Ellen Barkin Clarifies That Relationship with Johnny Depp Was ‘Sexual,’ Not Romantic

Actress Ellen Barkin testified in a video deposition that her relationship with Johnny Depp was "sexual" and not romantic. "Can we change that to sexual?" Barkin said.

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100+ comentarios:

Guy farting
Guy farting:
The doctor that helped during Johnnys birth testifying: “Johnny was yelling, he was completely out of control”
Ella James
Ella James:
Amber has so many details from years ago when she is telling her story. Dirty carpet, dog stepped on a bee, a glass jar on the table, where she was sitting in the sofa. But then when she was cross examined, she couldn't recall anything. Liars always give a lot of extra details when telling their story. I learned that on the TV series "Lie to Me" a great series about a team of detectives that can read peoples microfacial expressions and tell if they are lying or not.
I am almost certain, if they look back a decade more, they could find a school friend JD said something mean too. Or maybe a nursery school girl whose hair
he once pulled. Grasping isn't in it ! This is so damaging to Ambers case, it shows how low they are prepared to go to bolster up her case.
Costea Lucia
Costea Lucia:
This woman is so bitter, imagine how bitter you must be if you come over decades to speak trash and irrelevant things about a man who did not want a big deal with you...and honestly i don't blame him, she;s horrible!
Freedom Matters!
Freedom Matters!:
Why was there no objection from Johnny's attorneys for pure irrelevance? This is just utterly embarrassing.
Y’all need to watch and listen to Amber Heard’s version about hitting Johnny Depp on the staircase and then listen to her sisters version. Completely opposite!
So let me get this right…. he threw a bottle in his hotel room didn’t hit anybody and he dumped her 30 years ago. did I miss something here?
Michael Woodruff
Michael Woodruff:
Disgrace to our legal system that this is even happening.
Ilona Blumm
Ilona Blumm:
WHY the HECK does the fact of them SCREWING decades ago have ANYTHING to do with a DEFAMATION LAWSUIT WTF!!!???
Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh:
Since Amber’s defense is bringing in his past relationships why doesn’t Johnny’s lawyers call Amber’s old girlfriend that Amber was convicted of DV against? I know his team already presented his case but I wish JD’s team would call Kate Moss and this other woman.
Soon they will be calling his kindergarten teacher to testify that he THREW a tantrum 🙄
William O'Leary
William O'Leary:
It’s really sad to see what happened to Ellen.
She got dumped and being a former hollywood star that had to hurt. She comes off as a really bitter person. Sad.
Mouse C
Mouse C:
She is so vile for even putting herself into this.
TheRedDevil NC
TheRedDevil NC:
I got a subpoena awhile back. I went to grade school with Johnny and we would play marbles all over the playground. I never heard a kid cuss and yell so much when I beat him for all his marbles. He had a new bag almost every day and lost them all. Total addict
Ami Stenson
Ami Stenson:
Why haven’t they called people from Amber’s past yet? I guarantee she has had a history of “going overboard” with her behavior and escalating situations since she was a young child!!

This woman was definitely coached by her lawyer or Amber’s team. From her clothing, jewelry, hair, and lack of makeup to her speech pattern, demeanor, and answers.

* At first I was thinking “My goodness, time was not kind to her!” Then I went and googled her to see when she took such a drastic turn and she hasn’t! All a show for this deposition and her’s in the Weinstein(?) trial. I think it was Weinstein.
If she's allowed to testify then Depp's legal team should also call Amber's ex who she assaulted.
Judy Ann Streich
Judy Ann Streich:
Which attorney is questioning Barkin here?? These are highly-paid licensed attorneys??
Any law school student could handle this examination much better than this attorney did. Yikes!!
Corey Freeman
Corey Freeman:
We must protect j Depp at all costs. Idc if he has a drug issue or this and that. He needs help and someone preying and feeding on that is evil. Depp is a genuine show and I've never seen him get crazy.
Kaz Kasozi Composer
Kaz Kasozi Composer:
"he switched the buttons" apparently she was just an innocent bystander; she had nothing to do with it all.
In cross examination she testifies that he wasn't even mad at her. Johnny was arguing with someone on the phone. The bottle was in her direction but also in the direction of other people in the room. The bottle was away from them but in that direction.
Amber's lawyers no longer know which way to turn
This really shows Amber's legal team are just grasping at thin air at this point. They really have nothing to counter Camille's amazing cross examination of Amber that contained solid evidence.
Iahel Cathartes Aura
Iahel Cathartes Aura:
Boy, what a nightmare memory this must've amounted to for JD 😳🤮 What a scary ghoul freak Barkin has become, omg!
Paul Hill
Paul Hill:
I just Love when the Judge ask Amber's Attorney, Who's Your next Witness? Amber's Attorney goes Ellen Barkin and Spells Her last name. She made it sound as if We were all Suppose to Stand Up and Give Her an Ovation?? Amber's Attorney's are Reaching for Straws. Terrible Witness.. Time hasn't been to kind To You Ellen. I Don't think You're gonna get the Part.. Too Bad..😎
Elizabeth Presley
Elizabeth Presley:
Ellen. 😒 Holding a grudge after more than 30 years, just because a man didn’t want you is not healthy dear. Let it go, move on!
Mr Farts
Mr Farts:
Amber and this lady have ruined themselves. It is clear the drugs and drinking has destroyed their looks. They are repulsive.
R R:
If they have to go back 30 years to find a person who wanted a relationship and couldn’t get it is sad. We all do foolish things in our 20’s
I'm not a beetle I swear
I'm not a beetle I swear:
Their relationship happened before I was even a twinkle in my dads eye, I wasn't even a single cell yet, 7 years before I was born. I'm now a grown (mostly) man. What are they doing reaching back so far? 32 years have passed, that's insane!
Omg, give me a break!! Johnny I truly am sending prayers!!!
Zack Harris
Zack Harris:
Wow, so basically just someone wanting in on this whole thing 😂 there's absolutely nothing here that could point to him being a horrible abuser. What a waste of time.
Too bad they can't show the jury's reaction when some of these "experts" testify
This is just bizarre. 30 years ago are you kidding me. Why would this even be allowed, why would she even turn up. Ridiculous and a violation against common decency. No wonder he's not even looking at her. You cannot reenter people's lives like that.
David Navarro
David Navarro:
For context: she testified because she alleges violence from Johnny Depp which echoes Amber Heard’s story.
Alicia G
Alicia G:
Wow I'm impressed. Ms. Barkin testimony has messed up the whole case. Poor Johnny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mili Rodriguez
Mili Rodriguez:
Wait, why is she as a "witness"?I thought only those who have seen the allegations or was brought by one them that has to do with the case?🤔 What does their former relationship have to do with the case?
Hannah Fernandez
Hannah Fernandez:
She was always a desperate individual and this proves it, she still holds a grudge.
Are AH's that desperate to have as a witness, a 1990's no body , who seduced a young and talented actor?
She needs to accept that he didn't fancy, love or connect with her.
Stephanie Phillips
Stephanie Phillips:
I’m still boggled at her testifying. It’s been 28 years and she still isn’t over him dumping her. It’s vengeance and for a 68 year old powerful woman to be still butt hurt is mind numbing. So bizarre and tells a story in itself of her character. We all know what kind of personality trait holds grudges forever.
FE Grace
FE Grace:
The lawyer giggling while asking her questions is very telling to the motive to the lines of her questioning. What does his previous have anything to do with this case, this was very pathetic! The liar had the nerve to say she was trying to pry but she was using the deposition to get gossip.

There are many things during the U.S. trial that both individuals did that were unhealthy, toxic, and abusive. But it truly does seem like Amber was collecting information, taking unflattering pictures, and recording Johnny not a a victim in need of proof but an abuser using anything and everything (including knowledge about of previous relationships) to hurt and harm Johnny both in private and public. I truly hope he will heal in every way and live a life of sobriety and recovery!
They barely recognize each other. The audacity to drag someone from the grave into your life like that after decades.
Anodyne Hipster Influencer
Anodyne Hipster Influencer:
He was in an argument with the guys on the set and "lobbed" a bottle in my general direction (about 5 to 6 fet away) and no, I can't remember if the wine bottle was full or not. He was also drunk and jealous." - Welp, I guess Amber is telling the truth 🤡
Tequilla Stanciel
Tequilla Stanciel:
“He flipped the button” I have a problem with this statement. She insinuates he was the only party making this transition… as if she wasn’t a willing participant.
The Fair Haired Boy With The Red Balloon
The Fair Haired Boy With The Red Balloon:
For goodness sake, carting out someone he slept with thirty years ago - How desperate can they get. What next? A girl he may have pushed in kindergarten?
Maggie Happy
Maggie Happy:
I want to see Ember sentenced to at least 10 years in prison: for perjury, ruining a career and the authority of a good man, friend and actor.
Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna:
Yeesh, 😱 no wonder this woman hasn't been on screen in over 20 years! This is the most screen time she can get. I mean WoW, they had a relationship for a whole 5-6 months? Yep sure she's a strong character witness. 😂😂 😤
She is just gross.
Crawling out from under a rock to try to be relevant while clearly embarrassing him. GROSS.
Tori Glenn
Tori Glenn:
Amber is reaching... Johnny threw a bottle decades ago, therefore he was violent and abusive towards Amber??? wtf???
Gidget Lynn
Gidget Lynn:
Did the legal team just put out an add on Craigslist asking if anyone has beef with Johnny? I have absolutely no idea why she even testified other than to make herself relevant.
Marcus Whyrealis
Marcus Whyrealis:
Who here agrees that Ellen was rejected by all her boyfriends? And now she can’t even prevent the colour from leaving her hair.
Kerry Sammy
Kerry Sammy:
You missed out the part where he threw the bottle. This court case is going live all over the world as reality tv. You can't edit out.
Lostcats EM
Lostcats EM:
I’d see him however I could and thank him he’s that fine omg ❤️ you know Amber is so mad she can’t control him ever why she thought she could first mistake
Marijana Marijana
Marijana Marijana:
Ellen Barkin:"i met him in'90. Friendship has lasted for 10 years. Friendship become romantic in '94, for several months, and when we finished we didn't stay in contact." Very bad in maths, but good in lying 🤣
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video:
This is getting embarrassing for Amber. How can the jury believe her story it's ridiculous!
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee:
Such a unhappy person. Not sure what was her purpose of doing such a testimony.
1:26 grumpy looks across the room to check in. 🤬 she’s pure evil!!
My goodness has she ever changed drastically I had to google old photos to be able to know who the heck she was as the name wasn't ringing a bell
Her minute of revenge, because he "had that moment with her" and then disappeared forever 🤣🤣🤣 She doesn't have a bit of dignity. Poor woman.
Kristin Bradshaw
Kristin Bradshaw:
This witness was a waste of time for them. 30 years ago an actress he slept with for a few months then broke it off with said he “tossed” a bottle once that hit no one. Really made ambers team look desperate.
This is the most damning testimony of the trial. 😂😜
Surprised how Depp's lady lawyer can accommodate and laugh it off when she so vehemently opposes AH.
Camille's face did it for me. I bet they all got jokes about all of this.😂😂😂
Joshua Bhujun
Joshua Bhujun:
If Amber wins this case, the world will lose all faith in the justice system
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer:
So, even decades ago, the pain of getting dumped by JD creates a motivation to destroy his career and get back at him, even if true, that was 3 decades ago, and not really relevant to the CURRENT CASE of fake domestic violence with AH. Those years, JD maybe has some hormone issues and rage being young and naive, I was also like that too in my early 20s, and then I came to realize all those mistakes, and in 3 decades haven't even physically hurt anyone, maybe swore to someone online in one or 2 instances, and that's that.

AH's lawyers are really trying their best to find JD haters as witnesses, and they're failing miserably...
Aloha TVn
Aloha TVn:
What does this have to do with the trial 🤔?
M L:
Amber has guts to stand up to a rich and powerful man and expose him for the mean drunk that he is
Bruna N
Bruna N:
Johnny is actor, painter, guitarist, singer, perfect father, but he gets angry with himself when he doesn’t do any activity during a day . Lol
These witnesses are worthless
This actress is completely forgotten
Dying just to have some attention
Matt C
Matt C:
This is sad for Ellen B. She was once a very beautiful, vibrant and incredibly sexy woman - see her in Sea of Love. She married a billionaire, who then dropped her when he'd got bored of being married to a movie star. (I think it was Charles Revson of Revlon). Give EB a break, it's tough getting older when you've been so successful. (Also something for Amber to think about ...).
Jan parchanski
Jan parchanski:
I want this trial lasts forever I don't want it ends for some strange reason.
They really interviewed all of his ex-girlfriends, found out he was a great guy so they went back 30 YEARS to some lady he smashed in his 20’s who saw him toss a wine bottle once??! Are you kidding me.
Aspiring Apple
Aspiring Apple:
even the other celebs who took sides of which in this case says a lot about who's telling the truth.
"Birds of the same feather flock together"..
No evidence, no "real" witnesses, all of them were pre recording without cross examinations... after these, if johnny lose this case, it will be tragic and sad for the society and for the real victims of domestic violence.
Marilee Herdman
Marilee Herdman:
I'm praying that they get Kate Moss to take the stand in person!!
OMG! I watched Rum Diary last night and one of the first lines his buddy said to him after he met (AH) was stay away from that one she'll be the end of you!! Or something like that! 😅
Pieterman Piet
Pieterman Piet:
this drug infested celebrity world is just plain despicable
Kjeks Klaus
Kjeks Klaus:
Honestly, imagine them bringing in people from your past who you may have slept with a few times over a couple of months to give weight to who your character is now?
kei toth
kei toth:
Ok, so this person gets me vote for: "Most Random Witness Called to Testify." Seriously, this trail has now taken such a bizarre turn. Today I was sweeping my floor and thinking how happy I am to have normal problems like running the laundry, wiping down the countertops in my kitchen and remembering to soak the beans.
That was actually hysterical. But notice right before the lawyer questioning seems to laugh, which is why I think she said that...maybe some perceived ageism and she wanted to make it clear.
I still can't believe he has to go through this nonsense.
Jim jimm
Jim jimm:
This just in. Back in October of 1962 Johnny is accused of beating hundreds of millions of his siblings to the "egg" . Some sources say Johnny used unscrupulous methods in reaching the egg first, while others claim he was just the best swimmer .
Mary Still standing
Mary Still standing:
I don’t remember what I did in a relationship five years ago so I know I wouldn’t remember thirty years ago these people are really reaching
All this lady has is ONE instance in which he was supposedly violent. And yet, he didn’t actually even harm anybody?
Dragon born
Dragon born:
Love you Johnny. God bless you. ♡
Dog Sevil
Dog Sevil:
When grandma wants the world to know, "she still gots' it".
Molly McVey
Molly McVey:
So sad they have to go back so far to find fault in him.
Their relationship was as long ago as I am old. This is insane. Justice and peace for Johnny! Let him move on with his life and spend his remaining years with his kids and loved ones.
I deeply feel frustrated this trial is ABOUT defamation and not domestic violences.....
M. D.
M. D.:
Good for you Johnny, Ellen Barkin is one of the sexiest women of all time!
Sandra Morgan
Sandra Morgan:
Totally had to google Ellen Barking to refresh my memory of who she was… Bless, she’s just mad because she did not age well..
Poor Johnny. That must have been mortifying.
Colleen Shea
Colleen Shea:
This trial is a great reminder of how fickle friendship is !!! I'd like to think I would'nt be testifying against an old friend or old flame - in these
circumstances. Integrity is rare. Sad day in this trial.
Amun_Ra 3k
Amun_Ra 3k:
JD: ignoring it
Camille: Fighting a laugh off
Chew: Thinking.. "This is crazy"
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey:
this is such a shame. i really liked this actress and thought that she was pretty good at her job. but after this, i am watching NONE of her work EVER again. perjury is a very series offence, especially when one's reputation and livelihood are on the line. what she is doing here is disgusting and unforgivable.
Such a pathetic witness. 😂 Does Amber's legal team want to call on Depp's Dr. to claim that he screamed too loudly when he was born? 🤣
JL Murphy
JL Murphy:
So, the sum and substance of her testimony was that 30 years ago, Depp threw a bottle. Next. .
If you need to go this far back to find someone who can testify that 'he threw a bottle once', maybe that shows this person is not that violent after all.....?
Leah Treck
Leah Treck:
Could someone please, gently remove the incessant cougher out of the Courtroom? Sure do hope that person visits the Doctor
Clainda Stuart
Clainda Stuart:
The only witness they could get was from a past relationship from 30 years ago. How is this relevant? 🙄
niam tsev xeem lauj lauj
niam tsev xeem lauj lauj:
What that woman has to do with this defamation trial?
Mer Mer
Mer Mer:
Johnny wasn't looking at her.
But what did Barkin have to do with this case? If their relationship was volatile it would've been plastered all over the National Enquirer.
Asi Afuhaamango
Asi Afuhaamango:
I don't think she's bitter and I actually appreciated her testimony for these reasons
1. She clearly states Johnny Depp wasn't violent towards her. He didn't mean to throw the bottle at her he was angry and meant to throw it to someone else.
2. She clearly goes against AH's claims and her friends claim. That when Johnny was on drugs she says he never was different.

AH thought she could use this to show a pattern of behavior but all it does is show that AH and her friends all fabricated stories.
When you're 58 years and you see the "hot girl" from your 20s.
Niña traviesa
Niña traviesa:
I can't believe how Johnny Depp dated this person! so disappointed at him 😅