EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Team of the Season | Premier League compilation | AD

A compilation of the Premier League players named in the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Team of the Season. This video features Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Mason Mount (Chelsea), Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United), Tomas Soucek (West Ham United) and more!

Which of these players do you want in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Premier League
Premier League:
This epic squad of 15 will be landing in game from 6pm UK, Friday 30th April
yonam chang
yonam chang:
Son should be 95 his one of few players that can earn 10-10
H C:
I love how they put a Bruno penalty in there just to see everyone’s reaction
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas:
I donno what this is based on but Martinez was by far better than Ederson this season + Shout out to Raphinha and Bissouma
Legend Level
Legend Level:
Son has to be at least 95. 15goals 9assists 1pk.
Son and Kane 🔥
Josh S
Josh S:
no way they showed the bruno penalty after the full time whistle 😭😭

i still remember getting the notification that it was full time then bruno scored
Son and Kane perfect💙💙
Manan Taksali
Manan Taksali:
So proud to be a Chelsea fan mount truly deserve it removing all the Werner mud
Aarnav V
Aarnav V:
Imagine there was a Nick Pope TOTS...

FIFA would've never been the same
Vivek MURMU:
I say it again SON is still very underrated
William Peick
William Peick:
Triggered that they put Cancelo on the left and Shaw on the right..
Nathanael Edric
Nathanael Edric:
Imagine that defense with Ruben Dias, Fofana, Shaw and Cancelo this bring me goosebumps
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar:
Kane and son for sure 🔥🔥🔥🔥 absolutely world class 😍😍😍😍
Sonny 🔥🔥🔥
Fanststic SON
Iron man
Iron man:
Why son's overall is 94..? At least 95or96
Hews Mohamed
Hews Mohamed:
Kante should never miss he's a legend
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Rashford goal against Brighton is so humiliating
Nazareno Rodríguez
Nazareno Rodríguez:
Sonny and Kane, love it! #COYS 🤍
Tehila Adetuberu
Tehila Adetuberu:
I opened a Mega pack yesterday and packed normal Salah.......if I had known......
Its been so long since 3 Man Utd players are on TOTS!
Shows how much they grown under Ole 😊 🙌
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas:
ederson should be out for Martinez. Also it’s funny Bruno’s highlight is a pen lmao
son scored 15goals 9assists for league and 1pk, no doubt
276 Kofifan Hertza H
276 Kofifan Hertza H:
Super Mount 🔥🔥
Kane de Bruyne
Kane de Bruyne:
That Son card looking saucy
honestly weather your a spurs or arsenal fan. cannot deny that mason mount earned that spot this season.
86 physical for bruno lol. He is a twig
로블록스하는 Black🐧
로블록스하는 Black🐧:
trickywarfare kyle
trickywarfare kyle:
Stones or Mahrez????? On the bench for sure
a peaceful world
a peaceful world:
Fofana playing at the topmost level without taking food & water all day!
YMA7 Gaming
YMA7 Gaming:
Ok, stones got robbed, as well as Martinez, Mahrez, and Foden
Premier League
Premier League:
Which of these players do you want in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?
Name is just a name right?
Name is just a name right?:
This season feels like it started a day ago
Sujal Junior10
Sujal Junior10:
Peter Drury and Jim Beglin should also be included here
Stones RObbed... Also Dias rating should be 95.
Sourav Gupta
Sourav Gupta:
Son Kane Salah
Gundogan Soucek/Ndidi/Fabinho/Bissouma Mount/Grealish
Shaw Dias Stones Cancelo
Chester Lester
Chester Lester:
Of course not everyone is gonna be happy but I think this tots covered all the players that deserved it the most
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma:
So glad that Shaw was finally appreciated he's really underrated
Vibing on YT
Vibing on YT:
I am satisfied with this team of the season happy to see Van Dijk missing
Happy for Fofana and the rest of the youngsters
Julian Butzbach
Julian Butzbach:
It feels weird that a youngster gets a TOTS
3 Utd players in the TOTS?!
"You love to see it!"
-Anfield Agenda 2021
that ruben dias card is insane jezz he's like a wall
Most accurate TOTS I’ve seen in a long time
Danilo Andrade
Danilo Andrade:
The easiest goal to make at FIFA is the Bruno Fernandes's goals.. he is only scores from penalty
Alianu Chuks
Alianu Chuks:
Mount representing
Jacob Ramsbottom
Jacob Ramsbottom:
Thank you for releasing TOTS early 👍👍
David Hahm
David Hahm:
손흥민 부분 5:22
Amardeep Kiro
Amardeep Kiro:
Harry Kane has same pass rating with Salah 😂
This is bullshit
Best of them all are Arsenal's 😌
Tbh any PL player can make it here with some nice clips and we wouldn't even know
A Black Man
A Black Man:
Imagine an attack with Rashford, Son, Fernandes, and Kane. Oof
Jihad Umar
Jihad Umar:
Those vardy's goals tho
Raihanur Rahman
Raihanur Rahman:
i love Vardy, but dont think he's done enough this season to be on this edition.
Leaving the best till last - HARRY KAAANE!
Marwan Aly
Marwan Aly:
The Funny Thing Is That most Of the players in the video scored against Liverpool or beat liverpool Sad Liverpool!
Night King 48
Night King 48:
SUCH a high quality video for SUCH a high quality squad of players, LOVE it!
Siphosenkosi Booi
Siphosenkosi Booi:
Can't wait to get this card's
Guru Ganji
Guru Ganji:
What about Eduard Mendy cmon he's been amazing
Kion Goldpotera
Kion Goldpotera:
Is it the team that one plays for that determines their individual performance? Cause I am pretty sure Martinez has been robbed here. Anyways I am happy that my 🐐 Mount is on here.
Rashfords rating is 93, in December, he scored a 93rd minute goal vs Wolves 🤔
Darshil Shah
Darshil Shah:
Mendy has been exceptionally good imo
Axl Rose
Axl Rose:
Vardy’s celebration 🤣🤣
Yusif Yusifli
Yusif Yusifli:
Rashford must turn his before form! Love Man Utd
I hope Lingard is like a objective tots he has had a great season
ayeeee the TOTS are finally out
sensei lapio. jorgos
sensei lapio. jorgos:
Shaw being the lowest rated even though challenging for the prem POTY🤦‍♂️
Mecghi Hanoi
Mecghi Hanoi:
3:27 gullit gang:)
Karan Veer
Karan Veer:
Mason Mount 🔥🔥 u deserved it bro ❤️❤️
duncan kiithi
duncan kiithi:
Brilliant Mount
@W2S is prolly spending his money right now on the packs
Iworh Joy
Iworh Joy:
Wtf rashy pace :99😂😂
Dope through
Joika Bolle
Joika Bolle:
Arsenal fans: WhErE iS sAkA
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
MM and Kova deserve one
As well as TS AND EDOU
How tf is Vardy in there?
Lim jeong bin
Lim jeong bin:
ㅣ love son
Jèan-Marc Johnson
Jèan-Marc Johnson:
I hate the people talking about Fernandez's penalty look at all the other beautiful goals he's scored😤 all the mufc players here deserved it but Greenwood should've been there too
Would've loved to see jesse
Franko Freya Fiona
Franko Freya Fiona:
why is shaw only 89..if awb is 92, shaw must be 93 or 94....ruben dias 95/96
Tiffani Jackson
Tiffani Jackson:
Ok but how is there no Phil Foden ?!?!??
Allen Cornell
Allen Cornell:
How is gundogan only 92 when rashford is 93?
The background tune seems really dope . What's its name?
Luke Edgecumbe
Luke Edgecumbe:
I like how the only time arsenal players are in this video they are being shat on by a player better than there entire team
Professor Dark
Professor Dark:
Money Mase all day long💙
manmohan dhama
manmohan dhama:
how is kane on the same level with other. my man literally tops both goal and assist charts.
I don't know who know You know I Know
I don't know who know You know I Know:
Stones , Emi Martinez, foden got robbed lol
Zenande Mnonopi
Zenande Mnonopi:
Ederson🤔🤔🤔 noooooooooooooo
Tristan Bezuidenhout
Tristan Bezuidenhout:
The disrespect to bruno🤣
shop star
shop star:
im so happy for foden for his nhl plays
Why every player scores a goal against liverpool😂
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
Bruno really rattled this salty rival fans😂😭
Joshua Lambrechts
Joshua Lambrechts:
Surely bamford of dcl for vardy
Ederson finally getting what he deserves.
sancho jadon
sancho jadon:
Riyad mahrez 🔥🦊💚☣️👅🇩🇿💐🏆😁
Avi Nayee [L4A]
Avi Nayee [L4A]:
How Shaw only Rated 89😂😂 and where Foden
Jun Hwi Jeon
Jun Hwi Jeon:
5:23 im so proud
JiEun Oh
JiEun Oh:
Sonny and Mount♡♡♡♡♡