Elizabeth Gillies - "You Don't Know Me" - Music Video (HD)

Enjoy Jade (Liz) rock out to her new song "You Don't Know Me"!

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This is not the 'official' music video, I just put the song in the video without all the audience noises. The official video that was uploaded on TheSlap.com is here:

Thank You Liz.
Apparently, Liz tweeted this video as well (the first video she tweeted that I made was the lyric video). It really makes me happy to know she saw my edited version of the video! She wrote: "Cool edit! Like this a lot". Again, thank you so much Liz for watching the videos I make for/of you and sharing them with your followers! Love you a lot :)

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Elle Michael
Elle Michael:
Jade was deep deep down insecure, especially about Tori and this song is her saying she uses her aggressiveness to protect herself she's such a good character. So relatable.
Mystic Cupcake
Mystic Cupcake:
Gotta love Cat dancing in the back. She's so supportive and sweet to Jade
Madeleine Grace
Madeleine Grace:
Liz gillies shoulders must hurt from CARRYING this show for 3 years
Lezley Roberts
Lezley Roberts:
I really like Beck and Jades relationship cause I think the reason Jade acts like a clingy sort of girlfriend is because Beck is the only person who understands her truly and doesn't want to let go of that feeling that someone knows her
Kaitlin Taylor
Kaitlin Taylor:
childhood is wishing beck and tori got together
adulthood is realizing that beck and jade were the power couple
Blossom Plays
Blossom Plays:
Without Jade, Cat and Trina this show would be VERY boring
Random Stranger
Random Stranger:
shout out to him for not feeling insecure next to a powerful woman
Amani Davis
Amani Davis:
Who else think Elizabeth Gillies is really hot
tori was so annoying, jade should have been the main character lol
Natasha Salia
Natasha Salia:
So good that there was a female character who was unapologetically herself and didn't change for a boy, so rare especially in children's television
Sam Scene For Dummies
Sam Scene For Dummies:
Younger me: *having a crush on jade and beck at the same time*
Current me: *still has a crush on jade and beck, only difference is I now realize I'm bi*
Finn MSP
Finn MSP:
Sinjin: **Vibing in the tank**

The lizard inside: 👁👄👁
Wismeiry Rich
Wismeiry Rich:
I think people forget that LIZ GILLIES auditioned to be Jade, not Tori. That's why she's not the star! They weren't gonna change around the whole show just because Victoria didn't have the preferred voice
Why is everyone comparing every character? I don’t get it, just enjoy the show omg
A Rose
A Rose:
I was today years old when I found out that Elizabeth Gillies wrote this song for the character.
lauren likes hockey
lauren likes hockey:
Jade was out here killing it while beck was just clapping and doing the debby ryan
scarlett rose
scarlett rose:
sorry but why is this episode called "tori fixes beck & jade" like tori didn't get them back together smh
Vas Hapeniiin
Vas Hapeniiin:
I will NEVER stop listening to this song. Liz is the definiton of a QUEEN 👑🙌
Lovely peaches 101
Lovely peaches 101:
Y’all was blaming tori when beck wanted to kiss tori but tori back him off.

STOP BLAMING THE GIRL it’s the men smh
Isaac the Worship Warrior
Isaac the Worship Warrior:
The fact that Elizabeth Gillies doesnt have a musical career today like Ariana is literally a crime. She CRUSHED this song
Edit: yes guys I know she loves acting more, and it's always a joy to see her on screen. I'm just in denial because she has great potential, but honestly I will say this: I think there really is something to say when an actor/actress on a television show is THAT talented of a musician, but they don't want to sell out and end up going down a road That turns into someone who, they're NOT. I watched the Jessie Zoom reunion the other day, and Debby Ryan said that Cameron Boyce (rest in peace) was the same way where he was actually a really good singer too, but he chose to decline any deal surrounding music that was offered to him because he wanted to stay true to himself and his acting csreer. It all depends on who you're working with but yeah, we've seen several people walk into the music industry, and a few years later they're completely unrecognizable physically and mentally, and I think more of the modern actors are starting to realize that.
David Harper
David Harper:
And not that I don’t like tori, but Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West) sing SO much prettier.
Rumaisa Siddiqui
Rumaisa Siddiqui:
Honestly i dont blame Jade for hating Tori bc she literally kissed her bf in front of her face and also in the first episode you could tell that tori kinda liked him. (before the kiss).
Sarah V
Sarah V:
L Y R I C S :

You think you know me
But you don't know me
You think you own me
But you can't control me
You look at me and there's just one thing that you see
So listen to me
Listen to me
You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
I'm dangerous so I'm warning you
But you're not afraid of me
And I can't convince you
You don't know me
You think you got me
But you don't get me
You think you want me
But you don't know what you're getting into
There's so much more to me then what you think you see
So listen to me
Just listen to me
You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
I'm dangerous so I'm warning you
But you're not afraid of me
And I can't convince you
You don't know me
And the longer that you stay, the ice is melting
And the pain feels OK, it feels okay
You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
You push me back
I push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
I'm dangerous so I'm warning you
But you're not afraid of me
And I can't convince you
And I don't have to
I think you know me
Ok ok. I actually found out yesterday she wrote this song FOR THE SHOW SJSJSJ
Fadumo Mohamed
Fadumo Mohamed:
i love how different tori and jade were, and when tori put aside romance for jade, it was the most heart warming thing.

Screw romance when you have friendship!
lex H
lex H:
Realizing your bisexual culture is growing up believing the show that Tori is the prettiest character and having a crush on Beck, but then realizing that Beck is the prettiest character and having a crush on Jade
Aubrey Wright
Aubrey Wright:
Tori: so who not boring? * looks at beck like he’s gonna say Tori*

Beck: * gets back together with jade*
Alex Playz Roblox101
Alex Playz Roblox101:
I honestly feel bad for the people who have never watched victorious. It is one of the best shows to ever exist.
Beck: I like a girl with a big mouth
Tori: why?
Beck: awkward, suggestive silence
gloomyprincess _
gloomyprincess _:
Beck: I like to date a girl with strong opinions
Tori *incredulously*: Why!?
thranger strings
thranger strings:
jade can make anyone gay. Or anyone who’s already gay, straight.
Bronwen Alvah
Bronwen Alvah:
Literally, everyone else on the show is better than Victoria at acting and singing. I'm not saying she's bad, but she's definitely not the best.
Mama Shiny
Mama Shiny:
Everyone: talking about her counting in take a hint

Me: louder..... louder... louder... LOUDERRRRRRR
Elizabeth Anneღ
Elizabeth Anneღ:
Y’all are missing the real point of this scene- Beck confirming that he’s only into girls who’ll top the hell out of him
Pim Pam
Pim Pam:
1:49-1:52 always get me, she’s so gorgeous 😫
Alisha Houston-Rhoads
Alisha Houston-Rhoads:
Jade: *finishes singing*

Beck: 👁👄👁
Tîago M
Tîago M:
Bro. I was so mad that Jade, Andre, and Cat didn’t sing that much in the show. Like that just really bothered me. They have INCREDIBLE VOICES😭
This show could have been so much different if jade was the main character, and possibly better
Your Purpledream
Your Purpledream:
Bisexuality and pansexuality is not knowing who is more attractive Jade or Beck
Tbh everytime they sang with tori, they made her sound better. Her voice is good but they’re voice is SO much better. She didn’t deserve the center of attention. Cat & jade, Andre. Had so much better vocals then her. Jade wrote a song for her character let’s not forget that 😉.
Laura Stadelmann
Laura Stadelmann:
Every Bisexual be like: if Jade stepped on me i would thank her and at the same time adoring Beck for his fluffy hair
Anisa Covarrubias
Anisa Covarrubias:
I'll never see why people shipped Tori and Beck over Jade and Beck
Ryan Beane
Ryan Beane:
1:49 the amount of power behind that look is insane
Bryan Brayden
Bryan Brayden:
Love how she’s not playing it cool she’s looking at him right in the eyes
Katherine Sorto
Katherine Sorto:
I was listening to this and I heard this:
You push me Beck
I'll push you Beck
Wth 😂
Timeless ALDC
Timeless ALDC:
I‘m gonna say it once and please don’t kill me but in my opinion Liz was the most talented person on Victorious (even tough every one of them had a lot of talent!)
Zehra Habib
Zehra Habib:
Who things that liz Gilles should sing and be a performer
Trenton Windom
Trenton Windom:
Elizabeth Gillies is great singer. Cat jumping up and down is the cutest thing ❤️
He’s the only guy that could actually handle her and I think that’s stupid romantic
Omar Zatar
Omar Zatar:
I think tori jade and cat are great singers but jade has a good voice and her performance is pretty good
Chloe Collazo
Chloe Collazo:
Jade was the emo cool girl everyone liked that I wanted to be
Ra r
Ra r:
shes so strong but so damn emotional and easily iritated such a scorpio its really sexy seeing her singing emotional lyrics but in a bold way
bella rose
bella rose:
i catch myself screaming this song in my car after a bad day
"You Don't Know Me" and "She's So Gone" radiates the same energy.
Jade Carroll
Jade Carroll:
I just realized that back and Jade were literarythe Nickelodeon early version of Mackenzie and Connor from Love island! It's a toxic couple but really good TV when I say toxic I mean on both ends but, it's kind of good for each other.
Brandon Thornton
Brandon Thornton:
The best girl on the show so far has been Jade West the scary one who was portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies 😁.
Night !
Night !:
When I was a little girl I saw all girls wanted to be princesses and me all I wanted was to be jade west! 🖤
Roy Aucoin
Roy Aucoin:
She is PREETY just sayin I’m a girl on my dads account
Jamal Ahmed
Jamal Ahmed:
She's not even playing it cool, she's literally looking him In the eyes XD that's my girl!
XxAshley_Alpha Xx
XxAshley_Alpha Xx:
Me who’s possibly bi : crushing over jade and beck
Sunflower In da fridge
Sunflower In da fridge:
*what I jam and listen to when my mom leaves me in the car*
Shauna Fergusson
Shauna Fergusson:
How about instead of ya'll dissing Tori, we appreciate that smile she to Jade at 0:36. Hmmmuhmuhmum.
Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings:
The reason Jade is wearing the blue underneath is because of younger viewers
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm:
I swear her voice always amazes me when she sings the deep “louder”
Frosty glitch
Frosty glitch:
Whoelse thinks jade(liz ) is a great singer she should've mase a music career
0:22 “easy is boring”
*looks at tori up and down disgustingly*
Who else finds themselves watching this over and over again. I feel like is is just as good or even better than Ariana Grande. (Might have spelled Ariana wrong sorry)
Isabelle Dibner
Isabelle Dibner:
Younger me: Wanting Tori's outfit
Me now: Wanting Jade's outfit
Matthew MacKay
Matthew MacKay:
we all know when “cat” was cheering on jade it was really ariana cheering on liz because they’re best friends
Sofia Herbert
Sofia Herbert:
They only have Victoria the role because she looks that part and the did not let Ariana do any solos because... you know she’s better
i literally would’ve sued Nickelodeon if Jade and Beck didn’t end up together.
Yasmine Razaq
Yasmine Razaq:
This song gives me chills. Literal chills. It's a crime that Liz barely had any chances to show her talent in this show
Nenoshka Rodriguez
Nenoshka Rodriguez:
Is it me but during quarantine I watched Victorious like 1000000 times and knows all the words to all the songs from Victorious I cant be the only one right????
the fact that elizabeth gillies (the girl who plays jade) wrote this song herself for her character just makes this amazing song 100x more amazing
Irmak Özügüzel
Irmak Özügüzel:
jade is so slept on, actual queen
Edwin Alvarez
Edwin Alvarez:
I loved Jade's performance so much. She is a great singer.🥰😀
You push me back, i'll push you back
Beck: Hell noo i didn't
Jessica Czaja
Jessica Czaja:
For the ones, who don’t want to hear Tori talking: 00:32
Michelle Vyanca
Michelle Vyanca:
Her voice, her facial expressions, the way she moves.. Elizabeth Gillies was born to be a performer
Ra r
Ra r:
its kinda dumb that bc a girl is strong and expresses her opinions is considered out of the norm
Jessica Czaja
Jessica Czaja:
For the ones, who don’t want to hear Tori talking: 00:32
Samaria Robinson
Samaria Robinson:
I dont know if anyone here watches siren but the back up singer on the left looks just like one of the mermaids on there
Esha Fareeha
Esha Fareeha:
Why did I not like this song when I was younger like now this is one of my favourite songs of this show
Lapierre Jean
Lapierre Jean:
I’m disappointed that Beck and Jade never had a song together, they never sang together and it would have been so cute and amazing ❤️
Cats and cows are great
Cats and cows are great:
1:08 Jade says "you scream at me"and Tori points at Beck like, your talking about him right?
honey’s ASMR
honey’s ASMR:
Am I the only one who think Jade West is such a baddie?? just me okkkkkk
꧁꧂ KitGigi Playz꧁꧂
꧁꧂ KitGigi Playz꧁꧂:
Everyone is equally great so stop comparing and get over it. Y’all’s hate and etc, ruined her dream. And everyone else is living theirs? She deserves more love, so stop being a pain in the neck. I don’t care what anyone says to me, so if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. I LOVE YOU VICTORIA, STAY STRONG.
indie iou
indie iou:
This hits differently now that I'm older.
Shawty 2 Blu
Shawty 2 Blu:
Jade is the reason most of us question our sexuality.
Anthony Train
Anthony Train:
No shade bit literally everyone was better than tori 😭 I’m starting to think the show did that on purpose
Ava Garay
Ava Garay:
The best duo is this show isn’t beck and jade it’s Trina and andre’s grandma

the word play with "back" and "beck" like... you know? you get it? it's just... you gotta feel it i felt it
_ Kimmy
_ Kimmy:
I’m watching this since Liz Gillies got married 😭🤧
Tonks Trash
Tonks Trash:
My heart hurts for jade when it sound like she’s gonna cry when she’s singing this.
Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen:
Lilior Es
Lilior Es:
2020, а я всё ещё пересматриваю это😂
Millie Lach
Millie Lach:
From the beginning beck was feelin some type a way
Bajan Nai
Bajan Nai:
out of cat and jade i still don’t understand how tori was the main character
Jason Whyte
Jason Whyte:
“I like dating a girl who has strong opinions” “Easy is boring”
Victoria Roman
Victoria Roman: