Ellen Barkin Testifies Ex Johnny Depp Was 'Jealous' And 'Controlling'

A video deposition taped in 2019 of actor Ellen Barkin, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s, shows her testifying against him, calling him “controlling” and says he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol “all the time.” NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.

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52 comentarios:

Andrey Vtr.
Andrey Vtr.:
ohh boy, she did not age well
Since when is asking “where you’re going and who are you going with” being controlling ??? THATS LIKE EVERYONE TF
Thank goodness I don't watch TV the media is so full of it.
Julie Kay
Julie Kay:
JD wouldn't be going through all this if he woulda stayed with me. 😂😂😂
william millsap
william millsap:
they dont want to hire someone who abused their husband and lied and said the opposite
Hahahaahaaaaa...this is Funeeee. Ellen does (not!!) like Johnny, and he knows it. 😅😂. How refreshing, it's just what it is. 💃
Marjut Paech
Marjut Paech:
Cause and effect. We can not fix a problem that is denied in a dysfunctional situation. The purpose of a controlling dominance is that we feel isolated, lonely and insecure about our own identity. We must therefore learn to navigate correctly in life.

Change the direction when required with the right tools. Never give up your visions, goals and dreams while adversity whips you hardest in the face.
Miss Terry
Miss Terry:
Of course... there's always another side.
jenna jackson
jenna jackson:
At least Johnny still has his own teeth
Gus F
Gus F:
it's funny that you didn't mention that she also testified that he never touched her or got violent with her or abused her. cherry picking are we?
Yikes Johnny what were ya thinking? This women looks so sad and angry in all her pictures now and her entire life so far.
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart:
Out of all the videos you put this up trying to make Johnny look bad you didn't put none of Amber Heard up
Francis Kersher
Francis Kersher:
lets dig into his past from 30 years ago - she didn't age well
Heavenly Spiritual Warrior
Heavenly Spiritual Warrior:
I didn't know that Magda from Something About Mary was still alive and kickin 👵🏿
Isayuh Lakers Man
Isayuh Lakers Man:
I love how the media doesn't say anything bad about Heard
This lady has a history of speaking about different men in the industry I’m not sure if it’s her standing up or trying to cause unnecessary drama it’s such a mess
Bridgit Wallace
Bridgit Wallace:
Again both of them are abusive - people need to stop identifying with their gender I believe both were abusive. Stop trying to reward them for bad behaviour.
Yolanda Williams
Yolanda Williams:
If he was jealous and controlling why he ghost you da 😂😂😂😂😂
A H:
He clearly had a type.....crazy.
sonia moon
sonia moon:
Woman amber paying to you your next " necessites"😆😂😂
Definition of bitter ex. She clearly qants to smear his image for leaving her and because this is the only attention she gets nowadays. Last anyone heard of her was the Weinstien trial. Seems like she gave up acting for to testify against men and try to get them into trouble.
Dirty Harry Callahan
Dirty Harry Callahan:
Ellen said, during her deposition, that she and Johnny had no "relationship" and that it was purely a sexual attraction. She isn't exactly a moral individual, there's a word for people like that and it starts with W....
Marcelle Ray
Marcelle Ray:
Ellen Barkin looks like johnny depp's mom.
Abusers can also be abused. Remember that. The fact Amber is abusive is obvious. However, Johnny is not a guy you're like to be in a relationship with. He has his serious issues, too.
Cecile Joubert
Cecile Joubert:
Ellen Barkin, you look like a real catfish! In my country - we call them barber fishes! Broad mouths and they get very old!
I’d be mad if I looked like that as well
Mr Farts
Mr Farts:
Wow time was not kind to her. Physically or mentally...
She’s always looked old like even in the 90’s. Lol
Ellen Barkin looks like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies lol lol
Tayna Thibault
Tayna Thibault:
no wonder he's not with her.. yuk..
John Paton
John Paton:
She is just barking up the wrong tree.. :)
Tessa G
Tessa G:
They didn't date. It was all seggs-ual 🤪 She's only bitter he broke it off with her.
She didn't say he threw the bottle at her -- did she?
Meditation Hour
Meditation Hour:
Omg he was with herrrr 😅 yucky 🤢
Rolando Raganit
Rolando Raganit:
Bitter 😂
Patricia M. O.
Patricia M. O.:
This lady needs a job!
Cecile Joubert
Cecile Joubert:
Amber Heard's sister is so scared of Amber that she lied under oath!
william millsap
william millsap:
he was drunk most, all, alot of the time. ok, but did he hit you?
GreatestOfAllTime YT
GreatestOfAllTime YT:
The english trainer
The english trainer:
Ellen Barkin was a great actress, after so many years I doubt she has anything to gain from lying wich makes her testimony quite believable. I think that Amber and him were made for each other although he is too old for her.
Mona Jill
Mona Jill:
She's been bitter because she wanted a relationship and he didn't. Get over yourself old woman.
Carol Bridge
Carol Bridge:
I don’t like Ellen Barkin.
I would love if the jury gave them both nothing. Johnny is in a new movie right now. He wont die broke unless he keeps using cocaine, and keeps making bad decisions while under the influence. Amber can say good bye to Hollywood but shes young and a new mother. I suggest she work on herself and motherhood full time with the few million she does have left. I want to see the ending where they both apologize to each other, then get on with their lives.
Tonya Benstine
Tonya Benstine:
Ambers step mother
Well she aged like spoiled milk....bitter...he stopped calling says it all
Ellen Barkin is 68, 10 years Johnny's senior, and this happened 24+ years ago. Barkin should be ashamed of herself, and check herself into a nursing home.
a would love a controlling and jealous boyfriend if that was Johnny 😆
Aneta Kripalani
Aneta Kripalani:
Ellen nailed it. Hev will go down. It is him who is acting nice and stable, but he is dirty, "wild" and unstable.
Tonya Benstine
Tonya Benstine:
Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel
Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel:
Is she the lady from gone with the wind?
Morgan White
Morgan White:
she looked like a bitter old woman who had been dumped by him in the past and she came back to say absolutely nothing, I think us women are better off keeping our dignity than doing this sort of thing. Its silly and at her age she should know better.
Vivian Martinez
Vivian Martinez:
She's a joke !!