Elizabeth Gillies’ Guide To Hollywood Glamour & Perfect Eyeliner | My Beauty Tips | Vogue Paris

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies showcases her vintage-inspired makeup look with a twist in Vogue Paris My Beauty Tips. Watch as the Hollywood actress, and long-time friend of Ariana Grande, gives us a step-by-step guide to her flawless skincare routine, as well as the art of mastering the perfect 1960s-inspired cat eye for timeless smoky-eyed contemporary glamour.

Casting by Nurrrr

Beauty Credits:
Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner, by Caudalie

Hyaluronic Serum, by Dr Barbara Sturm
Rose de Mai Cream, by Chantecaille
Bright Eyes Mask, by 100% PURE
Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Light, by NARS
Just Peachy Mattes Velvet Eye Shadow Palette, by Too Faced
Mad Eyes Eyeliner, Noir Ebène 01, by Guerlain
Natural Definition Eye Pencil, Coffee, by Alima Pure
Traceless Foundation Stick, 2.0 Buff, by Tom Ford
Waterproof Foundation/Concealer, Buff, by Tom Ford
Brow Wiz, Taupe, by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Tinted Brow Gel, Caramel, by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen, by YSL Beauty
Shade and Illuminate, Intensity Two, by Tom Ford
Invisible Loose Setting Powder, by Laura Mercier
Hoola Matte Bronzer, Hoola, by Benefit
Dandelion Ballerina Pink Blush & Brightening Face Powder Mini, by Benefit
Endless Bronze & Glow, BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Limited Edition, by BECCA Cosmetics
Quick-set Striplash Adhesive, White/Clear, by DUO
Demi Wispies fake eyelashes, Black, by Ardell
Haute Couture Trio Lashes, Medium Combo, by KISS
Lip Cheat lip liner, Pink Venus, by Charlotte Tilbury
Matte Revolution lipstick, Sunset Lover, by Charlotte Tilbury
Legendary Lashes Volume 2, Black Vinyl, by Charlotte Tilbury


100+ comentarios:

Nicole Scalise
Nicole Scalise:
Liz is naturally so beautiful but who else almost doesn’t recognize her without winged eyeliner
sesshoumaru‘s mokomoko
sesshoumaru‘s mokomoko:
I've never seen anyone apply make-up as carelessly and messy as elizabeth does but it still ends up looking so pretty?? i love how she just slaps the stuff onto her face
Her face, her voice, her EYES, She is so unique and this is way overdue! Definitely needs more credit. Natural actress, All I see is Fallon lol.
Chill Chill
Chill Chill:
She is talented as actress but I’m so sad that she doesn’t want to work on her singing career. Her voice is so magnificent:(
long time friend of ariana grande in the description is so unneeded.
Tee Hee
Tee Hee:
ok lets be real she needs more praise
1. she's an amazing actress
2. she's a really talented singer
3. she's a GODDESS
4. she's an icon
there is no reason people don't absolutely love her peroid (no tampons)
Aamna Afroz
Aamna Afroz:
Liz Gillies is just whole another mood. Be it Fallon or be it Jade, she always possess a captivating aura.
Eden Cieslowski
Eden Cieslowski:
Did they literally wrote “a long time friend of Ariana Grande”?
Katey Ash
Katey Ash:
Liz is my literal fav actress. Her acting skills as Jade in Victorious and Fallon in Dynasty were all awesome. Wish I could meet her in real life 😢🧡💛
Luna Portman
Luna Portman:
“long time friend of Ariana” as if we didn’t love Liz before ariana blew up 🙄
Arieana Bromfield
Arieana Bromfield:
I feel like Liz Gillies in real life is a perfect mixture of both Fallon and Jade lol.
i think she's the only person who can just rub the foundation carelessly on her face and still look incredible
Diana C
Diana C:
She makes her everyday make up just la Fallon wow
She’ll always be jade in my eyes ❤️. Her jade literally popped out the second she started her eyeshadow 😂. I live for it ❤️
Shes just so incredible. I enjoyed every second of this video. She was herself, genuine, hilarious. Loved it
Jes Jes
Jes Jes:
The way she use her fingers to blend all the foundation just..... amazing. It sit right on her face just like that.. while some people (include me) are struggling to blend foundation with the beauty blender or brush 🥺🥺
Ruths ballad to singing
Ruths ballad to singing:
Love this tutorial she looks perfect with and without makeup on love the eye makeup and the lashes omg she's a goddess...🥰
Jessica C.
Jessica C.:
Wow! She's amazing! She does a perfect cat eye all the time for Dynasty.
Carol Revoredo
Carol Revoredo:
“and long-time friend of Ariana Grande“. Argh, is it really necessary? She is as amazing as Ariana, they both literally started together. Liz is talented enough, and has a (the hell) career, to be refer to as a “long-time friend” of someone else.
Hinata Basilio
Hinata Basilio:
Mas é muita beleza para um só vídeo 🥰❤️
Pretty MenaceXIV
Pretty MenaceXIV:
I’ve never been so in love with someone as beautiful as her she’s amazing on the inside and the outside 💕
I love her ... definitely she knows what she’s doing... also I like she was not selling products like some others ... it was more about her style and skills. Really good 👌🏼
Nour Aljadaan
Nour Aljadaan:
I actually fell in love with her makeup, hairstyle and outfits in dynasty
Manel Manel
Manel Manel:
Never saw her without her statement Eyeliner
Evangelia Edwards
Evangelia Edwards:
I love that I do some of my makeup the same way she does lol! I do eyes first, use my fingers for primer, and love a good wing. She looks so different from Jade but is still so pretty! I don't usually like thin eyebrows but she's pretty enough to pull it off tbh
sunscreen bottle
sunscreen bottle:
She looks stunning with and without makeup or eyeliner! I'm proud really proud of her <3
Alex R. D.
Alex R. D.:
I'm so in love with this look right now. I simply adore it, and would wear it every single day.
I was poor so I used to do my entire make up look with my fingers in highschool and I've never really gotten out of the habit. I feel so seen and represented. Lol.
I also still stand by using your hands for foundation because I feel like it helps it melt into the skin and look more dewey and less cakey.
Samira Port
Samira Port:
She looks like a real Hollywood diva - even w/o makeup ✨
It's Delilah
It's Delilah:
I love how you do your own makeup!!! 😍 I literally googled this today as I've been binge watching and breastfeeding at nights with my 9 day old boy 😄 cannot wait to recreate this
Tere Molina Olave
Tere Molina Olave:
Es tan bella sin maquillaje y con maquillaje obvio también 😜. Pretty, pretty, pretty ✨.
itz AlxD
itz AlxD:
So I just found out that Jade changed her name to Fallon and broke up with Beck to be with Liam, Liz is so good at acting that she hasn't broke character yet. I love her and her singing voice, hope people to notice her more.
Aaliyah woohoo
Aaliyah woohoo:
Her beauty never fails to amaze me and her character is just so cute 🥺
I feel like I’m actually watching Fallon doing a collab with Vogue in Dynasty lol she looks like she’s in character
I got so used to always seeing her with her iconic eyeliner (that she even wore in a shower scene on Dynasty) that I actually thought at some point she got it tattooed 😂😂 Queen Liz ❤️❤️
UGGGGHHHHH I LOVE HOW SHE DID HER MAKE UP the whole painting it on with her fingers was so old school and then using the brushes in little bits and then how it all came together it was so throwing it back to old school and it works it works so well I could watch her do her make up all day all the time
Vancaryeon Lee
Vancaryeon Lee:
Ok, I love that her own eyeliner vibe. I only knew her when Dynasty existed welp and she's so amazing.
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez:
she is such a Leo, especially with her glam retro Hollywood look! she's so gorgeous and underrated <3
Sabrina L Souza
Sabrina L Souza:
I've looked up to this girl for so many years now, it's insane. She's so funny and genuine, god.
In this household we stan Liz Gillies.
Maria Clara
Maria Clara:
uma das poucas famosas q sabem se maquiar perfeitamente
Devon Clarke
Devon Clarke:
Love her!! Shes underrated n id love to see her more⭐👑
Marie Bracke
Marie Bracke:
I love this make-up look, and it looks so good on you 🤩
Elijah Baz
Elijah Baz:
Finally, a tutorial on how she does her signature eye liner 😍😍😍
Aisyah Radzuan
Aisyah Radzuan:
Thank god for this tutorial. I LOVE her makeup look!! but I still couldn't do the winged liner, it always doesn't look even.
I love how she’s not ashamed to use her hands on her face instead of brushes as a high end celebrity. Can’t lie taking a million different brushes are long to do and not everyone wants to put that effort in when you can use your hands just the same & will stil get a nicely blended outcome.
Nunca había visto a una famosa maquillarse de manera tan "desastrosa", pero, el acabado esta genial!
Naya Rahman
Naya Rahman:
I love how she uses her hands to apply her makeup ❤
ಠ_ಠ M.S
ಠ_ಠ M.S:
Okay literal facts:
She needs more love. For real she's amazing,talented , gorgeous, Hilarious , and more.
Sofia Balog
Sofia Balog:
I love the color of her eyes! Incredibly breath taking❤️
Karla Pq
Karla Pq:
I love her! She is sooooo gorgeous!!! So talent and has a beautiful voice! 💃💖💖💖💖
Kamila Kopeć
Kamila Kopeć:
I love her so much - she's a true beauty.
Eliana Forever!
Eliana Forever!:
So beautiful and talented I love her so much, and she make me laugh even when she's not trying to be funny she just has a natural gift, it's adorable how she always mentions Ari 🥰🥰🤣🤣
Mehrunissa Usman
Mehrunissa Usman:
1:28 when liz says "like a superhero but with no powers"
Can someone please tell her that she has the power of always looking absolutely beautiful
Dahlia x Delilah
Dahlia x Delilah:
And yet she never broke character. ❤️
Leïla Salvatore
Leïla Salvatore:
She is the one doing the ICONIC Fallon eyeliner ?! I am so jealous! She looks amazing, as always.
Harsha Ramchurn
Harsha Ramchurn:
Let's take a minute to appreciate Liz's makeup talent!!!
Lovely Cutie
Lovely Cutie:
"long time friend of Ariana Grande" what kinda description is that? She's her own person. Her career does not revolve around being Ariana's friend.
Russette Ricario
Russette Ricario:
She’s the most natural person to do a Vogue video on 😔✨
Marebear 1107
Marebear 1107:
STUNNING. I love her voice 💕
Merche Galán
Merche Galán:
She's an amazing actress and she's so pretty, i love her in dynasty 😍
Ishini Nethmini
Ishini Nethmini:
It's the eyeliner that give her the stunning and unique look😍❤️
Yuliza Polania
Yuliza Polania:
Dios mío, está mujer es perfecta con o sin maquillaje
No one cares if she was Jade first, she’ll always be Elizabeth Gillies, a QUEEN no matter who she plays.
DesirAniac c:
DesirAniac c::
liz gillies has been my girl crush since broadway days, you just can’t get enough of her
Ágatha Cerqueira
Ágatha Cerqueira:
Nou acredito 😍 brilhante Victoria ❤️
i just realized that this is the first time that i saw Liz without makeup or even without eyelyner
Elizabeth is indeed one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen in my life
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris:
When you don't wear makeup but you love Liz and her commentary
Zanayiah Elizabeth!!
Zanayiah Elizabeth!!:
I have never seen anyone do their makeup so good with 3 brushes and their hands especially with contour like omg how did she do good with her nose contour just by using her fingers😂😂😂😳😳❤️❤️
sope gives me life
sope gives me life:
Her choice of makeup look is just like how I try to look 😍
Baylee Olataga
Baylee Olataga:
Everyone's talking about Fallon but she was Jade first...
Okay she looks so beautiful in every way but she really doesn’t need makeup she is so pretty 🤩
she looks so mature yet so young, what a beauty 😫
Vale UwU
Vale UwU:
:0 creo que soy el único comentario en español me gusto mucho su maquillaje >w<
Perpe 21
Perpe 21:
she is the best actress ever!!!!!her make up routine is the most interesting one have ever watched...I love her eyes and she is her own person no need for the "long time friend of Ariana Grande''
Liz is so underrated, she's an amazing actress, talented singer, and so much more. Yet vogue has the AUDACITY to put "long-time friend of Ariana Grande" in the description 😒
Liz: Aggressively beating her face to apply contour
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane:
“We Stan a blended eye” she’s such a mood
Ekin E
Ekin E:
Janani Sathish
Janani Sathish:
she does her makeup so aggressive but it turned out so good lol i was scared the whole time
A Ella P
A Ella P:
Eden SGM
Eden SGM:
Thank you. I can now do the most absolutely perfect liner. I was always a lil jello of her eyeliner Haha. But now I dont have to be! So thank youuu
Plamena Hristova
Plamena Hristova:
love her, so funny and stunning❤️pretty impressive skills 💋
Me: "OMG, no, don't do it like that! That's not a good way to do it."
Also me: "Wow, that looks nice."
Sally Philips
Sally Philips:
HOW did I miss this video?! HOW?! Well better late than never :D she’s iconic and so is her character (in my opinion :))
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe:
I don't think I've ever seen her with a winged liner omg her eyes are so round and beautiful
Xitlalli True
Xitlalli True:
So beautiful. Simple yet stunning, loved that you used your fingers 😆
The Cooking Marathon
The Cooking Marathon:
She’s actually really good with her makeup , that’s good
Rajat Maurya
Rajat Maurya:
I am obsessed with Dynasty,and it's because of her❤️
She does her makeup exactly how beauty gurus wouldn’t do it but she looks so good! Classic liz eyeliner!!
Jenny Alves
Jenny Alves:
É ainda mais linda sem make
We need a Liz Gillies hair tutorial cause her hair is screaming perfect mermaid all over!
Ineida Medina
Ineida Medina:
Just the fact she used her hands instead of a blending sponge for her foundation is awesome
Apple Peel
Apple Peel:
I was taking a break from dynasty but now imma go watch it.
Ps. She's gorgeous
Tamara Santos
Tamara Santos:
Muito perfeita essa mulher
ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ
ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ:
She doesn’t even need makeup she looks pretty without it
I never knew someone could be so talented and beautiful!
Emman Watson
Emman Watson:
She doesn't even need makeup coz she's already soooo pretty!!!
She's getting better looking with age. Loved her on Victorious.