Elon Musk is now the second richest man in the world, surpassing Bill Gates

Elon Musk is now the second richest man in the world. CNBC's Robert Frank breaks down the numbers and what it would take for Musk to pass Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is now the world’s second richest person after he leapfrogged Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, which tracks the wealth of the world’s 500 richest people.

The 49-year-old entrepreneur, who is also the co-founder of space exploration firm SpaceX, saw his net worth rise by $7.2 billion to $128 billion on Monday as Tesla shares surged days after the news that the electric car company will be admitted to the S&P 500 index in December.

Musk’s net worth has risen by $100.3 billion in 2020, marking the largest increase among those on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. In January, Musk ranked 35th.

Last week, Musk pushed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg down into fourth position when he claimed the third spot.

The only person ahead of Musk now is Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who took the top spot from Gates in 2017 and has stayed there since.

The move forces Gates down into third place, marking only the second time in the index’s eight-year history that he hasn’t been ranked in the top two. However, Gates’s net worth of $127.7 billion would be considerably higher if it weren’t for his philanthropic endeavors. Since 2006, he has given over $27 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This year, those on the Bloomberg index have collectively added 23%, or $1.3 trillion, to their net worth as millions of workers face financial hardship after being laid off by their employers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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100+ comentarios:

vivek praseed
vivek praseed:
Believe it or not, I want Elon to get richer.
W H:
"The billionaire are doing just fine, we don't have to worry about them" says no one ever until this guy said it..
Kun Huo
Kun Huo:
Deserves every cent! This person is steering the world away from environmental catastrophe.
He deserved that money. He doesn't keep it for himself, he uses it for the dreams of so much people to come true.
Gergo Jonas
Gergo Jonas:
I love the guy at the end. "The billioners are doing fine this year, we don't have to worry about them."
s janssen
s janssen:
I really really hope Elon takes us quik to space and beyond !!!
Love this guy!
People can't say "don't just leave Earth, take care of Earth too" since he owns both Tesla and SpaceX
Pat Needham
Pat Needham:
"and he has gained $100 billion just this year" 😂😂😂😂
Peterson Lakers
Peterson Lakers:
Nobody becomes a Millionaire by saving money and depending on it to yield profits. Good investment breeds millions and consistency breeds Billions
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla:
Congratulations Elon Musk. You did a lot for the world. Get to more sectors to help the world!
Xin Gaming
Xin Gaming:
The guy is working so hard and not sleeping to finish the next project until morning, he is a boss and a worker at the same time. Well deserved!
Isla Vivian
Isla Vivian:
There's no better way to become rich than investing.
If anyone deserves that kind of wealth Musk, does. He's the hardest working CEO & the most accessible that I know of & doesn't flaunt his wealth.
Rudy Valencia
Rudy Valencia:
As of Jan 7, 2021 Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world.
J Boy
J Boy:
Man anybody who does a dance like that should be the second richest man in the world!
Borj Red TV
Borj Red TV:
If starlink fully operational,musk could gain trillions including all his company income.5 years from elon could dominate business around the world.all his business has a pattern.he is the man
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming:
Hey now good for him. He is a smart man
I dont know if what I'm to say is necessary or not but Elon is actually South African💯🔥 respect to his legacy
Mhd Nashith
Mhd Nashith:
He is now the richest ❤️🔥🔥
Endless space.
Endless space.:
He is going to be the richest man in History and Musk has only just got started.
He will be the very 1st Trillion dollar man by 2030.
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams:
I am very excited to know this guy is getting paid. He will put the capital to work in ways that benefit most or all of humanity.
As of now, he's the richest!
Brian martial
Brian martial:
He deserves it, he inspires me a lot
POV: you are here after he became the richest man in the world.
milk bruh
milk bruh:
The only billionaire i can be happy getting more richer. This man is gonna take us to mars one day, he deserves all the money he can earn.
sky high
sky high:
He deserved every pennies. This guy started out from nothing👍👍
He's not even building a product for general public, i wonder how rich he gone be if tesla cars are wide spread like Microsoft products 🤔
Mailfor Lawsekho
Mailfor Lawsekho:
Hey very very congratulations to your perseverance and hard work to achieve second position in the list of worlds richest person . Stay blessed forever ❤️
Red Alaskan
Red Alaskan:
Elon is my favorite billionaire
Sports TV
Sports TV:
He's a great example of " Hard work beats talent ; when talent doesn't work hard"
Vladislav Bashev
Vladislav Bashev:
He deserves every dollar. Without him we would not have EV's and rockets that can come back to the ground.
Gardener Earth Guy
Gardener Earth Guy:
Nice to see an African-American become so successful.
Something tells me that in 5 years Musk is gonna be miles ahead of bezos, and we will improving faster and faster because musk has the money to spend on all these improvements and space missions that the USA clearly doesn't have the balls to do.
Pearl Lee
Pearl Lee:
He's the billionaire who i wanted to be the 1st trillionaire. Elon sees money as a tool to advance humanity. I never saw him in expensive yacht wearing designer clothes. He just wears his merch and utuber donated merch. Lol
NPG Show
NPG Show:
Congratulations musk he deserves it all, the price the guy he has pay for his success it's too much, he deserves it more than that, it's still coming I look forward to seeing him on number one in 2022
Mr rickmutasonde.
Mr rickmutasonde.:
Elon should reach a trillion soon, because of his work..
Prashanta Danuwar
Prashanta Danuwar:
He will be in top soon...and i want to see this happen.
Reagan Diedericks
Reagan Diedericks:
Just goes to show how much potential we as South Africans have
Zooper Trooper
Zooper Trooper:
Even if elon musk succeds in starlink project he is gonna be a trillionaire 😂😂let alone space x,tesla , hyperloop,neuralink
Hellen Maryann
Hellen Maryann:
The long term are doing well while the short term trade requires precision in its execution but gosh, they do amazing when you're on the right side
Nguyen Vo
Nguyen Vo:
Updating 1/7/21: He’s the richest on earth now
If you're gauging Musk's net worth solely on Tesla, then you're underestimating what he's worth, because you haven't included SpaceX, which is worth a lot now and is probably going to be worth more than Tesla over the long term. You've also left out The Boring Company, which is Musk's company to develop hyperloop transportation.
Jay - Wheezy
Jay - Wheezy:
Elon to the top lol kinda curious just to see if he can do it ..... come on ppl tesla to 1000 🙌🏼
Trust me never worry how billionaires are doing
Jefferson Salazar
Jefferson Salazar:
He is like the tony stark of the real world. Elon musk is greatness
Pradeep Jiwane
Pradeep Jiwane:
Elon Musk is the only billionaire who is true genuine for progressive mankind, and visionary enough for making the world a better place.
The fun thing is he never did it to be rich, he did it to revolutionize the industry.
He is a man with vision.. 👍
Bilisuma Mosissa
Bilisuma Mosissa:
Happy for Elon, cause this money will be used for the greater good of humanity
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs:
When wealth is tied to stock prices, it isn't real wealth by definition - but it would be cool to just go do what you want and have the company accountant do the books.
Greg Wood
Greg Wood:
this makes me happy......elon creates things that benefit the consumer and the planet.he only makes things that make an impact.
he deserves it he pushing tech forward.
Amar Tamberou
Amar Tamberou:
Meanwhile as an essential worker and high risk citizen I’m just trying to figure out a way to pay my rent this month 😞...
Joshua Jireh Marasigan
Joshua Jireh Marasigan:
The technocrats get outriched by the space guys.
Tesla PE ratio is 1000+ right now. Do we really think this is sustainable ?? I am a big fan of Elon by the way, just baffled by this mind boggling very unrealistic valuation of the company.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person:
Elon musk is awesome!
Jaipal yadav
Jaipal yadav:
Great Elon Musk Sir ☺️☺️
Ehsan Ahmed
Ehsan Ahmed:
He will be 200 billion man in the first quarter of 2021 mark my words..he is coming for you Bezos😎😎
S L:
Now he is the richest person in the world 🌎
Bengt Björck
Bengt Björck:
It's worth to note that Elon and Jeff are not wasting their money on personal luxury but have the money invested in their companies, doing good deeds for us. Not all billionaires are this helpful.
Alex 1218
Alex 1218:
The most respectable billionaire in the world!
BagHolding Capital
BagHolding Capital:
Correction: hes now the richest
Frank Sanchez
Frank Sanchez:
Can we all admit hes the only billionaire we all like lol
Ana QueenSleep
Ana QueenSleep:
Januari lalu dia di peringkat 35..
Belum genap 1 tahun, eh loh tiba2 nongol di peringkat 2 ?!
Itulah yg mencengangkan. Mantep bangettt bang elon!

Dia menahkodai banyak perusahaan2. SpaceX..tesla..boring company..neuralink..dll
dan semuanya perusahaan2nya berjalan baik bahkan sukses. Ajib bnget dah emejing
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
you talk about their networth as if they really had that money... dont confuse the public please
k odu
k odu:
I want him to beat Bezos ASAP. I work for Bezos.
Paul Fasse
Paul Fasse:
Note to all especially the wealthy..... Money can NEVER buy time. Love your family and friends. PLEASE stay humble. ❤️
Think Science 7
Think Science 7:
Ellon Musk
This guy is smarter and nicer.
I love him.
Karim Haroun
Karim Haroun:
Elon Musk, the kind of entepreneur who spends his fortune on Research instead of hookers. Glad it's him who gained 100 Bn$ this year and not some Wall Street jerk.
The average Joe
The average Joe:
He has passed Jeff bezos to become the richest person in the world
Perhaps the only billionaire who deserves each penny of his wealth. I am okay with it.
Sarla Parajuli
Sarla Parajuli:
My favorite person ❤️❤️
Theodore Mendoza
Theodore Mendoza:
Just 1 month ago, He's now the richest living person on the Earth!
thushan sylva
thushan sylva:
I want him to get richer
Saibal Sandhir
Saibal Sandhir:
That's actually less of a profit that Tesla earns and more of the investors money.
Akshay Venugopal
Akshay Venugopal:
Billionaire are doing well
I see what you did there😎😎
adjei boateng
adjei boateng:
I don't think he cares that much about these numbers. He's more interested in saving the planet. Oh and those who paid attention earlier on to what he was doing and supported his companies have have not done badly too. The world is a better place because Elon was here.
i love elon musk because he is also against lockdowns and infringing on people’s liberty .
The only billionaire I like. GO ELON!!!
Help me reach 1k with no videos
Help me reach 1k with no videos:
Now he's no.1.
Jin Xing Lee
Jin Xing Lee:
Most of the net worth comes from his stake in tsla. Realistically speaking if one day he decides to liquidate all his equity, it is almost impossible to do so quickly without the share price of tsla tumbling and hence the cash that he would have would probably be much lesser than his current net worth. On the other hand Bill Gates probably would be diversified enough to better avoid this issue. Just something to think about besides looking at their net worth at face value.
Rubin PG
Rubin PG:
Elon Musk for Noble Peace Prize for humanity.
keerat tanwar
keerat tanwar:
I think i am happier than him for him being the 2nd richest.
Adamsmith Eugin
Adamsmith Eugin:
well now he is the world's richest person
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez:
1:51 he sounds jealous 😂🤣 he obviously doesn't care 😂🤣
ABC 123
ABC 123:
2 thing i noticed why musk becomes so succesful

He is the first person to believe that electric cars will be a thing

He created the competion
Joshua Tesfaye
Joshua Tesfaye:
He is now the richest person on earth bro after just one month
Elon will be the richest soon and no one will surpass him ever
Jeff Alston
Jeff Alston:
Just WOW!
Loveron Cameron
Loveron Cameron:
Saying billionaires are doing okay is an understatement 🙄
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana:
In one year he made 100 billion? That’s some god level stuff
Star Light
Star Light:
Billionairs will be billionairs and i will be... me...
Having not a single penny...
Naeem Sutria
Naeem Sutria:
Grew my money handsomely too! Thanks Elon for your genius. I couldn't do it without you!
Ernest Khalimov
Ernest Khalimov:
Not second anymore. Now he's Richest ;-)
Wiggy Tjihenuna
Wiggy Tjihenuna:
billionaires are living life on easy mode. Boringgg🥱😂
Peace Within
Peace Within:
elon will be the first trillionaire. mark my words.
I feel as though all that wealth should then be taxed. Imagine how much could be done with several billions of dollars in tax money.
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana:
At this rate in 5 years time this guy would become worlds first trillionaire
One word comes to mind... DAMN!!!
Nena Radicevic
Nena Radicevic:
Elon Musk deserve every penny Elon is a good guy, innovator and leader he have a vision Congrats Elon Musk ! Whole Space is yours