Elizabeth Gillies - "You Don't Know Me" - Music Video (HD)

Enjoy Jade (Liz) rock out to her new song "You Don't Know Me"!

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This is not the 'official' music video, I just put the song in the video without all the audience noises. The official video that was uploaded on TheSlap.com is here:

Thank You Liz.
Apparently, Liz tweeted this video as well (the first video she tweeted that I made was the lyric video). It really makes me happy to know she saw my edited version of the video! She wrote: "Cool edit! Like this a lot". Again, thank you so much Liz for watching the videos I make for/of you and sharing them with your followers! Love you a lot :)

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the fact that elizabeth gillies (the girl who plays jade) wrote this song herself for her character just makes this amazing song 100x more amazing
Sneha Sarkar
Sneha Sarkar:
Diuliana Schiavon
Diuliana Schiavon:
why is no one talking about how she played with the words "back" and "beck"???? it's just amazing
rtk 1995
rtk 1995:
I think Jade is the only "mean girl" in fiction whose popular boyfriend didn't end up with the main good girl. That was one of the reasons I loved this couple lol.
Hands down the best, most powerful song in the whole show.
No one's ever gonna talk about the fact that how this song explains jade's whole character.....
Jessica Rainsford
Jessica Rainsford:
Ah I love how Tori is supposed to be the star of the show and everyone despises her. Jade and Cat were sooooooo underrated!! And deserved more screen time because their vocals and skills in general were superb
Alexa Robledo
Alexa Robledo:
I love how Beck just described Jade’s whole personality and after she started singing he just watched her in all her glory, I think they’re really good together, even if they had a lot of fights, they still loved each other :) (in the show of course)
kitty swag
kitty swag:
I wish I could hear her sing this now after so much time has passed. That would be iconic
jade was never really mean, she was just independent, didn’t let anyone stomp on her, was her one person, and open minded. she’s the best character wver
A’s Vault
A’s Vault:
I was today years old when I found out that Elizabeth Gillies wrote this song for the character.
the way she like grabs the mic and kicks at 0:57 actually gives me chills and I cant explain why
I love how Tori and Jade have mutual respect for each other when one of them is performing.
Nova Sincennes
Nova Sincennes:
Can we just give credit to Nickelodeon for having one of, if not the only, fully goth/punk/emo character? And that she wasn’t seen as weird or different or strange? Jade was the only tv character who dressed like I do and even now I think she’s still one of the only ones.
The fact that Elizabeth Gillies wrote that song makes it so much better
Gabriel Luiz JA
Gabriel Luiz JA:
I don't hate Tori,but I gotta say: this Jade's performance was better than all Tori's performances.
Hal 19
Hal 19:
The fact that this is her actual song that she wrote 🔥
Sofia Cunningham
Sofia Cunningham:
Jade is such an awesome singer, this song just proved how really powerful her voice is. Also who saw that when Jade sang "You scream at me, I scream at you louder, la la la la louder", at 1:08, Tori pointed at Beck with a surprised look on her face.
Heidi Zell
Heidi Zell:
Every time I hear this song. I crave a whole rock album by Elizabeth Gillies
Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens:
its a crime that this isnt on spotify
Every time I hear this song I crave a whole rock album by Elizabeth Gillies
Den Watson
Den Watson:
Hands down one of the BEST songs in this show
Angel Liem
Angel Liem:
Jade was for real the best character on the show, voice, outfits, hair, girl was gorgeous and had the voice of an angel.
samoya barrett
samoya barrett:
Lets take a moment to not only appreciate Cat, but Tori cheering on Jade.
"tori is bland!" because that's the point. she's supposed to be bland for the storyline, its about a "normal" girl in a "wacky" school. tori isn't perfect I know that but she isn't as bad as people make her seem, she had good and bad moments.
armin solos
armin solos:

You think you know me
But you don't know me
You think you own me
But you can't control me

You look at me and there's just one thing that you see
So listen to me
Listen to me

You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
I'm dangerous
I'm warning you
But you're not afraid of me
And I can't convince you
You don't know me

And the longer that you stay the ice is melting
And the pain it feels okay it feels okay

You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you

You push me back
I'll push you back
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
I'm dangerous
I'm warning you
But you're not afraid of me
And I can't convince you
And I don't have to
I think you know me
aesthetic edits
aesthetic edits :
This is my absolute favourite song in the show. I didnt watch it a lot cuz i thought tori was not a good example like she was so mean to everyone most of the time and a show off but i always liked to watch the scenes where liz and ari sang (either solo or together) bc they were my fave characters and the fact that liz wrote this songs makes it a lot better
Cheyenne Frost
Cheyenne Frost:
I understand why people had a problem with Beck or with Jade but personally, I loved them together. Every relationship has its issues and everyone has ways they can improve. They fought and broke up and grew individually and got back together and I think that's realistic and beautiful. And I love the way Beck rarely tried to dull her strong personality but the few times he thought she actually went over the line and told her, she would immediately listen to him and only him. Because she valued his opinion and trusted him enough to be vulnerable around him.
She's so pretty and I like her personality, she basically carried the whole show
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm:
I swear her voice always amazes me when she sings the deep “louder”
Sinchana Naik
Sinchana Naik:
This was absolutely the most powerful performance of the whole show☠️🖤
Justin Awesome Dragonslayer
Justin Awesome Dragonslayer:
Elizabeth Gillies is a great singer big time.
Holy crap. I need this song to be played on the radio it is just so good
Regina Obryant
Regina Obryant:
I love the fact that Tori knows the song and can connect to Jade without saying a word ☺️
Chi-Town Concerts
Chi-Town Concerts:
Am I the only one that thinks Jade is the best singer out of all the people on this show?
Emily Tang
Emily Tang:
If you really think about it, the only person who was actually toxic in bade was Beck. Beck knew lots of girls liked him and he let it happen, to the point where multiple times his friends had to step in and say “he has a girlfriend” Jades just clingy and tbh I don’t blame her, it’s pretty clear she has some issues with her attitude. Beck probably makes her feel safe which is why Jade is so scared of loosing him. And Beck kissing other girls and letting other girls flirt with him doesn’t help with the relationship, which obviously since it happened so much leaves Jade with trust issues and many arguments which ultimately ended there relationship so many times.
uma corvina lufana--
uma corvina lufana--:
Mano, essa música é incrivelmente icônica AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Sinchana Naik
Sinchana Naik:
She deserved more stage appearance in the show more than anyone else... seriously!💣🖤☠️
Still one of my favorite songs to come out of victorious I’m obsessed 😭
Natasha Salia
Natasha Salia:
So good that there was a female character who was unapologetically herself and didn't change for a boy, so rare especially in children's television
Kleine Pfötchen & Co
Kleine Pfötchen & Co:
I still have the theory that Jade wrote this song for Beck at some point in there relationship or maybe even before, so he already knows the song and therefore what Jade wants to tell him with her perfomance. It is her own way of telling him that she loves and needs him and that he makes her happy, regardless of her attitude.

This would also explain why at 1:38 Tori is able to sing along, cuz their friends probably have heard that song too at some point
If I could sing nearly half as good as Elizabeth Gillies I would NEVER SHUT UP🤣🤣❤
Jessica A.
Jessica A.:
I really need this song on spotify 😍
Faris Kulix
Faris Kulix:
The best song from Victorious the energy,the message and lyrics in general make it really special
Isaac the Worship Warrior
Isaac the Worship Warrior:
The fact that Elizabeth Gillies doesnt have a musical career today like Ariana is literally a crime. She CRUSHED this song
Edit: yes guys I know she loves acting more, and it's always a joy to see her on screen. I'm just in denial because she has great potential, but honestly I will say this: I think there really is something to say when an actor/actress on a television show is THAT talented of a musician, but they don't want to sell out and end up going down a road That turns into someone who, they're NOT. I watched the Jessie Zoom reunion the other day, and Debby Ryan said that Cameron Boyce (rest in peace) was the same way where he was actually a really good singer too, but he chose to decline any deal surrounding music that was offered to him because he wanted to stay true to himself and his acting csreer. It all depends on who you're working with but yeah, we've seen several people walk into the music industry, and a few years later they're completely unrecognizable physically and mentally, and I think more of the modern actors are starting to realize that.
12 year-old me singing this like I was the main character was a whole vibe
I love this song this is one of my favorites that Jade has sang she is so talented!
Summer Lanozo
Summer Lanozo:
I love how at 1:07 Tori's like "Oh shit- this song's about him???"
Lindsay Mercer
Lindsay Mercer:
The way he looked at her. Her voice. Her everythin. Perfect
Michelle Vyanca
Michelle Vyanca:
Her voice, her facial expressions, the way she moves.. Elizabeth Gillies was born to be a performer
This is why Jade should’ve been the main character
Ordinary person
Ordinary person:
My daily routine is to listen to this every night
Of all the shows on Nickelodeon and probably even on Disney, this show had BACK to BACK hits dude, like I can easily name like 7 songs off the top of my head from this show that are bangers.
Looking back at 15 years old, Beck and Jades relationship (and Andre being so talented and a good kid to his grandma) is now the only thing i really LOVE about the show. It really gave you a relationship that Disney/Nickelodeon never seen before, and escpecially a very relatable girl like Jade. The rest of the show ….eh
Sabeen Haider
Sabeen Haider:
No offense but jade, cat and Andre carried the whole show like they were a whole mood, they were a snack, and they are so iconic
Bella Boo
Bella Boo:
Liz Gillies is a queen, she's so underrated...Jade and Fallon are two of my favourite TV Characters 💕💕
Raen Iakimo
Raen Iakimo:
Jade was honestly, the best character on Victorious, as in she was passionate in getting what she wanted in her own way
The Sam Train
The Sam Train:
Not me crying to this right now lmaoo but between the song lyrics in and of itself and the nostalgia. And you can feel the emotion in Liz's voice. I'm weeping... No, straight up sobbing
🧩Autistic and feeling proud of who I am! 💙
🧩Autistic and feeling proud of who I am! 💙:
My fav song of all time from her! Sing it girl! Ow! 👍🏿
victorious is slowly finding its way back into our lives and im pretty sure we’re all ok with it
For America M
For America M:
Liz's talent was beyond what Veronica's talent could ever dream of!!
SNG 98
SNG 98:
How does she not have a career in music??? she sounds incredible, it's too good.
Trixie Rei
Trixie Rei:
Elizabeth is one of my favorite actors ever. She sings so well too 😭❤️
Estella 💜
Estella 💜:
Like the fact they Elizabeth wrote this song on her own makes it more amazing ☺️
Is it just me or did anyone else get goosebumps from the lo-lo-lo-lo-louder
Alma Adame
Alma Adame:
I love how jade sang this song
I’ve always loved her voice
Nathaly Yasmin
Nathaly Yasmin:
eu amo a Jade com todas as minhas forças 😕💕
Patrício Paddy
Patrício Paddy:
This voice is amazing ✨🔥
Jaime Reynolds
Jaime Reynolds:
Hands down one of the best songs of the series
I’m 14 years old,listening to this in 2022 and my god

we adore you jade✨❤️
Babe Carano
Babe Carano:
you can’t disagree with a fact that Jade from Victorious and Sam from iCarly are some of the best & iconic characters ever to exist, these queens deserved their own spin-off show
Emma Ray
Emma Ray:
This is officially my favorite Victorious song!!!
that’s literally the best victorious song ever
Kids toys n fun
Kids toys n fun:
I get goosebumps when I listen to this
I love this song❤
I love her voice
This was one of my favourite songs on this show as a kid
Bonnie Over the Ocean
Bonnie Over the Ocean:
It's a shame this is the only solo she got (that I remember) because Liz Gillies is truly phenomenal
Vanessa Angell
Vanessa Angell:
one of the only toxic couples that we loved together- they’re so amazing.
Joseph D. Schultz
Joseph D. Schultz:
This has always been my favorite. Omg I love Jade!
Maria Eugenia Ramirez
Maria Eugenia Ramirez:
Está canción es lo mejor del mundo 😍😍😍😍
Jenaris Rosello
Jenaris Rosello:
She’s an awesome singer
Elle Michael
Elle Michael:
Jade was deep deep down insecure, especially about Tori and this song is her saying she uses her aggressiveness to protect herself she's such a good character. So relatable.
Feyikemi O
Feyikemi O:
Her voice ❤️
Chany Blejer
Chany Blejer:
I love this song,thank you liz!!!❤
Dulcimar Moreira
Dulcimar Moreira:
Que saudade della jade west. Melhor personagem. Mano amo a liz gillies 😻😻
imagine not thinking this was the best episode of victorious
Jaylo Squad
Jaylo Squad:
Elizabeth was really slept on in this show, she has an amazing voice and the don’t give her no solo
This is the kinda song you scream at the top of your lungs when you’re alone
0:58 I love how Ariana is cheering for her best friend. You can tell it wasn't staged and that she's genuinely cheering Liz on ❤
Giselt Brigeete Niño Pastrana
Giselt Brigeete Niño Pastrana:
Después de cantar eso, yo me habría conseguido a alguien mejor :'3
Igual te amo Jade
Eggs bacon grits SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!
Eggs bacon grits SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!:
Now that I’m older I can relate to how she feels so much more now
Lapierre Jean
Lapierre Jean:
I’m disappointed that Beck and Jade never had a song together, they never sang together and it would have been so cute and amazing ❤️
Patricia Medina
Patricia Medina:
The way beck looks at jade all throughout the song. 🖤
•♡Love Mia♡•
•♡Love Mia♡•:
Oh my god her vocals and her way of performing. I just keep on listening to this. Liz is such a great singer and that's not even all she got like what?
Skyla Ava
Skyla Ava:
I love this song more than any other songs in victorious
Preston Andersen
Preston Andersen:
Man, the way she looks at him at the end of the line "and the longer that you stay the ice is melting"
Right in the feels 😭
Byron Calatt
Byron Calatt:
Love how she’s not playing it cool she’s looking at him right in the eyes
I've always had a liking for Jade West , but Liz Gilles is my favorite actress in all honesty