Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020) R.I.P.

In this episode we pay tribute to someone who changed the world of music and the guitar forever. R.I.P Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020)

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Rick Beato
Rick Beato:
I am crushed. This makes my video from yesterday even more poignant. It’s a video about Stairway to Heaven and EVH https://youtu.be/1cOosnkWj2g
Igor Presnyakov
Igor Presnyakov:
EDDIE IS ALIVE! Because of his musical legacy.
He lives on through his music, and through other people he inspired!
An old band mate of mine called to give me the bad news about Eddie. I was blown away. Eddie was the kind of player who when you hear his guitar, you know that it is him. Many players have tried to copy his style, but no one will ever really play guitar the way he did again.
“Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened”
Wolfie: You've got millions of uncles out here in boomerland. You'll never be short on praise and encouragement. My deepest condolences.
Peter Wethman
Peter Wethman:
On a lighter note, he’s probably jamming with Neil PEART
Eddie Van Halen, the greatest rock guitarist ever, died today. For his unmatched chops, originality, inventions for the guitar and amp, he was the best. His influence on lead guitarists for years to come was like an atomic bomb going off when Van Halen I came out in 1978. RIP.
Mitchell Oldfield
Mitchell Oldfield:
Im only 22. Van halen doesnt play “old” music. Theyre music will go on forever. I was a HUGE fan of eddie and the band in highschool and still am. My friends and i were still scratching the VH logo into the desks at school. And just like everyone else from 40 years ago to now we all remember the first time we heard him. Maybe he died young, but he lived a life most of us couldnt live in 3 lifetimes.
curtis price
curtis price:
I remember Jimmy Page saying this about Eddie VanHalen...."I can't play like him, or SMILE like him!" Lol! Two of my favorite guitar players, and song writers!!!!!!
Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins:
There will be no other one like him ever again. RIP, Eddie!!!!!!
Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed:
Sadly, many knew this was coming over the last year. Why could it not have been Soros instead ?
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy:
As a teen, I spent hours and hours in my room trying to learn Eddie Van Halen solos such as Eruption and Spanish Fly, as thousands of other guitarists did. What a great guitarist and influence. R.I.P. Eddie ( as if 2020 couldn't get any worse ).
Martha Sasinoski
Martha Sasinoski:
I remember my boyfriend at the time had a bunch of 8tracks in his car, he said to me that I had to hear this band, I’d love it. He put that tape VH1 in turned the volume all the way up and out came Atomic Punk. To say I was hooked instantly would be a huge understatement. We listened to that tape all summer long. I’m still in shock over Eddie’s passing, there are no words. Much love to his family, all of us fans, and to you Rick as well. Rest In Peace Edward Van Halen...💔😪🎸
Cameron Dean
Cameron Dean:
I liked his smirk when he was playing his guitar was so easy for him
Chris Louboutin
Chris Louboutin:
EVH is an American treasure and will be treasured for ever. A musical genius, top guitar player with a beautiful, charismatic smile.
Ey, Rick... You look 10 years older on this video than yesterday. Everybody can see the grieve on your face about Eddies passing. Same to me ! I'm about your age and I also grew up with Van Halen and this loss is really hard to take. Rick, you're not alone. Stay healthy ! All best from Germany.
JT Michaelson
JT Michaelson:
My childhood, teen, and early adult years. Gone! I haven't been this devastated since Bowie. Such an amazing loss. I've been a fan since the first day of the release of the first album when VH presented me with the song, "You Really Got Me". Only a year later would I hear The Kinks version. I'm speechless otherwise. Can't believe it.
James Fraley
James Fraley:
Its like losing a part of our youth - a formative and defining sound that shaped my teenage years. I have seen VH at least 5 times with Roth and Hagar - my first was a concert in 84 in OKC. I also remember the first time I heard the VH in 78 - I was 13 and bought the 8 track at our local convenience store and rushed home to listen - it changed everything for me - good and bad. But regardless, it shaped who I was and began a love affair with rock and long hair, and is still the summer soundtrack of my youth. Just devastating news.
Kirk Van Houten
Kirk Van Houten:
Eddie, Neil Peart, Ric Ocasek..I feel that the 80's are officially dead now, and not in a good way
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens:
I just hope that Bill and Ted got their music video
Joe R
Joe R:
You should give Eddie a 21 guitar salute.
10/23/2020 still hurting. But motivated more than ever to keep his legacy alive with my music. Every show I play will include a tribute to Eddie and every album I put out will have him in the linear notes. And as a guitar teacher, every student will be learning about him.
RIP Eddie... Two days ago I was going to real groovy records It was 18 minutes before the closed and I found VAN HALEN 1 and I brought it The first Vinyl I ever brought. The lady at the counter said that VH1 sales have been crazy since the news and me and my mum were puzzled so we said what news she said didn't you here one of them died yesterday from throat Cancer. I felt Like My heart dropped to the ground I was shocked, When I Heard her say it my voice immediately dropped It turned from a DIMED PLEXI to a mouse I loved Eddie and Van Halen.
May God Rest Your Soul Eddie.
curtis price
curtis price:
Eddie just blew up the constraints of the "blues box", and played everything his phenominal musical mind could dream up!!!!! Jimi Hendrix and Eddie VanHalen are the goalposts.....agreed 100 percent
Derrik P.G. Behler
Derrik P.G. Behler:
I’m only 30 and don’t even play guitar but he was a hero and this hurts
My good YouTube friend Steve From Boston is devastated by Eddie's death. He did a live stream as soon as he heard and it's such a raw emotional video. This news is really hurting people and add the layer of Covid 19 stress on top it can become very dangerous for those who are emotionally hurt right now.
odd bender
odd bender:
Only 3 artists ive ever cried over their passing: prince, Bowie, and now evh
Hrh Fish
Hrh Fish:
The world is a darker place without Ed. I wanted to make a documentary and interview Ed about his innovations. Everyone goes on about Hendrix , then people rave about Steve Vai or Slash. The BBC made a show about the history of guitar and EVH wasn't even mentioned. This was the reason I wanted to make the documentary. He invented the modern humbucker that was on the cover of VH1. With his innovations in equipment as well as playing techniques he touched and influenced as many people as Hendrix. He revolutionized the guitar industry and inspired the custom guitar trade. Thoughts are with Wolf, Alex and family. Celebrate his life.
Karlastaviska Vjornskoh
Karlastaviska Vjornskoh:
Rest in Power Eddie, im not going to cry... oh hell I am too! I will miss you thanks for all the great tunes.
Now I get it. When they sang about the day the music died. So this is how rock dies.
A Canadian in Europe
A Canadian in Europe:
So yesterday was like prophecy.. Eddie really taking the Stairway... RIP
Eric Cohen
Eric Cohen:
Eddie's not R.I.P. He's Rocking the Heavens!
Ted Short
Ted Short:
This was like the day that SRV and Billy Graham went down
Gungung Gadung
Gungung Gadung:
There’s no other way to play Van Halen than “blasting it”! If it’s to loud, you’re too old.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams:
Holding back tears as I did for Peart, Stevie Ray Vaughn and so many others. Long live Rock n Roll
Jarrett Fayer
Jarrett Fayer:
Eddie was a Genius. "If you make a mistake, do it twice and smile" -EVH. The advice makes me feel better.
Brendan Mullin
Brendan Mullin:
Now EVH and Holdsworth can jam in paradise. Rest In Peace Eddie.
Ian Hoyle
Ian Hoyle:
Remember the guitar solo in “live without a net” he’s up there now sat on a heavenly cloud still wringing out some sound and blowing smoke rings with a genuine smile upon his face.
Ken Olson
Ken Olson:
"Eruption" had a huge impact on my guitar playing style when I was a kid. RIP
Damian Zacar
Damian Zacar:
Eddie, Jimi, Prince..... IMAGINE that concert.
I came here to mourn with other people who know how much Eddie meant. Another chunk of the kid inside me died today.
Matthew Quiring
Matthew Quiring:
Man. It's been almost a month since Eddie's passing. I still feel a void and always will !!! We all have to be better like EDDIE. I think he'd rather be remembered as a Good Fella over a guitar god.. He was both!!!!
Andy Baginski
Andy Baginski:
When VH 1 came out I remember looking at the back of the album cover as I was being blown away by the music wondering who is the keyboard player. Surely a guitar can’t make these sounds that I was hearing.....RIP. ...King Edward!!
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris:
All we can do is give Eddie to God and be grateful we got what we did. And, with the wonder of recording we can keep it.
Thanks Rick for sharing all you do
Jim Schreiber
Jim Schreiber:
Absolutely gutted. He was one of the guitarists that I refused to learn riffs from. Hendrix was the other. They were just so unique and so singular in their approaches and styles that, to me, it almost seemed blasphemous to yank riffs from them, even if I mutated them to match my own style. Many tried to do this and everyone failed miserably. They were both so special and so damned good that all I ever wanted to do with their music is listen. Not dissect it. Not approach the harmony or the techniques. I just wanted to be a fan and not use that critical ear that we all use on so many other artists. I got my riffs from Page and Beck mainly, along with guys like Billy Gibbons and Buck Dharma and Tony Iommi. I cut my teeth with those dudes.

But I would never go near Van Halen or Hendrix. They were just too special. Man, this is devastating. Thanks for the video, Rick. We all know how you feel. RIP Edward and thanks for the music.
Alessio Roic
Alessio Roic:
I’m not a VH fan, but his influence is undeniable, and 65 is too young to go. A hug to all those that are impacted by these news.
QuestionEverything 1
QuestionEverything 1:
In the year 1984, my buddy put Van Halen-“Van Halen” on a turntable, dropped the needle on “You Really Got Me/Eruption”, and all the pubescent hairs on my body stood up, and my 30+yrs relationship with the guitar was “unchained” in perpetuity. Thanks Eddie! Your “brown sound”, that you created with golden hands changed my life. Godspeed EVH!
The ones that got me the most were Tom Petty, Neil Peart, and now Eddie Van Halen
L. Fitzsimmons
L. Fitzsimmons:
I was walking to my friend Kenny's house through a playground... I heard this never before sound. Who, What, Is This Sound? Kenny's older brother just put a cassette player in Kenny's older 240Z and the first cassette played was Van Halen... And My Favorite Legend Was Born... See You And Hear You Edward.
He's not gone he will always be in our hearts and mind.
Pablo Tur
Pablo Tur:
Eddie, Neil...this hurts too much. 2020 sucks.
Michael Price
Michael Price:
Devastating...even two months later.
Edward was my very best imaginary friend.
Thrash Til Death
Thrash Til Death:
I haven't cried this hard in a long time. Eddie was the reason I picked up the guitar and the reason I still play every day. The first time I heard the car horns and crushing power chords of Running With the Devil I knew I would be a fan for life. I am absolutely crushed.
One of the clearest memories of my youth was hearing "Eruption" for the first time.
I’m sure Eddie and Randy Rhoads two guitar legends are shredding on their guitars as we speak R.I.P
“Rock stars come and go. Musicians play until they die.” -EVH
I’m sure Eddie and Randy Rhoads two guitar legends are shredding on their guitars as we speak R.I.P
David Andrews
David Andrews:
Still doesn't feel real, Rick. Daren't imagine how it feels for his family.
I was angry at my husband for dropping several thousand on the EVH amp in our basement for years. I’m not upset anymore.
Appreciate your honesty and openness and for putting this up here Rick, must've been tough 🙏🏼 - one of the milestones on the road of Rock is not with us anymore - but what legacy he left behind!
ken Sheeler
ken Sheeler:
Eddie was very humble he was asked once what it felt like to be the greatest guitar player in the world and he said "I don't know go ask Alex Liefson "
Please Rick, please do more tribute to Eddie.
We are just not getting over this. He is and was always family somehow.
And I know I speak for millions. Please, more Eddie.
As often said, “words cannot express...”

Godspeed Eddie.
Eric Cohen
Eric Cohen:
All I keep thinking in my head is "I can't believe Eddie Van Halen died."
Seeing him in 1980 changed my life, no joke. We drove from college to Binghamton NY, and got there 6 hours early to get on line for general admission tickets (this was a before the infamous Who concert in Cincinnati). I was right there in front of his mic stand for the show, and to see him effortlessly and with such complete joy reinvent guitar as I knew it was a revelation. When I got home, I spent the next few years of my life to the pursuit of being able to play the guitar with the same attitude that he had - that effortless happiness, spontaneity and impeccable rhythmic sense. Not that I am comparing myself to him at all as a guitarist, that would be ridiculous, but it was the way he was so free and joyful; it was as if he grabbed me and shook me and said “This is how a musician should be”. RIP Eddie, you inspired the heck out of me.
This one hurts... It hurts really bad.
Bazhar Abdulrahman
Bazhar Abdulrahman:
"Rest in Peace Eddie" - Me, 2020
P W:
Shocked me too - one of my heroes. RIP Eddie you're greatly missed.
Rambladesman Moe
Rambladesman Moe:
Eddie’s passing brings me back to when Skynyrd’s plane crash and losing Ronnie Van Zant. I’m sad.
"Death, thou comest when I had thee least in mind". His most used guitar is in the Smithsonian now. I'm sorry that this is so hard . He was a decent , humble guy from what I know
Zane Dalton
Zane Dalton:
This is so sad. As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse. RIP Eddie Van Halen 😢
The Best of Youtube
The Best of Youtube:
_The world seemed soo perfect back in 2016 .....at this point I'm starting to think where my life went .._
Lee Neves
Lee Neves:
I was 15 when I bought the first album it was on an 8-track and I could stop playing it . I said this is what rock is supposed to sound like.Had to buy the LP the 8-track split a song. because of Ed I learned to play. Now I'm 57 and the news shocked me. whithout ed rock mht have faded away. Eddie is now playin rock with Jimi making heaven a little louder. Peace
Part of my youth has died, one of the greatest musician has passed away. My heart breaks
Stas Gasilin
Stas Gasilin:
I learned about Eddie Van Halen's death from your channel. This is so sad. I can't say that I'm a huge Van Halen fan but I definitely love their music, especially their first album. I loved how happy he looked on stage and thought I'd like to be like him. "Back to the Future" is my favourite film ever and I've always loved that thing about the cassette of Eddie Van Halen in the film. Thank you for this video.
Juanma Pinkus
Juanma Pinkus:
EVH was the best guitarist, and such a humble and loving person. He smiled all the time, so it was a real pleasure to watch him play.
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg:
i could literally 'thumbs up' everybody here .. all day....
Daniel Woods
Daniel Woods:
He was exceptional at translating his sound from studio to stage. The Brown Sound. A lot of players get great takes in the studio but something gets lost on stage. I swear you can we smoke when he's tremelo picking. Crazy fast. He had it all. The look, the playing, the sound, the vibe, the smile, the money, the hot wife, the inventions, the fast cars, the heavy drinking, the drugs, the smoking. Just a true Rock Star. Great musician. All by ear. RIP Eddie.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud:
10:19 Gotta wonder how many wannabees have tried that "trick" - and worn the stack of cabinets! :-/
Don't try this at home, kids!
Ken Runnels
Ken Runnels:
I play gospel R&B style music but i am deeply saddened by the passing of this legend this icon this musical game changer this man is truly a legend of guitar genius RIP in peace there are no words to convey our loss in the music world
Sad day for guitarists and musicians all over the world RIP EVH.
David Lobron
David Lobron:
Thank you for the moving tribute. I can't help but notice that Eddie died at the same age (65) as J.S. Bach (1685-1750).
Stanky Bee
Stanky Bee:
I still play guitar but when I heard Eddie in 78 I bought my 1st drum kit
Eman Robale Paelmo
Eman Robale Paelmo:
I was watching the What If? episode when I learned of his passing. Kind of made it more meaningful for me.
Ant Johnson
Ant Johnson:
Eddie was an absolute legend, a gent who inspiration will continue forever.. 💔rip eddie
Evan S
Evan S:
He’s the reason I play guitar. This doesn’t feel real. Rock in peace Eddie.
Charles Manson
Charles Manson:
My first and favorite van halen song is " Aint talkin bout Love " , my elder brother showed it to me .
I Loved him So much but i'm a little happy for him , he left this terrible world behind.
God Bless Him ❤..
RIP sir, the neighbours are going to remember this day aswell.
Awesome Koga
Awesome Koga:
My condolences to all who were touched by this awesome man. I have so many memories that take me back to yesteryear.
I’m grateful that I grew up listening to his songs.
My dad and I were talking about this today. 😔 Heartbreaking.
Dave Wilkirson
Dave Wilkirson:
RIP Eddie. You will always be remembered.
Dan K
Dan K:
Stopped listening to this & went to listen to "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love."
1k subscribers without videos?
1k subscribers without videos?:
God bless everyone who is reading this 🙏😊🍀
What the hell, I've been watching the news for the past few days and heard nothing... And now I hear this... Damn. Thanks for the music Ed.
Vinnie Vintage
Vinnie Vintage:
“Where have all the good times gone?”/Diver Down. Rip Edward and say hello to Dime, you know he has your Bumble Bee guitar waiting for you.
David Barnich
David Barnich:
I loved his phrasing, attack,and genuine love of showing feeling through the Guitar... RIP...
Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan:
Part of the soundtrack to my life - RIP Eddie 😥
Glauco Teixeira
Glauco Teixeira:
Great artists like him never dies...
giuseppe marconi
giuseppe marconi:
I'm heartbroken...
bought my first record when I was 13 ...
it was the soundtrack of my entire life !!!
Wakka Moel
Wakka Moel:
I was always impressed with his rhythm playing even more than his leads. Both were cutting edge. Went today from living legend to legend.