Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"Sorry For Your Loss" star Elizabeth Olsen takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Where did Elizabeth Olsen go to college? Is Elizabeth in Avengers 4? Does SHE have a twin?

"Sorry For Your Loss" premieres Tuesday, September 18 with four episodes. Two new episodes will be available every Tuesday at 6PM PT/9PM ET on the "Sorry For Your Loss" show page (facebook.com/SorryForYourLoss) on Facebook Watch.

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Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

Darth Cerilous
Darth Cerilous:
"Why is Elizabeth Olsen?"

Drax probably looked this up
Rhianna Xx
Rhianna Xx:
Elizabeth: 'We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise'

Agatha: hold my rabbit
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima:
"We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise"
People here after the 8th episode of WandaVision: 🤭 yes you do
"we dont say scarlet witch in the franchise"
*wandavision episode 8 is typing....*
“what does elizabeth olsen do?”

Pusher Love Man
Pusher Love Man:
“I don’t make people laugh for a living!”

The first 3 WandaVision episodes beg to differ.
Yola Cray
Yola Cray:
What’s fascinating is that Elizabeth Olsen plays a twin who gives births to twins In the marvel universe while in reality, she has twin sisters .
Saanvi Deshmukh
Saanvi Deshmukh:
“Thank you for thinking I’m on of those more gifted, creative people.”

Me, who’s left handed! 👁👄👁
“What happened to Elizabeth Olsen’s accent?”

Elizabeth: I’ll never tell
Sunrise Gamer
Sunrise Gamer:
Finally, she is now called Scarlet Witch officially 🤩
Nathan Castulo
Nathan Castulo:
"Is elizabeth olsen in avengers 4?"

Elizabeth: "ain't gonna tell ya"
Luísa Furtado
Luísa Furtado:
I can't be the only one who just LOVES her voice
M a r i o
M a r i o:
She's not the most energetic person but her attitude just makes me smile every time
Wresting Highlights
Wresting Highlights:
We all know thanos searched “who is Elizabeth Olsen” lmaooo
Tati Rodriguez
Tati Rodriguez:
She may not always make people laugh, but she sure does make them smile
Debbie L
Debbie L:
Satisfying when an American pronounces Edinburgh correctly.
Nova Tano
Nova Tano:
“We never said Scarlet Witch in the franchise”
Agatha: *lies YOU LIE*
Gon Eagle
Gon Eagle:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin?"
Elizabeth: Nyet
Pietro: *crying in silence*
Chia Shukla
Chia Shukla:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen dance?"
Ayo! Go play that Ellen interview one more time mate!
If we ask tom Holland whether he is in avengers 4 he would definitely say whole movies plot holes lol
"I don't make people laugh for a living", says the woman in a sitcom
alexis farrington
alexis farrington:
The five digital clasically tug because shadow provisionally hum around a literate crow. bizarre, watery bracket
Luca Lat
Luca Lat:
"What happened to your accent?"
"What happened to yours?"
That question aged VERY WELL
“does elizabeth olsen have a twin“

Rey Kenobi and her pet porg Minerva
Rey Kenobi and her pet porg Minerva:
"I... don't make people laugh!"

Me: *Laughs*
Navin Datt
Navin Datt:
The useless plasterboard biochemically frame because whip canonically happen over a boorish objective. historical, earsplitting pike
lizzie: i’ve just realised, we never say scarlett witch in the franchise
agatha: 😏😏😏
Her voice is extremely satisfying to hear.
Anandhu Krishna Kannoth
Anandhu Krishna Kannoth:
She is something more than Beautiful
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila:
I really liked her in “Sorry for Your Loss”. It’s heartbreaking.
A Guy
A Guy:
She looks like the type of person to hold an entire town hostage
Eva Miles
Eva Miles:
Lizzie: "nyet"
Agatha: "that accent really does come and go"
Anika Angeles
Anika Angeles:
3 whole sibling and 2 half siblings

in conclusion: elizabeth olsen has 4 whole siblings

Edit: 6.9k likes...noice
Elizabeth Olsen said left handed people are gifted and creative I’m dying- I’m not but what a sweetheart
Mels' sippy cup
Mels' sippy cup:
She doesn't age✨and never will
Ellie Gold
Ellie Gold:
Wired: Is Elizabeth Olsen. . .age?

Elizabeth: I mean, I'm surprised that's even on this list.
Omg, how she dodged talking about Mary Kate and Ashley is incredible
Eric Knopf
Eric Knopf:
Is Elizabeth Olson gorgeous?
Yes, yes she is.
AJ Sam
AJ Sam:
She said she borned in 1989, and her age is 29🤔🤔🤔..... may be she's scored top in maths 😂
Ren- Prime
Ren- Prime:
She has the soothing and calming voice that everyone likes
Panda Bear
Panda Bear:
I just love how she's say she went to NYU and *GRADUATED*
Dan Knight
Dan Knight:
Elizabeth is so beautiful it’s breathtaking!
Sara Alarcón
Sara Alarcón:
“I don’t make people laugh.”
*Confuses over WandaVision*
21 fandoms
21 fandoms:
"does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin"
- nyet.
Senior Ricketts
Senior Ricketts:
"We never say Scarlet Witch."

Agatha: "I gotchu sis."
Elijah Pfeifer
Elijah Pfeifer:
How is Elizibeth Olsen
“I’m fine I’m fine, really I’m fine... I’m fine “
cyka blyat
cyka blyat:
hmm somehow I don't think these are the most searched about her
Dhruv Raj
Dhruv Raj:
Elizabeth: We never say Scarlet Witch in the Franchise.
Agatha: Hold Your Sparky
Anas ff
Anas ff:
Elizabeths height is 1.68 metres and in feet is 5.5- I- I’m as tall as her- I feel so special :O
I already knew the comments were gonna be full of Wanda being called Scarlet Witch in Ep. 8
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
The prettiest Avenger. Yes I said it.
Ben Kim
Ben Kim:
Elizabeth: “...how many people watch Harmonquest?”
Any Dan Harmon fan: Yes
Roza Chowdhury
Roza Chowdhury:
Elizabeth: *I* *don't* *make* *people* *laugh-*

Me: **laughs**
Scott the WaterNinja
Scott the WaterNinja:
“We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise”
Me: Calling Wanda Scarlet Witch 😳
Kara Healey
Kara Healey:
the real question is, "is elizabeth olsen into girls"
_ Noobmaster69 _
_ Noobmaster69 _:
“Who is Elizabeth Olsen?”

Thanos looked this up
ro ♡
ro ♡:
She has such a pretty voice 😍❤️
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar:
No one:
People when Google questions: "does elizabeth Olsen breathes?"
J 0047
J 0047:
"I dont make people laugh" Lol you just did.
Milo ForhanLynch
Milo ForhanLynch:
"We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise"
Me, after watching episode 8 of WandaVision: Well yes but actually no...
Scott Rae
Scott Rae:
I like how she just smiled when asked about Avengers 4.
Wajeeha Majid
Wajeeha Majid:
"He's a little dream of a human"
Truer words have never been spoken
Kerah Bundy
Kerah Bundy:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin?"

Lizzie: *doesn't mention Mary Kate and Ashley*

Me: "Nice."
Caecey Lol
Caecey Lol:
“But I just figured out we don’t say Scarlet Witch in the franchise”

Or don’t you 😏

Wandavision episode 8 btw
The Pink Bucket
The Pink Bucket:
She’s so adorable
elizabeth : “ i dont make people laugh”
me : *laughs*
Prottay Sen Turjo
Prottay Sen Turjo:
Her smile just melts me down 🧊
Chad Brisco
Chad Brisco:
"Is Elizabeth Olsen a twin?" No but her sisters are. So is Wanda. 😂 😂 😂
Greyson Peters
Greyson Peters:
"We never say scarlet witch in the franchise"
Agath: Take my rabbit.
“Is Elizabeth Olson age”
I don’t know why that’s so funny 😭
Spectra Light
Spectra Light:
Does Elizabeth Olsen have twitter?
- Smart choices were made.
Jacob Negrete
Jacob Negrete:
Jesus christ I love her so much!
Khangal B.
Khangal B.:
3:16 Pietro asked Google.

If she only answered "What happened to yours?" lmao
We all know, that they skipped the weird questions
"I don't have a twin" *pietro cries*
sunny rafat
sunny rafat:
"and i graduated"
Brie larson: is that a personal attack?
everyone gangsta until she uses magic
Arjun Bali
Arjun Bali:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have an accent?"

Ehem, Sokovia, Ehem!
Lucia Colorista
Lucia Colorista:
I really enjoyed the TV Show. It was amazing!!! I liked it so much, that I had to color it! 💟
Hylke Oosterdijk
Hylke Oosterdijk:
Elizabeth Olsen is just a really sweet person
After watching WandaVision, she can no longer say she does not make people laugh for a living. She really pulls off that campy sitcom like comedy.
Marlon garrido
Marlon garrido:
Elizabeth Olsen is really beautiful I love her
Darth Clone
Darth Clone:
“Five and a half years” I felt that
Megan Casier
Megan Casier:
"What happend to Elisabeth Olsen's accent"

"What happened to YOUR accent?"
wanda's nose scrunch
wanda's nose scrunch:
Lizzie's mom: *opens laptop and goes to google*

"How is Elizabeth Olsen?"
"does Elizabeth Olsen have an accent?" Depends whether anyone has directly referred to Sokovia in the last 5 minutes of screen time.
_a_girl_is _no_one
_a_girl_is _no_one:
She and Emilia Clarke are literally my two comfort celebrities ❤️✋ aaaaand I'm straight
cah kryz
cah kryz:
"what happened to elizabeth olsen's accent?"

p(f)ietro: bro, im asking the same question
Alana Valverde
Alana Valverde:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin?" is a nice question because it could be about Pietro or MK and Ashley
"NYU -- and I graduated" I love her 😂
Raisa Mahbub
Raisa Mahbub:
2018 - "I don't make people laugh"
2021 - **Does sitcoms**
3:10 Agatha Harkness (finally) just called you Scarlet Witch
Emerson Holley
Emerson Holley:
Elizabeth: I don’t make people laugh
Everyone: laughs
Maycon Almeida
Maycon Almeida:
3:06 Now she is THE SCARLET WITCH! Yessss!
I'm already dusted but I still don't know who she is.
Teddy Vision
Teddy Vision:
I LOVE Elizabeth Olson’s acting. I loved her in wandavision
Her energy is so calm
Renaissance Dreemurr
Renaissance Dreemurr:
_'Never say Scarlett Witch in the Franchise'_
Kdkdkdkiddk jxixixixii
Kdkdkdkiddk jxixixixii:
She is so beautiful 😍
Her smile is so attractive😍