Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights

Watch full highlights between Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich.

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Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich | 2019 Bundesliga Highlights

FOX Soccer

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FOX Soccer
FOX Soccer:
Did you expect Eintracht Frankfurt's win?
If Manuel Neuer had not made multiple incredible saves, the final score would have been 10-0.
Artëm Kangur
Artëm Kangur:
The highlights didn't show almost any of Nuers incredible saves this match
Mark T
Mark T:
This game is amazing but Fox manages to turn the highlight into a Melatonin video.
Spurs 2-7 Bayern

Frankfurt 5-1 Bayern

Frankfurt ?-? Spurs
Jo Ji
Jo Ji:
No one.

Neuer : hand up
Mansoor Wahab
Mansoor Wahab:
Is there a time when Neuer doesn't raise his hand? lol
That's one of those rare situations where, if you're Bayern, you actually would have preferred a penalty to be given instead of a free kick because at least you would've still had 11 men.
samuel pangaribuan
samuel pangaribuan:
A combination of Boateng's red card and bad management from Kovac. Bayern almost couldn't make any sort of attack after that red card. Lewandowski was the only player with the hunger of scoring goals. On the bright side, at least it goes to show that Bundesliga is after all competitive. But there's a lot to fix with this Bayern. #miasanmia
Rafael Florez
Rafael Florez:
This is lazy editing, just do a montage with the original commentary as it happened!
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek:
every goal was in the 6 yd box, and most of them were crosses to an uncovered man;
Impossible for Neuer to save anything!
imagine them against spurs
Axis Arthur
Axis Arthur:
This must be a revenge from last season
saurav shrestha
saurav shrestha:
nuer asking for offside everytime
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Last season bayern 5-1 frankfurt
This season frankfurt 5-1 bayern
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps:
Frankfurt looking like they have a fair bit about themselves with that win
A lee Machunian
A lee Machunian:
M.nuerer keep rise up his hand for what?! LOL
Liban Abdullahi
Liban Abdullahi:
At 37 seconds Have you seen Frankfurt pass moves 😱😱😱😱😱
Ryan X
Ryan X:
"Humiliated ,humbled and taken apart"
5 months ago it was Bayern 5- 1 Frankfurt. Funny how things turn around. :)
Ken Guo
Ken Guo:
Why does Neuer always raise his hand after conceding goals?
Flexking 777
Flexking 777:
Boateng da quando Messi lo ha umiliato nel 2015 non si è più ripreso
Lucas Modesto Cruz
Lucas Modesto Cruz:
Paciência: VAPO VAPO🙅🏻‍♀️
1:17 this guy cross like kdb
Carlos Gonzáles
Carlos Gonzáles:
Mosuke Horoshi
Mosuke Horoshi:
The second goal was beautiful!
Akif_S.Rahman 12
Akif_S.Rahman 12:
Brilliant win ✨🔥
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader:
The revenge of Frankfurt after 5-1 loss last season
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda:
Leva melhor 9 2019 !
Joseph Jordisson
Joseph Jordisson:
Tommy Danuwarsa
Tommy Danuwarsa:
that amazing
Mehmet Vural
Mehmet Vural:
Good. Loved that!
Muhammad Arief Nugroho
Muhammad Arief Nugroho:
this is only happen once in 10 years..
Optimis Crew
Optimis Crew:
Ten man wkwkwkwk
Sneaky Deej
Sneaky Deej:
Love to see it
Itss Timee
Itss Timee:
Fantastic 👍😂
This is the Eintracht Frankfurt I love..
Zhicao Fang
Zhicao Fang:
Just took my Saturday nap and woke up to this...what a "wake up call"
El dandy somoza
El dandy somoza:
Hey bayer...how you doing.???......🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁🤭🤭🤭🤭🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Andry Yudda
Andry Yudda:
Kovac out..!! in Alegri
Kanishk Kapoor
Kanishk Kapoor:
The Bundesliga is finally interesting!!!
Frankfurt are really underrated
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball:
Bundesliga stay most imprevisible without Bayern...for more final scores with Bayern losing 😊
Muhammad Rizky Padilah Padilah
Muhammad Rizky Padilah Padilah:
Neuer is very funny😂
Robert G
Robert G:
Deflection tap in are wack. Shouldnt count as goal
Sophie Müller
Sophie Müller:
Eintracht ❤❤❤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Patrick Triebler
Patrick Triebler:
A two minute highlight video for a game with 6 goals and many more highlights. US media butchering the sport...
mark vincent serafin
mark vincent serafin:
Neuer what happened :(
คนเดินดิน คนจร
คนเดินดิน คนจร:
แมทไล่ โควัชคนพี่
Steve M
Steve M:
Lantunan Ayat Suci Al Qur'an
Lantunan Ayat Suci Al Qur'an:
Eintracht Frankfurt Joosshh.. 👍
Kai Nickelson
Kai Nickelson:
frankfurt have the best wingbacks in the world
Hakim Gunners
Hakim Gunners:
Pango Prime
Pango Prime:
I never expected Frankfurt to play so well after losing Jovic and Haller but kudos to the club and Pacienca for stepping up. Fun club to watch.
O I:
With one man advantage, no wonder...
man utd
man utd:
Josho Reacts
Josho Reacts:
They lost Jovic and Haller still dominates my 1 of 2 favorite team in Bundesliga and great but at least lewy is scoring
Douglas S Barboza
Douglas S Barboza:
Bossy Puri
Bossy Puri:
Great team had great coach.. kovac?????
T 234
T 234:
Neuer always calls for offside lmao
GM Omar
GM Omar:
Kadenu Was high
Kadenu Was high:
The story will be different ig munich play in italia league
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez:
Wow..... cannot believe it!
Love to see them lose 😄
Ernest Onwona
Ernest Onwona:
When I saw Bayern lose like that I was so ecstatic.😃😃
Revenge from arsenal vs Bayern
Cris VA
Cris VA:
Kovac out !!! We want Heynckes again, he knew he could do the coach!
Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton:
Bayern Hotspurs
adam rosman
adam rosman:
Fox must be a dortmund fan cause when bayern win, it takes a whole day for the highlights to be uploaded. When bayern lose, its there the next morning
Martin Alvarez
Martin Alvarez:
Imagine if jovic still played for frankfurt
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
You can take kovac out of frankfurt but you can't take frankfurt out of kovac
Norbert Trujano
Norbert Trujano:
Lewy still scores thou
Dedi Supriadi
Dedi Supriadi:
F. Joel Price
F. Joel Price:
Why does Neuer keep putting his hand up every time he concedes??
Shadow 12
Shadow 12:
Kovac, we want you to stay 😉
It feels like no matter what, Lewy has to score a goal.
Niko Kovač OUT
boostwasabi boostwasabi
boostwasabi boostwasabi:
Pavard is a fraud, 1st choice CB for Bayern from a relegated club Stuttgart 🤣🤣🤣
And Bayern are idiot for willing to offload Hummels for fraud Pavard.
Josue Aranday
Josue Aranday:
If they did this to Bayern, what would they do to Spurs?
I am really happy to see that Neuer is so embarrassing. I am a Schalke fans.
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek:
Now Bayern don't have a proper coach (not saying that kovac was), dont have a centre back (sule injured, boateng suspended) and will lose vs dortmund
KC White
KC White:
Jual game
Magical Michael
Magical Michael:
Well lads, I didn’t think it was possible, but you performed so poorly you made our manager leave! 😆
Alberto Vasquez
Alberto Vasquez:
Que hp baile le hicieron al bayern💃💃💃💃💃🕴
doni ari setianto
doni ari setianto:
KrazyBee 129
KrazyBee 129:
It's was master plan by boa and bayern player to play so bad that clown niko Kovac gets kicked.
Garwain Albert Tannis
Garwain Albert Tannis:
Bayern munchen will rise up
Dwi Widayat
Dwi Widayat:
Jose Mourinho In!
Food Wars
Food Wars:
Why can't you upload the summary with LIVE commentary?
Marco Polo
Marco Polo:
I'm amazed that was a straight red card...
Simply unbelievable
Robert Jolly
Robert Jolly:
Hey Neuer it doesnt hurt to make a save once in awhile
Dota2 Pro Play
Dota2 Pro Play:
Andry Yudda
Andry Yudda:
Niko kovac.. out... out..
robex nugroz
robex nugroz:
Niko kovac out
Tambadau Tambunan Channel
Tambadau Tambunan Channel:
Shocking for Bayern
Andrew G
Andrew G:
Bet Jovic missing this kind of moment
Alim Nuralam27
Alim Nuralam27:
Without Robben and Ribery Bayern look different ..
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle:
Lol arsenal beat frankfurt 3 0
Next season Bayern will buy half of Frankfurt team