Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"Sorry For Your Loss" star Elizabeth Olsen takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Where did Elizabeth Olsen go to college? Is Elizabeth in Avengers 4? Does SHE have a twin?

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Elizabeth Olsen Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Rhianna Xx
Rhianna Xx:
Elizabeth: 'We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise'

Agatha: hold my rabbit
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima:
"We never say Scarlet Witch in the franchise"
People here after the 8th episode of WandaVision: 🤭 yes you do
Luca Lat
Luca Lat:
"What happened to your accent?"
"What happened to yours?"
That question aged VERY WELL
K C:
“Does Elizabeth Olsen age”

Then she says she can still move all the muscles in her face. Love the shade lmao
Jean Prouvaire
Jean Prouvaire:
"We never say 'Scarlet Witch' in the franchise." Not yet.
After watching WandaVision, she can no longer say she does not make people laugh for a living. She really pulls off that campy sitcom like comedy.
Mischa Price
Mischa Price:
How was “is... related to Mary-Kate and Ashley” not on that list
Ben Kim
Ben Kim:
Elizabeth: “...how many people watch Harmonquest?”
Any Dan Harmon fan: Yes
_ Noobmaster69 _
_ Noobmaster69 _:
“Who is Elizabeth Olsen?”

Thanos looked this up
"we dont say scarlet witch in the franchise"
*wandavision episode 8 is typing....*
Spectra Light
Spectra Light:
Does Elizabeth Olsen have twitter?
- Smart choices were made.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang:
It’s interesting how the twins were soooo famous as kids while Elizabeth was completely in the background but now Elizabeth is a huge actress while the twins are very behind the scenes
Leah Mini
Leah Mini:
Google: “Does Elizabeth Olsen have an accent?”
WandaVision: 👀
Her voice is extremely satisfying to hear.
lizzie: i’ve just realised, we never say scarlett witch in the franchise
agatha: 😏😏😏
Wandavision spoilers, kinda:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin?"
Elizabeth: nyet
Wanda: I am a twin, I had a brother, his name was Pietro
Ahlias Pobre
Ahlias Pobre:
she doesn’t spoil movies like Tom Holland 😂
Wresting Highlights
Wresting Highlights:
We all know thanos searched “who is Elizabeth Olsen” lmaooo
I'm already dusted but I still don't know who she is.
Dhruv Raj
Dhruv Raj:
Elizabeth: We never say Scarlet Witch in the Franchise.
Agatha: Hold Your Sparky
Emu Bongo
Emu Bongo:
“We never said Scarlet Witch in the franchise”
Agatha: *lies YOU LIE*
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian:
"does Elizabeth Olsen have Twitter?"
- "nope"
Me: good.
Michael Flops
Michael Flops:
if Elizabeth Olsen has 3 siblings and 2 half siblings, then she has a combined total of 4. you’re welcome.
Hannah Housden
Hannah Housden:
Why do they make random ppl’s interviews 10 minutes but someone we love only like 4
Angry Boi
Angry Boi:
"Is Elizabeth Olsen scarlet witch"
Didnt know thanos had google
John Paul Tamayo
John Paul Tamayo:
Wanda: we don't say Scarlet Witch in the franchise

Billy and Tommy: shut the front door
Moses Lee
Moses Lee:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin"
Elizabeth Olsen: NYET
Chris Aprod
Chris Aprod:
I’ll do you one better

Why is Elizabeth Olsen?
Adam West
Adam West:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have a twin"
Elizabeth Olsen: Nyet
I'm dying
Данияс Гасимов
Данияс Гасимов:
Смотришь-смотришь, а она вдруг "нет" говорит на русском. Вот так сюрпризы
Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark:
She completely avoided talking about her sisters when there were many questions obviously about them. I bet she people try to ask her about them a lot, so she’s just over it.
Sunrise Gamer
Sunrise Gamer:
Finally, she is now called Scarlet Witch officially 🤩
M a r i o
M a r i o:
She's not the most energetic person but her attitude just makes me smile every time
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael:
I’m almost 100% positive they did not give her the MOST searched questions.
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo
This Nigerian Loves Drinking Zobo:
0:25 “And I graduated”

2:25 “I do age. Infact I can move all of the muscles in my face.”

*She just shaded like half of Hollywood....ahahahah*
How is Elizabeth Olsen?
Elizabeth Olsen: I'm great

Me: Where have seen Wandavision you are fine!!!!
Pranay Naik
Pranay Naik:
So that's how you normally take a wired autocomplete interview , unlike Brie Larson
Sara Alarcón
Sara Alarcón:
“I don’t make people laugh.”
*Confuses over WandaVision*
G.N Challenges
G.N Challenges:
This was 3 years ago stop commenting about the Scarlet Witch thing.
Arjun Bali
Arjun Bali:
"Does Elizabeth Olsen have an accent?"

Ehem, Sokovia, Ehem!
Cave Man
Cave Man:
Didn’t know she existed until avengers movies. Was a big fan of her sisters movies as a little kid lol
C B:
I’m surprised didn’t ask about Mary Kate and Ashley
Eric Knopf
Eric Knopf:
Is Elizabeth Olson gorgeous?
Yes, yes she is.
Brooklyn Phillips
Brooklyn Phillips:
Elizabeth: I don’t make people laugh for a living
Everyone: Laughs
#supargirl #suparboy
#supargirl #suparboy:
The flippant calculus intralysosomally lie because sofa utrastructurally ban off a spotted september. obsolete, wicked mint
“I don’t make people laugh for a living”.... say that to WandaVision
Daniel Moussa
Daniel Moussa:
The cultured mouth electronically prevent because coke bodily allow midst a imaginary composer. unused, handy stopwatch
She looks chill af

Unlike someone we know who isn’t left handed
man she looks like her sisters mary-kate and ashley. I wish she would have played Michelle on fuller house since they didn't want to.
"He's a little dream of a human" why is this so beautiful?
JackAttck ϟ
JackAttck ϟ:
She seems like such a nice laid back person.
Surpised to see there was not even a single question around past or present boyfriend/husband ...
Elijah Pfeifer
Elijah Pfeifer:
How is Elizibeth Olsen
“I’m fine I’m fine, really I’m fine... I’m fine “
Rafael Martínez
Rafael Martínez:
“I don’t make people laugh”
Jordan Hann
Jordan Hann:
She seems like someone you could sit down and just have a really chill conversation with.
Khangal B.
Khangal B.:
3:16 Pietro asked Google.

If she only answered "What happened to yours?" lmao
Minty - CoD Mobile
Minty - CoD Mobile:
Drax: Why is Elizabeth Olsen
Is this is a personnel attack or something?
Raju Sookram
Raju Sookram:
I just realized she plays herself in Wandavision
Scary Peeps
Scary Peeps:
this is chaos magic Wanda. And that makes you, the Scarlet Witch.
wanna yasser
wanna yasser:
She is lying she said she is 29 but she look like 20
She should make an audiobook. Her voice is one of the most calming things ever
I just realised she was born in 1989 so she is the same age as Wanda
Freddy M99
Freddy M99:
i love it! even the americans dont know how much a foot or an inch is
“But I just figured out we don’t say Scarlet Witch in the franchise”

Or don’t you 😏

Wandavision episode 8 btw
MCU Reactions
MCU Reactions:
She finally got her closer. I'm happy. And about that end credits scene... What are your thoughts?
Padawan Ryan
Padawan Ryan:
"When did Elizabeth Olsen start acting?"

Me, who watched all the Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley videos back in the mid-90s: "Lizzie Olsen..."
Why is this recommended to me now bruh she’s 32 now😂😂
Jennifer Regina
Jennifer Regina:
3:11 and now she's the scarlett witch <3
roya borojeni
roya borojeni:
although elizabeth isn't left-handed, mary-kate is
Scott Rae
Scott Rae:
I like how she just smiled when asked about Avengers 4.
M.J 7
M.J 7:
She’s 32 but why she sounds so mature like 40 ?
Ramen Guy
Ramen Guy:
*Is elizabeth olsen age?*
Grammar has left the chat.
Just came here after completing Wandavision final episode
“How tall is Elizabeth Olsen in foot...”
“That’s how tall am”
Oscar Jimenes
Oscar Jimenes:
*Is Elizabeth Olsen in Avengers 4?*
Olsen: 0_0
Larson: Is that a personal attack?
Holland: yea and here's how the movie ends
3:10 Agatha Harkness (finally) just called you Scarlet Witch
Grace Hill
Grace Hill:
3:10 oh how the turntables...
Jelle Hossander
Jelle Hossander:
Someone like her is outside of my perception of social construct.
She definitely could've destroyed Thanos herself.
Goosingale Flightflash
Goosingale Flightflash:
„We never say Scarlet Witch“

WandaVision episode 8:
„And that makes you the Scarlet Witch“
ClutchNate _11
ClutchNate _11:
They call her the scarlet witch now
Me: watching casually
Her: says her birthday
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano:
3:10 well, now the name was finally mentioned.
Can't believe she got bullied off social media.
tae dzur
tae dzur:
Well now you can call herself as a Scarlet Witch girl.
Love how she had no idea what the future hold for her
not to mention but i'm here after wandavision finale :D
Roza Chowdhury
Roza Chowdhury:
Elizabeth: *I* *don't* *make* *people* *laugh-*

Me: **laughs**
"That's more of a meta question I guess" Elizabeth's answer to is she the Scarlet Witch 🤔
"i dont make people laugh for a living"

me: *immediately smiles*
Cecy Cusanero
Cecy Cusanero:
Who’s Elizabeth Olsen?

I will say: She’s the scarlet witch ❤️
Frog Fire
Frog Fire:
Did you know her sisters are Mary and Ashley Olsen who acted in full house
She’s perfect
Raj Theegala
Raj Theegala:
who thinks Elizebeth has different colored eyes
These peeps thinking of Mary kate and Ashley LMFAOOO
Megan Casier
Megan Casier:
"What happend to Elisabeth Olsen's accent"

"What happened to YOUR accent?"
Gioia Mariella
Gioia Mariella:
..."and I graduated!" aaaaah love this girl so much!
Leonardo Lagassi
Leonardo Lagassi:
And yet nobody is talking about how fast she says her name in a way you can even understand
Anika Angeles
Anika Angeles:
3 whole sibling and 2 half siblings

in conclusion: elizabeth olsen has 4 whole siblings

Edit: 6.9k likes...noice