Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!

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Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!
Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, and Elon Musk has not stopped sending Starlink Satellite Dishes to Ukraine to show his support. Elon Musk and some Russian officials keep attacking and stalking themselves on social media. People are choosing which sides to support as the war takes on a new dimension, but we hope peace reigns again.


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100+ comentarios:

Tina Mincheski
Tina Mincheski:
Regardless of anything being pushed for or against Elon Musk... I am a BIG believer in free speech , alternate view points...and open conversation. Good Job Elon.
Ken Cornia
Ken Cornia:
Elon Musk is an incredibly intelligent man, who just happens to be a Billionaire. It’s so refreshing to watch him apply his Billions towards creative innovations that benefit humanity, while having fun in the process. What I really admire about him, is he strives to do good, and applies the required logic to justify his positions. In this case he is supporting freedom of speech in Ukraine and doing whatever is required to ensure it happens.
Susan Hansen
Susan Hansen:
Great leaders, thinkers and creatives often lock horns. The one that should come out ahead is he/she who shows great integrity, compassion with intelligence, a sense of knowing, and then doing that which helps, not hurts, humanity.
John Kent
John Kent:
Sorry, what was the "terrifying warning" from Putin? Some squabbling yes, terrifying no.
lydia estrada
lydia estrada:
Well done Mr. Musk. Thank you for helping Ukraine. God bless you.
Thank you for assisting Ukraine. The will of the people will be forever grateful. Your compassion and empathy for the citizens speak volumes. Seeing the genocide of human lives made my heart sad.
Heather Delligatti
Heather Delligatti:
Great to see the good he is doing for others. Thank you sir! Great to see this in todays world.
Lance Winslow
Lance Winslow:
Elon is really throwing a wrench in Vladimir's game. At the ISS, during this war, and in finding alternatives to Russia's massive REE resources. I like.
Ab Jo
Ab Jo:
Elon doing a great job. Free speech is absolute and needed. Bad and horrid ideas can only be destroyed when they are out in the open.
Barry Louderback
Barry Louderback:
Really stupid to block communication from the enemy because you can intercept enemy communication and know what they are talking about and gives you advantage over enemy to monitor their communication. The more you know about your enemy the better you’re going to be at beating your enemy
Rommel Billman
Rommel Billman:
Thank you Elon for using your wealth to benefit those in need in Ukraine. I’m also praying for your immediate success in acquiring Twitter. Hopefully everyone will realize what the true meaning of free speech is.
Harold Zeckel
Harold Zeckel:
Elon Musk is a truly great man. There's no hope without free speech.
Al Senior
Al Senior:
Oh, how hilarious! Elon must be shaking in his boots, but not from Russian warnings, but from laughing.
Jody Campbell
Jody Campbell:
You go Elon, you’re the best!
thomas perry
thomas perry:
Just saying he's smart if he blocks it that's less information on the enemies while not all information is helpful but you can always find something devastating eventually
mich currie
mich currie:
God Bless you Elon Musk.... Thank you for helping those poor people in Ukraine....your caring and kindness is witnessed all over the world....You are an amazing guy from a Canadian.
Steve wBolanz
Steve wBolanz:
I love what he is doing but be honest, us government paid for those star link systems.
William Burroughs
William Burroughs:
There can be no peace until these issues are resolved.
Chad D money I
Chad D money I:
There is over 40 listings on eBay for the starlink kits and I'm gonna buy a few more
Daniel Loewen
Daniel Loewen:
So uhhhh.....What was the "terrifying warning?" Did I miss something?
Kathleen Mclaughlin
Kathleen Mclaughlin:
Thank you Mr. Musk for supporting freedom. Refreshing.
Tammy 66
Tammy 66:
You got this Elon!!!
Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker:
"Stalking" on social media? You mean reading each other's posts. Honestly, let's say the right words.
Samantha Workman-Fenn
Samantha Workman-Fenn:
Elon Musk is awesome, brilliant man. I like that he smiles a lot …..from my limited view , it appears he is a force for good, better and great.
Project seXY
Project seXY:
They have faster internet in a warzone than we have ever had in Australia
Jeanne Nora
Jeanne Nora:
As a Swiss/South African I´m really proud of Elon
Moon .Gazer
Moon .Gazer:
I support Russia due to my knowledge of Ukraine.
But I also support Musk for his support of Free Speech.

What a fucking time to be in.
Joel Spry
Joel Spry:
Sounds like a great time to build America!!!
chet austin
chet austin:
Musk has a good reason to oppose Putin. You think?
Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished aspects of big "D" democracy-- that we're simply okay with blocking out what we don't want to hear is absurd. We may not like what we hear all the time but state-led censorship is a slippery slope towards state-sanctioned media.
Brenda Tajik
Brenda Tajik:
Uhh...what happened to the "terrifying warning" that Musk _supposedly_ got from Putin?
Super Duper
Super Duper:
Elon Musk for President!
It’s Going to Happen.
RollTide53 Moore
RollTide53 Moore:
Musk is the man that can bring an end to the War in Ukrayina & ensure Peace to the with his superior intelligence & ability to realize technology for its true value.
Sierra 🇺🇦
Sierra 🇺🇦:
Every video I see of him i love him even more because he helps them out and doesn't back down.. good job elon
Sally James
Sally James:
Love way he says how it is, freedom speech love It!
Summit Or Plummet
Summit Or Plummet:
Why would you want to block a society’s military that constantly post their blunders and locations…. That would just be stoooopid
Mushkiki Yeenaldlooshii
Mushkiki Yeenaldlooshii:
If i could i would build a spaceship and takes my chances in space and leave this world behind.
and E Musk's Rockets Build Societies Unlike War Rockets Destroy Life. E Musk Rocks!
Support The People OF Ukraine! Thank You E Musk Sir For Doing Extraordinary Tech To Make Lives Of People Better.
Steven Marquez
Steven Marquez:
A bully talking smack , because he doesn’t like what someone said. WOW , that sounds so familiar!!
vicky mabao
vicky mabao:
Thank you zzmr. Elon zmusk for helping Ukraine in this war against Russia!.
We only want peace and our freedoms.
To the moon and back
To the moon and back:
Thank you for helping Ukraine 🇺🇦 Elon Musk.
John Bernardo
John Bernardo:
Finally someone shows guts Thanks to Mr. Elon Musk
Bob DePlachett
Bob DePlachett:
Happy 420, Elon! I hope you are able to do what leaders have not been able to.
Sit down with Vladimir, take a toke, and, bring us all together peacefully. Energy Independence is the name of the game for all. All aspects to work together. Cut out the greed and add a touch of, Peace, ya'll. BD
Margaret Allan
Margaret Allan:
Well done Elon keep on going
Simon Multiverse
Simon Multiverse:
"Elon Musk Live" ..... does that imply the possibility that there is another version of Elon Musk, this time one which is NOT live ? Don't upset the Russians, the consequences could be extreme.
Todd Clayton
Todd Clayton:
Elon Musk is an American Hero...You rock Elon Musk...I'm a Big fan
Stiaan Kruger
Stiaan Kruger:
I would not take on Vladimir Putin ( a man with a deadly airforce) if a teenager was able to track my private jet anywhere at anytime an publish the information on twitter, also i would not as a civilian insult one of the KGB's most accomplished members, they might take offense.
Gary Rogers
Gary Rogers:
And what was the "Terrifying Warning" from Vlad? Did I somehow miss it?
Jack Heppell
Jack Heppell:
Putin’s good at throwing out threats when the ship is sinking
Marshall Lollis
Marshall Lollis:
Bless you Elon!
David Palmer
David Palmer:
I used to be biased against all rich people. Between what Trump did (not said), and the more I see about Musk, I am more open minded. As with everything, some good, some... less so.
Janice Nash
Janice Nash:
We respect you ELON MUSK 🙏❤️🇺🇸
Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes:
To all of those Musk detractors. Have you had a change of mind?
Surely this action has made an impression upon you.
He has shown that he is a humanitarian by making internet connection available to the entire country at no cost.
Do you think that there is an ulterior motive to this action or is it one that comes from the heart.
Just have a look at Elon Musks background and decide for yourself.
Jack UcThatJack
Jack UcThatJack:
Dang, war torn Ukraine getting better internet speeds than I do in the US
Faatasi Puleiata faatasi2020
Faatasi Puleiata faatasi2020:
May God bless Elon Musk
Nancy m Cleveland
Nancy m Cleveland:
Elon, thank you dude!!!!
Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket:
Thank you Elon for helping the Ukrainian people. Too many baby boomers running the world. It needs younger generations like yourself to take over. Great work Elon Musk.
Breezy Rider
Breezy Rider:
Honestly I think Putin needs to be relieved of his duties ASAP
If Musk isn't terrified by Putin, then is the message really "terrifying"?
Victor Castrellon
Victor Castrellon:
Bravo Elon. You are number one
Frances Ortiz
Frances Ortiz:
You go musk !!
Heidi Akers
Heidi Akers:
Elon keep doing what your doing! I believe you are being divinely inspired. Most excellent. WE ALL NEED TO EXPLORE EVERYTHING! THINK FOR YOURSELVES AMERICANS!! This is important. We need to quit being lazy & take responsibility. It’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not l, “we the complicit dum dums” LETS TAKE SOME PRIDE IN THE USA. It’s getting embarrassing….
Mark C
Mark C:
Elon would be better supporting Ukraine quietly, Putin isn't above using assassins against high profile opposition, and I'm positive he'll be making a payback list.
Any hope that Musk could be a voice of hope is a false dawn. His actions upset me greatly why would you want to destroy a country with a long historic past that suffered under Hitler and at the same time Stalin. That Russia no longer exists and he is an intelligent man and should appreciate that. Very sad!
Alexander van Wyk
Alexander van Wyk:
The curse of social media. All of this should be TOP SECRET in the good old days.
Huck Finn
Huck Finn:
Elon not afraid of freedom of speech or to have conversations with people of different opinions. Good to Go in my book.
Elon musk is our universe of Tony stark, aka the iron man. Elon truly have an iron will
requinAgile Fred
requinAgile Fred:
that's why he chose to live in a caravan. To avoid being targeted by a missile
I consider Elon Musks interests in communication and advances in satellite protection to be a humanitarian act to progress world society
Curt Yanok
Curt Yanok:
I didn't see any "terrifying" warning from Putin.
As long as Putin is alive freedom is at risk
Joane Dyer
Joane Dyer:
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rui coelho
rui coelho:
hahaha has already forgotten its sad past, and now it is the main facilitator to give 33 billion dollars a month outside nato germany you are responsible for ukraine being outside nato in 2008 if you haven't blocked the entrance of urania...
germany outside nato!!!!
Rathindra Sarkar
Rathindra Sarkar:
Without raw materials from Russia will Tesla survive ?
Muhannad Alnasck
Muhannad Alnasck:
what was the "terrifying warning" from Putin?
Harmonic Distortion’s
Harmonic Distortion’s:
I admire Elon’s capacity to do good in the world especially in the US. Elon - I wish you were our president. I would vote for you and follow your lead. You bring hope to those like me who see our county’s take over from the wokisst, leftist Marxist and the mobs. I admire and support you help to the Ukrainians. Keep up the good work. God be with you.
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown:
Hopefully Elon Musk has wonderful bodyguards!
Archangel OCS
Archangel OCS:
Too bad the people who need good internet can't get it for a smaller price,Too much for poor country people.Still admire the man though.
Elsilda Smith
Elsilda Smith:
Love u elon musk no intimidation from evil putin
Tunsu Alexandru
Tunsu Alexandru:
What about all the lives that elon destroyed with his crypto tweets?
Janet Kneece
Janet Kneece:
I feel like a lot of people don’t understand why Russia went into Ukraine.
Miss July
Miss July:
We love you Elon. God bless you dear
What’s so terrifying ?
His name was "Wolodymyr" and NOT Vladimir.
Vince Storm
Vince Storm:
Wars are the most profitable business 😆😁😄🤣😂😅, and Elon knows it 😆😁😄
Les Williamson
Les Williamson:
good for you Elon Musk
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez:
Both elon and putin are so rich they're both basically untouchable.
philip grabarski
philip grabarski:
Respect Elon. If you can help Ukraine. If you can help the world from evil dictators. I salute you respect from the 🇬🇧.
Zel lied on that Twit about Elon helping him out. Zel would luv to have the people of Ukraine have no access to outside info. and was pissed at Elon for not letting him have exclusive use of Starlink. Elon gave Star Link to all the people.
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson:
starlink terminal or ground stations???
you can shoot those missions up to the bird and put the ground station in Poland or make it mobile on a humvee.
ping -T
None of your Business
None of your Business:
I think I would like to say the same to Putin
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
Elon Musk gave Russia a Jigsaw Puzzle including their dumbest scientific research on physics.
Tom Hickman
Tom Hickman:
Vladimir Putin wouldn't stand a chance of single combat with Elon Musk.
cauleen tigner
cauleen tigner:
I could dream right- he's perfect
C B:
Now if tesla cars were affordable elon would be complete.
The greatest knowledge you can give your children. Violence makes the rich, richer! The poor, the workers are the ones that suffer. Such as here in the United States, we have an open border policy from the ones controlling our puppet, falsely elected President. This will not lower our taxes for one, nor will it lower the price of housing two and thirdly security cost not to exclude insurance... these 3 things among many others I could list, will only increase in the areas of working and/or poor. But will let the rich have many more opportunities to become richer. Our so called Represenatives do nothing....not a peep...especially from the Democrat area reps.
David Maher
David Maher:
Putin needs a lesson in civility.
Atom Adam
Atom Adam:
3:44 is the best part ✊🏼😎
Jay Ermube
Jay Ermube:
Let’s Goo! Elon Musk gives me hope for a better world! Wow, That’s gangsta move to have Twitter war with Russian pencil pusher!
It wold be cool if we could also fund starlink in China and North Korea, they could do with some uncensored internet.