EDUARDO CAMAVINGA 2021 ● Welcome to REAL MADRID ⚪ Confirmed!

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100+ comentarios:

Best of Camavinga (whole career) 👉
Florentino "Ah que no me quieres vender a Mbappé, mira ahora ficho a Camavinga y el año siguiente se te va Mbappé gratis, como la ves crack"
Feels Goood
Feels Goood:
I like his style .. its new for real madrid .. waiting to see him playing .
Vicente Bossa
Vicente Bossa:
This is like signing Mbappé in 2017 but being a midfielder, what a signing!!! (And Mbappé coming free next season 🤍🔥)
Wildan Arief
Wildan Arief:
His concentration is very good considering his age. He always knows where his teammates is. He's also good at winning the ball, passing, dribbling. Man, he has all the tools to be a world class midfielder. Great signing!
Javier Guti
Javier Guti:
30M€ is not bad for Cama 😃👌🏼
Fire Rap
Fire Rap:
I have always found his standing tackling so impressive, and the way he play is so mature. This kid is like 18 🤩
Luis Mercado
Luis Mercado:
Florentino: ah que no me quieres vender a mbappe?
Nasser: no
Florentino: bueno te suelto bombazo, me fichó a camavinga
Nasser: que?
Florentino: Y se te fueron 200 millones y el próximo año mbappe viene gratis y tengo para fichar a halaand
Florentino lo volvió a hacer🤑
Perez is a master! QSG is playing with fire…Mbappé will leave as a free agent next season.
B S:
People forget Florentino is the OG one when doing deals.. like months ago teams were offering 80 to 100M for this kid he got him for 30
The revenge RM against the P$G began:
-Steal from Camavinga 2021
-Rob Haaland 2022
-And steal from Mbappé 2022. ¡FREE!
Qatar Saint-Germain 💩🤮
Pedro Anjos
Pedro Anjos:
Great addition to the squad. A good replacement for Odegaard. I'm really impressed with his defensive skills. Imagine him and Casemiro defending together. It will be fire!!!
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique:
Bro Papa Perez is playing 4D Chess, negotiates with PSG for their main star meanwhile he signs their main target the same day he gets denied 🚬
we never saw this coming thank god we are going to sign him
Camuco T.
Camuco T.:
First of all let’s thank Florentino Pérez!! Done it again…
Misael Garcia
Misael Garcia:
We’ve just signed a potential best defensive midfielder for the future
Satyanand Tiwari
Satyanand Tiwari:
Defence like Casemiro, passing like Kroos, dribbling like Modric. One helluva signing. Hala Madrid.
Amine Benkbir
Amine Benkbir:
Respect To Don *Florentino Pérez*
Darryl Tobiko
Darryl Tobiko:
Ancelotii will transform him into a proper polished midfielder
Renilson Henrique da Silva Galo
Renilson Henrique da Silva Galo:
Muito técnico!
Vai ter muito futuro no Madrid!
Amazing signing, insanely talented and very young. Can’t wait to see him play with Kubo, Valverde, Casemiro. Of course Modric and Kroos too but idk if that can happen.
Cupper Digger
Cupper Digger:
30M is dirt cheap for a talented youth! Even right now he is worth much more than that on a longer contract.
Welcome to Madrid kiddo! He is the type of the player than I love to watch.
J. Carlos
J. Carlos:
Este tipo es un crack, solo en el video ya hizo más que Hazard y Vinicius juntos lol
KM Miraz
KM Miraz:
All i know that Zidane wanted him but I've never thought Perez will get him like that. Talented young midfielder for that price is a good deal 👍
Kike Pineda
Kike Pineda:
Wow 😲 Jugadorazo y cae en un momento donde modric y kroos se lesionan continuamente 👏🏻 florentino sos mi idolo👏🏻
We went to paris for mbappe and we got camavinga.
joeizer cruz
joeizer cruz:
Florentino sing a new young palyer
Also florentino : he''ll play in castilla
Mateo Estrada
Mateo Estrada:
Florentino está armando el futuro del Madrid
Failing to sign Mbappe was a blessing in disguised. We need to strengthen midfield more than a forward.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar:
Good on ball, Agile, great vertical passing, tackling 🔥
Matias Barrientos A.
Matias Barrientos A.:
is like pogba, but younger and better, welcome to your new house, you will be presented with mbappe :)
This year's transfer window 🔥🔥
Santos canales
Santos canales:
La grandeza del Madrid y de Florentino Pérez que no hay dinero que puede comprar el prestigio del Madrid, Mbappe sin aver jugado aún en el madrid a demostrado ser más madridista que Balboa del chiringuito!
Jesús Infante
Jesús Infante:
Ficha a Camavinga Mbappe viene gratis y ficha a Haaland con los 180 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 como odio a Tito Floren es demasiado capo
Mayur Aggarwal
Mayur Aggarwal:
He looks like a Defensive minded Modric ! Really excited, good signing.
Thank God, we've got him! Parabens, Florentino!
Kante with a flair .. Great buy by Real Madrid ❤️
Daniel Compean
Daniel Compean:
Wtf? Todos pendientes de mbappé y de repente sale esto jajajaja de locos este mercado
Youri V
Youri V:
He can do it all. Defending, dribbling, passing and he's quick
akaki narmania
akaki narmania:
Camavinga casi gratis, Mbape gratis y tirar la casa por la ventana por Halaand y reventamos a todos
Cleveland Schwarzy
Cleveland Schwarzy:
Has passing of Kroos, Tackling of Casemiro, work rate of Kante, Vision of Ozil. The kid is a star in the making
Pat Hua
Pat Hua:
Reminds me of Seedorf! And the scary thing about that is any team no matter the tactics will have room for a Seedorf-esque player🔥
Chris St
Chris St:
Song and camavinga are on 🔥 HALA MADRID!!!!!!
Rahan Seo
Rahan Seo:
Camavinga, Brahim, Valverde. Such young talents in midfield!
Osvaldo Quizapa
Osvaldo Quizapa:
Wow I didn’t know about this kid until today but he seems to be an amazing midfielder. I’d play him over Isco next game lol
Mark Szabo
Mark Szabo:
He is soo good bro 🔥🔥🔥
Diana Tomás
Diana Tomás:
Real Madrid and Madridistas must be patient with him, he’s just a kid and he will grow a lot in Madrid.
Sold Odegaard for 40m
Buy Cama for 30m
What a deal!!
Antonio Jesús Montañez Paz
Antonio Jesús Montañez Paz:
No es Mbappe , pero hacia falta un buen refuerzo en el mediocampo , bienvenido camavinga , hala Madrid .
Killua Fanboy
Killua Fanboy:
Finally real madrid made a's look like a good midfielder
Eladi Otmane
Eladi Otmane:
Thanks for signing another Ozil
Alfa Ralph
Alfa Ralph:
Real Madrid got a good young midfielder that fits perfectly Real Madrid playing style. There are few midfielders that are outstanding and play in "not famous clubs". If I was a recruiter/manager in a big team, Lille, Wolfsburg and Leipzig are the current teams with good midfielders that I would've tried to sign.
You deserve to be here in Madrid <3 Much Love for this Kid who was in hell... to reach this... Is Dream !! Bless !!!
Jorge MF
Jorge MF:
Camavinga es muy bueno tanto en ofensiva como defensivamente
Isaac Nuske
Isaac Nuske:
Pure class🔥⚡️ hala madrid⚪️
Next summer Mbappe, Pogba for free 😜
Prime Baller
Prime Baller:
Excellent signing, next season Mbappe comes for free, Halaand comes for 70mil and Maybe Pogba comes for free too
Gill Magnatta
Gill Magnatta:
Florentino Pérez acertou de Novo 👏👏👏👏👏
una bomba ❤🔥 buen video
What a signing!! Damn
Imam Kriswanto
Imam Kriswanto:
Its good for future especially on modric or kroos replacement
Piyush Bansal
Piyush Bansal:
It's so much familiar to how kross plays
Kike Gómez
Kike Gómez:
Tiene las skills de un jugador 10 moderno, grande!
Modric awareness with Casemiro tackling 🔥
Mohamed Shafer
Mohamed Shafer:
We don't need 🤡 Odegaard we got this 💎
Sergio Botello
Sergio Botello:
Futuro real madrid:
Vinicius, Mbappe, Haaland, Rodrygo
Valverde, Camavinga, kubo, Antonio blanco.
Futuros Galácticos? 👌🏻
We got ourselves a young kante 😍
Deji 0
Deji 0:
We just got ourselves a stud. welcome to the best team in history
Miguel Fabio
Miguel Fabio:
Camavinga digno sucesor de Modric 👏
Bhuman Mehta
Bhuman Mehta:
What a signing 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Jonrick Garrix
Jonrick Garrix:
Camavinga y Pogba que saldrá gratis, brutal medio campo
Ahmed Motez
Ahmed Motez:
a great signing and with just 30M
Aparicio gonzalez Hugo
Aparicio gonzalez Hugo:
pov:no fichan a kylian fabrizio dice que va a venir camaginga y te ves sus jugadas para motivarte
Marius Vicol
Marius Vicol:
Ese chaval es la hostia de bueno ya veremos si Carlito le da libertad como a vini jr pero os digo q por lukita y casemiro ese chico es un guante de oro. Hala Madrid!!!
Alejandro D.
Alejandro D.:
Great player!
black heart
black heart:
Welcome to Real Madrid 💯 😎
Damn Blanco
Damn Blanco:
Welcome Eduardo Camavinga #HalaMadrid ⚽🔥
bader algatan
bader algatan:
Welcome to real madrid 😍
Badut Ancol
Badut Ancol:
Cocok si sama tipikal permainan Ancelotti 👍
El universo Tiene limites
El universo Tiene limites:
Con una personalidad fuerte para lo joven que es en todo un centro del campo. Destruye, crea y con gran control de balón y bastante técnica. Rápido y mucho esfuerzo. Jugador para 2 lustros en el Madrid. A no ser que la presión o la fama puedan con él. O las lesiones. Aunque lo veo bastante fuerte. No es un Hazard, Bale o un Kaká físicamente. Suerte Camavinga.
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani:
Un grand joueur !
Compró a camavinga porque es amigo de mbappe, y así tendrá dos franceses en el real Madrid para que el venga el otro año y gratis, floren demostrando que lleva años en esto de ser presidente, cuando el PSG iba con los plátanos el Madrid ya venía con los patacones.
Péricles Filho
Péricles Filho:
Looks like Modric… hehe Nice!🔥
Djibi Barry
Djibi Barry:
Welcome to réal Madrid 🤍🤍
Homie doing it so easy😍
Ivan Benitez
Ivan Benitez:
The next Paul pogba🔥🔥🔥🔥
nababan nababan
nababan nababan:
just 30M? woww ❤️❤️
Paolo T
Paolo T:
Grandissimo acquisto, complimenti al Real
AB Football
AB Football:
Amazing video 🔥❤
Cjk Cjk
Cjk Cjk:
Who’s here after Madrid just signed him
Его можно использовать не только как в полузащите но и в центе обороны
Zsigmond Solymos
Zsigmond Solymos:
Welcome in the Real Madrid fmily!!! You are the new Ronaldinho!!!
Great sign💕💕
Mateo Ortega
Mateo Ortega:
Bienvenido al mejor club del Mundo. Hala Madrid!!
Jake Gutierrez
Jake Gutierrez:
Can’t wait for him to show out for us against Athleti
Faizal Zaki
Faizal Zaki:
This is a very GOOD buy!
Ahora un defensa y Mbappe gratis en enero
Indranil Chatterjee
Indranil Chatterjee:
Omg hala madrid 😍😍
tiene cintura, buen fichaje
Juan Carlos Montes
Juan Carlos Montes:
perfect replacement for Casemiro in the future, great adquisition