Eden Hazard back at Stamford Bridge | Chelsea v Real Madrid | Training


Eden Hazard and Real Madrid train at Stamford Bridge ahead of the Champions League semi final second leg against Chelsea.

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100+ comentarios:

Great to see Eden Hazard back at Stamford Bridge... Looks like he's reminiscing on all those fantastic goals he scored for Chelsea from 0:15 onwards 😂✨
Coutois is the happiest man because the fans aren't gonna be there
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop:
Chelsea will join City to the final inchallah🙏
Stanford bridge pitch is immense ☺
Fitry Hakim
Fitry Hakim:
It's your garden Eden. But for 90 mins tomorrow it won't be 🥲
Yusuf I
Yusuf I:
Welcome back Eden!
If you look through the stadium you shall see your name there
Jeffrey Gyamfi
Jeffrey Gyamfi:
Benzema can’t hack this cold. Cold feet tomorrow, Chelsea’s won it 🤞🏾
Yusuf I
Yusuf I:
The moment you need fans to witness this....they arent there😅...
John Debesay
John Debesay:
We miss you 💙
Inesting in crypto now should be in every wise individual's life plan , in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today 💯💯💯.
Buba Jammeh
Buba Jammeh:
Pulisic will hit them again Mark my words
Glad to see Hazard again at Standford Bridge, but weird how he's training to play against us.
Jacob CFC
Jacob CFC:
Good to see him back 💙
Ramos looking around like hes interested to come here next season😏🤤
sarcasm maniac
sarcasm maniac:
Ahh the nostalgia 😭😭😭😍😍
Josiano snoopy
Josiano snoopy:
0:18 hazard showing where he used to celebrate after scoring goals hopefully James will pocket him tomorrow with Rudiger we need a clean sheet and we will be through to the finals come on chelsea 💪🔵💙
Khemraj Doolall
Khemraj Doolall:
Tomorrow is about us not old players after we win .we thankful for what they did but right now is all about Chelsea go blue
He was like you see there up fans used to cheer me hard💙💙💙
A Ch
A Ch:
Courtois, Hazard and Modric seemed to be their tour guide pointing in various angles.
Pablo o
Pablo o:
If he scores tomorrow I will buy a timo jersey 😔
Welcome back to the Bridge Eden but tomorrow its a war
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Makes me feel sad seeing Him with that badge But Hopefully Real Madrid and Hazard play awful and Hopefully ChelseaFC win or draw 0 0 tomorrow sadly there is 1 winner and I hope its Chelsea
Glad to see you back our blue hero, wish the stadiums were open so I would greet you with open arms. Thanks for everything you done for Chelsea Eden we will never forget it. Looking forward to play against you tomorrow and hopefully we will win. Once a blue always a blue #Eden #KTBFFH
Peterclever Onyenso
Peterclever Onyenso:
I wish the fans were around.. God please heal our land 🙏🙏
Victor Santos
Victor Santos:
Are we just gonna ignore that Courtois is back as well 😂
Diamantino Mendes
Diamantino Mendes:
You guys look nervous, welcome to Stamford Bridge 💙
Ramos will give Chelsea penalty tomorrow. Just mark my words.
taylor yamamoto
taylor yamamoto:
Not gonna lie I'm a bit afraid of Harazd feeling a bit of the old magic tomorrow and causing problems
Maj Host Trends TV
Maj Host Trends TV:
Benzema is deadly tbh . But Chelsea we should go through
Tony James
Tony James:
Legend 🕊
Millie Banda
Millie Banda:
The 2nd leg will be tough as hazard will start. He will play like he's at home since it was his ground for over 7yrs he is used to it. He will want to show Zidane why he bought him. Chelsea need to silence him in a good way not getting red yellow cards. Fingers crossed
Twitch Highlights
Twitch Highlights:
1:40 Benz freezing his ass off and Kroos looked scared at the start lmao
Yetunde Anbali
Yetunde Anbali:
Is it my eyes or maldrid players looks old to me 😆
Welcome back to your garden ❤️💙 eden
Somesh Gowda
Somesh Gowda:
Hazard owes Chelsea and it's fan an own goal😂
Ghoffar Thedoctor
Ghoffar Thedoctor:
Jerome Pariag
Jerome Pariag:
He better show respect and not celebrate if he scores🤣🤣
Laban natwati
Laban natwati:
If Real Madrid win UCL this year, it will be the first time in history to beat three English teams consecutively to win Champions League
Aaron Shevchenko
Aaron Shevchenko:
Thanks God 😊🙏we got kante 🙌🙏👏🏿
This gives me pain😭
Rifky Kayka
Rifky Kayka:
The Prince has arrived 😍🥺
Charles Luanga
Charles Luanga:
Zidane will always save the best for d last round all of a sudden bomb 💣 valvede mendy roma's 😂😂😂😂 this man is genius
The master of dark arts, Ramos! I hope referees will be alert to his treacherous dark arts and tricks.
Johnny FreeSpeech
Johnny FreeSpeech:
I loved him at Chelsea and I wanted him to do well at Real Madrid. That said, I really hope he plays terribly and loses tomorrow night. 😂
01:35 Karim Benzema ❄️❄️❄️
Red Mist
Red Mist:
Everyone focusing on hazard while courtois sneaks himself back in the bridge
Robinson Bobi
Robinson Bobi:
Welcome home Eden.. really wish the fans where there to sing your name but somehow I hope you get a banner with ur face On it ,at the bridge tomorrow ✌
Zul Toni
Zul Toni:
1-2 for the KING
my jamz
my jamz:
No matter what happens you will always be our legend eden good luck to both teams tommorow
Mukul Gupta
Mukul Gupta:
Always will be a 💙
Irma yaqueline Carrizo
Irma yaqueline Carrizo:
Toni kroos excelente
Sa Sont
Sa Sont:
@1:19 ramos saying this place seems to be cool.
Sununu Bah
Sununu Bah:
God bless help us go to the final. Come on Chelsea.
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
Hazzard is a Chelsea legend
Respect bro
Hala Madrid 💪💪💪💪
Seth Aye
Seth Aye:
Imagine scenes when we beat real to reach the finals and EDEN HAZARD and CHRISTIAN PULISIC swap shirts 💫
Tendoni Mogoka
Tendoni Mogoka:
I so didn't want to see Fede Valverde fit for this game, that's the problem
off sent
off sent:
eagerly look forward to them eden,tibo
Morena Modise
Morena Modise:
1:33 - 1:41 Somebody please get Benzema a heated training kit🤣😂🤣
Theophilus Krisna Bayu
Theophilus Krisna Bayu:
Kroos looks so nervous
Go in for a win,or a draw for Chelsea
Osayande Shakur
Osayande Shakur:
COYB!! 💪🏿💪🏿💙
Riddhi Mondal
Riddhi Mondal:
Wait another all english cl and el final chance..!!🔥
Place OF Value
Place OF Value:
Rodrygo need to get playing time.
Ibrahim sorie Yillah
Ibrahim sorie Yillah:
God almighty power real Madrid is going to win the game Amen
I wish you good open with more goals scoring Amen
It’s about winning More
It’s about winning More:
Most Real Madrid players seems to be like
We wanna play under these lights 😁
Canary Austria
Canary Austria:
The two English club in champions league final 2020/2021
Stamford bridge atmosphere is wonderful
Nostalgic for Eden Hazard
Naveen thevarajoo
Naveen thevarajoo:
Pride of london chelsea 💙
Hazard you were a legend for us but tonight Pulisic will show you that he is worthy of filling your role.
Alban Ndongbou
Alban Ndongbou:
💪Hala Madrid❤ Hala Madrid mon club préféré espagnol 🙏🙏🙏💪real madrid joué bien demain vs à Chelsea je suis Avec vous 💪real madrid bons match
محمد مبابي
محمد مبابي:
فوز ريال مدريد انشاءلله
Tr Charles
Tr Charles:
I wish hazard was back at Stamford bridge
danny welbeck
danny welbeck:
Irma yaqueline Carrizo
Irma yaqueline Carrizo:
Sergio Ramos 💜 excelente noche 👍💐⚽
Irma yaqueline Carrizo
Irma yaqueline Carrizo:
Karim Benzema 🇨🇵👍👍👍👍⚽⚽💐⚽
Zafrino Gregorius
Zafrino Gregorius:
Rohan Sonawane
Rohan Sonawane:
It still feels wrong to see him in Real outfit.
kshitij Gupta
kshitij Gupta:
Yeah i am scared bro, the way he played against osasuna was nuts....if he plays like that again...
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
It looks so strange now 😅
He will have a rough time at Stamford bridge because of our defence 🤔
Irma yaqueline Carrizo
Irma yaqueline Carrizo:
Marcelo 12 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Los Blancos Talk
Los Blancos Talk:
Ramos cut is nice ❤️
Jeremias guedes
Jeremias guedes:
2x0 madrid vamosss🏆🏆🏆💪💪💪
Mo Awil
Mo Awil:
They should give him hard time, no mercy to him, up the Chelsea.
HSA FootballWorld
HSA FootballWorld:
Real Madrid will line up like this tomorrow

Vinicius Benzema
Kroos Modric

Mendy Ramos Militao Nacho
is it just me or all of them did looked like they never seen a stadium before? looking around here and there 😅😅
MC Mental
MC Mental:
Enough to make a grown Chelsea cry😢😢😢
Behnam Hamzehee
Behnam Hamzehee:
HALA Madrid
الفخر ورفلة
الفخر ورفلة:
Is the 'Garden of Eden' banner still there?
همسه الجفون
همسه الجفون:
بعد روحي مدريد
Kelvinfresh Celestine
Kelvinfresh Celestine:
We are Chelsea we fear no one ☝️
Rendy Adriansyah
Rendy Adriansyah:
Hala Madrid
We will win them in the name of Allah Chelsea we are at final with man city
Pape Camara
Pape Camara:
Hala madrid vamos hazard
William Molina
William Molina:
Benzema is 🥶 at the Bridge ...lol
Neil Dickson
Neil Dickson:
i named my son after Eden if he scores past us im changing his name to Didier
Oluwaseun Kolawole
Oluwaseun Kolawole:
I don't know why I keep having this funny feeling about this match today... Not gonna lie, I am a bit scared for us.
Lol Isco is still there picking up paychecks?