my to watch list for a while and it just got nominated for an Oscar I guess I need to watch it ASAP!!!😩
Daniel Elzeisa
Daniel Elzeisa:
Was really pulling for this to win people's choice this year at TIFF!!! Remarkable achievement in the industry.
Schorodinger 777
Schorodinger 777:
I was already thought about Haruki Murakami and yes! He is showed up on the trailer screen. I knew it!
Just exited the theater. I need time to digest this film. It was…. Spectacular.
Congratulations to the Oscar win! 💗
Nicole Jay
Nicole Jay:
Movies like this reminds me of why I love watching them .
Ben Ryland
Ben Ryland:
best movie of the year!!!!!! i am so overjoyed to see it again!!!!!!!
gnan fung
gnan fung:
It is marvellous, just like moving contemporary Japanese literature to the acreen
Bryan Rivera
Bryan Rivera:
A masterpiece.
Manjunath Prasad CV
Manjunath Prasad CV:
It takes balls to do a movie like this in a super Hero bs era... Salute !
I’m sure it’s a great movie, but I really need to get in the mood to watch it. It’s a loooooong film.
i felt it was a bit pretentious but it was still a joy to watch, and the acting was superb.
Антон Гусев
Антон Гусев:
This is from a book "Man without woman" Haruki Murakami wrote. I had read it before I watched it =)
Ryusuke Hamaguchi released two goddamn masterpieces in the same year. I haven't had the opportunity to see Drive My Car yet (I think the Oscar buzz will help push for a theatrical or streaming release) but I've seen his previous three films: Happy Hour, Asako I & II, and Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy. Hamaguchi is a modern master and easily one of the best directors I've discovered recently. All of his films are simply exquisite
Tsuen Films
Tsuen Films:
god finally ive been waiting for japan to produce a movie like this again like how they did earlier
s malik
s malik:
I really loved it
Rittam Khandai
Rittam Khandai:
The actress playing the driver is also the lead singer of the soundtrack of weathering with you😍
Jurjit singh
Jurjit singh:
This is masterpiece
it is easily the best film of the year!
not only as international feature, but the best picture in the main category, like Parasite was in 2019.
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404:
A film that is as beautifully moving and wonderfully written as synecdoche New York
A 3hr movie. Was a relaxing Mello drama. Had a peaceful enjoyable time watching this. Good movie.
Jason Blodgett
Jason Blodgett:
I want to see this. I miss films like this and sometimes you need a good cry
This was so beautiful
Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia
Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia:
That looks amazing. Healing through film.
Kevin Muller
Kevin Muller:
Saw this on HBOMAX last night. It felt like 2 hours, not three. It is a beautiful, but sad, film.
what a sensational trailer, you bet i'm watching this right now
I haven't heard of this movie! Can't wait to see it now!