Ellen Teaches Sofia Vergara an English Word of the Day

Ellen taught the always hilarious Sofía Vergara an English Word of the Day, and Sofía dished on her second wedding anniversary plans with husband Joe Manganiello.

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It’s funny how Americans who can barely speak one language, make fun of people who speak at least two. I’m flabbergasted 🙄
Faith Garcia
Faith Garcia:
Hear after realizing ellen is just being racist to Sofia
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
So now that Ellen has been exposed, can we talk about the racism in this? Teach Sofia an English word of the day? You can even see it in Sofia’s expression when she says okay, I speak English but I’ll play along
Gabrielle Ann
Gabrielle Ann:
I feel like Sofia Vergara is the only celebrity who could talk back to Ellen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Simon Ben Natan
Simon Ben Natan:
Sofia can speak English without an accent. She's studied in English, lived in America, and dated Americans. But that's her shtick. She wants to use her accent to her advantage and she wants to make fun of Americans that simultaneously think people with an accent are less smart while they themselves can't speak any other language but English. 🤣 Sofia you're a genius!
Pola H
Pola H:
Ellen acting like english is the hardest language to speak...
Lisa Petcherskaya
Lisa Petcherskaya:
sofia is just making fun of everybody! she is such a smart woman, she could have a perfect american accent if she wanted. but she has her image, she loves it and she nails it
Just Ian
Just Ian:
Sofia: “BUT FOR WHAT?!”

Khush Varshney
Khush Varshney:
Ellen should go to a Spanish Talk Show. We should see how she will speak
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
So can we talk about how racist this is? Teasing Sofia for her accent and making her perform for Ellen’s own entertainment? You even see the offense Sofia took when she said okay I speak English but I’ll play along with your micro aggressions
I want to see Sofia Vergara teaching Ellen all the conjugations of Spanish verbs
king Rin
king Rin:
I never liked this interview. She speaks English pretty well. They shouldn't make fun of her.
Janeth Ramos
Janeth Ramos:
A bunch of white people laughig at Latinas accent something doesn’t sit well 🥴
Shruti Joshi
Shruti Joshi:
Reminds of Joey learning French
Phoebe: Je m'appelle
Joey: "Le pu pu"
Sofia studied in a bilingual school, all the subjects were in english, is a pretty good school in Barranquilla, and she made everybody think that she dosent know how to speak english, what an acctress
Mr. NotSoCreative
Mr. NotSoCreative:
There’s not even an F in that word 😂
Rice made Jackson hot
Rice made Jackson hot:
I feel like Sofia is the only person that can humiliate and irritate Ellen
Monica Montoya
Monica Montoya:
Now say in spanish otorrinolaringólogo, desoxirribonucleico, and esternocleidomastoideo
Hafsa XVI
Hafsa XVI:
Sofia's humour is really underrated and the media tries to portray her like a hot woman who is dumb af but in reality she is really smart and can strike a great conversation.
Alejandro Garza
Alejandro Garza:
doesnt she know that sofia speaks at least two languages? how many languages does ellen speak besides white and rich?
Kerim Sefer
Kerim Sefer:
Sofia: "That is not even a word, you're just doing it to ruin my reputation" 😂 so hilarious 👌
2:31 no one is gonna talk about how she sounded like Siri
I wish we could see Ellen participating in a Colombian tv program where they tested her on Talking in Spanish, as she does every time with Sofia Vergara and they made fun of her as she does with Sofia.
Marthe Lie Strand
Marthe Lie Strand:
As a trilingual person I can tell you that my personalities change when I speak another language. Also it’s really hard to speak another language when I know the word in 3 languages, I mix them up. Also I have to translate everything you say to my first language then find the answer in that language and then answer you in English. So to mock a person just because they don’t speak their second language perfect is so rude. I think Sofia is really intelligent woman. And it’s sad that Ellen repeatedly mock her accent.
Having Tea With the Devil
Having Tea With the Devil:
I’m flabbergasted that this interview even took place. I’m discombobulated.
Aby Spano
Aby Spano:
The xenophobic in Ellen jumped out
Soundarya Sri
Soundarya Sri:
Sofia: "iam not gonna do that, number 2 in cotton"
I’m surprised she didn’t disable the comments yet.
Josie Tolibas
Josie Tolibas:
What's with cotton balls? I'm with Sofia who has no idea about it. Lols
Yazmin GB
Yazmin GB:
Who’s here from TikTok 😂
G G:
Such a toxic relation
i am positive that some americans dont even know this word exist.
Florence Magar
Florence Magar:
*She looked so proud after pronouncing "Flabergasted" but she suddenly looked so done and betrayed when she had to pronounce "discombobulated"😂😂*
Laura Chanez
Laura Chanez:
Quiero ver a Ellen hablando español a ver si muy chingona :)
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia:
1:04 her face gosh she really was trying to keep herself together
Alyson.j x
Alyson.j x:
Her accent makes everything 10x better 😂😂
Matias Rdo
Matias Rdo:
this video could be called "sofia and ellen not understanding each other for 4 minutes straight"
With love Henata
With love Henata:
I want to hear Ellen say “paralelepípedo”
Rizal Djohan
Rizal Djohan:
ellen is obviously in love with sofia ;)
Sofia had no clue about the 2nd wedding anniversary 'cotton' gift, and Ellen had no clue that Sofia had no clue!
I always wondered what "discombobulated" would sound like underwater
Who came here from TikTok🤭
Inder Paul
Inder Paul:
English doesn't matter for her she earn millions dollars per year
She can't blame her for being confused about the cotton thing, she never once said "gift theme" or anything like that.
Camrens Harmony
Camrens Harmony:
she looks so uncomfortable it breaks my heart
kavya parmar
kavya parmar:
Ellen is really irritated with cotton 😂
My friend told me about this episode but thought it was kind of ignorant to make fun of her accent hmm
Yasmine Eldesoukie
Yasmine Eldesoukie:
2:01 that laugh in the background killed me 😂
Ellen: “Discombobulated” Sophia: “that’s not even a word your messing with me” 😂😂
Amelie Mews
Amelie Mews:
*0:02** Sofia´s face, like: Really?... Oh, you´re right!*
Vaishvi Shah
Vaishvi Shah:
Ellen: Teaches an English word

11 million people: *Ooooooo thats interesting!!!*
God her accent is so hot
Raymond B
Raymond B:
Sofia is not only the most gorgeous beautiful woman ever!! But her humor is totally outstanding!!
Butch DeLong
Butch DeLong:
I love how Sofia didn’t have any idea what ellen was talking about
Samantha Rowden
Samantha Rowden:
Disgraceful. Did Ellen think to invite Sofia to ask her to say some difficult Spanish words?
Karina Balint
Karina Balint:
It's 3 am and I'm crying. That's so funny😂
John Dave Bugais
John Dave Bugais:
Lavinia Daros
Lavinia Daros:
Half of these words I myself didn’t even know what it meant.
Andrew Paz
Andrew Paz:
0:50 y’all watch how Sofia reacts....💀
Love Sophia...she's such a nice, friendly and genuine person.
Fu2ad Fu2ad
Fu2ad Fu2ad:
Even if she study in English dosnt make her perfect in that, I studied in English and still have a problem in this language so only people in same situation can understand this

She is very Orignal and like that soo much , Sofia u r great
Wow. Unbelievable how rude Ellen is, making fun of her accent. That's not nice. Sofia is so nice..someone else wouldn't be as nice . I just wish Ellen would be canceled already.
Maria Maria
Maria Maria:
It exists though, I know someone who cringes by just hearing the word cotton.
OMG she is LOVELY and I dont mean ellen.
Deanna Lancaster
Deanna Lancaster:
Her interviews are so cringy XD
Itzel Avila
Itzel Avila:
her accent is obviously real but I think she exaggerates it because it's adorable.
Melissa Bellais
Melissa Bellais:
Sofia is a natura comedian... she is really good
Outbound Life
Outbound Life:
They should replace Sofia instead of Ellen
percy pig
percy pig:
Lol ellen was furious when she made fun of the cotton thing
Dark King
Dark King:
Esa ellen no le llega ni a los tobillos a sofia 🤷🏻‍♂️
Alex Silver
Alex Silver:
After watching a few automotive youtubers, the first word went as "Flabber gasket" 😂
Tarek Ali
Tarek Ali:
I idolize ellen but I find this a bit offensive. I guess because I'm a rare American that actually took the time to learn another language and I am embarrassed when people do things like this in French to me
Veronica Camacho
Veronica Camacho:
Ellen: discombobulated Sofia: dis com bob u lated
essie blessed
essie blessed:
Ellen has a crush on Sofia
I swear her accent makes her 50% more hilarious.
James Darr
James Darr:
:) Ellen: "Donald Trump is not welcome on my show"....Trump: "WHAT Show" :) :) :)
Kalia Love
Kalia Love:
When she said "flabbergasted" I swear to God I thought it was a voice over Lmaooo
Ellen-gate brought me here
Oksana Prusova
Oksana Prusova:
I didn't even know that one person can be so entertaining😂
jay joon
jay joon:
Lord Voldemort: Only I can live forever.
Sophia : discumblablus flinglonblastlating
Voldemort: hol- *explodes*
Dylan Jäger
Dylan Jäger:
Deep down Sophia mean it for real that Ellen wants to ruin her reputation with it
Andrew Stalker
Andrew Stalker:
Honestly, every single way she pronounced “discombobulated” is equally as valid as the correct pronunciation.

Because the word is gibberish. Like, yes, technically it’s a word, but only because we all agreed that it was a word. It didn’t like, come from the French “discombulant” or something. It has no etymological roots in anything. It’s just a sound that somebody made up one day to describe how they felt, and everybody went along with it.
Jonley Calinaw
Jonley Calinaw:
Ellen: hates cotton balls

Andy: *AHA*
We're just strangers
We're just strangers:
I can't believe this is funny
Her accent is beautiful
Sofia's Way
Babita Gupta
Babita Gupta:
Can someone pls explain the cotton ball thing?? I didn't get it
PK Chang'e
PK Chang'e:
Americans speak english..english english and laughing to non native english speaker.....
Non native english speaker can speak not only their mother tongue language but a lot.....
Lizzie Hangsing
Lizzie Hangsing:
Anyway forget it🤣🤣
Ellen wants to hit it so hard omg
Mariam Paredes
Mariam Paredes:
Sofía es yo hablando en inglés JAJAJJAJAJAJJAAJ le amoo
martha 97531
martha 97531:
She sounds like Joey from Friends, when he learns French
Faustina Nurhandini adianti
Faustina Nurhandini adianti:
How Ellen sound like when she's talking about the cotton. I-- 🤣🤣🤣
Ace Club
Ace Club:
"im learning spanish so im gonna teach you english"
ruba mansoob
ruba mansoob:
Gosh I love her 😂 she’s the most natural and funny person 😂
sofia: coattin
Reena Joyram
Reena Joyram:
I just love Sofia and her accent. I would so love to have her at my dinner party! She would make everyone laugh ❤️❤️
Leykys López
Leykys López:
I love Sofía 😍 She's son funny! She really is a very smart lady
Joseph Ashwin
Joseph Ashwin:
I just remembered Joey learning French
Sophia doesn’t take things seriously even if they make fun on her🤗.
Sweet Rish
Sweet Rish:
Hahaha I can watch the 2 of them for hours 😂🤣