Eintracht Frankfurt vs West Ham | Europa League Semi-Final | Gameday Live With Robbie, Dan & Jason

Eintracht Frankfurt vs West Ham | Europa League Semi-Final | Gameday Live With Robbie, Dan & Jason

Join us in DR Sport studio for the second leg of the Europa League Semi-Final as Frankfurt take on West Ham (2-1).

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29 comentarios:

West Ham decided to go full strength in a pointless game against Arsenal on Sunday rather than resting their team for this game... and they still lost both games 😂😂😂
Some of the "Schadenfreude" on the injury of that Frankfurt player really came back with karma.
D S R:
West Ham did well to get to the semi final tbf, but losing Creswell after only 18 minutes it was always an uphill battle after that.
James Jarrett
James Jarrett:
I remember the bald one saying that he didn't care when they lost to Spurs because they had this. What a blow out for them, season's over, it's all gone quite over there.
Same as city,underestimating the other team,wow imagine that from an english team that has next to 0 european experience in recent years (i dont count the fails agains Astra Ghio Ghio ).And the weird part unlike city is they lost the 1st game and yet still didnt respected the others. Well football is amazing i guess.
Harry Marcus
Harry Marcus:
This was best watchalong dan n jase so funny bring them both back
X Fa
X Fa:
Frankfurt 100k Members "the small Club" :D these Eintracht Fans have more Passion more Love and more Heart for they Club then any PL Club has ... disqualifie them :D Cause its the biggest Match in they Club History and People go wild ... This is Love and not hate ... Stop Talking about Hooligans ! Lets Talk about the Hammer Fans who punched German journalists and attacked Frankfurt Fans infront of the Stadium ... But no, lets just talk about the Frankfurt "Hooligans" ...
West Ham fans have been moaning so much, they had this L coming. Credit to Frankfurt, they beat them home and away.
Stephi jenks
Stephi jenks:
I love Dan and Jase 😄
Karl Scotcher
Karl Scotcher:
Made my night🤣🤣🤣
Welcome back, Don Robbie
Mitch _
Mitch _:
Rangers are bigger than West Ham 😂😂
Henner Martin
Henner Martin:
Most funny scene at 2:05:00 Moyes has been sent off - check it out! :-) :-)
tricky trapino
tricky trapino:
Tiny club😭😭😭 Rangers, the bigger club has gone through🤝🏽
ASAP Sinclair
ASAP Sinclair:
Woooow what sore losers lmaooo
Played the second half like they even trying, just because Frankfurt didn’t need to HAHAH
2:04:56 MOYES gets *SENT OFF!* 🟥😱
Liam 1
Liam 1:
West Ham get battered everywhere they go
West Ham fan calling Rangers a small club. Oh my sides. Sober up mate. Rangers are a monumentally bigger club than West Sham.
Floyd Money
Floyd Money:
This is proper capitulation
Shohaib Hussain
Shohaib Hussain:
Did we miss out on tammy abraham
Jeff 1972
Jeff 1972:
Before the game fans invade pitch you can band them but not after the game hehehe
After the game only fine
Del Boy
Del Boy:
Someone find me a cat!😡
Juice Master Gaming
Juice Master Gaming:
These two west ham fans were pretty unpleasant.
Unscripted 101
Unscripted 101:
Slippy g held back this rangers super team
Dank Spaz900
Dank Spaz900:
Lolllll tiny club
Ace Fire
Ace Fire:
ASSI Army:
Nur die SGE
Jim Park Lane
Jim Park Lane:
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Peanut Butter Sandwich:
Yeah. That's all they did. Ran thier socks off. Nothing else. It didn't look like a team that were there to win the game. And that goal they let in, they were just standing there not doing anything just allowing the goal to go in. What was that all about ??
In the first leg, we conceded two sloppy goals. Sneaky goals. I immediately realised that is thier tactic to sneak in goals by catching us off guard. They did it again in yesterday's match.
Iam shocked Moyes did not realise this as a manager and did not learn from the first two sneaky goals.
MOYES NEVER LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES. we have seen this all throughout his career. That's his nature.
If I as a fan could immediately realise what's eintrachts tactics were to score goals, i.e. to sneak them in when we are least expecting it, and Moyes didn't pick up on that, I honestly think Moyes has to be delusional.
In any case I can tell for sure we will never reach another semi final in at least our lifetimes .
What a chance wasted. None of the players put thier lives on the line for it. Antonio is a complete joke as a striker. He deserves to be in league 2.
So stop telling me you are proud of the boys. If them just running around and getting out of breath is your idea of them giving it thier all, then you are all delusional and easily pleased and have losing mentalities.!
I would have been a bit proud of them if they had at least put up a fight and scored a goal, but they didn't do none of that. Frankfurt were just average, and yes even with ten men we could have beaten them , good teams win even with 10 men.
I WILL PLACE A BET AT THE BOOKIES THAT MOYES WILL NEVER WIN A MAJOR TROPHY BEFORE HE RETIRES. he always messes it up when it really matters. Story of his career.
Won't win anything next season either. Maybe a top 10 finish.
We need a world class manager now to win things next season.
Appreciate how Moyes has stabilised the club, but it's time to move on.