Dustin Diamond, Screech from 'Saved by the Bell,' has died | USA TODAY

Dustin Diamond, best known as Screech from "Saved by the Bell," has died.
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Dustin Diamond is best known for playing Samuel "Screech" Powers on the NBC show "Saved by the Bell."

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100+ comentarios:

Amanda Bailey
Amanda Bailey:
This seemed a little cold. He deserves more than this... bringing up his past? It just wasn’t the time for that.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
Rest In Peace man, you were a big part of my childhood and even though I am sad to hear of your passing, thanks for the laughs.
Thor’s #1 fan
Thor’s #1 fan:
He seemed to be someone who didn’t really have a lot of people in his life who truly loved him. Sad.😔
The Q45 Guy
The Q45 Guy:
Damn yall didnt have to include his court case thats a bit shady.
Chris S
Chris S:
That was dark AF! How bout a little sympathy for the man! This guy is part of my childhood memories. Wish his loved ones the best.
Timothy Lopez
Timothy Lopez:
That dude had a tortured life. But he enriched countless people's lives with his iconic role. May his soul find peace.
RIP dusty, lord knows you made mistakes, as we all do, but you were trying to learn from them and overcome them. And you contributed so much joy and laughter to the world. You were an unforgettable part of my childhood, and countless others. I'll see you on the other side brother, pouring one out for Dustin tonight.
Damn this is so sad. He was one of my fav characters him and Lisa.
cathy mattingly
cathy mattingly:
Sorry of his passing. Glad that he did not linger in pain.see him on the other side some day.
Dustin was my cousin. The family is very appreciative for all the kind words. Dustin had a bumpy road but through it all remained optimistic and humble. Rip Double D
3 weeks damn. That could be any of us. Screw covid I got to live
Bella Singh
Bella Singh:
This is so sad. Rest in peace. May God comfort his family and friends. 😥😥
T B:
I’m glad he didn’t really suffer long. If given a choice I don’t think I would want to know it was time to go Home until right before. Prayers for his family who has to grieve this wonderful soul
Luthien the Mortal
Luthien the Mortal:
Hollywood claims another life after it corrupts it
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat:
I loved you as Screech back then, I'm 47 now and still love you just as much. RIP Dustin.
Maria Cavaliere
Maria Cavaliere:
I’m heart is really sad to hear Dustin died😢😢. He was in his prime life. May he have found eternal life and peace Amen 🙏
Mister Guy
Mister Guy:
Was hearing that he wasn’t doing well... “A death you see coming is a curse of its own ; Someone who has sentenced themselves to death will usually be obliged, and be the last to know it” Grandpa
Jesus, I thought he was much older. I grew up on the later years when he was the School VP or Guidence counseler, i had no idea he was only 44.
Meag_ Ken
Meag_ Ken:
Oh man. My heart hurts. Screech was a huge part of my childhood... rest peacefully ❤️🥺
Reaction Therapy
Reaction Therapy:
This man has lived the playboy lifestyle!!
— Rip Dustin
Surah 2:190
Surah 2:190:
Wow. I did not see this coming. Rest in Peace Screech. Damn. Caught off guard with this.
"People never get their flowers while they can still smell'em"....RIP Dustin...
Kween Kryssi
Kween Kryssi:
F*ck cancer. Don't understand why his arrest with stabbing and issues with his cast mates were shown here, That was classless but Rest well Dustin. 🌹
What a shock! RIP big man, you will be truly missed.
I couldn't stand that show as a kid, but his makes me SO sad for some reason. RIP man, see you on the other side.
Trucker Cowboy Ed
Trucker Cowboy Ed:
Rip smh, 2021 starting off with a vengeance taking many prominent stars already......
wesley ogilvie
wesley ogilvie:
He got gray. You can tell life after SBTB wasn't easy for him.
I can't stand when they bring up a person's past when they pass. Leave them alone! RIP Dustin.
I am very sad about his death. I grew up loving saved by the bell everyday
Onyx Logistic
Onyx Logistic:
Damn all the childhood show greats are fading. RIP
joyice chase
joyice chase:
God Rest his soul and God bless and take care of his family and loved ones that you left behind
Jasper DiLincoln
Jasper DiLincoln:
He had alot of issues like alot of other childhood actors. But my heart goes out to his family
Khay McBride
Khay McBride:
May GOD ease his Soul into the Afterlife. I did not really watch this show much. But I always loved the character - Screech. LOL! K
Yuon We
Yuon We:
God bless your soul! Gave me so many laughs when I was a young girl. Thank you Screech
John Sheetz
John Sheetz:
Ill admit i dont know him and i also know he was playing a character but it feels like i just lost a childhood freind
Marian Lincoln
Marian Lincoln:
He was just a KID.
How SAD . I remember my DAUGHTER watching saved by the bell and her best friend was a kid a lot like Scretch.SWEET SILLY KIND
Albert Calleros
Albert Calleros:
The only 'silver lining' to the recent death of Dustin Diamond is that he was afforded the opportunity to celebrate his forty-fourth birthday several weeks prior.
Miklos Nagy
Miklos Nagy:
Poor guy. He never had a chance with his child star role and was forever known as Screech...
Court Love
Court Love:
Damn bro rest eazy i see this is about to be a crazier year than the last two
Poor guy, so sad, seems so unfair :(. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
The Wiperglove On YouTube Wiperdiaper On YouTube
The Wiperglove On YouTube Wiperdiaper On YouTube:
So sorry and so so sad. May He Rest In The Arms Of God's Army Of Angel's, God Bless his family friends and love ones ❤️🙏❤️.
Phyllis Peach
Phyllis Peach:
Everyone makes mistakes we are human no one should have to be constantly reminded of them unless they are a murderer and he wasn’t can’t even say something nice the day the man dies smh
Michael Hall
Michael Hall:
Its sad everyone treated him so bad. And they didn't want him in the reboot.
rachard mcintyre
rachard mcintyre:
RIP Dustin, my favorite SBTB episode was when your TV mom's Elvis statue broke by accident, and Zack bet & gambled to get a new one.
OMG! He was on my mind so much today. I was just wondering how he was making out with his chemo ... Darn, I feel so bad.
R.I.P screech. Another part of my child hood memories gone....😢
Square Hammer
Square Hammer:
So sad. That show was a huge part of my childhood watching it in the mornings before I would go to school. Prayers for his family. It's sad that the government won't let cancer be cured so they can continue to make money off of sick people
Francisco Islas
Francisco Islas:
Dear Lord heavenly Father, please receive him into your kingdom.
We know you took some rough paths that lead you off course but some of us were still rooting for you. Cancer sucks though, it can take even some of the toughest guys down.
We'll miss you Dustin [ Screetch Powers ] Diamond
Rest in peace. He was the best part of "saved by the bell"
R.I.P. Dustin Diamond. I Loved Watching Saved By The Bell.
Tyrese Brinson
Tyrese Brinson:
Damn Cancer is a killer. First CHADWICK now my favorite character from save by the bell. Everyone get your cancer screenings. Sad news. Rip my guy.
Yono Senada
Yono Senada:
And then, the bell rung. You’re safe now, fly high.
Jenny lane
Jenny lane:
He was an amazing spirit may he rest in peace and his family with all do respect and condolences
If anything just know 44 years is a short trip. So Live, Laugh, and Love people. Life is good ask any dead person.
Justice Now News 2021
Justice Now News 2021:
He was my favorite character and person.
And it was just announced he had it 2 weeks ago, didn’t think we’d lose him this early into the year. RIP and condolences to the SBTB cast and his family.
Dmm ice
Dmm ice:
I can’t believe he died. He was so young. What a shock! Weird thing was that I was just thinking about this show a couple of days ago. May he RIP
Steph 36
Steph 36:
Heart breaking! Bless his soul!
Cancer grows so slowly in the body, that you cant feel its effects until it's too late.
Frank Denardo
Frank Denardo:
Thanks for the memories. He was only 44 years old, my prayers and condolences to his family and friends
Bosco Bartelis
Bosco Bartelis:
Oh no, so young...loved watching this show when I was younger...Rest in peace screech!
Pegge Merkling
Pegge Merkling:
So sorry to hear this. He was way too young. May he RIP and be remembered for his witty humor and bright personality. 🙏❤️😢
Daniel L
Daniel L:
RIP: May God comfort and console your family and friends. You'll be thought of a lot and missed soooooo much. Thank you for giving of yourself the way that you did. You made many people's day better with your style of humor.
John B aka Smooth Hot Chocolate
John B aka Smooth Hot Chocolate:
Even if Lisa never appreciated him, I always appreciated Screech. R.I.P., Dustin. 😢
Thank you for making me laugh back when I was growing up.
So many celebrity deaths this year already smh. Take care your health and be thankful folks!
Ángel Díaz
Ángel Díaz:
As someone who watched Saved by the bell religiously when I was a kid, back in the 90's, this is so hard to accept. Thank you for the laughs. RIP.
April 2520
April 2520:
I know he struggled through alot. But I wouldnt wish his life on anyone. RIP Mr Diamond and condolences to his family and friends.
Kristy Webb
Kristy Webb:
This is so sad. He just found out that he had cancer and only had chemotherapy once I think. RIP Screech.
E R:
I got to meet him in the hospital, although in a lot of pain he was kind and really thankful towards me and the others that day. It was sad to hear he passed. He was a kind soul tormented by this world. Hope he is at peace now.
Rip Screech, under appreciated and misunderstood!
Pink Panther
Pink Panther:
Oh my I had seen that he was hospitalized but for him to go that soon wow. I am so sad I didn't expect this to happen and never less so soon. RIP Dustin Diamond. Thank you for making Screech part of our lives and bring happiness and laughter, you are the best. 😇🙏
Donna Marie
Donna Marie:
Aw man, he was such a Screech.
R.I.P. God bless you!
Ted Heaberlin
Ted Heaberlin:
Rest In Peace, but did they forget to mention most of his movies as an adult were adult films? Why leave that out?
Ricky Lee Live
Ricky Lee Live:
Wow this is heartbreaking RIP Dustin
Donna Hill
Donna Hill:
It saddens very much to learn that Dustin has passed away. I remember watching that show (Saved by the Bell) on Saturday mornings. There have been quite a few people in the entertainment business that has died recently. I will pray for his family and wish them some comfort and peace. Sorry for their loss. God bless them.
Jason Uerkvitz
Jason Uerkvitz:
As those that act as placeholders and representatives of our past begin to die, one by one, it reminds us, it forebodes our own looming terminus.

Do not despair.

Burn bright, and if not fearless, be brave and bold, strive to burn pure. Be a placeholder and a representative for other's pasts--our children, our students--be that beacon in the night for them so that when you fade into memory, they will carry on that fire merged with their own and so, hold a place for those that come after.
Faye Teater
Faye Teater:
So sorry to here about Dustin Diamond I love to watch him play he was so funny he will be dearly missed my heart goes out to the family and friends my prayers are with you and god will help you thought this at a time like this god bless the family and friends may you rest in peace now amem from Texas
😳 wow rip my childhood program
Damn I remember this from a few weeks ago, this was serious to the utmost degree.
Brent FU
Brent FU:
I'm sorry to hear this. Thank you for all the laughs.
You Are A Fart Knocker. Subscribe
You Are A Fart Knocker. Subscribe:
I never want to watch saved by the bell again 😢
The Mechanic
The Mechanic:
What a great actor. My he RIIP. My condolences to his friends and family.....
Ellen Fano
Ellen Fano:
God bless Dustin. I'm so sorry he found out so late about his cancer diagnosis 3 weeks ago. That is such a bitter thing to have to deal with. He is way to young to have passed on. May he be at peace in Heaven.
44! Awe man...he was young and this is sad to me.
I'll miss you Screech! RIP in heaven man!
William Gleaton
William Gleaton:
WHAT! OH my he was such agreat soul , my heart ❤ is broke.
Chris McCoy
Chris McCoy:
He is the only actor who was given a porn stage name as his birth name, RIP D.D.
BabyGirl Javis
BabyGirl Javis:
Rest in paradise Dustin, Screech 😭😭. My favorite show of all times saved by the bell.
Asa-Punk aka Åsa-Punk at Suður Vinland
Asa-Punk aka Åsa-Punk at Suður Vinland:
This 8s sadly ironic given there was an internet rumor he died a while ago.
I was hoping this was fake too...
Dustin certainly struggled to outgrow Screech's shadow.
As much as audiences enjoyed Screech I think Dustin was less happy.
It's too bad he never really had a chance to get a break away that showed his acting in a different light.
May be rest in peace
Kelly Johanning
Kelly Johanning:
Damn, sad days my dude. Rest in peace.
KiraAngela_ 22
KiraAngela_ 22:
Oh no! RIP Screech 🙏🏼
It still amazes me that these celebs who have access to the best healthcare still have many diseases sneak up on them 😔
Paul James
Paul James:
Wow! Shocking to hear this especially since it was a few weeks ago of his diagnosis. So so sad...
Tonya Young
Tonya Young:
No. Oh my. RIP! Sending my condolences to his family!!
Jim Doe
Jim Doe:
My heart goes out to his loved ones 💔
Lucky Me
Lucky Me:
That was very quick. So many going home. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. RIP screech
How I wish I could be SAVED BY THE BELL .. in this days..!
Good childhood memories..
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson:
Damn, he is actually dead.........i thought it was a mistake RIP Dustin Diamond thanks for all the laughs over the year!
I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer almost 4 years ago and thanks to my faith and prayer I'm still here and in complete remission, for almost a year now. All Glory to God Almighty. Amen! Thank you God.
So shocked to hear this. RIP Screech!