Elena Rybakina vs Serena Williams - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Elena Rybakina vs Serena Williams - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021. Watch the best moments of the win of Elena Rybakina in straight sets 6/3 7/5 over Serena Williams in the 4th round.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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100+ comentarios:

Dang, she didn't even celebrate the win. I like that. About time Rybakina has her breakthrough. She's a really solid player.
Dark  Vader
Dark Vader:
I think,Serena will try two more times in the upcoming slams and then retire. I hate to say it but I think she missed her window in the last three finals. These young girls are hungry.
Anyone who follows tennis closely knew this would be the outcome. Yet news articles claiming this to be a 'shock Serena loss' - nothing shocking about it.
Maximillian Jens
Maximillian Jens:
Serena said oh it's a point here and there...never giving her opponent credit. Rybakina is the real deal.
Just so happy to see, that there are more and more women on the tour that dont get intimidated by serena's aura and screams and game anymore.
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
She made Serena’s shots look so slow and weak. Literally had Serena on defense the whole time, even on a second serve
Mikko Kärkkäinen
Mikko Kärkkäinen:
Scary shouting by Serena, but did not work against Rybakina 👍
You Tube
You Tube:
What a glorious day!!!!!!!!
Alex P
Alex P:
Surely those screams on big points represent a hindrance?! They're off the chart compared to her normal screams.
Kwin Precious Vlogs
Kwin Precious Vlogs:
That is how you play serena, be composed , be consistent and make sure you return all balls and exhaust her! Good job Ribakyna!
This match put a magnifying lens on the biggest weakness of Serena's game, which is her mobility. If you get her moving around, she becomes quite helpless, especially depending on who she's facing. Clearly her opponent had all the answers. Tough break for Serena, but this was a good match regardless
Regular grunting, okay, I accept it as part of the game. But deliberate screaming during decisive points to willfully distract the opponent, that is disgraceful.
Chris Mihok
Chris Mihok:
Very satisfying to watch.
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Now I'm so much divided, I'm supporting Rybakina, Swiatek and Badosa at the same time
Carolina Jardim
Carolina Jardim:
amazing! Rybakina is very smart and can control her emotions very well
You Tube
You Tube:
That’s not grunting anymore, that’s noise to intimidate and distract her opponent
Serena’s grunt is excessive and ridiculous
Rema Lim
Rema Lim:
Love u, Elena. Serena was groaning and moaning. You silenced her with your play.
Tyler McDonald
Tyler McDonald:
Serena is so over dramatic it’s beyond a joke 😂
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
Been waiting for Rybakina to show her potential. If she's on, she can wipe the court with anybody. Unfortunately she hasn't been consistent enough, but today she was. Go ELENA!!!
Serena has been using her “status” for years: bullying/scaring her opponents with her screams which are a hindrance for sure and unsportsmanlike, yet referees are too scared to say anything about it.. Just like Sharapova but Serena’s are even worse..
Her opponents are doing to her now what she did to them for years on end. She's literally getting bullied on the court by girls almost half her age, who are simply leaner, fitter and faster than her. Unless she makes a dramatic change to her fitness and commitment, she won't make another Grand Slam final, let alone win one.
Luke Anthony
Luke Anthony:
Can someone in Serena's camp just tell her it's not gonna happen?!
She's missed her chance
Eva Archer
Eva Archer:
This young shy beautiful girl is fantastic… she will have good future if she performs like this all the time. Congrats 🎉 👏👍
Elena Rybakina - such an elegant, modest, quiet and sympatic tennis player. Congratulations and I wish further successes.
Respect for Serena for giving her best.
Linda Musso
Linda Musso:
Classy young player with tons of talent
Kal Ab
Kal Ab:
Serena’s time has passed , still competitive but she’ll never win another grand slam ...just not fit enough and her grunts and screams don’t intimidate anymore...
Nick Bykad
Nick Bykad:
Pavlyuchenkova and Rybakina will play in doubles together on Monday and then play singles also together the next day :)
Fight Justice
Fight Justice:
Sorilla has no respect for her opponents just yelling and screaming trying to distract them. He should retire already.
Brilliant Rybakina!! 👌 Cool as a cucumber.👍 Congrats Elena 👏
the fact that she just won against a legend and didn’t even break a sweat to celebrate and only went like 😎 like it was just a walk at a park was 💰, she’s gonna be big!
This is amazing....!!! Made Serena so slow and silent.
Yes thank God! Go Rybakina! I always knew one day she was going to be a fantastic player. She's improving!
Laura B
Laura B:
Congrats, Elena!
Kumar Kusaiyn
Kumar Kusaiyn:
Лена ты прсто Умничка и скромница. Весь Казахстан поздравляет Вас! 👍👍👍👏👏👏🇰🇿
why does RG never show the handshake after the matches? they are really producing sh...
Just because of the incessant screaming. Glad the legend lost. Screaming to intimidate isn’t right.
Serena Williams is too slow. Her strokes are still there, but she cannot move well. It is hard to imagine that she can be up against those youngsters such as Osaka anymore.
A routine win: the times passed by Serena.
Koko Garcia
Koko Garcia:
Great tactic. Move Serena around! :-) she mixed up the pace of the ball so well at the right time.
R Terrence
R Terrence:
00:00:53 lol A big yell and another point lost and then she throws her head back like she thought she should have won the point. lol
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
I love how the last highlight is her winning and casually just drinking water as Serena is crying.
Well done no grunt Rybakina
When showing a handshake becomes so controversial/political, they skip something they’ve been showing for years, and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts to watch. This lets me know the world is truly falling.
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman
RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman:
If this match went to 3rd set, Serena would be barely able to move!
Kevin Waters
Kevin Waters:
Time catches up with every one. Even champions.
Not a surprise at all, Williams can only win another Grand Slam in her dreams, the young generation takes over and it's the time for retirement for old players. Margaret Court's record will never be beaten apparently...
vic varillo
vic varillo:
this was a good day for sure.. You go Elena...
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia:
2 minutes are not enough! I want the full massacre
Epsilon Beta
Epsilon Beta:
Why did you remove Stan Sport Australia highlights? They were far better than yours...
Hernan Cano
Hernan Cano:
You did not show Serena´s nasty fall , a premonition of what is coming?
Vane Ristov
Vane Ristov:
Scott Hunt
Scott Hunt:
It really comes down to this - these younger players just aren't intimidated by Serena anymore. Father Time waits for no one, and that includes the William sisters. Time for them to step aside and let the young guns have the court.
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
Rybakina is a warrior 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
harry gordon
harry gordon:
Beaten ,battered and roasted by a girl that was ranked 150th last year ,give it up Serena ,its obvious ,Elena is the future ,i took her at odds of 20/1 to win2-zero east money ,did my homework
Chris Nagle
Chris Nagle:
Well play Elena!
The screams at 0:39 and 0:53 were absolutely unnecessary. As an American, I would like to route for Serena in these tourney’s but screaming like that is way too dramatic and shows me that Serena has no awareness of how her actions affect her opponents or the average viewer.
Those screams are like echoing wailings of a dying elephant brought down by a pack of hyenas before the light in its eyes switches off for eternity.
zahid jadoon
zahid jadoon:
Serena's scream and other things distrub her opponent from last 2 3 years as he distrub Osaka in us open final
Ridiculous screams by Serena! Rybakina promotes the no-scream tennis lifestyle. ☺️👏
Logan Dickenson
Logan Dickenson:
I’m not that mad at Serena’s performance, given her lack of play since Australia. I think she’s going to have another chance, but her first serve is what hurt her the most this match. When Serena isn’t serving well, likelihood’s of losing goes up. Serena needs to ponder on getting a new coach. This whole thing with Patrick doesn’t seem to be working that well anymore.
Jelena Brakic
Jelena Brakic:
Her last chance is Wimbledon 2021 .... if she doesn’t get it this time it’s better for her to retire...
after watching this I don’t think she has a change against these youngsters... she first reached the finals of gs than semifinals than quarterfinals now she is out in fourth round... I love her and respect her but her time is over... she better prepare for Wimbledon really good... I think she need to come to the net more often because she can’t run that fast anymore like she used too she doesn’t have the stamina for it... but I do respect her age and her career and by the way she is one of the best ...
2:07 is all we get? Didn't even show the ball that almost hit Serena.
Doubles partner gonna meet each other in the quarter. Interesting. Im rooting for both, Rybakina and Pavlyuchenkova 😁
The screaming drains the energy
S Skier
S Skier:
Yes! Great win!
ashley guriah
ashley guriah:
Out of RG...and rightly so..all the intimidating screaming/grunting and groaning is not gonna win her any titles..Well done Rybakina...super play, steady, confident, powerful and unintimidated by the grizzly opponent ! goooo Rybakina !
PAUL Lindemann
PAUL Lindemann:
Serena is amazing in her movement - especially given her muscular frame. Tangentially, I cannot let her silly politics out of my head, and that tends to have me root against her. Go Elena.
0:53 hindrance at its very best.
Dan B
Dan B:
I watched some of Rybakina’s matches from last year and her movement against Serena looks like on a different level. She’s put a lot of work in.
David Hsiao
David Hsiao:
Elena's hits are so clean :O
Stone Henges
Stone Henges:
Rybakina is a gorgeous player👍👍
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
Serena has no speed left. Unless the ball comes within 5 feet from her existing radius, she will lose the point in progress 75% of the time. That is sub bar at the pro level and can only get you to the third or fourth round before a talented player comes around and puts her out.
emilio palac
emilio palac:
its about time serena must concentrate taking care of her family
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Congrats to Elena - the first Khazak to ever beat SW. As Borat would say.."very niice"👍..."high fiive"✋
Asaf Kaşıkçı
Asaf Kaşıkçı:
Dang, she didn't even celebrate the win. I like that. About time Rybakina has her breakthrough. She's a really solid player.
toffy federer
toffy federer:
Omg she is so quite hahahah
Marat Utarbaev
Marat Utarbaev:
Andrew Le
Andrew Le:
Just play tennis don’t look at your opponent then you don feel vomit and you will win
My teacher told me and it is so true
Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell:
LOVE IT. so what did the brat blame it on (again)? did she cry "I'm playing for all moms and women? " she moans as much as lebron and is as bad a loser
Большая рыбка клюнула у Рыбакиной! ))
Jean Sempe
Jean Sempe:
Age catches up with everyone. The 40 year-old mother still made it competitive out there against a 21 year-old.
I am glad that beautiful, calm and quite Elena won this match!
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez:
It's hilarious to read Serena fans trying to bring up one thousand excuses for Serena's defeat. Accept she's old already and that younger players hit harder and are athletically better than her sebaceous self.
They've learnt Serena's weakness.
Erkan Agar
Erkan Agar:
as I earlier said: upset was loading,and it happened,bookies made a lot of money,playstyle of ryba is not fit for serena.
love this girl, and kostyuk and badosa; hope one of them wins
Yamato Musashi
Yamato Musashi:
So funny how Elena nearly started celebrating but then saw Serena's face and her monster biceps and smartly decided not to. You could tell from the look on her face she was even trying hard to suppress and hide a smile by looking down. LOL!
You are the weakest link, goodbye Serena))) Congrats brilliant Elena!! 👍👏
Joshua Hutchinson
Joshua Hutchinson:
That one must have really hurt, especially since the draw really opened up for her
Show Me Show, Inc
Show Me Show, Inc:
Елена-топчик! Elena the best!
"Je ne m'arrêterai jamais"? Et voilà !
Kris Ortega
Kris Ortega:
See ya Serena
John Paul Pangilinan
John Paul Pangilinan:
All is right with the world once more
I really enjoyed the handshake that was shown off in this video right here, gotta say
Univ Align666
Univ Align666:
SEReNA recycling same regime expecting different results for a 24.
Good luck to sturboness
Budala Idiotska
Budala Idiotska:
It's always pleasure to see woman winning over a man on high level proffesional tournament like this one.
Lukas Robert
Lukas Robert:
BLM -1
Fenandez Leon
Fenandez Leon:
She is so beautiful 😍
Noh Ken
Noh Ken:
Glad to see new face coming up for the next round.. Congrats..!