Eduardo Camavinga 2022 - Skills & Goals | HD

eduardo camavinga skills and goals for Real Madrid and france in 2022.

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Indis Danaswara
Indis Danaswara:
I don't see how he won't be one of the greatest midfielders in football when he's got Kroos and Modric around to help him 🔥
Darryl Tobiko
Darryl Tobiko:
He will be crucial for Madrid successes for years to come. Absolutely gem of a player
Lindani Vuzane
Lindani Vuzane:
As much as he is good defensively, I think much more important for attack as always his first choice passes are forward passes. This was proved in crucial games in the UCL.
Very unusual to see such a technically gifted player be so phisically imposing. Very promising player, and after his performances in the UCL this year he should probably win the Golden Boy.
Unstoppable Video editz
Unstoppable Video editz:
He is surely gonna be the super star of Real Madrid
Great video bro😇
Israel Cardenas
Israel Cardenas:
He's amazing. That's wonderful to watch him. How he move the ball. . The elegant that he when it comes to getting out of pressure. His recovers. Good tecnic; good ball control. Everything of him beautiful to watch 😉👍😎🤍.
Camavinga works so hard in a match I don't know if he can do that for a long time but his incredible hope he gets the number 10 when Modric leaves
Josue Suarez
Josue Suarez:
Este chico le da mil y un vueltas a Pedri.. y no hace falta ser Francés para decirlo, vaya crack. Tchouameni, Camavinga, Fede.. hay algún mejor medio campo en el mundo?🥶
Best Camavinga video I've seen. Really enjoyed that.
Rafael Noriega Munoz
Rafael Noriega Munoz:
If this dude is not in the main 11 next year before Kroos, we really don't understand what football is about
Esteban M
Esteban M:
Ponte a ver una comparativa de Pedri y Camavinga en su rendimiento, jugadas y verás que Camavinga con menos minutos hace lo mismo y a veces hasta más que Pedri. Pero a Camavinga no se le da el reconocimiento que al otro y antes de que algún bobo del Barca venga a llorar nadie esta menospreciando el talento de Pedri que tiene y mucho pero se busca reconocer más a Eduardo pues lo merece.
Israel Flores
Israel Flores:
Me recuerda a Clarence Seedorf que jugó en el Real Madrid y Millan… se me hace un jugadorazo a sus 19 años!! This guy remains me Clarence Seedorf… he used to play for Real Madrid and Millan. I think he has a lots skills!!
Tails Seven
Tails Seven:
Hardest working youth player i've seen in a while
Joueur talentueux et élégant. Plus technicien et complet tant offensivement que défensivement que M’Bappe. A coup sûr, futur ballon d’Or
Angel Eduardo Seijas
Angel Eduardo Seijas:
Que Bon o quê pode fazer esse garotinho no o campo do futebol. Graças a Deus por chegar ao real Madrid o melhor equipe do mundo. Muita sorte.
Hemadri Bhusan Amat
Hemadri Bhusan Amat:
Camavinga-Valverde-Tchouameni 🔥
Turgay Yagci
Turgay Yagci:
I knew he was good before we bought him ... Madrid without a doubt has the best midfield in the world🙏🏽 Luka ... Kroos ... Casemiro ... AND 👉🏽👑Valverde ...Cama ... HALA MADRID AND MADRIDISTA 🌋
Alvaro Picazo
Alvaro Picazo:
Este chico tiene algo q no se entrena, q se tiene o no se tiene y es clase, tiene mucha clase y estilo jugando, da gusto verlo moverse, parace q flota! 🤣
Rafael Segura
Rafael Segura:
La temporada que viene tiene que jugar mucho más
farruko grone
farruko grone:
Jugadores así debe de tener el Barcelona es una lastima que solo el real Madrid se encargue de esta nueva generación y eso que soy hincha del Madrid por el bien del fútbol yo pensé que cuando Messi y cr7 se retiraran el fútbol ya no iba ser igual pero me equivoque ahora con los nuevos talentos seguiré viendo los partidos camavinga vinicius mbbape halamp neymar xabi simon Valverde y varios jóvenes que aún les falta mejorar pero tienen el talento de brillar
Firman Syah
Firman Syah:
key pass vs city? his was a game changer in that match
Jesus Enrique Rodriguez Silva
Jesus Enrique Rodriguez Silva:
Camavinga destructor de juego
Oppong Nana Kwaku Levis
Oppong Nana Kwaku Levis:
His footwork sometimes is unusual
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel:
The fact that (out of form )Pogba ,Gandhoiji and Rabiot get more game time than him tells a lot about France board .
Tezo Bhuyan
Tezo Bhuyan:
Best combo of Marcelo and Kante ❣
kitaki zeinko
kitaki zeinko:
Madrid are lucky to have him
Joaquim Garcia
Joaquim Garcia:
Ele lembra o lincoln jogador brasileiro do Santa Clara
Tony Dize
Tony Dize:
I love his style
There are 3 Camavinga.. It's unbelievable
Billy Alva
Billy Alva:
Redondo, Davids and Seedorf Combo...😎💥💥
Prodigy Omen
Prodigy Omen:
Potentially can become best midfielder in history of football.
Henrique ⚽👑
Henrique ⚽👑:
Herberto Agyei
Herberto Agyei:
No one is bullying Real Madrid midfield.
juan felipe ojeda
juan felipe ojeda:
Mucho jugador ese Eduardo carepinga
Wilson Martinez
Wilson Martinez:
Si viene tchuameni el Madrid dominará toda Europa con esa media
D. O.
D. O.:
Jack of all trades could play any position except striker
K M:
Golden Boy
Great dribbling
Gadget point
Gadget point:
Look like ronaldinho but he is a defender
ShoJay Films
ShoJay Films:
Plays like a left footed Pogba but he doesn't posses the long pass quality like Pogba
Eko Siswanto
Eko Siswanto:
this kid Camavingga remind me of C. Seedorf ....
Future of Real Madrid…. Him kovacic and valverde
Hiếu Korea
Hiếu Korea:
Legend of Angola
Mingui 70
Mingui 70:
Camavinga titular hoy
Carlos MCaslister
Carlos MCaslister:
Zidane is Magic
Gilberto Sc
Gilberto Sc:
Camavinga= 1/2 Ronaldinho+ 1/2 Sedoorf
Rizky Anwar 123
Rizky Anwar 123:
Camavinga - Tchouameni - Farverde
the best of the world
Muhammad Faisal Ahmed Rakib
Muhammad Faisal Ahmed Rakib:
he is like dancing on the pitch
kamukama Brian
kamukama Brian:
Great comp🔥
It was if he had additionals lateral thighs to go sideways
João Paulo
João Paulo:
Carol com K joga muito ! 🤣
Zefanya raysa nevada Laput
Zefanya raysa nevada Laput:
He's great player but still normal level pedri is still better than him pedri is absurd
RM need to buy another Rennes player just to give them another 20-30m. I feel bad for robbing them for 40m for this guy.
Hiếu Korea
Hiếu Korea:
Cama da đen Angola 🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴
Nick FV
Nick FV:
Next Gen Zeedorf
Dimelo Wil
Dimelo Wil:
What he does in france he needs to do more in madrid . Still don’t see his true potential . Gavi pedri are clear rn .
bouzoubaa ww
bouzoubaa ww:
Pfffff grand camavinga. Waaw
296 Bhavesh Patil
296 Bhavesh Patil:
Man has 20 lungs